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02/07/2011 - 4:00 PM


ABCI came back and looked at this 6 or 7 times this morning, as my initial impression was that I didnt like it. BUT, I liked the treatment, and the technical skill, and had no idea what it was I didnt really like.

So I downloaded it and played around with it for quite some time, and I think I know why my initial reaction was as it was. Its a little flat and dull and isnt popping out at me. The idea is great though.

So I loaded a mod that has a lot of focus on adding tone, warmth, colour, depth, and especially making the letters coloured, and not straight. Adding a large frame makes a very big difference. One other thing I noticed is that hes squinting! This is also altered using the liquefy filter in Photoshop to open his eyes more, - making it a more engaging shot.

Youve come a long way, and I like what youre doing.

Hope the mod makes a difference and gives you some ideas,


02/07/2011 - 12:55 PM


RicemanA terrific shot Jacques. I love the angle of the bamboo pole, the expression the fact he is so happy to have the shot taken, and the depth of field that shows both baskets.

Can be improved with a few easy tweaks. The exposure of the original shot was likely influenced by the bright sky, and coupled with the fact the bright area is behind the man, he effectively backlit, so the result is a little under exposed. Use of a fill flash may have helped. Adding the tone has further reduced brightness, - and if I were to guess, you may have done this to tame the sky.

So I loaded three mods. In the first, Ive gone back to the mono original, and adjusted brightness, and toned down the sky. I used curves and threshold for brightness, and the highlight tool in CS4 for the sky, which has also brought back some clouds; mod2 is a very light sepia tone; and mod 3 is a tri tone effect that looks a little different. The brightness correction has been carried through the two toned version.

Its a wonderful shot, and I hope you find this helpful,


01/07/2011 - 9:18 PM

Mackerel for dinner?

Mackerel for dinner?The shot is well timed. The composition has the Puffin a little too far to the right, which can easily be corrected as it just means taking sky from behind and putting it on front.

A little bit of noise, which could easily be avoided by using a lower ISO, which was an option you had be setting your speed a little lower, - 1/1000 would have been fast enough.

Ive done this in the mod, and also brightened the image a little, - often happens when shooting into the sky that you need to apply some positive exposure compensation.

Hope this helps,


01/07/2011 - 6:02 PM

road to nowhere...

road to nowhere...Its a dull day shot, - so it should look like a dull day. Leaving the logo aside, a reduction in highlights would help with the hazy look and give a bit more contrast.

What I think it needs though is for that bend to be disappearing in a third, - so more sky, less ground.

Ive loaded 4 mods, - and Im hoping you have a sense of humour with mod2!

1 is the original with some contrast; 2 is trotting around the bend; 3 is what I would like to see, - better composition, angry clouds, and 4 is a toned mono.

What I noticed, and find amusing is that the road markings warn of a left turn, but the road actually turns right in the shot. I know theres likely a sharp left around there, but wouldnt something indicating a right the left be more accurate?


01/07/2011 - 5:24 PM

Moving silhouettes

Moving silhouettesIt is a very attractive image. Phil is very perceptive to notice the yellow effect on the overall mood, and it is better without it.

However, its quite easy to replace colours in Photoshop of you use the Replace Colour opetion under Image> Adjustments, select the yellow, and change the colour, hue, saturation etc, - which is what I did. I also applied some lens blur to it.

Theres a tiny amount of barrel distortion removed also in the mod.

Hope this is helpful,


01/07/2011 - 2:13 PM

inside zayed mosque

inside zayed mosqueThis is a really nice example of some beautiful Muslim architecture. Youve done very well to get the shot symmetrical and use the shadow in the entrance as a frame. And all of this with a very simple point and soot camera too!

The shot is very slight off horizontal. but just a little.

The tone of the shot is a cool blue, though when I do a threshold adjustment for the mod, it turns out a little warmer, which is possibly more like it was?

Your signature would be better out of the image, and in a border which Ive done in the mod.

Sharpness can be improved, but even with these suggestion Ive incorporated into the mod, you original shot is a really good effort.
'Take a look at the mod to see straightening, the signature moved, colour balance, and framing.

I hope you find this helpful,


01/07/2011 - 12:54 AM


UntitledJenni, - what you describe indicates that you have all focus points selected, so the camera will focus on a position where you didnt intend. On the back of your camera, top right, theres a buttone with five (?) little squares on it.

Point the camera and something, half press the shutter, - then press that button, and use your multifuntion button to move the focus points around until you select just one which is placed where you want it, - or that you place where you want it afterwards. Thats how you use focus points selectively. Another trick, and were all guilty of not doing this, - is read the manual!!

Koen is right of course too, - you can quite deliberately blur any part of the image, - and a lensbabay is terrific for this, - see the work of Bliba on this site for me. Im assuming you wanted the eye sharp in this one.

30/06/2011 - 12:28 AM


StamenHi Andy, - youre question is about framing and composition, so I will add my input based only on that, - and support all the good advice provided above.

I have loaded a mod to show exactly what I mean.

The flower is very cramped in the frame. In addition, the background colour is quite strong and intense, which is competing with the flower itself.

Its needs more space, a lighter and less intense background, a little more sharpening of the stamens, and to brighten it overall, a lighter coloured border. The flower ideally should be rotated so its coming out near a corner, reaching diagonally toward the other corner, with the stamens close to a third.

Take a look at the mod and let me know if that hits the spot for you.


29/06/2011 - 11:40 PM


UntitledNice work Jenni, - and mono is a good choice. The high ISO noise gives a nice gritty feel to the image.

As before, a few suggestions:

At f/1.8 the lens will be very soft, as you undoubtedly intended, and as such it is very important to get the focus precisely and exactly right on the eye. To do this, you will need to know how to select the focus point and cmage it so that when you compose the shot, the focus point (the red square) stays on the eye for the shot; in other word, dont focus and re compose. When if download the iage and sharpen, its very clear that the eye was jsut out of focus, and the hair nearest the camera is in focus. An alternate methood, - which may be better, is to simply manual focus.

Ive loaded 2 mods, both with the eye sharpened, and the crop done so the eye is placed on a third. The ear piercing is lost, but you could have retained this by using the camera in Portrait mode rather than landscape.

Mod2, is a version where Ive used a distortion filter called diffuse glow, that enhances the softness of soft focus shots that your may like.

Hope this helps again, and you find it constructive,


28/06/2011 - 1:05 AM

Mmmm Clover All Over

Mmmm Clover All OverIts a decent shot. You do seem tohave ended up in the moddle, with the sky a little underexposed, as well as the horse.

You have loaded absolutely no EXIF data, so no clue what settings you used.

In the mod, Ive used Photoshop CS4 to perform a Threshold adjustment to establish to location of the start of black and white, and used this information for a curves adjustment which brightened the overall scene, The I used the shadow tool to lift the detail a little in the horse.

Hope this is helpful,


27/06/2011 - 11:58 PM

Dandelion Seed Head

Dandelion Seed HeadThis is a really first rate shot. Its sharp, detailed, has good depth.

I would suggest darkening the lighter peripheral areas a little, - and I would de saturate the stem quite a bit, as its competing for attentions with the rest of the image. I would also tone down the highlight area on the centre "pincushion" part as its just a tiny bit bright.

Ive loaded a mod to show what I mean.

I hope this is helpful,


27/06/2011 - 11:09 PM

Puffin with sand eels

Puffin with sand eelsOK Ruby, - much better, - did a mod thats addresses composition and placement of the bird in the frame, - off centre, on a third, and also slightly reduces noise, improved shadow detail in wing.

Hopefully you read my last update on your last shot re image editing software, so go have a look.

Hope this is helpful, and that you can see the difference in the original and mod re placement, etc.


27/06/2011 - 9:48 PM


WaitingOh yes, - this is really good. Youre delving into your creative abilities here with this, and it works. Lovely treatment.

I have a couple of ideas, First is just on composition, where you could crop space from the bottom to place her eyes on a third; next are just variants of contrast and darkness, the last mod having a sepia overlay. I arrived at V1 by doing a severe Dragan layer, and merging it with the original by using opacity. I enhanced the eyes a little, and reduced the halo effect.

there's just loads you can do in this line of images

heres a link to some really gorgeous and free backgrounds that you can use for these type of images, - they can make a huge difference:


Keep going in this direction,

Hope you find this useful as always,


27/06/2011 - 6:24 AM

Children of Rasjasthan

Children of RasjasthanA really good street image. - lots of impact.

You asked about saturation, and yes, you can tell from the histogram, on RGB mode, not brightness mode if the shot is over saturated. If you have photoshop, you can use layers, or levels, turn on the red, blue and green channels individually and see if one o r more are exceeding the right hand limit. When I look at this shot using the individual colours in Curves in Photoshop, it very graphically shows the RED channel complectely oversaturated, and overpowering the other 2.

A nore about the E520 from my own observations us that the camera will ALWAYS enhance red consideraly to achieve a warm look. Its not anything you are doing wrong. You may have the ability to go into some menu and reduce red relative to the other 2 colours, - BUT you can simply and safely assume the camera will always behave in this way, and compensate in post processing by opening the saturation tool, select RED only, and reduce it by approx -15 and the image will look a lot more realistic.

Thats what Ive done in the mod, and in addition Ive cropped space from the sides, and added some lens blur to the boy on the left.

I hope this is helpful for you,


25/06/2011 - 3:32 PM

After the rain came!

After the rain came!Welcome to the Critique Gallery Jim.

This is a gorgeous shot, nicely exposed, good colour and detail.

For me its very slightly oversharpened, - something I rarely say, - and might look better if the sharpening was a little more subtle.

The framing is a little tight, - better to leave some more room around the flower, - and the border might look better in a larger plain style.

Ive loaded a mod with all of the above done. The added space was done using the Content Aware tool in CS4, but can be done by cloning, or copy and paste. The sharpness was toned down a tad by overlaying a tiny amount of Gaussian blur at a low opacity.

Hope this helps, and well done.


24/06/2011 - 3:34 PM

My Very First Art Nude

My Very First Art NudeDefinitely one of your better shots Dennis. Its has some issues, - a little dark, a little too red, but certainly on the right track, - sharp where it needs to be.

Loaded a mod with the face especially brighter, and colour balance to reduce red.


24/06/2011 - 3:12 PM

I'm not moving

I'm not movingHe certainly has a defiant look that youve caught well. I like the skin colour and tone.

The border area has some areas obviously cloned and look a little smudged, but I think the idea is good.

One approach that can instead of cloning when working with a large area is to use the marquee tool, and select areas you want to copy, and then paste them into where you want them. You can them move the new area, use transform to change the shape, and since it will be on a new layer, remove what you dont want.


23/06/2011 - 11:34 PM

Urban Daniel take 2

Urban Daniel take 2Excellent, - the light, tone and colour a lot better than the last one. The expression actually suits the fact that hes looking wistfully downwards.

One thing I noticed when I downloaded it was thats it did not have a colour profile tagged with it, - remember to assign sRGB when you upload. This can make a difference in how the image appears to viewers depending on which web browser they use. the mod has the profile attached.

I make a very small adjustment, and this is in the attached link, - you should give it a try with all of you shots, - it can make a big diference in removing the slightest tone, - and in this shot, its made it a little warmer.

Otherwise I cropped a little, - thats it, no sharpening, nothing.



22/06/2011 - 2:55 PM

Isle of Man TT

Isle of Man TTIts a very good shot, well exposed. You are on the right track for sure, and moving the speed a little lower as Phil suggests will also help.

The shot would look better without the red pillar, and the bike itself can be sharper, - both are addressed in the mod Ive loaded. Your original may well have been sharper, but lostsome of it through the re sizing process. its a good idea to check the final re sized shot for sharpness before uploading, and apply a little more as needed.


21/06/2011 - 10:03 PM

Bath Time Series

Bath Time SeriesI like it a lot.

I would suggest a square crop and moving the hose to behind her where it cant be seen as in the mod. I also sharpened it a little, and brought some definition into her face be reducing highlights.

Hope you like this,