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Old Pair off Cannons

Old Pair off Cannons by TornadoTys

You've started critiquing your own image well, and it's always good if you can identify areas for improvement yourself.

Yes the light on the two cannons is different but there's no loss of detail. Plenty of light has bounced off the light grass here. From your comment I guess you didn't have the luxury of returning at a different time of day. Low angle light would be potentially softer and certainly more moody/atmospheric. However, you may have had more shadows to contend with.

Removing those branches is a good idea. If you could have adjusted your position you may have been able to include more branches which would create some framing. I'm only guessing that would be the case as I don't know the location. Moving around a bit means you could also have created some separation between the cannons. As it is they merge together. You'd probably then avoid the motorcycles on the left hand side for a more timeless looking image.

I'll try a mod with some extra branches.



Conifère by Roxdes

And welcome from me too.
Your approach is good, attempting a nice out of focus background.

The exposure technicalities have been covered above. However, an alternative would be to slightly reposition yourself until the clear sky is directly behind the branch, wait until the sky goes redder nearer sunset and go for a silhouette.


Evening, rain, the restaurants are closed.

Evening, rain, the restaurants are closed. by jerryiron

I too was thinking of cropping the foreground. Even with a crop there is enough there to put over what you intend especially in your second version. Talking of which, a lower angle would still allow you to get all that paved area in frame but would reduce the area of the frame it occupies and so help the image balance.
V1 is the strongest in this respect. However, I would trim off the strong orange light and reflection on the left as it draws attention away from the cobbles.
The vertical shot of the church is very nice, best viewed large.

Milky way

Milky way by drjskatre

I really would like to see the sky as good as this. You've done a super job on this, and I can't offer any advice for improvement, though I do like the feeling of remoteness in Tanya's mod.

Sheffield town hall

Sheffield town hall by mogobiker

Quote: im just limited to use a lightroom to adjust some levels

You can correct the verticals in Lightroom, in the Develop module, just by using the sliders under the Manual Lens Correction tab. Often that's all you need anyway.


The Look

The Look by markst33

So much better. Certainly in terms of toning, contrast and the frqamed picture. The pose of the two models definitely has more attitude. Albeit with Willie's proviso.

I never gave much consideration to them being inside, I felt it more like they were on an outside train platform where an umbrella would be perfectly in keeping (I know you've explained why, but for someone purely looking at the image they have to build their story on what they see).


Hot Summer Evening, Berthong Road

Hot Summer Evening, Berthong Road by BobinAus

Welcome from me too.

I've nothing to add to what's been said, though I'd echo Tanya in that this scene has numerous framing possibilities as shown by the different mods, as we all see something different. Beign able to see a number of them at the time will mean you come away with a good selection of images. Maybe you did.

With this subject it would be worth trying to create a panorama by stitching together several images for improved quality rather than cropping down a single frame.


Lake - Mont Tremblant

Lake - Mont Tremblant by alinasr211

I have to agree with all that John has said.
Even with the crop the central subject doesn't have enough interest. The background fights for attention. I too want to see more of that orange colour foliage.

I like the fact you've used a long focal length to pick out just part of the landscape. Its something not everyone does, preferring to use wide angles.


A step back in time

A step back in time by markst33

You're not on your own Paul. While some prints would have faded (as a result of poor processing and/or storage) many would still be of high quality. Even grain could have been fine, though its prominence would depend on film stock and format, so I don't have any objection to adding it here. A contrasty shot, yes that would be good.

I've read all the above comments but even so it was the picture behind that spoilt the period feel. Rather like the Downton Abbey photo shoot for the last series which had a plastic water bottle in frame! Good to hear you've a variation with a different picture.




Good to see students carrying on the tradition (I guess it's more likely to be students Wink).


Cheetah by FloKl

Willie's mod has addressed the main issue for me, and that is that the eyes are too dark. There is detail there, as the mod demonstrates.

Selectively lightening the eyes is a technique to consider in other situations rather than the whole image if that results in a washed out look.


botanical garden - Sheffield

botanical garden - Sheffield by mogobiker

I've not tried one of these cheap (in relative terms) Chinese lenses, but from reviews and pictures I've seen they're competent enough. And if you're only wanting to use them on a few occasions, why spend more.

It is the light that's not conducive here. fortunately it's easier to boost contrast than reduce it, which is what I've done in my mod. Selectively boosted contrast in the flowerbed and the wall, creating some deep black tones for punch. I added a gradient layer to darken those moody clouds and accentuate their texture. I got rid of those few leaves creeping in on the left hand side.


Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant by alinasr211

Quote: I don't know how people interact and how I should reply to each comment. I can't find a way to write back to each individual comment, so I write it all here

You've done just fine.

And welcome from me too.
I can't add to the good advice that's been said above.
Look forward to more uploads.


Mexico. Waiting for the bus

Mexico. Waiting for the bus by jerryiron

Exposure technicalities aside, a well seen and captured opportunity. Lovely faded colours and textures. While I guess there were other cropping options, going for a square image suits this scene nicely.

Ship Ahoy

Ship Ahoy by TornadoTys

The boat has an attractive shape. I like the idea of your framing ussing those posts though they are large elements in the frame and quite dominant.

The main issue is with the lighting. The time in the exif data looks correct on this upload, and if your situation here was the same as in previous images then you had to take the image there and then. Unfortunately it has resulted in a very flat image.

In my mod I cropped off excess sky as it wasn't important to the image. I warmed the colour balance as setting it to Auto nore often than not gives too cool a look. Sometimes it's just a little more warmth that is needed. I also boosted vibrance as the colours were weak. There were no tones at the extreme right of the scale on the histogram so I adjusted the white point in the Levels dialog. Having a full range of tones gives more likfe to an image.

The sky is bland too so I added a gradient layer. This improves the colours in the sky and also provides a darker top edge to keep the viewer's eye within the frame.


Notre-Dame Basilica  / Cathedral - Saigon

Notre-Dame Basilica / Cathedral - Saigon by TornadoTys

Yes this is better. It's good to see you did experiment with different viewpoints and focal lengths at the time, something not always appreciated when we see the first upload.
Another thing to consider is the light. This is very flat and one dimensional.
It may be the case when you visit a place you have no option but to take a shot there and then, but at a different time of day the light will be more at an angle giving more texture and a three dimensional look.
If the lighting is flat you have to make extra effort with your composition.


Edit: just read your comment on your last upload, so I understand the limitations.

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Added Date: 10/03/2006 - 12:57 PM

You do have some amazing images in your portfolio.


Added Date: 08/08/2006 - 12:10 PM

Just had a scan through your portfolio, some really nice images there. I see there are some big gaps between posting, but hey, quality rather than quantity eh!


Added Date: 09/01/2007 - 12:56 PM

You've a really stunning landscape portfolio here. I thought I'd comment here rather than individual images. I really enjoyed looking.


Added Date: 15/03/2007 - 6:20 PM

Yo've got a great portfolio here, some lovely bird images. I can even forgive the fact that the squirrels are grey ones as the images are good lol!