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The end of print

JJGEE 9 6.4k 18 England
6 Aug 2010 6:57PM

Quote:but I like the iPad for showing images as well

Adobe are working on a "lite" Photoshop / Lightroom type software for use on the ipad and, presumably, other such like products.

That would probably be great on location / holiday etc. for editing out the obvious rejects, keywording etc... then download to your main laptop / desktop when back at base.

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Overread 6 3.9k 18 England
6 Aug 2010 6:59PM
I honestly prefer reading a proper book rather than electronics - I like the look, feel, handeling and heck you just don't get that "new book smell" with a computer. Also at 150 its rather a steep price (You can get a lot of books for that much money!).

I think that until the prices on these drop down to 30 or so they will remain less favourable than books. However once the price lowers I can see some big bonuses - not least of which easier publishing for freelance writers since there is little commitment for a publisher (just provide download space online - no production costs there) so I expect to see these rise with smallertime digital publishers and many new writers (sure the majority will be poor but those few gems that can't quite break into paper media will get a chance).

I can also agree that for travelling these will be invaluable if you have to carry a lot of media info without wanting to carry heavy weights like laptops and the like. They even keep the advantage (as a reading unit) of being lighter and smaller than a laptop.
StrayCat e2
10 15.5k 2 Canada
6 Aug 2010 7:31PM

Quote: They are for the non-readers, which is fine and best of luck to them, but no one who loves literature, reading and words reads on a screen. No one.

Speak for yourself. Since I've had my Sony Ereader I've read more than ever before. As Chris mentioned above, having the ability to increase the size of the print is reason enough for anyone with sight issues to get one. I have a choice of 5 font sizes, and if that doesn't do it, there's a magnifying feature; there's a choice of 2 Oxford dictionaries, the British or American version; I can bookmark, take notes by writing on the touch screen or using a virtual keyboard; right now I have 1472 books stored on my reader, all divided into collections for browsing titles. I can search with titles, authour, dates, etc. If I leave one book partially read, and go to another, whenever I go back to any partially read book, it takes me to the last page I was reading. I don't have WiFi on mine, as it would be a waste for me, really.

Buying and downloading books online at the bookstores and Amazon, Kindle, Sony, Adobe, etc., is pretty much the same price as an actual book, so if you're going to do that, it's not a cost saving device.

The best site online to download free classics, legally, is the Guttenberg Project, without question. They have 10s of thousands available in numerous formats. Just take the format that uses the least amount of memory.

I gave my daughter a Sony ereader also, and she lives 4000 miles from us, but we can exchange books via email, or if I have a large number of books for her, I put them on a DVD/CD and mail it to her.

I also have my various manuals on my ereader for quick reference.

Someone mentioned that the page was too small on their ereader; I don't know what model they have, but I have the Sony 600RC, and so does my daughter, and I have a bid in for one on ebay for her 10 year old daughter, and the screen is exactly the size of a paperback page.

Here's some info for you Chris.

Calibre Ebook Library Management is all you will need for any brand ebook. You can change formats, download news, get reviews on books, etc. It is easy to use, and won't cause you to loose your library.
Snapper 9 3.8k 3 United States Outlying Islands
6 Aug 2010 8:09PM
Can I go to my local library and borrow one of these things for free? Hmm, thought not.
StrayCat e2
10 15.5k 2 Canada
6 Aug 2010 8:11PM

Quote:Can I go to my local library and borrow one of these things for free? Hmm, thought not.

Don't know about that, but, you can download books for free with a membership to any library in the world. My membership cost me $12.00 Cdn/year.Wink
StrayCat e2
10 15.5k 2 Canada
6 Aug 2010 8:22PM
There are some alternatives to the ipad showing up in the marketplace; I would be interested in getting an ereader with adjustable backlighting, this would be great for reading in bed.Grin

Just a suggestion for anybody getting an ereader, be sure and get a cover so it opens like a book, or it can get uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time.
lobsterboy e2
11 14.2k 13 United Kingdom
6 Aug 2010 8:40PM

Quote:I like the iPad for showing images as well. This has really been the killer" application for most people that I have shown it to.

I can understand that, Images do really look good on it.
How do you get the shots on it? I take it you can't just brows a folder on a wireless network?
I assume it don't work with raw files?
StrayCat e2
10 15.5k 2 Canada
6 Aug 2010 10:50PM
I don't see any difference in switching from film to digital, analogue to digital TV, or a regular phone to a mobile. It's technology for convenience, not for the sake of it.
miptog 9 3.5k 61 United Kingdom
6 Aug 2010 11:02PM
Print has been with us for Generations. We interact with it in numerous different ways, and it has numerous formats and uses. By comparison "digital print" is still in its infancy.
LensYews 6 1.3k 1 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2010 12:12AM

Quote:The printed page is the interface of the future. There's nothing else that compares.

That's the consumer's perspective, the large scale publishers view will be that electronic publishing is cheaper for them, so print will become a niche like LPs are, and CDs are becoming. I would expect Newspapers to go first, followed by magazines either to iPad or to a full colour eink system sometime in the future.

As for me I can see the benefits of both, I own hundreds/thousands of books and won't be letting them go anytime soon. The kindle has been added to my wishlist, but an 85mm has higher priority on the spending Smile
LensYews 6 1.3k 1 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2010 12:25AM

Quote:I can understand that, Images do really look good on it.
How do you get the shots on it? I take it you can't just brows a folder on a wireless network?
I assume it don't work with raw files?

One option that works with eye-fi cards is the ShutterSnitch app.
csurry 12 9.2k 92
7 Aug 2010 9:15AM
To get them images on Chris, I just tell your favourite app iTunes which folders I want to sync photos from. There are other methods, but that one works for me at the moment.

I'm finding the e-reader thing very convenient as I hoped it would be. The iPad is the most expensive way to do it, but it has some advantages over the pure e-readers in that I can get mail and surf the web as well. All in all I think it has been a positive experience.

For anyone wanting to try out the experience, especially if you have a laptop or PC where the monitor can be rotated and changes the orientation of the text then go to Amazon, select Kindle Books from the drop down where it says all departments. The page it takes you too you will find a kindle reader for Mac and I believe one for PC as well. You can then browse the store and select to download a sample of most of the books there.

There is still the problem that not all books are available in the UK. That's happened a couple of times when I've followed recommendations from other websites. Just out of curiosity you think I'll download the sample, but you can't.
lobsterboy e2
11 14.2k 13 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2010 10:37AM

Quote:I just tell your favourite app iTunes which folders I want to sync photos from.

Yeah I thought that was the case - seems a massive flaw to me that a 3G/wireless device needs to be plugged in to download files.

Quote:There is still the problem that not all books are available in the UK.

I think I read somewhere that each system has it's own DRM system, so that if you bought a book for ipad - you would have to buy it again for Kindle or any other system.
Can you even swap books with someone else when you have finished reading it ?

I think I'll wait till someone produces one that works properly & doesn't weigh so much.
csurry 12 9.2k 92
7 Aug 2010 12:24PM
Well you can have different readers on the iPad. I have the iBooks and Kindle for iPad and also downloaded a free app that has most classic books that are out of copyright for free.

I think that the multiple reader format is one of the key advantages of the iPad over the specific e-readers which have a bespoke format.
James_G 7 166 5
7 Aug 2010 1:04PM
I think all the techno-debate proves my earlier point. People who read and love books, go out and buy books. People who don't read books but like technology go out and buy a Kindle, or a Fumble or whatever the hell they're called. Then they sit their in their anoraks in bed fiddling with the typefaces, the filing system, changing the leading and deciding whether they prefer sans serif or serif typefaces, but what they are not doing, is reading. It's fine to love technology - virtually everyone who owns a DSLR camera does so, and I'm no exception - but if you love literature you buy books. The printed word, on paper.

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