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Latest ABC ABC Online Certificate December 2012: 1,595,115 monthly unique visitors!


  • ePHOTOzine has been established 13 years and is the UK's leading, award-winning online photography magazine; Reviews, News, Techniques, Gallery, Forum, Competitions...
  • LEADING THE WAY! The first online photography site to be ABC Accredited, in August 2007; Why simply take our word for it - Rest in the knowledge our statistics have been independently verified and therefore fact!
  • 35% increase from April 09 ABC audit to September 11; 960,769 monthly unique visitors... FACT!
  • We are solely dedicated to all things photography, ensuring our visitors are 100% interested in photography alone - no diluted or mixed messages.
  • September 2011: ABC Online Certificate September 2011: 960,769 unique visitors, 5,765,290 impressions, 1,194,633 visits and 154,317,946 hits!
  • Latest ABC ABC Online Certificate December 2012: 1,595,115 monthly unique visitors! This is an outstanding achievement, showing a huge 66% ABC traffic increase since the 2011 audit!
  • Any unaudited site can claim unfounded statistics but when you advertise with us you can rest assured that our browser figures are fully audited by ABC. We realise advertisers need accurate information on which to base their marketing decisions and that is precisely what we offer.
  • With nearly all paper-based photographic magazine ABC's in decline, we've achieved an amazing traffic increase of 35% in 2011 and a further 66% to December 2012.
    This means if we were paper-based we'd outsell the market-leader by 20 to 1! (30 to 1 with our latest December audit)  It therefore makes perfect sense to advertise with us.
  • Jan 2012 ABC results:
    • Digital Photographer (Imagine Publishing): 15,313 (-25.8%)
    • Practical Photography (Bauer Media): 38,655 (-21%)
    • Digital Photo (Bauer Media): 48,148 (-14.7%)
    • Amateur Photographer (IPC): 18,710 (-9.9%)
    • What Digital Camera (IPC): 19,783 (-9.8%)
    • Photo Plus (Future Publishing): 28,237 (-3.5%)
    • Digital SLR Photography: (Dennis Publishing) 35,501 (+7%)
    • Digital Camera (Future Publishing): 42,880 (+9.9%)
    • www.ephotozine.com (Magezine Publishing): 960,769 (+37%)

Latest Stats

  • 1,595,115 unique visitors, 7,808,880 impressions!
  • Our readers’ average visit length is 6 minutes, visiting an average of 9.37 pages per visit, with 125,000 people visiting the site for 15 minutes or more.
  • ePHOTOzine would outsell the market-leading magazine by 20-1 if we were paper-based!
  • A complete range of camera owners, from hobbyists to aspiring and professional photographers.
  • Over 180,000+ registered members and 93,000+ e-Newsletter subscribers.
  • Awarded the Hitwise UK Top 10 online performance award 2008, based on the market share of UK visits for the photographic industry! The Hitwise UK Online Performance Awards celebrate the most successful UK websites in more than 50 selected industries, based on the market share of UK visits a website has received throughout 2008. As Hitwise reports on the anonymous online usage and search behaviour of more than 8.43 million UK Internet users-the largest online sample of its kind-this unique awards programme recognises excellence in online performance through public popularity.
  • Awarded the Hitwise UK Top 10 Online Performance Awards for Jan-Jul 2009 and Jul-Dec 2009!
  • Awarded the Hitwise UK Top 10 Online Performance Award for Jan-Dec 2009!
  • Awarded the Hitwise UK Top 10 Online Performance Award for Jan-Jun 2010 and Jul-Dec 2010!
  • Awarded the Hitwise UK Top 10 Online Performance Award for Jan-Dec 2010!
  • Awarded the Hitwise UK Top 10 Online Performance Award for Jan- June 2011!
  • Awarded the Hitwise UK Top 10 Online Performance Award for Jan- Dec 2011!
  • Awarded two separate accolades by the UK's best-selling Internet magazine Web User Magazine. (1) “A veritable Swiss Army Knife of a site, ePHOTOzine has everything a photographer could wish for!” and (2) "Packed with news, reviews, tips and techniques... The photography website to visit!" 
  • Web User Magazine '5 Star' Award in September 2011


Kevin Price, Web Marketing & Content Manager, Manfrotto Distribution, says:
"Whether it is online advertising or running contests ePHOTOzine is always my first choice for a guaranteed successful campaign – their figures stack up and they always deliver. The most recent campaign has improved our Alexa ranking by 300% -  the percent of global Internet users who visited manfrotto.co.uk went up by 300% and a big contributor were the two campaigns we have just run on ePHOTOzine; Photo Month and Data Capture Contest.

Jonathan Cosgrove, Digital Planner/Buyer of ZED Media, comments:
"ePHOTOzine should be commended for having their site traffic figures independently verified by ABC ELECTRONIC. The more sites that follow suit, the more confidence Media Planner/Buyers will have when deciding on where to invest their client's money. Continual assessment and certification of ePHOTOzine by ABC ELECTRONIC will only help build their reputation and has certainly succeeded in doing so from ZED Media's perspective."

P. Nuttall, Managing Director of PicStop.co.uk, says:
"Advertising on ePHOTOzine over the last few years has proven to be a superb choice for PicStop, further exposing our brand to more and more photographers every day. ePHOTOzine must be congratulated for having their site traffic figures independently verified by ABCe. This reinforces their credibility as a viable advertising channel for any photographic retailer."

Tom Hardy, Marketing Director, Amazing Internet Ltd, says:
We have been VERY pleased with the response… it has been highly effective. The newsletter has enabled us to reach an excellent cross section of pro photographers to add to our existing client portfolio. Following this success we used ePHOTOzine to release news of our venture into fine art prints, and the responses have been flooding in. The staff at ePHOTOzine have been very helpful and on the ball and the site and newsletter are excellent resources.

If you would like to promote your company or service to our targeted audience please do not hesitate to contact me. My name is Tracey Jennings and I can help you produce a targeted advertising strategy on ePHOTOzine, accommodating all budgets.

Media packs are available on request by email. Please state your company and contact details.

Tel: +44 (0) 1909 512111
Fax: +44 (0) 1909 512147
E-mail: tracey (at) ephotozine (dot) com


This number is NOT for member enquiries. We do not have the capacity to answer by phone. All member enquiries should be submitted by email (and only if urgent) to webmaster@ephotozine.com. Please use the forums for questions or the error report system at the bottom of each page for errors and the technical sections for advice.

Member Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for how fantastic and invaluable ePHOTOzine is, read just a few of the many comments from some of our members:

ePHOTOzine provides a professionally-run forum for the friendly interaction between experienced and inexperienced photographers…since becoming a member some three weeks ago I have bought a scanner, my first digital camera, image editing and noise reduction software and an image editing book which were reviewed on the site!!
Martin C

ePHOTOzine…it’s what the Internet was invented for…Photography has never been so much fun!!
Anthony S

There are many sites available throughout the Internet dealing with photography, but none can compare to the diversity shown on ePHOTOzine. You have a winning site that is deserving of a bookmark!!
Stuart G

ePHOTOzine…bring a cushion and a sense of humour…compulsive interaction for photographers on the Internet!!
Brian P

Another well deserved award, well done - and congratulations!
The transparency, the personal contact and the individual features make this a very special site.