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15/06/2011 - 11:34 PM

El Faro

El FaroSu mejor foto desde hace mucho tiempo.

I think its very good as is, including the tree. It can be improved if the rule of thirds is applied, placing the horizon on a third. I have loaded a mod with this done, and I have had to stretch the height. making thr tree look odd, - but with more time it can be done well. I also applied a warming filter ar about 40% just to take the edge off the blue, and give the clouds a little more detail.

¿dónde está ese faro

Hope this is helpful, and you like the mod,


15/06/2011 - 10:36 PM

Pen's Rose 1

Pen's Rose 1All really good jack.

I like the depth of colour; the depth of field is good; rain drops always add a nice element.

The light was good, - no strong sunlight which has helped render the red colour very well. The light has also failed in a sense to get the drops to sparkle, and this is a situation where you could experiment with a very low power fill shot. Dont know if you have a flash other than the one built in, however if you have, it may have a pull out reflective card, so if you point the flash straight up into the sky, the vertical reflective card would give just enough light for a sparkle in the drops.

Ive loaded a mod with a little more sparkle, - I brightened the drops only, and painted in a fw with a small white brush. Ive also sharpened overall, - you can still sharpene a bit more before you upload, after you re size. The main reason though for the mod is to show that with these flower specimen shots, a central, square format composition can work very well.

Hope this adds to the experience folder!


10/06/2011 - 10:09 PM

The working man

The working manThe simple arrangement with 2 lights is to place a "fill light" over the camera position, shooting down at the model; the second, or "main" light should be at 45 degrees horizontally and vertically aligned with respect to the model and to one side, and should be set at a higher power or f stop than the fill light. The idea is to obtain a shadow from the nose thats visible, and falls to the oppotite side to the main light, and down, - as the main will be ABOVE the model (45 degrees)

In this shot, the face seems to be lit quite evenly, which I would expect from your set up. Try it as suggested and see that it makes a significant difference. Also make sure you check the white balance with your lights, - include a white or grey card in one shot and use this as a reference when processing the raw files, - apply the WB setting you get from the card shot to all other shots.

Loaded a quick sketch.


09/06/2011 - 10:49 PM


PixieIts a nice, competent shot. The lighting has done what you wanted.

For me, the expression isnt working to engage the shooter or the viewer. A slight smile, a tilt of the head to one side, all would help.

In addition, theres a slight red cast overall which isnt bad, but can look better without it.

Ive loaded a few mods, - one change in al is that Ive added canvas to the right to place her off centre, and Ive made changes to the tone, sharpness, and expression in mods 2 and three.

Hope this is helpful,


09/06/2011 - 3:52 PM

Urban Sophie

Urban SophieIts a good shot, and it looks like your daughter likes posing too, - so you have a willing model!

A few suggestions, - zoom out more and allow more space above, and place her off centre, - more to the camera right in this shot. Perhaps consider a pose with her hand on her hip, - so the dress is not pulled down; a little less shoulder dro, - it can appear older than she is, - otherwise good, and keep at it!

Loaded a mod,


06/06/2011 - 11:20 PM

Caerfanell Falls

Caerfanell FallsHi Liz.

The general approach to shooting landscapes, - whether you use a ND grad or not, is to set the camera to aperture priority mode, and select a fairly small aperture, say approx f/14 to f/16, and allow the cameras metering system to select the shutter speed. When you add a filter, - since it affects the light reaching the metering system, this approach should work in general. You can then take a look at the resulting histogram, and adjust the speed on a manual setting for more or less exposure. You should also set the focus to manual, and focus approx 1/3 the way into the scene. Flash would not help with this large expanse of landscape, and would simply add a short burst if light at the beginning (first curtain) or the end (second curtain) of the shot. (There are settings you can select to tell the flash to fire when the shutter first opens, or when it starts to close)

In this shot, the aperture is too wide for good front to back sharpness, though you have stumbled on a good shutter setting, - which is quite good, though a very small amount underexposed (need a slightly longer exposure). You can see that the water is exposed quite well, which is important for this shot.

If you had used a smaller aperture, your speed would have been much faster, - round 4 seconds, allowing for the blurred water effect, but better sharpness and depth.

Ive loaded a mod which is just a little lighter; sharpened; and cropped.

Hope this is helpful,


06/06/2011 - 10:43 PM

4 guys in Hyderabad

4 guys in HyderabadIts a nice colourful shot Marvin.

The light appears to have been quite even, as theres little shadow visible. This also means that the shot lacks some contrast, and has the appearance of being a little 'flat", or washed out.

Better light, - early in the day or later in the evening would help, however you can also increase contrast in post processing.

You were quite close to the guys, so the 14mm lens is showing some barrel distortion, - you can see the lines on the doors bend outwards in the middle. This can also be addressed in post processing, though its not too bad.

Finally, you can sharpen this some more, - do this after you re size the image for EPZ.

I have loaded 2 mods, - first is with the adjustments Ive mentioned; second has space cropped from the left, - this places the people better in the frame I think.

Hope this is helpful,


27/05/2011 - 7:37 PM

Calistoga - Napa Valley - CA

Calistoga - Napa Valley - CAHola Celina, and welcome to EPZ.

This is a very nice, bright and colourful shot.

It is not horizontal, so it will look better if it is cropped to make the people and the house straight; the date on the side doesnt add anything to the shot, - so its best if you turn the date off in the future. The file itself will still carry the date information.

I have uploaded a mod where I have straightened, which meant I had to crop a little tighter, - and Ive removed the date.

Hope this is helpful,


27/05/2011 - 3:02 PM


OanaIts good shot overall Ninuv.

I agree its a overdone re light, - BUT you were going for a high key look, and you would therefore have been better with a white background which complements the high key, rather than the one you have. I thinks its this contrast between the subject and the background that causes it not to work well.

Th white v\balance doent appear right on scree, - has a rather magenta appearance also, - so perhaps that can be resolved.

Ive also loaded mods, - one with a cop and the exposure reduced, colour balance adjusted, - and the second mod is with the backgtound changed, - which will be loaded shortly.

Hope this is helpful,


26/05/2011 - 12:29 AM

Head Shot

Head ShotA very good detailed shot. I like V1, and as it is looks fine, - with some more space around the head so its less cramped.

Heres a link to read for information on Layers and Masks, - the secret weapon in Photoshop: http://www.ephotozine.com/article/layer-masks----photoshop-guide-4606

You can apply any adjustment, filter, distortion, etc to any part of any image selectively if you use this method. You can do this also quickly by selecting the area, like the eye for a quick touch up, but spend tsome time with this link and you will be quite amazed by what you can do.

Sharpening has numerous approaches, and all have their fans. The reliable, repeatable approach is to use Unsharp Mask (USM) as follows:

Set Radius = 0.8

Set Threshold = 3.

Slide Amount all the way to the right, to completely oversharpen the image, - so you can see what over done looks like.

Then slide the Amount slider to the left until it looks sharp, and has no "halos" around edges.

Remember that you always sharpen the Re Sized shot for EPZ, - even if your original was sharp, - check anyway and apply some sharpening, as file size compression can make an image soft.

Hope this helps, and gives you hours of fun!


24/05/2011 - 7:56 PM

Stalham Sunrise

Stalham SunriseWelcome to EPZ Damien.

This is quite a nice shot. Im not entirely sure about your comment about it appearing too dark, as it looks quite good as it is. Its has appeared dark as you have included some strong direct Sun in the shot, which will make the camera expose appropriately for the bright light, giving a silhouette effect that many photographers deliberately try to achieve, - looks like youve stumbled on this holy grail accidentally! Lightening it, as youve seen, will certainly ruin the impact of the original.

I have loaded 2 mods, - 1 is a little lighter, 2 is a little darker. What both have in common is that they have been sharpened, which makes the tree stand out more, and Ive cropped to place the tree more to the left, and added some dark canvas space at the bottom to make a 10 X 8 format that may look better.

Hope this is helpful,


24/05/2011 - 7:36 PM


OwenHi Ian, its a hard task to photograph children for sure, as you undoubtedly know.

You did well to try to get some "informal" action here. Its turned out quite low contrast imo, and can benefit quite a bit if you make the areas that should be black = black. HelenO has loaded a good mod, - and mine contains a couple more tweaks as follows:

Re the reflection, - you can reduce the "weight" of the reflection, and fade it as it near the edge of the frame by painting the background colour over it in varying opacities which can help; Owens face is very soft, lacks sharpness, possibly due to movement when the shutter was pressed, - so sharpen locally; add some canvas to the left and top to place Owen forther from the top, and off centre; increase contrast using curves or levels.

The light setup seems like you did fine, but perhaps the amount of light was too much for the setting you used. I would suggest you look at your histogram after each shot, and adjust you aperture until its not looking overexposed. I usually use the max flash synch speed when shooting with lights, - this is likely 1/200 or 1/250 also. With this shot, perhaps f/11 might have provided better contrast in the subjects.

Hope this is helpful,


early morning sunrise through the trees in my garden elsecar barnsley s/yShutter speed is too slow Alan.

Theres a rule you need to be aware of for hand holding a shot, and thats the minimum speed you can use is always 1/focal length at 35mm, which is 1/(112* 1.5) = 1/178, or in pratical terms, 1/200th. You used 1/50th. so you will have blur unless you use a tripod; or use Shutter priority, set it to 1/200 and let the camera do the rest.

Hope this helps,


24/05/2011 - 3:28 PM


KingfisherIts a very good shot. Great pose and composition. I have never seen a Kingfisher this colour.

The only suggestion I can add that might improve the shot is to crop a little space from the right, and add a little space to the top, - places the bird a little better on thirds. I would enhance the slight catch light in the eye also. I have done this ion a mod and sharpened a little also.


23/05/2011 - 5:12 PM


WomanHi Wilfredo, this is a sad image.

Its sad as its a woman in obvious distress shot at the zoom end of your camera, and sad also due to how you describe her and the situation. I will have to give you the benefit of the doubt that your way of communication in English may have led you to give an impression you did not intend at all, - which is that you have taken advantage of a lady who was in no position to object. Its is always best to ask permission, - and in some cases donate a small sum of money, - which I would do in this case. In Engineering, will will study Ethics, and in Photography, the concept of Ethical behaviour also exists, - though its often trampled on these days.

Technically the image can be better, - its soft, and has a yellow tone. Ive loaded a mod for comparison. Either way, including some context in the shot that would describe her situation would have lifted this.


23/05/2011 - 4:24 PM

the pollen collectors

the pollen collectorsIve loaded the mod.

heres the approach I used.

Withe the black background ready, overlay a 100 pixel grid, - i.e a line every 100 pixels. In photoshop go to edit, preferences, grids, and enter 1 line every 100 pixels, then OK, then show the grid.

Use this to alight each shot. Crop your shots the same size, and drag them onto the background and align with the grid.

Hope this helps,


22/05/2011 - 4:16 PM


BoilerAs mentioned above, you can make this a much more interesting image, and less of a record shot by getting in close to the detail on the boiler. Theres noting wrong with a record shot, just that it wont stand out and grab attention unless you are fascinated by boilers!

I have loaded a rather extreme mod where most of the original image is cropped out, and Ive used a large white frame to compensate and ended up with a square format. If you compare the two, you can see what the difference can be between a record shot and a detail shot. Theres lots of very nice texture and detail here thats worth displaying.

Hope this is helpful,


22/05/2011 - 4:05 PM

Cherry Tree

Cherry TreeHi Olivia, and welcome to Ephotozine.

As mentioned by Karen, youve loaded this image for critique, and I will assume you did this intentionally.

It would be good to know if you intended the tilt. Even so, you can make this work if you place the image on a black background (or another solid colour) and make a sort og montage around it with slices of the image overlaid. I dont know what your photoshop skill level is, but this is quite easy to do. I have loaded a mod as an example.

Look forward to more shots, and enjoy the site.


21/05/2011 - 1:05 PM


AutumnUse a fill flash for a shot like this Emma, as his face is relatively in shade due to the direction of the sun. You can lighten the face quite easily in Photoshop- as in the mod.

Ive cropped a little space from the left also.

The shot otherwise is an attractive one, and its composed nicely, focus and sharpness are good.

There is perhaps a slight bias towards red in the skin tones, which Ive modified on the upload, - I find this is common with Canon. I used colour balance to increase Cyan and Yellow to compensate.You have a fast ens which will be very useful with shooting kids pics.

Hope this is helpful,


19/05/2011 - 11:47 PM

Greyson 5 months

Greyson 5 monthsGreat pose and expression, well timed.

A lot of light makes this a little flat, - but also makes it soft, so it may be how you wanted it. For me, a little more contrast doesnt hurt (less flat, more directional light); I would move the baby up the frame, - too close to the bottom; and add a couple of small catch lights to the eyes.

Loaded mods,