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cuffit's Gallery Comments

cuffit > cuffit Recent Activity > cuffit's Gallery Comments
The Cheltenham Spa Express by livinglevels

The Cheltenham Spa Express

Good shot. I prefer Version 2. The engine appears, to me, more prominent than the smoke in this one. Both good though

By: livinglevels

Frozen Leaf by Rende

Frozen Leaf

Excellent! Great colour and detail. Chris

By: Rende

Noon in the Rockies by DavidMosey

Noon in the Rockies

A spectacular view, great shot. Chris

By: DavidMosey

Winter Bittern by cuffit

Winter Bittern

Thanks David for your kind comment and also to everyone who voted for the Bittern! It is only the second time that I have managed to get over 30 votes so I am delighted that the photo caught the eye. Chris

By: cuffit

Passing Trains by bwlchmawr

Passing Trains

Lovely scene, well shot. Chris

By: bwlchmawr

Sunday Special by limmy62

Sunday Special

This is a cracking photo with great light and it gets my vote. The only thing that caught my eye is that the clouds mirror the smoke almost exactly which kept drawing my eye away from the smoke. I think I would have cropped a little lower at the top; however, I don't take train photos as good as this. Chris

By: limmy62

The Prize Draw Committee 2 by mrswoolybill

The Prize Draw Committee 2

My wife and I were at a similar event last month, the expressions remind me of the period where the raffle is drawn and half the tickets belong to those who have left the event, or, those choosing which prize to have which takes forever - great events though. I picked this off the page as being one of yours, it is excellent.


By: mrswoolybill

Triton by xleex


This photo brings back a memory. In the mid- to late-70s a friend and I went to the Motorcycle Show in the Agricultural Halls (?) in London. While every one was waiting to get in and some were already coming out, the biggest crowd was stood around a Triton which was parked outside. I hadn't seen one before (we were both motocross riders) but it drew an awful lot of interest. Your photo of the bike is as I recall it.

Nice photo


By: xleex

#105 airborne by cf73

#105 airborne

I agree it is a good shot, the subject is sharp and all in the frame - albeit only just at the bottom; did you crop it that tight to avoid another object - fence top, head or marshal perhaps? Unfortunately, racing always starts about midday (same everywhere I assume) and I know what you mean about the harsh light and the challenges that presents us. For a single shot of a bike I try and get the light right on bikes in the earlier practice sessions when the light may not be as harsh or there is some shade to be had; in the races there is often little choice but the action of many bikes can make the shot; dust can be a good background - although a pain for the camera kit!!

Your shutter speed of 1/500 has ensured the rider is sharp, but the juggling act we all face is throwing the background further out of focus to reduce the impact of the trees behind on your main subject, much depends also on your distance from the subject of course. I think I would have changed to a lower shutter speed for a slower panned shot, under-exposed by a bit and upped the aperture; this may have helped reduce highlights and blurred the trees further. Another photo in your portfolio was shot down at a 1/100 so you may be onto this already - trial and error to fine tune.

I hope this helps.


By: cf73

Avro Vulcan XH558 at RAF Cosford Air Show 2014 by DerekL

Avro Vulcan XH558 at RAF Cosford Air Show 2014

An excellent set of photos, I think they are all extremely good but I quite like the more unusual angle of V3 - a suitable air of power and menace about it. Chris

By: DerekL

Lancaster @ Bournmouth airshow by tedtoop

Lancaster @ Bournmouth airshow

A great photo of this beautiful aircraft, you have captured it very well. Just a very small point, viewing it large I had to move the photo on my screen and, if you were to print the shot, there appears to be a few sensor spots above the aircraft and to the left. Chris

By: tedtoop

Outside Line by cuffit

Outside Line

Thanks to all for the votes and, Ken, thank you for you kind comment. Chris

By: cuffit

Great Dorset Steam Rally by JuBarney

Great Dorset Steam Rally

A grand photo, the Rally and Fair area appears vast, much as the power in those steam engines. I couldn't help laughing at my own joke as I looked at the photo that someone without any sense of history judging this photo would say that it would be much improved 'if the was some blur in the wheels'! Silly of course, I know. Dorset is too far for me but I hope you get some more shots.


By: JuBarney

Mustangs by jasonrwl


These are very good photos - great clarity. Chris

By: jasonrwl

The Reds @ Weymouth by tedtoop

The Reds @ Weymouth

What a great photo! I am not sure how you got this shot (were they upside down above you?) but it is an excellent photo in any event. I attended the Weymouth Show on a couple of occasions with the RAF and it was always a spectacular display by the Reds. I hope it attracts more votes but it gets my award for the skill it took to get it. Chris

By: tedtoop

Iconic Flight by cuffit

Iconic Flight

Thank you to all who voted.

Deemac, thank you for your kind comments, much appreciated. I know what you mean about the 'missed shot'! I had the three aircraft as the approached on one camera, and this shot (plus a few more) on the second camera. All the approach shots failed (my fault) and the formation was wider than expected, hence the 'distant' look. You are right, I did get a couple of shots that will provide the memories but I knew that better photos would appear which better fitted the site (although I haven't seen many given the many people who witnessed the event across Lincolnshire - along with all the long Canon lenses). Great noise and a spectacular flight which will live in the memory - like that missed shot of yours. Chris

By: cuffit

Hover-fly # by bricurtis

Hover-fly #

Excellent, as always. Chris

By: bricurtis

Winter in Venice by alex442

Winter in Venice

A great photo. We were there in October and although we did not have the best of weather, the canal you have photographed appeared to be wall-to wall traffic. A beautiful place though and your shot captures it very well indeed. Chris

By: alex442

Edinburgh Fringe Faces by cattyal

Edinburgh Fringe Faces

A good set of images, well taken. Chris

By: cattyal

Speedway by BrianSS


Brian, good shot and if this was your first panning event then you should be pleased. I am envious of your access to the centre!

By: BrianSS

Elephant Hawkmoth 2 by linda67

Elephant Hawkmoth 2

Linda, I was really pleased to see this photo (missed your previous shots) as I have been taking photos of the pupae, we are lucky to have 2) over the last few days; it is great to see what they turn into as the 'guidebooks don't often show a good example). Interesting to see your photo was taken in daylight as you would expect moths to be night flyers. Great shot of a marvellous creature. Chris

By: linda67

Garden Anaconda by cuffit

Garden Anaconda

Thanks to all for your votes and comments.

Karen, the pupae seemed impervious to me which helped me get a few shots - being slow moving also helped although my wife complained that it was eating her fuchsia leaves at too fast a rate! It did react to an ant which walked over it though.

Thanks Paul, still a long way to go but fun to do.


By: cuffit

* SMILE * by bricurtis


Very good indeed, in fact it is way better then very good, probably among the very best. A shame there isn't just a little EXIF detail on how it was achieved:or focus stacking, small aperture, to inspire those of us who seem unable to get anywhere near the clarity of your excellent photo. I find that 100mm macro on a crop camera gives me about 2mm DOF, if that. Oh well, back to the drawing board!! Chris

By: bricurtis

Riding on Rails by cuffit

Riding on Rails

Chevron, thanks for taking the time and trouble to comment and thanks also to those who voted; much appreciated. Chris

By: cuffit

Finding grip by chevron3691

Finding grip

If this was taken during Saturday's BSB Race 1 we must have been standing quite close to each other - although it was a popular spot! I found it difficult to get the exposure right as the conditions changed every few seconds; I did manage to get a good shot of Howie Mainwaring at this spot, when the sun's glare was hidden by clouds for some moments, which I might put on. Chris

By: chevron3691

Honeybee by fotobee


Well caught, I have tried to catch honey bees without success. My daughter, as bridesmaid, was tasked to take candid shots with her compact camera of the wedding, including getting ready. Most didn't turn out well. With cropping (which I am sure you will have tried and used) we turned them into black and white which turned a duff lot into enough shots for a framed multi-pic poster; a gift that was much appreciated by the bride. I took loads of shots at a motorbike race last Saturday which was also a disaster with just a handful of lucky shots. It happens to us all and I hope you can get a few shots from what you have. Chris

By: fotobee

Rough Line by cuffit

Rough Line

ZX1400, thanks for looking and taking the time to comment and thanks to all for votes - much appreciated. Chris

By: cuffit

Bridewell by ZX1400


Nice shot in tricky conditions; why is it that the light at race tracks always appears to be on the wrong side of the bikes when you want to get a specific shot! Off to Oulton tomorrow if it remains dry and will face the same challenge!


By: ZX1400

Elephant Hawkmoth Larvae by cuffit

Elephant Hawkmoth Larvae

Thank you all for your votes and kind comments. We are fortunate to have 3 larvae on the fuchsias so there is always one in view! Chris

By: cuffit

When Cav went down, and other York stories by mrswoolybill

When Cav went down, and other York stories

A great set as always and, as always, the oblique view. They are all well seen. Chris

By: mrswoolybill