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10/03/2011 - 2:44 PM

Nay Lad !

Nay Lad !V1 is a beautiful shot, though it has a pronounced green cast. Ive loaded a mod if V1 cropped, with the colour cast corrected and cropped into an 8 X 10 format.

Hope it works for you


08/03/2011 - 7:06 PM

Dartmoor Pony

Dartmoor PonyIts a nice shot, cropped into a 10 X 8 format, scene is attractive, placement of the horse is good.

Some haze has reduced contrast and caused the image to be a little flat as can be seen by the histogram not reaching al the way to the left.

In the mod Ive increased contrast; reduced the haze a little; changed the crop to lower the horse, and sharpened. The crop is good as is, just wanted to get the horse more onto a horizontal third and align the horizon.

Hope this is helpful


08/03/2011 - 6:50 PM

Red Rose

Red RoseBetter to use some tissue paper over the flash, and increase the layers as needed, - this willl control the light much better, as well as diffusing the light.

It doesnt look sharp in any particular place to me, and as I sharpened the mod, its slightly sharp in a couple of spots, so Im not sure it was focused properly. I assume you if use the macro focusing mode on the G6, and wait until it confirmed it was focused?

I agree its a little too dark, and in the mod Ive lightened it just a little, increased sharpness and contrast,and cropped to place the rose a little off centre.

Hope this helps,


08/03/2011 - 6:01 PM

Jamie Boardwalk

Jamie BoardwalkThis is indeed a nice shot of a moment in time; it means a lot to a family to have such a nice shot, - and its probably typical of the behaviour of the little boy at the time.

I likey beat Lianna to mods as Im not at work, and I do agree with her comments.

I have loaded 2 mods; both are cropped into 8 X 10 formats for printing, and they place the boy ideally on a third; I have toned down dome of the reflected light from the boardwalk to show some deail, as well as giving both a little more contrast, - meaning black is black. Mod2, though its hardly noticeable in the upload, is a slight sepia toned version of Mod1, which is you original. Both mods are sharpened a little.

I will load a mod3 shortly leaving him central for comparison, with all the other adjustments applied, - then you decide yourself which is best.


07/03/2011 - 2:31 PM


KeziaWelcome to EPZ Keziah.

This is a very nice shot, and unusual as she is lying down. It can actually look quite nice flipped 90 degrees CCW to make a portrait shot also. The image as presented is a little soft, and at ISO 1600 has a small amount of noise, - which itself is not an issue especially in mono.

I have loaded a mod with the shot flipped; reduced noise, and sharpened her eye in particular, as its the focal point of any portrait. Ive also cropped the image a little to place her eye of a "third" for a more pleasing composition.

Ive also loaded a second mod which is slightly toned which you may like. You can do this using photo filters or duo toning in Photoshop.

I hope this is helpful,


Break! (Note! 2nd Up-load to get into Critique Gallery)Ive loaded a mod which Ive run through Noise Ninja; adjusted contrast as its a little flat; cropped to place the plane less centrally.

I see you havent provides camera information, and when I look at you last upload you mentions a Canon MP210 series, - which is a printer/scanner, not a camera, - so can you shed some light on the camera used? It would be most helpful to know if this is a scanned image.


07/03/2011 - 1:46 PM


THE READERThis is quite a departure from your usual fare, and quite a nice shot. I like the setting, the concentration and the atmosphere in this.

For me, V2 does not work at all with the colour popping, mainly as I believe the focal point here is the young mans face and expression, and the bright pink colour of the prayer book. It does however work well as a mono, as in mod2.

V1 looks flat and lacks contrast, which is completely hidden by the mono, so V2 may look better overall. With some work on curves, colour balance and contrast, - and re framing the shot as in mod1, I think it looks quite good on its own

Hope this is helpful,


07/03/2011 - 1:28 PM

grunmpy little monkey!

grunmpy little monkey!As Frank mentions, decent shot if handheld ad the shutter speed was way too slow for the focal length,- you should be using around 1/200! So steady hands and perhaps a solid support helped.

The aperture is shallow, but you did get the face reasonably sharp.

You had an unfortunate set of circumstances with this, a dark faced monkey with a very bright hair-do made brighter with light from above, so the shot has both underexposed the face a little while overexposing that white hair. Not eay to deal with apart from using a fill flash, - and you may still have the burned out hair.

Ive loaded a mod with the details in the face lifted by lightening the shadows; toned down the hair a little, and cropped in a similar way to Frank, but added a little space at the top for balance, Its also straightened, using the front of that box as a guide.

Hope this helps,


05/03/2011 - 6:19 PM

Laura 3

Laura 3You dont want a shadow on her face, - just one side a little brighter than the other. You can get this for example if she sites close to a bright (NOT sunny) window, and looks the the camera with her head slightly turned to the window. Whats usually a good lighting sign is that there will be a slight 45 degree shadow of her nose on the opposite side.

Also remember that its a smaller aperture you want, not a larger. Apertures are expressed in fractions, - which is what the F means, so f/1.4 is much larger than f/5.6.

Theres very good information you can read at dofmaster.com.

Its been mentioned above that you can take portraits at f/1.4, which is absolutely correct, BUT the focal length plays a big role as does the distance from the lens in how successful the resulting image is. Read dofmaster, - its all there.

Also, - as an afterthought I loaded a third image, - try tilting her head, - it gives a totally different expression.

05/03/2011 - 3:05 PM

Laura 3

Laura 3Hi David, though not a bad shot, theres a few areas where it could be better.

The use of f/1.4 was not a good idea, as it is so shallow it has left her nose out of focus entirely, and parts of her eyebrows. Using at least f/5.6 would be the way to go. You would then have the option to soften evenly post processing

You appears to have been very close to her when the shot was taken, and the result is distortion of the parts of her face closest to the lens, and you may have made he nose appear larger than it actually is (apologies if I am not right here)

The light is flat, - which may be what you wanted, but portrait can often look better with a little more light from one side than the other.

The composition places her eyes too low in the frame, - eyes need to be on a third, so staying back a little further would have given room for cropping to place the eyes while retaining all her head.

Ive loaded 2 mods, second one is a little softer than the first. Ive re cropped; sharpened where I could; applied differential lighting and corrected distortion.

Hope you find this helpful,


04/03/2011 - 3:52 PM

off to a tee

off to a teeA great shot Phil. I does appear though that you have applied some diffuse glow to soften the image overall, which has had the effect of losing detail in some of the bright areas, - glove, hat, etc.

In the mod Ive toned down the highlights; sharpened the eyes carefully, and a gloves, cap, etc. , increased the catch light brightness in the far eye, and and thinking that perhaps she was too high in the frame, added a little space at the top, and the same at the left to maintain the aspect ratio.

You did bring up the reflections in the glasses, so they are toned down, but not removed.

Hope this helps,


03/03/2011 - 5:11 PM

my daughter

my daughterWelcome to EPZ Rowena.

This is a terrific shot for someone who is starting a hobby, and id more typical of someone who have quite a bit of experience.

the mono conversion is very well done, and the expression is great.

There a couple of tips worth noting. As Phil mentioned above the composition/crop can be better, and having your name so large directly on the image is a distraction.

Pkacing her near ey on or close to a "third" makes a much better composition, and would mean leaving more space either at the top or the bottom.

Ive loaded 2 mods, - if you click the modifications tab above you can see them. I have removed ypur name from both and included a border, which is a better place to put your name if you desire to do so; I have cropped the images to try for a better composition; sharpened a little; and in mod2, added a little diffuse glow to soften which you may like.

Hope this is helpful,


This land's the place I love...Its a good effort, though the HDR has not done a great job here. It has killed all mid tone contrast and made the images extremely flat and a little un real, so it might be worth playing with the HDR software again. Did you do the HDR by taking multiple exposures, combining into an HDR file and then tone mapping, or just try tone mapping a single JPEG, - it makes a big difference how you approach HDR.

Ive loaded mods with improved mid tone contrast to show what I mean.


28/02/2011 - 4:20 PM

four icaras blue

four icaras blueIts obviously quite unique which adds to attractive aspect of the shot. Its technically very good, though I would suggest a couple of small changes, as loaded in the second mod, marked the "real mod"

It looks like you have increased saturation way too high overall to bring out the insects colours, so perhaps desaturating the green background and plant top while leaving the butterfly's is a better approach; some of the highlight detail is washed out in some wings, so toning this down with the highlight tool in CS4 provides more detail in the wings.

Hope this is helpful,


27/02/2011 - 6:23 PM

Blowing in the Wind

Blowing in the WindLillian, - I have to ask, - what noise? I huffed, and I puffed and I dont see any noise unless I really blow the images up large. So perhaps youre being too critical?

What I do see though is a lot of highlight glare, which, when toned down (shadow/highlight tool in CS) improve the images quite a bit, and add contrast all at the same time.

For V1, - crop the shot as in the mod, and remove the left and extreme right leaves for a really nice 8 X 10.


27/02/2011 - 6:00 PM

Washing Up

Washing UpThis was a difficult one for me. I like the colour, though the light is very strong, and the tree at the left has lost a lot of detail because of this. Im also sure its not straight, - but Im completely open to the idea that the garage door itself is not straight. I would have liked him to be looking the other way, - but as it is, its has another meaning for me. - that is, hes turning his back on technology, as Airtel is a cell phone company.

I biggest issue though is that the mono, though better at conveying the message is too light, and bright, and might look better a little less bright.

Ive loaded 2 mods in mono, duo toned, and in the secind I asked the gentleman to kindly sit the other way for just a moment, even tough it deprved him from easy access to his water supply.


27/02/2011 - 4:09 PM

Fulmar Gliding By!

Fulmar Gliding By!The main issue here is that its not sharp. Though you setting all look spot on, its likely you were panning with the bird. In that case, - assuming the camera supports it, select an exposure mode which is called something like AI Servo, which allows the auto focus to track the bird while panning. If this is available, it will produce sharper shot.

Loaded a mod.


26/02/2011 - 7:34 PM

Liver Building

Liver BuildingNigel, at very wide focal lengths, there not a lot you can do without a load of playing around in Photoshop. The most advanced version of the software do have tools for lens correction, but you do have to make do with losing some of the shot, as in this case, the tool will move in the bottom. forcing a crop where you will lose a chunk of the side of the building.

For architectural photographers, where precision is essential there are extremely expensive lenses called "tilt/shift" that straighten the building in the viewfinder by correcting with the lens. A wide angle tilt or distortion can actually be an advantage if you want to exaggerate features deliberately, - get someone to stand with their nose close to the lens for example.

For this shot, to minimize the distortion, you would like have to stand 300 feet off the ground. As iot is its a very well exposed shot that works well.


26/02/2011 - 4:25 PM

Door knocker No2

Door knocker No2This is camera shake Mario.

Youve used a combination of 70mm and 1/50 sec with a crop factor camera which is too slow.

Heres the way to understand the minimum speed you need to handhold a shot:

Min speed = 1/( focal length * crop factor); so in your case, thats 1/(70 * 1.5) = 1/105, - and since this speed doesnt appear on your camera, then its the next one up, which is 1/120.

So when using Aperture exposre, its important to keep an eye on the shutter speed the camera selects, and if its too slow, then increase your ISO, or open your aperture wider; then check again.

Using an ISO of 400 for this would have meant a speed of 1/100 that might have just worked, but barely.

Hope this helps


26/02/2011 - 3:59 PM

Door knocker No3

Door knocker No3Hi Mario,

This is a good one, - and its because of the time of day where the side lighting that give depth to the shot. This provides good shadows and highlights that make it work.

I would try to stay away from heavy frames, - and a light frame enhances the sugject and draws attention to it. Its also a good place to sign the shot, and it not actually in the shot.

Treat the knocker as a face, and compose to leave more space on the right than the left to give the impression its looking into space; straighten, - its very slightly off, and in this case, add a small amount more sharpening, - this is simply to male the bright areas in the face have a little more sparkle.

Ive loaded a mod with the above suggestions.

Hope this helps,