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Ricoh GR1v Lens Hood

Brad No new ones are available any more, but there is one for sale on Ebay at the moment -put in a bid! Katie
28/04/2004 - 8:30 AM
By KatieR

Fuji slide film - Sensia

Thank you for all the replies, much appreciated. I will take 2 rolls of Sensia, 2 rolls of Provia and 2 rolls of Velvia and some B&W Ilford film. Thanks Marek
28/04/2004 - 12:20 PM
By marek

Getting stuff printed.

I think most of the programmes do it better than Photoshop! ;-)
29/04/2004 - 9:58 AM
By agoreira
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Sony 717

I'd buy it for this price (well, i bought it:-)). the lens and af system are worth it. IMHO you can't buy anything decent for 400. the last time i've seen f-717 the cost...
28/04/2004 - 10:51 PM
By kelart

Wildlife *** Newbie ***

Hi Hecmac, you won't regret buying the 300D. Bought one of ebay last week and although I've only been playing about with it for a couple of days, I'm more than pleased w...
29/04/2004 - 11:50 AM
By StevenHanna

Hyperfocal focusing

I set mine to the middle of the infinity mark - seems to do the trick
28/04/2004 - 8:29 AM
By FrankThomas

Thoughts on Sigma 28 - 200m lens for Can...

Debs, I got this lens as part of my second hand 10D bundle. To be honest I wasn't expecting a lot from it, but I have been pleasantly surprised. Cons: - Not parti...
28/04/2004 - 7:39 AM
By shaun

Which lens for Theme Park pictures?

Animal Kingdom is definitely worth a visit, our kids loved the safari ride. Also dont forget to do Kenedy Space Centre. Its worth a day on its own. Enjoy yourself.
28/04/2004 - 12:40 PM
By strawman


That's a good idea - better still get a second-hand one from ffordes (average 1.50..) and chop that. I get vignetting with 17 - 35 lens any wider than 20mm.
30/04/2004 - 6:03 PM
By seabloke

AI Focus Canon 10D vs 1Ds vs 1D mk2

Hi,I upgraded from a 10D to a 1DS mk2,the focusing is a lot faster than the 10D,it seems to lock on to a subject quicker.The only down side to the upgrade was that I had ...
11/03/2007 - 11:28 AM
By Mustavacanon

Quick DOF question

I always assumed it was the film plane too but according to the info I found at www.dfleming.ameranet.com/faq.html it is as you say Jas from the node or optical ce...
30/04/2004 - 6:24 PM
By pj.morley

Advise on Uni interview

No..they just tired! lol
27/04/2004 - 10:12 PM
By isotsha

Has Glamour Had its Day

I prefer to see artistic nudes to conventional glamour stuff.
02/05/2004 - 11:00 AM
By park my ferret

Formula 1 testing at Silverstone

Looks like rain - not that I'm jealous or anything :-) Robert..
28/04/2004 - 5:16 AM
By scotdiver

Max Speilman?????

Thanks guys I wanted to take some Images to them for enlargement however reading about their customer services I dont think i'll bother
In Taking photos by minolta73 | Page: 1, 2
05/06/2008 - 8:02 PM
By Kevin1960

One hour challenge

Woohoo! i just realised its bank holiday weekend which means no college for me on monday so i can join the fun! Michelle
27/04/2004 - 5:38 PM
By Nyx

B&W films and processing

Sorry for my late feedback - I'd just like to say many thanks to all of you for your valuable inputs! Oistein
In Taking photos by oisteinth | Page: 1, 2
07/10/2004 - 12:13 PM
By oisteinth

Photo Locations Section

What would be good is a link to one of the online mapping sites, ie www.streetmap.co.uk so people could see where the pics were taken and go and have a go themselves...
27/04/2004 - 8:09 PM
By seabloke

EV chart

Glad to help jas
28/04/2004 - 10:59 AM
By Just Jas

Beginners Blues

Agree about the Tom Ang book - good read and very straightforward.
27/04/2004 - 7:51 PM
By seabloke

Default portfolio pic

Hey it works even when its not an EC pic :-) Thanks Will I was sick of that flower pic. Good idea KB, glad you brought it up. Alan
27/04/2004 - 1:53 PM
By roxpix

News of David Williams Seminars

Do grooms in the UK really want to be photographed in top-hats with corks dangling from the brim? How can he discuss the quality of ambient light in the UK when he doe...
27/04/2004 - 10:52 PM
By mad-dogs

Bold !!

Much better now.
27/04/2004 - 2:52 PM
By vickyh

Which Macro Lens for my 300D

I'll add a comment from over 25yrs experience of Tamron & Sigma. Never had a single problem with Tamron lenses, my oldest is from the 60's have also had great K m...
27/04/2004 - 9:10 PM
By iang

Save for web?

Thankyou very much for all your help. My version of ps doesn't have the 'save for web' under the file menu. I was able to reduce the jpeg quality as suggested though. Tha...
29/04/2004 - 11:55 AM
By nicolewatkins

Competition Viewing

They are listed in the forum on the Monday and then at 19:30 UK time the subject is listed. Click on the here of jeanie's reply to see the last one.
13/05/2004 - 2:23 PM
By dwjones

Large picture print software

03/05/2004 - 4:54 PM
By mr ess

Digital SLR for wildlife photography

The D70 is absolutely fine for wildlife photography,even with my manual focus 500mm[750mm]f 4 P lens.This lens was factory fitted with the chip so lens and camera com...
27/04/2004 - 9:00 PM
By geoffw


Thanks Vincent. I may leave the pano page as is, but take copies and resize them to fit in the frame for the individual galleries. Ian
28/04/2004 - 8:44 PM
By digicammad

Drum Scan and Cibachrome

I tend to use both, depending on what it's for and the slide. I found you do have to be quite careful when choosing images for cibachrome printing as it doesn't suit eve...
28/04/2004 - 7:34 PM
By theorderingone

Velvia Printing

Cibachrome is great but not cheap, and can suffer with high contrast subjects. I was always pleased with the R3 prints I had done - I think that was by Peak Imaging in th...
30/04/2004 - 7:42 AM
By Simon E

Medium or Digital?

I printed my A3 pics at 180dpi from a D60 on Canon Photo Paper Pro and also Keejet reversal and my peers at the camera club mistook them for Cibachromes. How big do pe...
27/04/2004 - 11:54 AM

Anyone got any tips for 1Ds

08/02/2007 - 8:50 PM
By damian

Peak Imaging - photo lab

IIRC there's a box on the order form for "other instructions" - you put it there. BTW, don't forget to label the film as well saying X process or something s...
28/04/2004 - 8:32 AM
By FrankThomas

Russian Fakes

This has the element of surprise then? LOL jas
27/04/2004 - 9:24 AM
By Just Jas


I have a small but growing portfolio on www.ArteMatters.com too.
04/05/2004 - 10:48 PM
By tetra2000

A 'hello' and question about copyright.....

Hello,I like your site and it looks very helpful.I wanted to to know if you buy poems or greeting cards,I have written the poems myself,thanks
27/04/2004 - 3:51 PM
By cmustafa

Olympus 200mm tele focusing probs

Just a quickie..my olympus zuiko 200mm telephoto can't focus to infinity. Is this a repair job or is there something simple I can do? Or is it just screweed? Chars Thom
26/04/2004 - 8:24 PM
By abugintheground


I've been using Bonusprint for the last year and found their quality to be great. However, have just had the misfortune to have an order go missing and their customer ser...
08/04/2008 - 12:26 AM
By LinsTheStar

Wedding photography and flash

Hi Les, I have the Dynax 7 as well, although not the 5600. The way I have set up fill in flash is to take a meter reading for the ambient light and put this into t...
27/04/2004 - 8:18 AM
By minoltaandy

Sub-750 telephoto for 10D

Apologise to my lovely girlfriend lazygun, that was supposed to be my comment above, she's a lot more level headed ;)
28/04/2004 - 11:30 AM
By u08mcb

Epson C84

Is anyone using the Epson C84 printer+Photoshop 7, if so would they share their settings for optimum performance for non durabrite papers?
26/04/2004 - 6:26 PM
By guidoa

We are getting seriously off topic now! ...

My point, Ceri, was that the harm to the community had already happened. The subsequent selling of the property resulted in some good if provided cash for the care of the...
26/04/2004 - 9:26 PM
By Just Jas

Taking Images "Through" Water ???

It's the beam splitters in the camera that cause the problems (or so I've been told) can cause exposure/focus errors
27/04/2004 - 11:05 AM
By FrankThomas

Photo's From CD - Photoshop

Kodak Picture Cds are good.
26/04/2004 - 10:24 PM
By bexieid

Tips for a London weekend.

Katie, we had a fabulous time, thanks for all your good advice (and everyone else that chipped in) Got off to a bad start, as I said earlier my son Joe fell at school, s...
18/06/2004 - 11:05 AM
By flossie

So you thought your digital photos were ...

I agree with Thom. My hi-fi is very fussy indeed about discs, especially CD-Rs. My computer will accept pretty well anything. I take a good deal of care with my CDs - ...
In Digital imaging by AlanTW | Page: 1, 2
02/05/2004 - 1:32 PM
By Carabosse

Fuji S7000 v Olympus C50

I photograph my Marine Fish tank with an Olympus C50, results are dissapointing (maybe its just my use of the camera). Can somebody tell me if I will see a noticable diff...
26/04/2004 - 12:56 PM
By maverick911

Monday photo challenge

Hope so - see here for the new thread. (ps you can tell weather is better less 'chatting' going on... tee hee Jeanie :)
26/04/2004 - 12:18 PM
By jeanie

Catchlight in eyes

Here's the long answer: RetouchPro.com Eye highlights (BTW, RetouchPro is an amazing resource for all things Photoshop ;) Have fun :) Matt
27/04/2004 - 10:46 AM
By mattmatic

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