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My Thoughts Are Mine

My Thoughts Are Mine by abeeror2

Hi Kathryn.

Its quite a nice image. Youe mentioned one of your goals here was to achieve a good b&w shot from Photoshop.
To best assess your success it would be great if we could see your original shot, assuming it was in colour. If you have it, you can upload it right here as a modification. Just click the modification tab, then upload modification, then select the colour, then upload. You dont even need to re-size it.

I will check back and see if youcan do this later.

Re the old fashioned way, in camera was only the first of many steps in producing an image pre photoshop. There was the dark room process ( which photoshop has made into a digital process for digital images, - it does exactly the same as the majority of dark-room alterations and tweaks); then there was printing, and the choice of papers, chemicals, etc. So the curremt way still requir5es a good in camera composition and exposure, just as it always did. To believe that the rest of the photographic process did not require input, decisions, corrections and alterations is quite incorrect.

I was also trained to take shots in camera, and then the entire darkroom process, which I for one am happy was replaced by photoshop.




Mona by MyOwnWonderland

Oh Maya, this is really beautiful. Not only Mona, but the very creative way you have shot into the mirror for the primary image, - very nice.

There is always a risk with mirrors of double images, - the reflection from the front glass, then the one from the silver backing, but you have avoided it here with her face. Theres a negligible amount visible at the top of her head, but, its really nothing.

I am assuming since this is a little girl, that the dress is a shade of blue.

I can suggest a few tweaks that might improve this, but youve done all the hard work.

The upper part has very bright highlights; they are not at all "blown", but when I reduced the highlight level there, I noticed there is a lovely delicate pattern on the dress that should be seen.

The rest is simply an improvement in contrast; slight colour correction and reduction of any over saturated colours due to my contrast adjustments, and a little sharpening. A very small crop from the bottom.

Hope you like the mod.

Lovely work.



Two bottles of beer in colour

Two bottles of beer in colour by Madoldie

Can you tell me what you wanted to achieve with this? Is it an experiment thats meant to show something?

Ive downloaded the amage and would like some more info before I make any suggestions or decisions. One example, - the bottle on the right is clearly bent inwards on the right, - is this intentional?



Crag Lough 2

Crag Lough 2 by Nigeve1

I have to say I agree with Mr Grumpy on this one Nigel. I like the mod hes done, - its an idea. You dont have enought pixels

Its competent, but I find Im looking for a focal point. Lifting that wall, - or seeing more of it from lower could work.

Technically is a little bit flat. I would increase exposure in the upper area, as in the mods.

Mod2 is an attempt to make more of the wall. and you can see quite readily I just moved it up over the middle grass area. Maybe thats whats needs to go, - too much grass!

Hope this helps.


Smoke on

Smoke on by medwayboy

Welcome to EPZ Tony, and to the Critique Gallery.

Ill bet your happy with this shot! Its very nice, and especially with a 50mm lens.

The clouds are a very striking background, and the planes, though small are crisp and clear with those great smoke trails making a nice diagonal.

I have a couple of suggestion you can think about, and I have uploaded a modification to show what I mean. Scroll up, click the modifications tab.

Composition is what strikes me first. For me, this is really asking for a wide crop, rather than the tradition framing we have here; a wide crop focuses attention on the planes; places then ideally on a third, both vertically as well as horizontally, and gives a better overall balance. Less cloud is the downside, by the upside far outweighs this for me.

Next, though the colour temp is quite good, being very slightly warmer may improve the overall look; I would also crop off that tiny bit of blue sky, bottom right.

Brightening the planes works too, - just the planes. A slight sharpen and its done.

Take a look and see what you think. I can see this on a wall someplace!

Enjoy the site, and I hope this is helpful.



Metamorphosis #1

Metamorphosis #1 by Mamontoff

Hi Mikhail.

Its a well executed and very different image.

I agree with many of the points made by Moira.

I dont like to see the audience reflected in the glass on the left, - I would darken that, as it makes it more voyeuristic and erotic than your intended meaning; That bit of blue could go; I would rotated this, its shot at an angle, - and it works, but lets look at it when its presented as if she is not on a slope.

I have uploaded 2 mods, taking my commnets into account.

Enjoy the site.





Church windows can be spectacular, and the light was just right for this one. I love the rays on the right showing the colours, and the darker contrasting areas.

There not a lot wrong with it as it is. Theres some diverging verticals that could be straightened with lens correction, but its small; also the bottom can be that tiny bit squared. But thats picky.

Sharpening is always a good idea, which Ive done in the mod. I also brightened it without losing highlights.



Wells Cathedral2

Wells Cathedral2 by jason_e

Better I think. Its still looking soft here. Does your original look quite a bit sharper?

If it does, check how you are re-sizing. After you re-size, open the new image and check for sharpness, adjusting as necessary, and then upload.

There is also a new method available you might try, - you can do it now as a variant to this; edit, add variant, then select the large, sharp original, NOT the resized version; click OK. EPZ will re size it, and it will be a V2 for comparison. The site has improved its loading ad sizing processes, so give it a try.

You used Auto Bracket for the exposures; how far apart were the exposures, one stop, 1/3, 2/3, etc

I will check back later.



African Fish Eagle

African Fish Eagle by SC22

Welcome to EPZ, and to the Critique Gallery Samir.

With a critique, we need you exif data (shot details) so we can do justice to your image with our comments, and slo give a better quality feedback. Some editing programmes strip the exif data, and some give you the option to leave it on, or take it off, so leave it on. If you cant leve it on, include your setting in your description.

We need: Shutter speed, aperture, ISO, focal length MODE, if a tripod was used or not, time of day and date; if any serious post processing was done, what editor was used, and as applicable, what your intent was with the shot. Your intent is quite clear here!

Its a very nice shot, How off to capture the eagle with its head the opposite way to its body too.

In the absence of the data, I can make some comments. The logo should never be where you have placed it; it intrusive, distracting, and most of all, super easy to remove. A two click removal process!

You can crop this by removing space from the bottom, - you dont need that much, and it positions the bird better in the frame.

Its a little underexposed, - and this has protected the whites well, but at the expense of 95% of the image; so in post processing, you can increase exposure of that 95% while leaving the head as it is.

It needs a little more sharpening for the web. It may be sharper in your original? An image will lose sharpness during compression due to re sizing, so you need to check the final, re sized shot for sharpness, and adjust as needed before uploading.

I have uploaded a modification that contains what I have mentioned. Scroll up, click the modification tabe, click the image, and view large.

Enjoy the site,



enginn tími fyrir svefn

enginn tími fyrir svefn by AlexandraSD

Some good tips from Tanya.

I would add some more, I tried these in a mod and it looks quite good to me.

Selfies like this are very difficult, so its a success overall.

The fact that the wallpaper is striped, creates a need to ensure that the very centre line if the shot is vertical; the rest can converge.

I would do this straighten tweak; then remove that side table and the half picture on the left completely. Its a nice clean look.

If you would like a copy of the od, send me a PM with your mail, im at wbaneham@gmail.com. Or just mail me with MOD as the title.


Royal Navy Rescue

Royal Navy Rescue by cats_123

Excellent shots Jeff

I bet they do Plates

Mikbee has to NOT cook bacon when watching EPZ!


That's another fine mess I got myself into...

That's another fine mess I got myself into... by Fred263

Looks fine Fred.

I cant really comment on the conversion unless I see the original colour. Whites on the head are a bit bright.

That bottom left looks fine too.

There another way to fix this Fred, and its easier than cloning. that top right corner, - select a triangle that includes the corner; copy it and paste it, and then patch it over the bottom left. You will have to flip it to orient it the right way. Just another option that can work for you. I did it this way in the mod, which also have the highlights toned down, and the shadows lifted a bit.

Patch tool can be used also as Kate suggests. The mode must be content aware, and the setting = strict.




READ THE WORDS by youmightlikethis

This is really nice Ian.

I like the subject, a person with no eye contact that works; the photography connection; your pov which seemed low, which is great.

The preference for one or the other is mre a matter of personal preference. I like V1 more than V2, because its a wider crop, and the faded/partial colouring work, and are visible.

I mentioned on another upload that controlling WB will, and does, make a huge difference, - one Im sure you can see for yourself.

Good work.


Old Bicycle

Old Bicycle by Diggeo

This one has a bit more "personality" than the more recent shot.


"Too Expensive?"

"Too Expensive?" by lifesnapper

You want me to what?

A nice candid.

I was away for last week in Portland, Maine, and I took one shot especially for you. Its a surprise, you'll have to wait for it.



Talking with your mouth full..

Talking with your mouth full.. by ladigit

I like this a lot Tracy.

Why not mono, - a possibly black and white horse against a dull cloudy sky.

I notice in the embedded exif data I can see in Photoshop that you reduced exposure by -1.1 in Raw!. Wrong direction for a dark horse (!) againt a brighter sky. You need a positive adjustment when taking the shot; the subject is not the sky, so you can afford to prioritize the horse.

Loaded 2 mods. First is the original with that 1.1 added back; thats all.

Mod2 is a square crop, increased exposure on the horse, sharpened. Theres an odd line at the bottom I got rid of too.

I think it looks quite good, - what do you think?

I like Moiras crop also, - works nicely.



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