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Digimagic DM220

There's always a catch somewhere. Cheers Doug
14/03/2004 - 10:18 PM
By dougv

Perspex for lightbox

If you just want to look at slides then I guess tungsten and flourescent lights are AOK and what most people use ... but surely if you want to assess colour balance you s...
16/03/2004 - 3:56 AM
By nikon5700ite

Problem connecting canon ixus-400 to win...

Were you referring to instructions like support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;167074 that didn't help me either. I found .ds files under c:\program files\commo...
17/03/2004 - 9:21 PM
By jysky
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Canon 10D and lenses Help

Thanks for all your comments and advice I have bought the Tamron 17-35mm Di f2.8 - 4.0 Sigma DC 55-200mm f4.0 - 5.6 So far so good but early days Doug
21/03/2004 - 2:30 PM
By scottwelton

Bluebells and Poppies......................

Mount Edgecumbe Park, in Cornwall, I'm told has good sweeps of bluebells. A lot of people go to Stonehouse in Plymouth and take the Cremyll (passenger) ferry across the ...
05/04/2004 - 5:12 PM
By keith selmes

Best place for digital prints

Thanks for the feedback, all this input making me think about selling my mamiya 645afd as its gathering dust now
15/03/2004 - 6:55 PM
By actionman

Passports warning

Had me fooled, I really thought it was going to come up with my passport. Barry
14/03/2004 - 9:33 PM
By bppowell

Problems with Tiscali broadband on xp

Bunny Most of the other thread is concerned with my dealings with Tiscali - so I won't repeat what is in there...... I became so frustrated with those Indian guys wit...
14/03/2004 - 10:51 PM
By Lesley Jane

Happy birthday bayesp & iamagoo :D

Hope you are having a great birthday. Margaret.
14/03/2004 - 5:20 PM
By naturenut

Optimum studio size for portraits?

Can anyone who has a studio advice on the optimum size requirements for a studio consisiting of two lights and a back drop. I have the opportunity to build a studio from ...
14/03/2004 - 2:13 PM
By smurf

Jenoptik js21 xp drivers

Thanks but no JS21 Film Scanner drivers for xp, as Scorchio had said. Thanks for trying anyway. Steve
22/03/2004 - 9:02 PM
By stephenjepps

Canon eos 1Ds anyone got any thoughts?

Just make sure you equip it with 'L' lenses, otherwise the investment will be wasted. )more expense I know)
17/03/2004 - 2:03 PM
By keithh


File > Save for Web and then adjust the slider for compression. Ensure that you have the jpeg option chosen. The file size is displayed underneath the image ...
15/03/2004 - 11:36 PM
By mad-dogs

Epson Printers R300 / R800

Yes, Thanks for your comments. In the end I went for the R300 (only due to price) and because I really want an A3 printer but my wee flat can't accomodate a bigger t...
15/03/2004 - 10:53 AM
By pmalcolm

Where can I buy mounts?

Thanks very much guys... I'll buy my own cutter with my winnings. Thanks for the help.
16/03/2004 - 7:46 PM
By moggo

Going for zoom

Gordon You didn't mention, if you are looking for a simple "point & shoot" zoom. of which there are a great many on the market, or if you mean a 35mm Slr ...
13/03/2004 - 10:34 PM
By wing

having problems uploading pics

I use NTL. Can you dissable the firewall just to try? Is there a menu item that allows you to shut it down, or set access priviledges. Perhaps you need to contact pete ab...
13/03/2004 - 8:09 PM
By strawman

Canon 10D and Filters

Hi Frank, thanks for the link. The page contains enough information to get me started. I will also try the google search as well and see what else comes up. Mike
13/03/2004 - 7:32 PM
By mikeyc71

Looking for bios upgrade for my laptop

Surely if you can find the site then if there is an upgrade for your bios it will be available in the download section. you have been very light on detail....for example...
13/03/2004 - 8:09 PM
By geoffmclark

Xs drive pro (30 gig) card read problems

Hi bob, if i delete the remaining files it still gives an error! the only way i can get round the problem is to only fill about half the cf card and then download onto ...
14/03/2004 - 9:32 AM
By gooses

Captioning slides...

I use the free Avery design software with the L4732REV labels (for 6x4.5 mounts but they also do 35mm specific ones)
13/03/2004 - 7:30 PM
By FrankThomas

Canon Powershot Pro 1

There is now a review of the Pro-1 on DC Resource HERE Interesting quote at the end: "Thus far, I've only reviewed two 8MP cameras: this one, and the Sony DSC-...
17/03/2004 - 1:10 AM
By Carabosse

Help with flash

Works OK here. It's only 362K. If anyone needs it I can email it to them. Doug
14/03/2004 - 6:50 PM
By dougv


If you want a nice light camera to walk and climb hills what about the Nikon 5400 with a 5Mp sensor and x4 zoom from 28mm equiv. Not much weight is added if you also get...
14/03/2004 - 7:44 AM
By nikon5700ite

I want to join a competion

Thanks Peter.
22/04/2004 - 10:05 PM
By flossie

Richardc39 and sunbuff - step forward!

Happy birthday from me too. Have a great day. Margaret.
13/03/2004 - 11:44 AM
By naturenut

Useful forum threads

I'm guessing that after a while the tread will be deleted otherwise there would be a massive backlog of treads. What I do is to save it in my favourites as Boyd suggests,...
13/03/2004 - 3:41 PM
By slimtim

My Hats off to all these Great ePhotozin...

'Hey - what about us 'guys' who post in the forums more than we post against images in the gallery (sobs uncon trollably)' Agree's mind you ...
08/11/2008 - 6:31 PM
By dragarth

Epson 1290 printing magenta lines on pho...

Hi Leo My 1290 was reliable apart from this one albeit terminal problem. Get your inks from Guernsey and the pocket won't feel the pain so much. I liked my 1290 very...
In Digital imaging by Little Jo | Page: 1, 2
04/04/2004 - 10:43 AM
By Little Jo

Using Genuine fractals to add pixels to ...

Hi Andrew Only just noticed this thread. It's really quite simple. When you have opened your image in GF and you have the dialog box up where you can specify new si...
13/03/2004 - 9:34 AM
By User_Removed

Travelling with Digital camera

Russell, Dont see why you had a problem with battery charging in the USA, most chargers are multi voltage (AC100-240V 50-60Hz) these days so will charge the battery re...
13/03/2004 - 12:59 AM

Compact flash to CD writer for 2 week ho...

Russell & Andrew - thanks
13/03/2004 - 6:00 AM
By stevie

Beware Bogus Enquiries

13/03/2004 - 9:31 AM
By andytvcams

Going up, up, up!

I just checked on Pbase - 663! (some way to go yet Pete? :)
In ePHOTOzine discussion by Pete | Page: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
30/09/2005 - 3:15 AM
By brian1208

Breaking into photography

Oistienth, I think somewhere along this thread you've mis-understood some comments. No one has said that pro photography isn't fun, what has been said is that there...
24/03/2004 - 7:03 PM
By Jeff Russell

Who's up for a fun photo challenge?

Sorry Will, don't usually go that far down! I should have known you wouldn't have overlooked that, it did seem a bit obvious :o)
In ePHOTOzine discussion by Pete | Page: 1, 2 ...27, 28
20/04/2004 - 8:56 PM
By flossie

Best camera spec for website photo's

Only use macro if you want a detail of the panelling. I assume that this equipment is relatively large (DVD player size) so macro is not applicable. Oh - and don't jus...
13/03/2004 - 7:42 PM
By davidc

Help with a virus

I had a virus that was downloaded very kindly by my grandson via Kazaa, I had about 6 attempts to get rid of it to no avail. The anti virus software I use (Panda) kept te...
18/03/2004 - 3:30 PM
By Malcolm Downes

Laptop computers

Hi, I've got a Toshiba satellite laptop. it's got windows xp and I bought it from Dixons for about 800 pounds a few months ago. Now remember I'm new at this photo stuff...
13/03/2004 - 8:47 PM
By Patricia Fenn

Prints from slides

I've used BPD since they started in the 1980's and never had reason to go elsewhere. Never had complaints about them or their service. First class and really nice people...
14/03/2004 - 4:41 PM
By mad-dogs

Advertising Banners

I just tried all 3 browsers on my W2000 pc (IE6, Mozilla 1.6 and Firefox 0.8) no problem with any of them. Paul
12/03/2004 - 11:56 PM
By cambirder

This infinity malarky ???

Pete this article is great!. I have also been struggling along trying to read books and understand the DOF fully. This shows me in graphic detail just what it all mean...
12/03/2004 - 5:34 PM
By mkenney

Got your newsletter?

I have not received mine David
In ePHOTOzine discussion by Will | Page: 1, 2, 3
13/03/2010 - 3:40 PM
By wireman

Right click copyrighting

One thing to keep in mind, Yes you can if you want get a copy of an image. Water marks, low resolution / size and right click stopping are all deterrents.
12/03/2004 - 3:02 PM
By kit-monster

Fun Friday!

YOu didn't mention pale coloured and sour with pips that always get in your g&t! lol
In Light-hearted chat by tj | Page: 1, 2, 3
13/03/2004 - 12:05 PM
By Mari

A warning!

I have just tried again and this time it was o.k (apart from being in Spanish!) Perhaps I was just (un)lucky!
12/03/2004 - 1:21 PM
By markt

Happy Birthday Graham Mulrooney

Only sorting out after children Suzi. No series adult stuff (unfortunately). Graham.
12/03/2004 - 11:43 PM
By grahammul

Negative - Scanners

I'm using a Minolta DiMAGE scan Elite 5400,i've only had it a few months,but i am very pleased with the results so far,digital ice is excellent for dust & scratch rem...
14/03/2004 - 2:32 PM
By bill j

Selling Pictures

Laurel, this may sound like a silly question but what sort of pen do you sign your mounts with and is the signature visible if framed?
In Taking photos by uugloaf | Page: 1, 2
22/03/2004 - 12:51 AM
By pj.morley

Files only open in browser mode, not edi...

I would think it is to do with the associations, try re-associating the .jpg with PSP8. Right click and "open with" if using ME or XP. Barry
13/03/2004 - 9:29 AM
By bppowell

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