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  • Thumbnail : EIZO ColorEdge CX271 Review

    EIZO ColorEdge CX271 Review

    Gary Wolstenholme reviews the EIZO ColorEdge CX271 designed for accurate colour reproduction and 99% AdobeRGB.

    • 28 Apr 2014
    • 1190
  • Thumbnail : EIZO ColorEdge CX240 Review

    EIZO ColorEdge CX240 Review

    Gary Wolstenholme reviews the 24 inch EIZO ColorEdge CX240 monitor to see how it performs.

    • 25 Feb 2014
    • 0
  • Thumbnail : EIZO ColorEdge CG276 Review

    EIZO ColorEdge CG276 Review

    We put the top of the range EIZO ColorEdge CG276 27" Monitor to the test to see how it performs.

    • 25 Sep 2013
    • 1500

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