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Northern Light 2

Northern Light 2 by Nigeve1

Better. The balance works as does the lower grasses, has a easy to look at feel.


Eniskillen Castle

Eniskillen Castle by williamsloan

Nice Billy.

I tried a mod to straighten the verticals, and a little warmer.


DUKE OF PORTLAND, Pooley Bridge, Nr Ullswater

DUKE OF PORTLAND, Pooley Bridge, Nr Ullswater by bigalyankavich

Welcome Alan.

Can you provide your shot settings/exif data please?



Look My Way

Look My Way by lifesnapper

Yours was bigger, Wink


Light & Shadow..

Light & Shadow.. by kousik

Youve captured light and shadow very well.

Its an image that you can experiment with too, trying different crops.

I am inclined to make it darker on the right, maybe more mysterious.

Ive uploaded a mod with a suggestion, - its very different, not better, so an example of something you can try if you like.

As it is, youve done well.



Tate Modern London

Tate Modern London by photozinemag

It must be difficult to get a time when there are few people around this place.

The people lying on the floor are a distraction, but Ill bet this is a common occurrence.

The crop factor for this camera is 2X, so essentially you have a 24mm lens.

The image seems quite soft to me, needing to be sharper. Might be compression with re sizing if the original is sharp.

When your intent is an architectural image, perhaps the vertical could be straightened at the sides, - easily done in post processing.

Mono seemed a natural choice, but youve mentioned it works best as it is.

I tried some crops in the mods. Both mods have added sharpening, and a touch of contrast. I like the people walking around, and I noticed the two children on the steps on closer inspection. Ive cropped to remove the "sitters" in Mod1, with the entrance centered in the image, and in mod2, to remove the bookstore and upper balcony bright areas.




Fixed by apriorphoto

Its a lovely shot Andy. Whats not to like about morning light, a windmill, and the great outdoors.

You mention you like the orange glow in the mod by Mike. You can take control over your white balance to get a more accurate rendition of the light temperature.

Auto white balance has a habit of adding blue to counter the natural red spectrum glow you experience at this time of day. If you shoot RAW, you can apply chnages in the RAW process; if you shoot JPEG, try at least one shot set to the actual lighting conditions to see a different result.

I would like to have the mill further in to the right, but cropping the right to get this composition removes some of that essential dry grass. I did however, in the mod, move a chunk of the right further left to achieve the same result, The mod also has a colour temp tweak thats a little warmer.

I like Pauls suggestion to tone down the left a little, and this is also incorporated in the mod.



Floating Market

Floating Market by WimpyIskandar

Quite an amazing scene Wimpy. A photographers dream I would think. Lots of action, colour, interest.

A tighter crop top to bottom as suggested helps. I would also sharpen quite a bit, its a little soft; likely due as Moira says to the need for a faster shutter if you were standing on the boat when it was moving. Its fast enough for a normal shot.

The mod I uploaded is cropped top and bottom; sharpened; brighter.



Classy Classic

Classy Classic by dustjacket1

It will make a nice desktop image.

I like the mod3 that Moira has uploaded, - its the one I would use.



Power Boats

Power Boats by david1810

Its a nice wide pano of the harbour David. Mission accomplished.

Those cloud streaks in the sky upper right add some drama too.

A bit too blue for me, - the whites are quite blue, and this, having a colour temp of 5100K might be better with a warmer setting. You can use the WB dropper in LR on a neutral or white target to set WB; I guessed that deck of the Mantimo boat to be close to white for my adjustment.

Ive done this in mod1. You do of course have the vertical diverging, so this can be corrected if you like in post processing. Mod1 has them closer to vertical at the sides, - but it works as is I think.



Snowdonia 50 lone runner

Snowdonia 50 lone runner by Balesy

I was thinking along the same lines as Paul here. If you scroll the page upwards on the scree so the top if the image isnt visible, you can get a feel for what it can look like.

So its a good shot overall. The bright top does draw the eye, and the scale of the image makes the runner very insignificant. A closer crop can work in two levels by bringing attention to the runner, and removing the area that draws attention.

I tried two mods. In one, the house is left in, without the bright sky; but I'm not keen on all those cars either; mod2 is closer, with the border added just to meet the sites pixel requirements, but you might be able to play with this idea on the original. To me it draws attention to the runner, and his/her own isolation in the countryside.



Dark Skies

Dark Skies by brian1208

HI Brian..Not easy really to critique and image like this. You have used a filter on it with a function I am not aware of, and I dont have the "before" image for comparison.

So let me ignore the filter, and look at the image as it is.

The image overall is good. Youve captured the plane nicely.

The plane itself has the appearance of being "flat" and underexposed, while the sky suggests the highlights have been reduced, possibly at the expense of the plane.

Drama in this scene can suggest a dark and brooding sky, and this isnt quite there. Its more mid grey.

Separating the plane from the sky, with darkening the sky and brightening the plane might work. In this case, you have to treat the plane, and the sky separately with a different set of adjustments. This is something you can do in LR.

Ive tried this in the mod. The mod is also cropped to place the plane further left. if you have the original shot, you can upload it here as a modification. I would love to see it to compare.

Hope this helps,



Mystery woman

Mystery woman by DiamondDi

Hi Dianne.

It is possible to minimise that shadow in post processing, but the advice above would be best to follow.

Do let us know your shot settings, - it will help us help you.

I uploaded a modification that has it reduced somewhat.



Chanting Panthers

Chanting Panthers by MrsHager

Welcome to EPZ Latisha.

Its nice to hear you are passionate bout photography, - its a very rewarding hobby, and also a career for many. The member of the Critique Team are also passionate, and we will do what we can to help you along the way.

This is a nice shot from the exposure point of view.

There are other elements to a photo, that when you consider them, will improve this opportunity, and more.

You succeeded in your goal, - you have a shot of the team chanting the anthem. You have included the person on the left, perhaps a coach or parent? Did you intend to?

The stand and the field are there, but the stand has a horizontal line thats not horizontal, and this can draw attention to the fact te whole frame is tilted.

What missing? Legs. Its OK to have legs missing when its intentional, and when it is, its because you made a decision to get the players bodies and faces in the shot, and exclude legs. So the message is, to go beyond a "snap" you have to consider what you want to make the image with. This is impromptu, certainly, buts its an impromptu moment you can anticipate.

Try to get down to field level for these shots, and stay low; this seems to have been shot with the camera pointed downwards (they are small tough!); there are terrific opportunities in these situations for expressions of emotions, as you have here, and getting in close, - that is zooming in, will pay off. Move around if possible. Being more to the right here would have allowed a closer shot that would be filled with the players, with less background, as mentioned by Paul. Google "composition in photography" and read as much as you can.

As you grow more familiar with the camera and its capabilities, you can get away from the pre programmed shooting modes, and be more in control. You used Portrait here which is designed to produce a slightly softer appearance, with particular attention paid t the rendition of skin tones.

I will download the shot and upload a modification shortly to show a different way to look at the scene. If you scroll up, click the modifications tabe, you will see mods there that you can click and view (large) when available.

Enjoy your time with EPZ.



Take a balloon

Take a balloon by rosyad_photography

The idea, and the pose are nice.

Perhaps if you confine the colour to the balloons only, or use less of the spots of colour throughout the image.

The grass is quite great too, - I dont know if thats somethig you did also; if the mono was stronger, havibng less of that mid-grey, it may also work better. You have a lot of options open to you when you convert it.

Theres potential there.

I will try a modification and see if I can show what I mean.



Yagenti Cave

Yagenti Cave by Rousseau

Very nice image. Its like a magical scene.

I agree with Split that the light is a little too bright, - its can be toned down a little, and a crop from the left and bottom places the Monk in a better position too.

Mod uploaded,



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