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Pick Me Up

Pick Me Up by mrgeod

A wonderfully captured expression.

The chair is a distraction, still a bit so toned down.
However, you have to be ready to capture these moments and the backgrounds don't always work to our advantage.
Following on from dudler's comment bout shooting differently, having the scene or room with minimal objects in or at least not in direct competition with your subject so they supplement rather than fight for attention is an approach to try. Set the odds in your favour.

The light is very appealing, whether it's window light or studio light, it gives modelling and depth. No issue there.
Nor is there anything untoward with your mono work. Some may prefer less contrast or perhaps tone it differently but then we're into personal preferences where the key is 'different' rather than 'better'.

If he had a bowl in his hands it'd be a classic 'Oliver' shot!



fern by quick

It's a bold move going for a blue tone.
I'm quite partial to blue toned images so this one sits ok with me.

Whatever colour or mono conversion you choose, it is true that having the leaf diagonally does give a more dynamic image.

There is what looks like a piece of spider's web in the bottom left of the image which is best removed preferably at the taking stage with a little flick as that'd be quicker than in software. How many times have we all missed a little distraction like that!


Blue Boat (almost)

Blue Boat (almost) by billmyl

There's lovely low sidelighting that really brings out the textures of the boat and the shingle.

The boat does blend in to the background, as it's got similar colours. The shadow inside the boat is on the same level and of a sinilar size to the shadows created by the wall and rocks in the middle distance.

A slight tweak in viewpoint would make the boat more prominent and not hide in the scene. A lower viewpoint (but not by much) would be worth trying. Though you may lose some foreground and have a little less area of sea visible, the overall image would be bolder.


Cold day at wasdale

Cold day at wasdale by martmag3

Nothing to add to what's already been suggested. It just shows what you can do from your starting point. You should get some great results going back to work on your full size image (but working on a copy, of course). That's the advantage with shooting RAW, you always have the basic image to go back to when you need it and there is a lot more flexibility in how you process it and bring out detail. You may not like or feel comfortable with RAW, but it is beneficial for shots like this. Use it, even if only on such occasions.

So, critique you find helpful and a hot chocolate, what more can you ask for!



Charge! by Overread

Again, no issues with technique. I agree about cropping the lamp, it adds nothing.
You've done as well as you can inside. You are limited to the surroundings, but then all sports photographers have the same problems, not all venues are photo-friendly and they have to do as best they can.

You may think an outdoor venue will give you better chances, but that'll depend on the venue and there may be different issues as well. It's all part of the learning process.

If you want a shot that's clean and with no distractions (and I've a sneaky feeling that's what you're ultimatgely after) then there's nothing for it but to have the opportunity to get everything set up. A field with a backdrop of trees, one jump and the rider working to your directions.

Then you're into the world of sports and action portraiture rather than sports photography.
For example, a moody low key shot of a rugby player could be a great portrait, but a shot of that same player in jubilant mood after scoring a winning try covered in blood and mud, with other players, the spectators, the advertising and so on may be the better one.


Time Traveller

Time Traveller by mike0101

I too am a science graduate and enjoy science fiction. Dr Who and Star Trek both spring to mind here.
The wobbliness is reminiscent of old special effects and if used is better on the whole figure but hten you wouldn't see the model well at all - much better as a moving sequence.
In fact, on first looking, this image says to me 'one frame from a video sequence', I'm trying to envisage that bit of video.

I agree about the muddiness, and I'd much rather see this in colour, even muted colour if necessary, just so the electricity can stand out. It needs to be, well, electric!
If this were less complex and/or more uniform it would look better.
The teleporting effect in Star Trek for example was visually simple, though I'm not suggesting you emulate that exact effect here!

But I like the ideas and thought you've put into this and the way you've let your imagination run and try to get that on screen.


Kingfisher on No Fishing sign !

Kingfisher on No Fishing sign ! by WindowonWildlife

OK, a classic sign for a kingfisher shot, but it's so well shot, sharp and detailed and with a fish it has to get one of my UAs today.

Blackpool lifeboat crew

Blackpool lifeboat crew by yorki50

There's nothing wrong with using higher ISO and geting some graininess on misty days if you like the effect, and it's an effect that does suit such weather.
It can inject some mood, which raises images beyond pure record - yes I can feel the chill of a dull day by the sea!

Having said that, you could add some noise in software and get it just as you want, and still have a clean original. I notice you used f/13, which would point to the use of such an ISO, though conversely a high ISO would necessitate f/13. Neither of which are necessary. The guys are all pretty much in the same plane so you don't need extensive depth of field - not that you'd get bags of it with a 200 mm lens anyway. And the smaller apertures are not the best for optimum lens quality. So ISO 400 and f/6.7 would have been sufficient.


Old Shed (revisited)

Old Shed (revisited) by billmyl

I like the warmer tones, and as the angle of light looks lower it's in keeping.
It depends if you want ot go for absolute accuracy or keep some mood.

Warm light on an old shed with peeling paint conjoures up a nostalgic feeling though I'm sure life would have been tougher in days gone by.

I agree there are many different crops available, some more abstract than others and you could spend hours photographing this.

I've tried a mono version (as it's a potentially good subject for this) but it doesn't have the same appeal. Mod uploaded anyway!


Egret In flight

Egret In flight by kjteng

This is a beautifully detailed capture, and the exposure looks decent. The leading edge of the wing and part of the bird's back have lost detail. Not detrimental to the image though if you'd shot RAW you may well have been able to recover some density.
shutter speed is also fine, and sharpness is good.
Placement of the bird in the frame is alsogood with room for it to 'fly into'.

If that mark is supposed to be a logo or designed to avoid image theft, it doesn't work. It's a distraction and so easily cloned out.

Your technique is fine, I can't suggest an improvement - apart from having a deeper blue sky! I know that's not always what we get, and as a record this is fine, but I'll do a mod and have a play anyway.

Oh, and I can reccommend the Canon 500.


A view with a Ferris wheel

A view with a Ferris wheel by soyah

Welcome to epz from me too.
I see this is your second upload even though you've been on the site for a week or so.

A polariser is used to reduce glare and reflections from non-metallic surfaces. When I say reflections I mean the normal sort you'd get on a body of water such as a lake or river, or windows on a high street, so you can see the detail beyond.
They won't be very successful with the bright highlights created by bright lamps. Indeed, these are the sort of reflections we expect to see in dusk and night shots. In fact, the polariser will remove some of the subtle reflections here and make the imae look flat and less interesting.
Of course, you may consider them too bright and a distraction. In some cases they may be, but I wouldn't say so here.
You can always compose yur shot to avoid them. You may feel that compromises the image you want but many times it's what you decide not to include than what you do include that makes the picture work.



Fruit by Golgoon

It reminded me too of a brain.

If you want pure record then the softer the light the better.

But it's nice to produce something that isn't a record.
However, we can use light sources that are too harsh in our quest for something that's different and end up with something that doesn't quite work so well, or what we really want.

Use of a softbox would givethat softer light, and by careful positioning you can get some directionality. Experiment with angle and distance, and with and without reflectors.
A softbox can be an improvised affair - there are plenty of DIY ideas on the internet, meaning youdon't have to spend a lot of money, or any at all.


A Vision Of Summer

A Vision Of Summer by NaturesHaven

I agree, roll on summer.
Mind you, I'd also like to see some greenfinchesround my way too!

North Yorkshire from Carlton Bank

North Yorkshire from Carlton Bank by mathed

My first thought was what lovely light you've captured here. There's good detail and colour in the sky as well as the land.

However, the bracken on the left hand half of the image is grey, not green. This could be the way the light is catching it, though experience tells me I'd really think not as it should be as vibrant as that on the right. I can't see that just stitching images would be the cause either. I take it that both images were shot at the same settings and identically processed. If not, than any tweaking could create an odd result.
If you could let us know the exif for each shot that would maybe help.

To adjust this imbalance of tones, I first tried to increase the overall saturation in that area selectively. this had a small effect.
I then created a new layer and painted in an area of green. I'd chosen a green from the area of bracken on the left using the colour sampler. I set the blend mode of this layer to Colour, and reduced the opacity to about 80%.

Finally I trimmed a touch off the left hand side to make the image more balanced.
This reduced the rather dominant effect of the bracken - foreground detail is good in panoramas as well as conventional shots but it needs to be complimetary too and not fight with the main view here.

Nonetheless, an attractive landscape.


Light and Shade

Light and Shade by salopian

My initial thought was there is a lot of foreground, but that patch of yellow refelction in the blue reflection of sky really makes the image. Remove it and the whole is less interesting.
I would go for a trim at the top.

Also, I'm just interested to know where along the Shropshire Union this is as it's my nearest canal.


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