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camay's Gallery Comments

camay > camay Recent Activity > camay's Gallery Comments
Pushing off by camay

Pushing off

Thanks Willie, you are right the action does become more prominant. I wonder if I will ever get it right first time!
It was an overcast day, plenty of light but misty which helped with glare and reflection. Tweaked in Lightroom.

By: camay

Snake by djh698


Possibly worth trying with a polarizer on? It works with shiny green leaves.

By: djh698

Moeraki Boulders by camay

Moeraki Boulders

Good mods paint man, I shall continue to work on these.

pamelajean, I am always grateful to you especially and the Critique Team in general for the time you give up to help others improve their photography. I may be a slow learner but nonetheless it's appreciated!

By: camay

Take our photo please. by camay

Take our photo please.

Chen, not sure what you mean by a cam shot, it was taken with a telephoto lens equiv to 200mm, between me and the group was a pool of water and very fragile ground that we couldn't walk on, so there was no way I could get closer. I took a few of different groups from this position but this was the best I thought. I doubt if they were photographers, half the folk walking around had SLRs, the other half were using phones or ipads! They also could have been of any nationality so talking to them could have been difficult.

By: camay

Fifteenth by RLF


So you had to take your provisional then!
Really like this.


End of the boat trip by camay

End of the boat trip

After 2 weeks of unbroken sunshine they probably didn't have the trip they planned!

The EM-1 is wonderful, it's taking me a while to find which buttons do what but weight wise after the E-620 the lenses are very light, makes a huge difference.
Very fast to focus.
Manual online only except for a small quick start one, so hard to work through. (I have downloaded it, it's a pdf) Parts of menus similar to the E-620 though which helps.
Size perfect for my fairly small hands and very good grip.
EVF beautiful, it has been great in the very bright sunlight when you couldn't see the back screen.
The touch screen can be a pain, you forget it's on and find you have taken lots of photos of your feet as you walk along!


By: camay

Cathedral Cove by camay

Cathedral Cove

Thanks for that Willie. It's been non stop sunshine since we arrived - better than the snow at home! I overdid the dropping the contrast bit in Elements, all I have on this laptop and it was done in too bright sunlight too, but I shall work on the RAW when I get it home. Interesting about the sharpening halos, it's straight from camera, so possibly I need to drop the in camera sharpening a bit.

By: camay

rolling up the masts by landandsea

rolling up the masts

Good photo! Try cropping a little off the top so that the mast is 2/3 of the way up the frame. That enhances the mast and still emphasises the height they are working at.

By: landandsea

pebble beach by kevlense

pebble beach

Good attempt, and I like the people, gives it a focal point. But look at your horizon, the sea is at an angle. You should level the horizon. I make the same mistake all the time!

By: kevlense

Bled Lake by crookymonsta

Bled Lake

I agree with Dave, if you are including reflections there is no way you can use the 1/3 2/3 rule. But you have used it in your positioning of the castle, well done. If you use PS I might think about putting in a gradient filter over the top of the sky, that darkens the top slightly and stops the eye from disappearing out of the top of the picture. Apart from that, a lovely photo.

By: crookymonsta

MY dinner! by camay

MY dinner!

Thanks for the comments folks. I agree about the plant stalk, it would be too difficult to clone it out because of the way it overlaps the frog's foot. I did clone out a stalk that was coming out of his head! I'll try sharpening it, and see if it helps.

By: camay

November by camay


That's interesting Mike. I've played around with it, changing to a square format alters the prominence of the boathouse markedly. Taking out the willow works quite well. I was hanging over a gate marked "PRIVATE" when I took this shot, I was tempted to go in so as to alter the angles but I wouldn't like someone doing that to me, so I didn't, even though the house was on the other side of the road.

By: camay

autume by laof


The low sunlight has illuminated the contours of the land really well.

By: laof

The Round Church by cameraman

The Round Church

It looks a lovely church, but I think I would clone out the no entry sign right in the middle of the image. It draws the eye and spoils the church. Just clone it black.

By: cameraman

Winter Sun Cast by sandyd

Winter Sun Cast

Love the shadow but don't like the halo around the tree, I immediately knew it was HDR

By: sandyd

Ben Lomond on fire by camay

Ben Lomond on fire

Thanks folks, I will work on all you've said. What you didn't pick up on and is a real fault of mine is that the photo is not quite horizontal! I tend not to notice until I've posted which is much too late.

By: camay

Lazy days of Summer by mlseawell

Lazy days of Summer

Agree about making the foreground lighter. Also you need to straighten the image so that the wind turbines are vertical.

By: mlseawell

Rowardennan Sunset by camay

Rowardennan Sunset

It was taken at knee height. I was a metre or so from the edge of the water.

By: camay

Sunrise in the mist by SKSmiv

Sunrise in the mist

It may just be an optical illusion because of the coastline, but it doesn't look quite straight. I've rotated it just a little in my mod, it looks more level and the trees still look upright.

By: SKSmiv

''On the Fence'' by Bowenite

''On the Fence''

I think, but I'm not sure that it's a juvenile starling. The spots are beginning to develop on the body.

By: Bowenite

A Quiet Moment by bikerone

A Quiet Moment

I really like this. At first I thought it would have been great if the person had been sitting in the beam of light. Since she's not I think you could lighten the white top and face a little to make them stand out more.

By: bikerone

601 by MrsS


Fantastic colouring.

By: MrsS

Run and Skip by DonSchaeffer

Run and Skip

Very well caught. It's a bit of a pity you have lost her feet, and probably a bit too much background. What about cropping off part from the rhs?

By: DonSchaeffer

Take a Break by booey7

Take a Break

Great expression.

By: booey7

I told you not to come any closer!!! by DanZed69

I told you not to come any closer!!!

Wonderfully threatening expression!

By: DanZed69

Rose Study by evelen

Rose Study

Very nice photos. I would probably have taken out the staining at the base of the 3rd rose, but that's a matter of taste.

By: evelen

emily by myskinnylegs


If you zoom in on her eyes it becomes obvious that the catchlights in her eyes are there because the sun must have been behind you and so what you are seeing is the sky with a sillouhette of you in the centre. The catchlights lift the image up to a higher level, you want to have them if you can. I think it's a lovely image. Not sure about the straightening of the horizontals. You were probably standing at an angle to the bench, the seat is perfectly horizontal which means the back can't be. What you could do is take a horizontal from the back and crop in, that removes the blurred hand. Leave enough of the back of the bench to give some sort of frame though, showing the peepo game.

By: myskinnylegs

Movement - Scene Swing by sthrn_gal

Movement - Scene Swing

I think the hair angle gives the feel of motion of the swing, if you had a slow shutter speed you might not get such a wonderful expression on her face. She stands out very well from the background because of the focal length of the lens. Lovely

By: sthrn_gal

Araneus diadematus and Web by lonely_oryx

Araneus diadematus and Web

Love the light and colour, not the subject! Brrr!

By: lonely_oryx

HDR Living Room by jaybeeyay

HDR Living Room

I think you have achieved a very natural looking shot here, it certainly doesn't look over-tweaked. And the detail in the windows is excellent. If the walls are white you might want to adjust the white balance in Photoshop and remove some of the yellow cast caused by the lighting. All I did in the mod was to decrease the yellow saturation level.
I wonder if your camera occasionally "moves" during exposures, I have found mine does sometimes and then there is nothing I can do about it. Or perhaps you have a lightweight tripod which might also cause vibration. I also make sure I use mirror lock up by selecting the 2 second timer delay in the menu.

By: jaybeeyay