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dark_lord's Gallery Comments

dark_lord > dark_lord Recent Activity > dark_lord's Gallery Comments
The Chapel's window by xwang

The Chapel's window

This looks like the Layer Mask approach has worked well. If it's quick and it works so much the better. You shouldn't need to spend ages correcting an image.
It goes to show that you need to get as square on and central to such a subject to make things easier when adjusting the verticals.

When I use the Free Transform tool to pull out the sides of an image to adjust the verticals I pull up the central handle at the top of the Transform box by about the same amount I've pulled out the sides in order to avoid a squashed result.


By: xwang

Bank Holiday by peterjay78

Bank Holiday

I agree with all the above.
It gives better resuts when you darken an image in software than lighten it, assuming you haven't blown the highlights which clearly you haven't here.
A nice scene you've captured here, and one with plenty of framing options to consider.


By: peterjay78

Berth at Bellagio. Lake Como by jerryiron

Berth at Bellagio. Lake Como

A decent image, but you don't say what critique you're after. As such, there's nothing else to be added to what has already been said on your earlier posts.

By: jerryiron

When a fire starts to burn by ParslaKo

When a fire starts to burn

The building on the right may have been part of the scene but it doesn't help here, it's a distraction. Fortunately a crop can sort this.

Next time (a good excuse for another barbecue!) consider what's at the edge of the frame and if it improves the image or not. The background is fine here, as is the foreground, and they are usually where an image has problems.


By: ParslaKo

Free, free as a bird by kuipje

Free, free as a bird

No you didn't need ISO 400. Even with a couple of stops exposure compensation you'd still have a shutter speed fast enough to capture the action and any camera movement while panning.

I do like the drama in the sky in your V1. Using Layers and masks in Photoshop you could add that behind your mod. That'd result in a really appealing image.


By: kuipje

Buddhist Temple Saigon by TornadoTys

Buddhist Temple Saigon

I'm with Pamela on this as the people add that human dimension that such a location needs, or at least benefits from. Maybe if the person's clothing wasn't so western it'd be more in keeping. But then this is also a social commentary/documentary image too, so it is as it is.
Jasmine's mod is good too. Different 'story' to each one.


By: TornadoTys

Early Morning by salopian

Early Morning

This looks like Shrewsbury. Correct me if I'm mistaken.

The idea of using a figur is a good one, but it needs to be more prominent. Either further forward in the frame or outlined against one of the lighter areas.
If you can drag someone along at an early hour you can position them exactly where you want. You could bribe them with a bacon sandwich from a local cafe, perhaps!


By: salopian

Free flight by OlwenB

Free flight

This has a lovely pictorial quality helped by the movement blur. In many ways I prefer that but would like to see the blur in (just) the wings. The yellow against blue is a great colour contrast too.
Normally it'd be a sharp shot and we'd reccommend reducing the shutter speed for some movement to show! Both approaches are valid.

Whatever you do, a central placement is rarely best. However, john's square crop does look good, so that's another option. Having the butterflies off centre gives a better balanced look.


By: OlwenB

Spotlight Breedon Hill by peterjay78

Spotlight Breedon Hill

You've exposed for the rays so thwe rest of the image will be dark. But that's the mood of the scene. While you may be tempted to lighten the darker areas that will come at the expense of making noise visible. It'd also rduce the drama. I think Pamela's mod is as much as you can do without introducing noise while retaining the drama.
If this had been a RAW image there would be more room to recover some detail.

Consider a more letterbox crop as this is an ideal panoramic image.

I see from the exif that this is another old image. It would be good to see some more recent stuff taken since you've been posting in the Critique Gallery.


By: peterjay78

Lobster Creels by billmyl

Lobster Creels

i would always use manual white balance as you're always in control and you know where your starting point is. there are a lot of warm tones here and auto woul dtry and correct that, adding blue. In fact, as the shot is taken in RAW you can assign your white balance very easily in post processing, and I'd be tempted to make it warmer to make the most of the wood's tones.

The metal post is an niggling annoyance, so I've done a square crop which removes it and gives a bolder look.
I've also done a mono conversion and a sepia toned version as an alternative presentation.


By: billmyl

web on petal by stebesty

web on petal

Welcome to the site from me too.

Reversing a lens is a good way into macro.
You need to use a reversing ring. It's a device that screws into the filter thread of the lens and the other side fits into the lens mount on the camera. With electronically controlled lenses you'll be stuck with using full aperture as there's no way it can be closed down. (I have come across some arrangements that do allow such control but are very expensive.
this is where using an old manual lens will be best as you have full aperture control. Because the lens is only connected via a simple ring the lens can be any make. You can pick up a suitable lens very cheaply on your favourite auction site.

Spider's webs can introduce an interesting element to an imager. Not so here I'm afraid, it's just a distracting pice of 'something'. Alan and Pamela have covered that.


By: stebesty

Raven in Gorse by pdsdigital

Raven in Gorse

A cracking shot, you'll have to have a virtual award as I've used up mine for today Smile

By: pdsdigital

Marsh Fritillary by john_starkey

Marsh Fritillary

Superb shot.

By: john_starkey

wyw by senn


Excellent stuff.

By: senn

Crows in Flight by NeilS

Crows in Flight

Yes a great set, and I particularly like the one with the buzzard.

By: NeilS

Colours Of Life...! by perceptive_imagination

Colours Of Life...!

A great silhouette image.
That horizon could do with a small anticlockwise rotation Smile

By: perceptive_imagination

Seagull on the spot by Pevik

Seagull on the spot

Hi Marcin, welcome to the site and to the Critique Gallery. I hope you will enjoy it and find it a good place to learn. We try to give advice that will help people to improve their photography both the taking and the editing of images.

in this gallery the more information you give us as regards your photographic aims and intentions, the better. You've been veryhelpful here giving us the exposure details and what you wanted to achieve.
It also helps us if you respond to critique and indicate which ideas you find helpful. That means we can tailor advice according to your needs.

It can be difficult to show rain. If the rain is light, it's harder to show but you can't organise the weather.
A slower shutter speed is required so that the falling drops appear as streaks. That goes against the advice of faster speeds for longer lenses, so you need to ensure the camera is firmly fixed to a tripod or well supported for example by a bean bag on a wall or post.
You used 1/400 here. With the short focal lenght used here you could have used a slower speed even unsupporte. Supported, I'd start with 1/60. The gull isn't moving so you don't have to worry about subject movement blur like you would for example with the smaller birds that always are on the move.

If you can shoot against the light, the raindrops and their streaks can be picked out more easily, especially if the background is dark. It'd be ok here. so it needs a bit of planning and thought about your viewpoint. Clearly wild creatures can't be directed, but observing their favourite perches will allow you to find a good viewpoint. And gulls can be easily tempted with food, so you can increase your chances of getting a shot. You may need a helper to administer the food while you wait and shoot.

This picture doesn't look particulalrly noisy, but often resizing an image to smaller dimensions reduced the appearance of noise. It may be more visibnle on the full size original.

However, this image is underexposed. Take a look at the histogram. Most tones are toward the left side and there are no lighter tones - the graph doesn't reach the far right of the Levels dialog.
It looks like the white bin has influenced the camera into giving less exposure. Trying to extract detail from such an image will increase the appearance of noise. I won't try and describe the maths and physics!

In my mod I've adjusted the Levels to get a full range of tones and brightened the image using Curves rather than Levels as I can then control contrast too and have finer control over how the lightening works.

Finally, I cropped the image so that there is more space for the bird to 'look into'. Such an off centre positioning provides a more balanced looking image too.


By: Pevik

Pickasso was here by peterjay78

Pickasso was here

It's hard to resist capturing scenes like this.
Unfortunately, there's a lot going on here and abstract images (although a recognisable subject it relies on tones and shapes for its effect) benefit im many cases from simpler compositions, just selecting part of the overall scene. This is where moira's mods show the way. Less is more, an oft quoted statement but one that is very useful to remember.

Good to see you haven't gone overboard with the colours. Vibrance adjustments are more subtle than Saturation.


By: peterjay78

Rain and wind. Lago Maggiore. Italy by jerryiron

Rain and wind. Lago Maggiore. Italy

A pleasing scene Alexander.
I like the contrast between the blue far distance and the warm foreground. The richness of colour and the very deep shadows reminds me of shots taken on Fuji Velvia back in the days of film. It looked punchy as a projected slide but these days it is worth retaining that detail. Or, produce two versions!

I'm with Paul on the placement of that metal structure. A pace to the left and move the camera round so that it's nearer the edge and so less of a draw to the eye. you'd retain that distant view, but get more of the shore on the right (interesting middle distance) and avoid cutting that one boat in half.

As this iamge was taken around the same time as you other uploads it still suffers from the f/22 issue. Yes, it gives great depth of field, which is more important here than in your other images, but at this focla lenght f/11 to f/16 would have been fine. Something to remember when posting work done after the feedback you've been given.


By: jerryiron

Vase of Muscari by pentaxpatty

Vase of Muscari

I had router issues last year, so i know what it's like. Had a new one and all was fine, but only kept it a few months before upgrading to fibre optic.

You've done really well with this one.


By: pentaxpatty

Islands in the mist by peterjay78

Islands in the mist

Quote: learning a lot more that I ever thought I was capable off

So you're not wasting our time Peter.

You've got some good stuff in your portfolio,, just keep at it.


By: peterjay78

Cuthers Kirk by mrgeod

Cuthers Kirk

I'm with the needing a wider view too. apart from looking cramped, it also gives the appearance that your composition is not well considered, even though you clearly have thought about it from your description.

Going wider and cropping is only half an answer, and mat work to some extent, but it's one of those situations where you need to gain some height. I can't say it's practical to carry a set of step ladders around, but if it's not too far to travel and you're in a car, taking something you can stand on just for a few shots would make the difference.

The big problem is the amount of burnt out area in the clouds. It dominates the image and draws attention to itself as it's so bright.
In fact, looking at the exif data only adds to my first thought that this is the wromg time of day. There's no modelling to the building and no mood which this subject needs - with it's history you've mentioned a moody shot is what I'd want to see.

Going back at a different time of day (or year) if you can should result in a more pleasing result, rather than something that's just a 'record'.


By: mrgeod

Kaleidoscope by Barry286


It's an interesting technique and one I had a go at a number of years ago.
It's a great way to make an image, and because the images are abstract it's difficult to offer much else other than suggestions.

You've got a lovely circular pattern here but with that bump to the left it reminds me of the shape of a lemon.

You used coloured paper and that's resulted in soft diffused trails, which are attractive. I remember using the wrappers off sweets which, not being diffuse, resulted in sharper trails. I'm not saying either is better, just different.

If you don't want to do everything in one exposure, you can just record each colour trail separately and blend them together in software. Playing with blending modes will add a further twist but make sure you've plenty of time as it can be engrossing.


By: Barry286

City Hall by RobinH

City Hall

A very decent shot.
Jim's crop is good too as we don't need to see so much sky. It does balance the area of water at the bottom but the crop enhances the height of the Shard.

I also like his boost in contrast. There's nothing wrong with yours, as there's a full range of tones. The difference is between a more natural look and a punchy look. In the daqys of film it would be the differnece between Fuji Provia and Fuji velvia. No right or wrong, just persobnal preference.

What I have done however in my mod is to darken down the sky for some drama. I could have used a layer mask to avoid altering the Shard but I just wanted to show the overall effect on the sky.


By: RobinH

Sunset Cloudbow by mrgeod

Sunset Cloudbow

Nothing wrong with adding a silhouette later.

A well captured atmospheric phenomenon.
I know clouds are fluffy, but this does benefit from some sharpening as it's quite soft and it shouldn't be at those settings. I'm interested to know if this was the full frame or if you've significantly cropped it as that may affect sharpness. It could also be due to compression on upload.

I've cropped this to remove the bit of bright cloud at the bottom left as it keeps drawing my eye towards it. Also, when I downloaded this, there was a bit of a white fringe at the very bottom.

I then adjusted the Levels for a full range of tones and a little boost in overall brightness and contrast. If you look at the histogram of the uploaded image the curve finishes three quarters the way along the baseline of the graph.


By: mrgeod

Town Giornico, Switzerland, Alps by jerryiron

Town Giornico, Switzerland, Alps

Fine as it is, though the modifications look good too.
There's nothing wrong with being a purist but always be aware of those small enhancements. And is using a gradient not straying from being a purist?

You're producing some attractive early evening/night shots that should attract some votes if you place them in the normal Gallery.


By: jerryiron

Tradeston Bridge, Glasgow by billmyl

Tradeston Bridge, Glasgow

Mono for me as it's all about the play of light and shade and those sharp shapes of the bridge.

As Willie says, mono conversions can be very personal, so I'll just add my take as an alternative.
On a different day and with different lighting I may well do something different.

You've got a great viewpoint and composition and apart from a little more room at the top, keep it as it is, you could go for a deep blue (black in mono) sky, with or without clouds, a very brooding sky, low December light, all are possibilities here.


By: billmyl

Random Title by ParslaKo

Random Title

There is also a tilt on this as seen by the poles on the bank of the waterway, the sign and the building in the distance.
Easily sorted in post processing, but something to look out for when setting the shot up. As I assume that you were using a tripod this shouldn't be difficult, unless you were having difficulty looking through the viewfinder. Review the shot on the screen and adjust as necessary. You can always use the long end of the zoom to help with alignment and zoom out to take the shot.

A curved trail would be more pleasing. The straight trail just takes the eye out of the frame rapidly.
As it stands, there's not a lot to keep the eye interested here, apart from that sign, which ironically is placed on an intersection of image thirds where in many images you'd want your important element to be placed.

I'm not sure what you mean about filtering. You don't need to use a filter, either one on the camera lens or in software. A polariser is no use, and there are no reflections to remove, and a starburst filter looks cheesy (or retro I suppose!).


By: ParslaKo

The Painter by dark_lord

The Painter

If there is Adrian it wouldn't have been there long Grin

By: dark_lord

Runcorn Bridge  from the air by johnbryan6

Runcorn Bridge from the air

It's always tempting to take shots from an aircraft especially if you're local to the area. I'm not but I have been across this bridge a few times so I knew where it was just looking at the thumbnail.

It's a pity about the edge of the window, You could have avoided it when shooting but I can understand you wanting to get as much in of the bridge as possible and your viewpoint isn't under your control.
However, in my mod I've cropped the corner off and the bridge starts from the corner of the frame. Not perhaps ideal but certainly acceptable.

The one thing you do have under your control is in the appearance. It's quite wahed out, as many aerial shots can be especially taken through an aircraft window.
I adjusted the Levels to give a full range of tones and give it the contrast it needs.


Edit: must have been working on this at the same time as everyone else!

By: johnbryan6