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john64 e2 Member 9824 forum postsjohn64 vcard England
12 Jan 2007 - 12:07 PM

Yesterday afternoon, some of us were told that our jobs are "at risk of redundancy" due to "restructuring of the company". That means I'll be on my way within a couple of weeks then.

I'm getting used to this. It will be the FIFTH time in fifteen years that I've been given a cheque to bugger off into the sunset. Won't be a very big one this time as I've only been here for 21 months.

I'm seriously considering getting out of Engineering completely as this country's manufacturing base is going to the wall. One day we'll be importing everything from Europe and the far east and people will wonder why we can't make anything ourselves. IT'S BECAUSE ALL OF OUR TRADITIONAL SKILLS HAVE BEEN FLOATED OFF DOWN THE RIVER BY SELLING OUT TO FOREIGN COMPANIES WHO HAVE NO COMMITMENT TO BRITAIN, THAT'S WHY.

Rant over.

I'm calm again.

Smile See, I'm even smiling now.


Ps. This is honestly NOT a plea for sympathy, I can get that from my family, it's just a way of getting something off my chest.

Pps. If I ever turn up at your place of work, that's the time to look for another job.

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12 Jan 2007 - 12:07 PM

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ian walker
12 Jan 2007 - 12:13 PM

sorry to hear this, i have come to the conclusion that manufacturing is crap

ade_mcfade  1014735 forum posts England216 Constructive Critique Points
12 Jan 2007 - 12:37 PM

I've had it 3 times in 5 years - 1999 first time, then most recent in 2004.

That's the IT industry for you.

Our friends in Chenai, india, are doing most my work these days.

brian1208 e2 Member 1110181 forum postsbrian1208 vcard United Kingdom12 Constructive Critique Points
12 Jan 2007 - 12:43 PM


aided and abetted by ourselves for demanding unrealistically low prices which can only be met by selling off our engineering businesses to countries with low cost production. Successive Governments have added to the problem by making the UK one of the easiest conutries in which to make staff redundant.

I'm out of it now but it worries me a lot when I see the same happening, several times, to both my sons who took the time to graduate in Chemistry and Environmental Science only to find that Science and technology are also not valued in the country.

(Sympathy witheld as instructed but I hope you get sorted with a more stable career soon)

JohnHorne  91023 forum posts
12 Jan 2007 - 12:49 PM

Bad luck, John. I haven't quite reached your level yet - I've managed three times in 7 years (1999, 2000, and Oct 2006). Hope you manage to find something soon.


john64 e2 Member 9824 forum postsjohn64 vcard England
12 Jan 2007 - 12:59 PM

Thanks for the comments guys.

I know I'm not the first and certainly won't be the last for this to happen to. Taking it all with a pinch of salt now.

Brian, spot on with your comments.

If we get enough with the same experience I think a group hug will be on the cards.

cameracat  108578 forum posts Norfolk Island61 Constructive Critique Points
12 Jan 2007 - 1:07 PM

Sorry to hear that John.

As you rightly say, There was a time when British engineering was the best in the world, We still design the best, But it seems they would rather make it else where.

Not helped by a Government Vision that our little Island can get away without manafacturing, No Farming etc and become the Giant Bank of europe.

Good luck with getting yourself sorted.

12 Jan 2007 - 2:31 PM

More empathy from me too John. 5 times since 1993, although the last time was as a direct result of '911' since I was running the UK for an American software company who pulled all ties with Europe. Then 'ageism' hit...

digicammad  1121988 forum posts United Kingdom37 Constructive Critique Points
12 Jan 2007 - 2:49 PM

Last April was my fourth career redundancy, hence my decision to try and go it alone. It's touch and go at the moment but I reckon I have another 18 months to make a go of it before I have to resort to a job.

Whatever you decide to do, best of luck.


csurry  129230 forum posts92 Constructive Critique Points
12 Jan 2007 - 3:18 PM

Coming up to my one year anniversary since I had that same meeting last year.

My first and will be only time of being made redundant as I have no intention of being a permie employee every again.

Was it devastating at the time? Yes!

But, I now really believe it was the best thing that could have happened. I am healthier due to less stress, people say I am calmer when they meet me. I take holiday when I want to fit in with my photography wants, like not bothering to find another contract until March so I can go photograph red squirrels and the like in Feb and go to Focus.

So I say, take this "at risk" time to decide what YOU want to do and give it a go!

And once again I say thanks to everyone on here who gave me the encouragement and strength to pick my self up off the floor when it happened.

Best of Luck

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1nten5e  8
12 Jan 2007 - 5:14 PM

I feel your pain, we were all made redundant on Christmas Eve....thanks guys

You're right, manufacturing is on it's ar*e. First time this has happened to me (maintenance electrician) and I hate it. Never been out of work in 28years and the job centre treat you like some kind of sponger. This country is f***ed, if you'll pardon my french

12 Jan 2007 - 5:57 PM

Quote: ...the job centre treat you like some kind of sponger.

I agree totally, the Job centre/dss is a nightmare. It works though, whe I was made redundant a couple of years ago I went in to the DSS, looked around and left without signing on... I found it hugely motivating to get another job.

SuziBlue  1116195 forum posts Scotland10 Constructive Critique Points
12 Jan 2007 - 8:26 PM

Does seem to be the case that more and more employers are treating their valuable staff as morlocks. And once they start comparing the salaries here and the rights that each worker has to those available abroad, it suits a lot of them to outsource to outfits who will provide cheaper work - and they don't have to think about working conditions or workers' rights if they really don't give a damn.

I keep using the NHS as an example (but it's what I know about, and the business practices seem to be the same for many businesses now) but when work is outsourced at the expense of the people for whom the service should be provided it's quite clear that the idea of high standards and excellence are becoming things of the past no matter what the government may say. Cheaper and cheaper does not mean better and better.

There again, east europeans are making a killing here in the trades because they do a damn good job, are highly trained, have excellent skills and work hard. They're filling the vacancies that exist because either the skillsets aren't available in this country or people aren't prepared to do an honest day's work (and usually complaining bitterly that the new workers are taking their jobs).

[edit] Just seen THIS on the Beeb website. No surprise there ...

brian1208 e2 Member 1110181 forum postsbrian1208 vcard United Kingdom12 Constructive Critique Points
12 Jan 2007 - 10:11 PM

More than three quarters of UK bosses think their companies would benefit from an annual quota of staff dismissals, a report has found.

A similar study of staff would indicate that 100% of staff think there should be an annual cull of bosses.

Our management situation in this country stinks and has for some time.

I remember in my latter days when I was working as Training Manager for a Shell Research location being asked by a group of highly paid managers if I could train their staff to trust them. After about a days work with the managers they finally twigged that perhaps I should be training them, so that they may, perhaps, become trustworthy! Turned out they were too busy to undertake the training, which suddenly wasn't so important Sad

I was very glad to be made redundant and take early retirement as part of yet another "Change Management" initative ("not about cost saving and job cuts" of course)

SuziBlue  1116195 forum posts Scotland10 Constructive Critique Points
13 Jan 2007 - 12:08 AM

I half heard something on the radio this morning - maybe last night - about psychopath bosses, and how miserable they can make the working day for any employee they choose. So many don't have management experience or training and yet come in like fighting dogs off the leash, believing that to manage means to savage and harass. And if you challenge them your working life gets even worse because who will HR believe - you (the morlock) or the rabid manager who will (of course) be all smiles and reason in the HR office.

Had too much experience of that. I can't believe I put up with it for so long. So glad to be out of it.

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