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22/08/2011 - 12:59 AM

Palm Leaf

Palm LeafA nice shot, and lovely textures. Good idea to get under and shoot up.

A few comments on your settings, assuming you were reasonable close to the leaf, and filled the frame:

You could reduce the ISO to 100 for better quality, and the aperture to say f/5.6 for sharpness. You would be well within the scale for shutter speed, - miminum hand held for this lens and camera is 1/80

Its better with a little more contrast as in mod1, and can make a wonderful triptych if you simply use the hue adjustment to make two other hues, and combine onto a single baclground.

To do this you make a new white canvas, big enough to fit the three shots on, and open them all, then drag each leaf shot onto the canvas with the move tool, arrange, crop, flatten layers, print and enjoy.

Hope you find this, and the mods helpful.


20/08/2011 - 8:14 PM

Subject Matter

Subject MatterCongratulations on the new cam.

Its a little underexposed, though I understand its a test. Likely due to reflections coming back to the camera as the flash bounced back off some of the surfaces. A little brighter, as in the mod slightly alters white balance also. Get into the habit of looking at your histogram view after you take a shot, - you will see instantly if theres an exposure issue, - you would have seen the histogram for this shot having most of the detail clumped from the middle to the left, indcating underexposure; then you can take the shot again, and use exposure compensation to compensate.

I like you book selection too!

Hope this helps,


18/08/2011 - 10:28 PM

Early morning Venice

Early morning VeniceA really nice shot, great atmosphere.

I personally dont mind the flare, - in fact I added more in my mod rather than removing it, - to me it fits with the time of day and you would never get a shot that includes the Sun without flare.

It benefits with a small amount of cropping and sharpening, and adding a little contrast helps.

Mod loaded.


18/08/2011 - 9:40 PM


A LADY IN REDI liked these a lot in the series you uploaded. This lady has a lot of presence and energy, so makes a good subject for this.

Im not sure the tiles are quite aligned the way I would like to see them; the two at the left should be in the centre line of the larger right image, and overall theres a little more black on the right than the left.

The use of the black border though I think makes the scene unnecessarily dark, and suck the vibrancy from the main shots. I would prefer, and loaded in the mod, a lighter border, and have also brightened and boosted contrast in the individual shots.

Hope this helps,


View of the lake from Chateaux Lake Louise, Alberta, CanadaWelcome to EPZ Robert.

Isnt this a magnificent sight, Lake Louise, and perfectly framed by the restaurant windows!

Ive seen this shot many times, and its a challenging shot to take. Challenging because the outside exposure requirements are very different to those inside the room, and its possible to end up with a compromise, - which this shot is, - and thats not always a bad thing.

Thats because the sky and clouds are overexposed, though the inside of the room is not bad, and neither is most of the outside scene. The shot really calls for two exposures, one for outside, one for either inside, or a compromise as here, and then the two combined using the best of both. Exposure bracketing is a useful method you can program the camera for.

Your metering mode is set to multi segment, which will average the scene, and perhaps you have a spot metering mode you could have used to meter the outside, lock the exposure, then re compose?; or, using multi segmant, go close to the window, meter the outside scene, loch exposure, then come back and recompose and shoot. Either mode would have caused a darker interior, which could have been blended with a shot like this.

Either way, - theres some detail recoverable using the highlight tool in CS4 which Ive loaded in mods, - along with some different possibilities on cropping. I have also applied some sharpening, - you need to check you newly re sized and saved image for sharpness and apply a little more as needed.

A smaller aperture would have provided better front to back sharpness, - though to be honest it looks quite decent. This would have requited a higher ISO to go to say f/11.

A nice first upload, - hope to see more, and hopefully you can get something useful out of this feedback.


17/08/2011 - 5:12 PM

end of a good day

end of a good dayThe very bright area of sun over the houses has caused the image tio be very dark, - which can be brightened a little, - but the bright area was too bright for you sensor, so there no detail there, its simply blown. Best to wait until the sun dips below the house/horizon, or even a clod to get within the dynamic range of the cameras sensor. But a benefit is a silhouette of the tree, which is nice.

Loaded a quick mod, but cant do much about the bright area, - I added a warmer tone to it, but it doesnt solve the issue.


17/08/2011 - 3:57 PM


BULL!!!This is a nice shot Joseph. You can almost tell hes going to jump at you.

The eyes can be a little sharper, - youve done very well to get a sharp shot at all with a shutter speed which is quite slow for the focal length of the lens, - you have steady hands or used a good support!

The chain, and a number of small distraction in the background could be cloned out, especially the light area right above the ear on one side, but thats minor.

You also might consider a tighter crop that eliminates a lout of the cackground and make it more of a portrait.

Ive loaded 2 mods, - first your original, with sharper eyes, and some of the background tidied up, left in the chain; and mod2 is a much closer crop usinf graduated darkening to make the background invisible, and give the impression he is coming out of the darkness. Its easily done if you like this approach.


16/08/2011 - 1:50 AM


HungryReally good candid shot Pablo. The mono works very well.

I can only suggest a crop to move the man further to one side; tone down the apple reflection, and perhaps, just an idea, flip it horizontally as in the mod.


14/08/2011 - 5:01 PM

Laura 6

Laura 6Hi David,

I like the pose and the shot in general.

I do think the white balance is off quite a bit, and tens a lot towards a cyan/magenta cast.

Ive loaded mods with the colour balance adjusted to look where I would guess looked right, - either way it looks better better to me.

Youve also loaded the shot using the Adobe RGB colour space, - you need to convert to sRGB for the web. Viewers with non colour managed browsers may see you shot differently on the web, - as you may well do also. Explorer for example is not colour managed, while Safari 5 and Firefox are.

Ive loaded 2 mods, - both with colour adjusted; eyes brighter; eyes sharper; a slight increase in exposure on the face only and mod2 is a version with diffuse glow applied to add a soft glow.

Ive added a link to a site to check for colour management in browsers:


Hope you find this helpful,


13/08/2011 - 11:11 PM


Sophiebe careful of the wide colour difference between her face ad her arm, - can be more realistic if they are more in line. There some red lines on her left leg just above the knee that could be removed. Otherwise nice, with a 3 D feel to it.


If 1 doesn't make a summer what do we make ...Very opportune shot, - really nice.

can benefit with the shadows being lifted a little to show more detail in the birds. used the shadow tool in CS4 to perform this in the mod.


10/08/2011 - 10:46 PM

Blue Boy in Bluebells

Blue Boy in BluebellsA nice shot James, - like the scenery and the pose.

It can look better if some of the top is cropped off, as it looks like you were trying to get as much of the background in, and in the process didnt include the little guys feet. So cropping closer, and also cropping some more off the bottom and make it look more intentional Than accidental.

It needs to be quite a bit sharper, - remember you need to check your re sized shot for sharpness before uploading, and sharpen as necessary, - re sizing can cause loss of detail.

This would have been good opportunity to pop your flash and use fill flash, - it would provide a little more light to his eyes, and provide nice catchlights.

Ive loaded a mod with all of the above addressed, - and in addition Ove warmed the tone a little, - looks a little cool, - but could be the presence of a lot of blue.

Hope this is helpful, and you like the mod,


08/08/2011 - 10:56 PM

Waiting and hoping, and wishing

Waiting and hoping, and wishingTheres a few issues with this shot that provide a good opportunity to learn. Though its not a bad shot, I think you will agree the colour is way off, - especially the sky; and theres a noticeable amount of digital noise in the image.

EXIF data:

This indicates you chose Shutter priority, and then set it to 1/1000. Fair enough, - using a lens where you can go to 300mm, and you want to be ready for a fast moving subject. This is a static (for a while anyway) subject, and in that case, Aperture priority, using perhaps f/8 would be ideal.

This brings us back to the Shutter priority mode, and as I said thats fine with one noticeable exception. You set ISO to 1600, which due to excellent light being available, forced the aperture all the way to a miniscule f/22, - the reserve of landscape photographers. So, - when you set the shutter speed, - make sure you have the LOWEST ISO possible that will support the exposure. Always check, and you will end up with much better shots!

You dialed in a -1 exposure comp for some reason, - you need to check your histogram when you do this, as youve underexposed a little. This is also a questionable change when using spot metering, as spot, centered on the bird will give you a good reading for the bird without the -1, and will be forced to compensate for it.

The colour balance is well off where it should be. I dont know if this is AWB or set manually, but you can see the difference when its modified in my upload.

So approach you next shot differently. Continue to use Shutter priority at 1/1000 if you will be shooting mainly birds in motion, but remember to check you dial down ISO to the lowest you can while still maintaining good exposure, - if you go too low, the aperture icon will flash in the viewfinder until its right. It will take time to absorb all this and in time you will do it automatically.

Hope this helps,


07/08/2011 - 4:59 PM

High flyer

High flyerI like the idea. I would think that making it a little wider, placing the man further to the right by adding space on the left might balance the shot. Loaded 2 mods, - the second has a diffuse glow applied to make it perhaps more minimal, and I have re located the kite onto a third, since the string cant be seen.


07/08/2011 - 4:29 PM

Little Bridesmaid

Little BridesmaidFor me this is flat, and judging by the background available light I see, its possible you intended to use fill flash; however, as you are using Manual mode, your flash would use full power unless you also manually dialed in some exposure compensation. The ETTL system worked well to avoid overexposure, though it would be better if it wasnt there.
Franks suggestion re bounce flash is always a good approach, as long as the bounce surface is not very far away, and is preferably white. You can also combine a diffuser with flash.

The composition is very good, with her eyes placed on thirds, and you have the all important eye contact.

The background is not terribly intrusive, though you could try to darken it as in the mod. AS she has some wisps of hair across the background, you may need to sacrifice a few as its very difficult not to darlken individual hairs also.

White balance appears to lean a little towards yellow, and a correction with colour balance, biasing towards Red and Blue corrects this. Best to shoot in RAW and use the raw converter to check and adjust colour temp.

The flower on her head is of course quite overexposed, and the top of her hair is extremely bright, and along with the shadow under the chin leading me to think that perhaps you did use bounce (?), but this is recoverable using the highlight tool in CS4, or by using a layer and mask, multiply mode, adjust opacity, and apply to the flower only.

The mod I have loaded has the background darkened; I have adjusted colour balance; I underexposed her face overall compared to the original, with the left side slightly darker that the right.

I am including a link to a vey good article on Canon flash, and behavious in various modes which for me is a mandatory read:


I hope you find this helpful,


04/08/2011 - 8:02 PM


BhaviniA good shot Bobby, and one you were very lucky to pull off at such a low shutter speed! If hand holding, you would normally need in the region of 1/300 to get a steady shot, and perhaps 1/200 if an IS lens. Otherwise a tripod or very solid support.

I would suggest you crop some space from the right to place the bride further to the right; I would lighten her face a little, its in some shadow; and apply some sharpening.

Hope this helps,


04/08/2011 - 4:52 PM

The Windup

The WindupHi Paul,

This is quite a decent shot. In sports photography, when getting started, its very easy to focus you attention on the subjects face, and think only of timing. What can happen is you forget to have a quick look around the frame, and notice youve missed a foot!. This is of course whats happened here, and Ive added a foot in the mod, - a first for me. I would also crop a little space from the top.


04/08/2011 - 4:01 PM


ErinHi Lissa,

This is a nice pose, but very much underexposed. You can probably see its quite dark compared to the mod Ive loaded, - where I can see some evidence of face painting or decoration on her cheek.

I would also suggest, as in the mod, that shes placed higher and more to the left for a better composition.

The cause of underexposure is likely the high speed you selected. the camera was in Manual mode, and you made both speed and aperture settings. When you do this, the exposure meter in the camera will indocate underexposure, so you need to try slower speeds until the metering system indicates a proper exposre, - otherwise you are literally "shooting in the dark", - no pun intended.

You would be better leaving the camera in aperture priority mode, selecting the aperture, and let the camera look after the speed. Just keep and eye on the speed to make sure its not too slow to cause camera shake, and if it is, then increase ISO, or use a larger aperture, - or better still, if available, auto ISO.

Hope this helps


04/08/2011 - 3:25 PM

Model study

Model studyIn addition to the above:

her face needs more light, - its in shade compared to the areas in the background. Either use s reflector, of better still fill flash, and you would also have obtained nice eye catch lights Using 1/5 second, - too slow, hopefully a solid support, - and even then, too slow for a portrait as the subject can move; loaded mods with the face brighter, and some noise removed. It also needs some sharpening.


03/08/2011 - 10:55 PM

Star trail

Star trailIts a decent first effort.

Heres a link to a good site to read up on the technique:


From what I see, youve done a lot right, however your ISO should be the lowest available, 100 on a 40D.

I have never tried to take this type of shot, so you may have another member jump in with some hints, and in the interim, the link seems very useful.