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31/01/2011 - 11:01 PM


KymIts a nice portrait, - like how shes staring vacantly out into space. I also like the arrangement of jewelry on her hand.

For me a little too hot on the left, - its not burned, just a tad too bright for me; I would like to see the composition with her face higher and closer to the left, and Ive cropped to suit, and used the highlight tool in CS 4 to tone down highlights.

The overall tone on my monitor is a tad red, - so adjusted colour balance slightly. The eyes are super blue, but Ive left the as is in the event they are colo9red contacts and you intended this effect.

Hope this is helpful,


31/01/2011 - 5:37 PM


Tulip2A competent image, but doenst come across as something that would catch the eye in a bunch of thumbnails.

I would suggest:

Crop to tilt the flower on a diagonal; desaturate a little, - it looks too saturated to me; sharpen slightly, and reduce the highlights in the brighter tips a little.

Loaded mod for review, - click the mod tab above to view.

Hope this helps,


In my life I've seen many thingsThis is quite simply a beautiful tender picture that tells a story. We tend to focus too much sometimes on the perfect composition, me being as guilty as anyone else, and miss the essence of a shot.

You can comment on composition, however its a candid, and unposed shot.

The mono treatment is the way to go, - and the colour will not allow mods, - Ive opened a ticket with the IT guys.

What I do believe this can benefit from is a little balance and sharpening, - especially to enhance those wonderful life lines in her fae.

Im my mod I added space to the bottom, straightened using the door? frame on the left as a guide; cropped a little from the left, but still left it as a landscape portrait, which since it encompasses her overstretched arm is perfect.

I hope you find this helpful and constructive.


30/01/2011 - 6:53 AM


chrisBetter than the last, however she is too tight in the frame. All of the dress should be visible. You either need to move back, or use a shorter lens. If you used 70mm, them move back further. As I suggested in the last comment, even a slight tilt or the head makes a difference, and my mod has her head tiled a little to one side.

Ive have made more room around her, and added a simple frame. Your frame colour copies a tone from the shot, which will always distract and appear restrictive. The dimensions are also not equal.

The dress is quite reflective and has resulted in a slight underexposure of the face, and the catch lights are too small of mot there at all.

Ive addressed all in the mod to show a comparison

I hope you find it helpful, and the feedback constructive,


29/01/2011 - 6:22 PM

Tired .& all whacked out

Tired .& all whacked outV1 and V3 - which are the same pic are the best. Your processing in V1 is really good.Its very difficuslt to do a self portrait, and you have to be commended for a very good outcome.

As Sue mentions, - and if the exif data is correct, your depth of field is too shallow, exif says you used f/1.8, and you would have been better with 5.6 or 8 for thse, you can see where your nose is fuzzy, and the rest is sharp.

I do really line 1 and 3, - and the only mods I would perform I think is a little sharpening, which Im off to do now.

Hope this helps,

29/01/2011 - 3:15 PM

Running water

Running waterIn addition to Daves comments, - you may notice that the water tends towards blue. This is a white balance issue and the shot is best taken in RAW and WB adjusted post processing.

I imagime you may have cropped space of top or botom which has made if a little unbalanced, and it can look better with a little more water at the top.

Ive modified the water colour and roughly cloned in some water at the top to illustrate my point.

Hope you find this constructive,


28/01/2011 - 5:48 PM

One Canada Square

One Canada SquareIts a very attractive architectural shot, enhanced by a very nice sky.

The height of the building is such that the individual windows, while well defined lower down, start to blur as the height increases. This is itself is not neccessarliy unattractive, however I dont know what aperture you used, and wonder if a small aperture such as f/11 might have produced better detail higher up.

Eikter way, a nice shot that can only be improved by adding some more comtrast and a small amount of sharpening as in my mods. Mod2 is actually a warm greay duo tone, but looks almost exactly the same as mod1.

I hope you find this constructive and helpful


28/01/2011 - 1:34 AM

Wedding Day

Wedding DayThis is your best shot so far Anthony. Theres a lot to like about it, and its a situation where the colour popping is appropriate.

There are some areas I would like to suggest changes.

Firstly, - and it has to be at the time of shooting, it would have been nicer to see the brides eyes, - even looking up slightly.

The overall mono skin tone is a tad dark, and can be a little lighter.

She is framed a little too tightly on the right, and allowing more space in general can provide a more pleasing composition.

Personally, I would not use the the main flower colour in the frame, as it tends to draw the eye away from the main subject.

I have incorporated these suggestions into the mod.

I hope you find this constructive,


27/01/2011 - 7:35 PM

Blue Tailed Damselfy

Blue Tailed DamselfyWelcome to EPZ.

Macro shots require a lot of practice, and this is a good start. Ideally you would use a mono-pod or tripod for a shot like this, and though its sharp towards the top, its soft lower down, suggesting the lens plane was not in the same plane as the insect.

You had room to use a smaller aperture, at least f/8 if not f/11 that could have provided greater depth of field.

I also suspect you likely didnt sharpen the re sized image before uploading, - always check this.

I have loaded a mod with some sharpening, and cropped for better placement of the Damsel.

I hope this is constructive,


27/01/2011 - 6:48 PM

Smelling for his duties

Smelling for his dutiesIts an interesting shot. It must have been dull for you to use +3, - but thats a good decision.

Everything is in the wrong lace compositionally, - but it still looks attractive due to the old architecture.

For me, this shot is all about the man and the dog, and you may have got a beyyer shot lower down, and in landscape mode to compose foe tese two elements

I also think the farme is too heavy and dark, and its appears oversaturated to me - could be just a monitor issue.

Ive loaded 2 mods, - Mod1 is the original with dark areas lifted a little, and the frame removed, plus de saturation, The second is one you might consider, -a square crop that makes the dog and the man the subjects by removing some of the elements you may have tried too hard to include.

As always,

I hope you find this constructive,


27/01/2011 - 4:33 PM

swan original

swan originalHi Julie,

Im going to be looking at you Swan series, and hopefully provide some constructive critique.

Starting with this shot, - one of the most difficult shots you can try is a white Swan against a dark background, however, you have done extremely well with this. What tends to happen is the Swan can be so overexposed that you lose feather details, and you have retained most of that detail quite well here.

The image is reasonably sharp, due in some part to using f/5.6 (you should use Av mode most of the time with f/5.6 selected).

What is not attractive is that wall, which you cant control when shooting, but you can in post processing.

Ive loaded a mod with:

Bright tones in the feathers reduced to enhance detail; added sharpness to catch those water drops; cropped the shot to place the Swan on a third, taling space from the right, and adding black space at the top, then painting in the wall with black.

Hope you find this helpful. I used Photoshop CS4 for this, but you can do most of this with tool's available in Elements 7.


27/01/2011 - 4:16 PM

Lime light

Lime lightI like this one Peace, - like the attitude, the rays, the half shadow face, - all good.

I would only suggest a crop that paces the face on a third which Ive done in the mod by removing some of the left side and bottom, and adding a little more space at the top.

I ran it through Noise Ninka at a low setting to remove a little noise, but not all.

Hope this is helpful,


27/01/2011 - 1:52 AM


WildlifeIts a nice shot, but would recommend that to get the detail in the dark animal a positive exposure compensation would have been needed.

So there are two option I would suggest, - first, the obvious is to use the shadow tool in CS4 and lift the detail from the animal; all thats needed is the head, - nobody will notice the rest. Ive done this in mod 1. But Ive also placed the Antelope on the left, looking into more open space for a better composition.

The second, less obvious approach is to completely overexpose in Photoshop, and cause the animal to be more of a silhouette. I did the same move, but also added a warming tone to the sky to emulate a late evening shot.

Its a fine shot, and I hope these mods help.


27/01/2011 - 1:19 AM

Hard and Soft

Hard and SoftIts a beauty Daryl, and the colours are gorgeous.

It will look better a little sharper (remember to check that the re sized image has not lost sharpness before you upload, - if it has, then apply some more sharpening). as sharpening, apart from making the image look sharper, will also make the water sparkle.

In addition, a little more contrast, - i.e make sure blac = black and youve a one for the wall.

Ive loaded a mod where Ive also cropped a small amount off the top.

Hope you find this helpful,


25/01/2011 - 9:40 PM


FabriceSo the issue lies with the original colour shot Bernie. Judging from the EXIF data, the light was low (its a miracle you got a decent shot at 1/10 sec at 155mm!)

The white balace seems all wrong, - its very heavily saturated with red and yellow, either due to processing, of the fact the light was too low. It would have benefitted the shot quite a bit if you had used you flash as a fill flash here I think. Using this shot as a basis for a mono conversion would produce poor results.

Ive tried to modify the colour shot to get it looking as right as I can, - but its not entirely correct, - and the mod2 mono conversion works quite well as you can see.

Hope this helps,

24/01/2011 - 8:33 PM

Sunset on the Amalfitano coast

Sunset on the Amalfitano coastLooks better if the horizon is level, and if the glare in the centre is toned down (done in the mod by moving a cloud over to the left). Also crop to place the sun off centre.

Loaded in a mod.

Hope this is helpful,


24/01/2011 - 8:02 PM


FabriceHi again Bernie.

It appears a little underexposed to me, so Im not certain if youve done any post processing to achieve a particular look.There also no exif data available so I dont know you shot settings

I like the pose, though I think it can benefit with a tighter crop; Ive brightened the face, and lifted his eye detail assuming you didnt do anything special in processing.

Great eye contact, and having him look just behind works very well.

I hope this is helpful for you,,- and since this is a new format, click the modifications tab at the top to see any mods performed.

Best regards

24/01/2011 - 6:28 PM


***Emma, I find this one overly saturated, and fairly red.

The pose is nice, though Ive tried to show two different versions.

I would try to get rid of the bright areas on the left, work on the skin tone

Take a look at the mods, hope they are helpful.


23/01/2011 - 4:53 PM

The Generals

The GeneralsA delightful shot, well captured. As you say, also fun to play with.

Ive loaded a simple mod just to move that bird on the left in from the edge, and moved the flower down a little, then cropped. Slightly brightened the birds, ans thats it!


23/01/2011 - 1:46 PM

Rock Guitar

Rock GuitarA very good effort under poor circumstances. Its extremely difficult to get the really good shots when the musicians are moving around so much.

Ive loaded a mod, suggesting a tighter crop with soace tremoved top and bottom; sharpening brings out highlights and sparkles; and for fun Ive added a 105mm lens flare.

Hope you find this helpful.