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  • Thumbnail : Traditional cards decimated

    Traditional cards decimated

    One in ten Brits create their own Christmas cards in an effort to be more personal, according to a new poll anyway.

  • Thumbnail : Classic camera auction

    Classic camera auction

    Leading London auction house Christie's is to offer the 350-lot collection of Swiss collector, Thomas Ganz.

    • 12 Dec 2006
  • Thumbnail : Handy Harman's DIY DVD

    Handy Harman's DIY DVD

    Old photography hand Doug Harman reveals the secrets of digital photography in a new DVD.

  • Thumbnail : Gadgets for girls

    Gadgets for girls

    A survey on behalf of Kodak would have you believe that the fairer sex would be happier with a digital compact than clothing or beauty products this Christmas.

  • Thumbnail : Batteries pack a punch

    Batteries pack a punch

    BoxWave has released a raft of replacement and second battery options for Olympus, Panasonic and Sony cameras.

  • Thumbnail : Dealer product stream cured

    Dealer product stream cured

    Been to an Ilford stockist but can't get the photo supplies you want? Ilford has launched a service where you can order your goods directly and collect them from the dealer.

  • Thumbnail : Cokin doesn't come unstuck

    Cokin doesn't come unstuck

    Worries that Cokin filters would become unavailable thanks to new UK government regulations were today rubbished by Cokin.

  • Thumbnail : Sigma SD14 postponed

    Sigma SD14 postponed

    Sigma SD14 digital SLR misses important Christmas sales season thanks to hardware problem. Launch postponed until March 2007.

  • Thumbnail : Fujifilm S5 Pro spec updated

    Fujifilm S5 Pro spec updated

    The specification of the forthcoming Fuji S5 PRo has been updated prior to release in early 2007.

  • Thumbnail : Jacobs crackers over website

    Jacobs crackers over website

    Jacobs open new photographic website offering thousands of bargains plus news of upcoming store events.

  • Thumbnail : Sharper Optics

    Sharper Optics

    DxO Optics Pro v4.1 improves speed and fluidity for greater comfort and productivity. DxO Optics Pro v4.1 is compatible with the all-new DxO FilmPack and is immediately available for Windows and Mac users.

    • 7 Dec 2006
  • Thumbnail : Free film role

    Free film role

    Offering more than 20 film profiles simulating the grain and color of popular films such as Kodachrome, Tri-X and Velvia, DxO FilmPack will be free of charge with DxO Optics Pro v4.1 until December 31, 2006.

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22 May 2015 12:21pm
HOYA PRO1 Digital Close-up No. 3 Review
A close-up filter is an affordable way to improve your macro and close-up photography with your current lens, find out how this close-up filter performs in our review.
22 May 2015 11:16AM
srh commented on this.
22 May 2015 10:42am
Ricoh Announces Cashback On 3 DSLR Cameras
Ricoh has announced summer cashback on K-3, K-S2 and K-50 DSLRs.
21 May 2015 2:38PM
NikitaMorris and 6 others commented on this.
22 May 2015 8:20am
Get On1 Perfect Effects 9.5 Software For Free!
ePHOTOzine members can currently get On1 Perfect Effects 9.5 software for free. Find out more about it here.
28 Apr 2015 9:01AM
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21 May 2015 6:31pm
35 Personal Photographs Of Audrey Hepburn To Be Displayed At National Portrait Gallery
Audrey Hepburn's sons lend the National Portrait Gallery a collection of personal portraits of their mother to be featured in an exhibition.
21 May 2015 12:59PM
ChrisV and 3 others commented on this.
21 May 2015 10:43am
Panasonic Lumix G7 Hands-On Sample Photos
Take a look at these hands-on photos, and sample photos from Panasonic's latest G7 CSC with 4K shooting capabilities.
18 May 2015 3:59PM
nilofido commented on this.
20 May 2015 4:11pm
World Leading Tools For Serious Photographers
Douglas Software is an industry-leading brand providing tools and software serious photographers will find very handy.
2 Apr 2015 12:41PM
ChrisV and 2 others commented on this.
20 May 2015 1:03pm
Panasonic Lumix G7 Vs Panasonic Lumix G6
We have a look at the Panasonic Lumix G7 and compare it to the previous version, the G6.
19 May 2015 4:48PM
HUFC commented on this.
20 May 2015 12:10pm
Two New Binocular Models From Canon
Canon have announced two new binocular models offering stability and a superb quality view of your subject.
20 May 2015 10:36AM
joshwa liked this.
20 May 2015 11:13am
Panasonic Developing 4K And 8K Technology
Panasonic are developing 4K and 8K video technology, for use in future cameras, which can be used to generate 8 megapixel and 33 megapixel images.
20 May 2015 9:37AM
joshwa and 1 other commented on this.
20 May 2015 9:45am
HOYA PRO1 Digital CIRCULAR PL Filter Review
We review the HOYA PRO1 Digital Circular Polarising filter, one of the most effective and useful filters to have. Find out how it performs in our review.
15 May 2015 1:51PM