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dark_lord's Gallery Comments

dark_lord > dark_lord Recent Activity > dark_lord's Gallery Comments
Yark by ade_mcfade


Quote: geordie piss heads

Familiar viewpoint for them WinkGrin

By: ade_mcfade

Shadows of our Former Selves by SlowSong

Shadows of our Former Selves

Worth a visit by one of the 'buy some tat and try to sell it at a profit' tv shows Wink

By: SlowSong

Sunset. by kuvailija


V1 is very nice, but V5 is my stand out favourite Smile

By: kuvailija

Ploughed field by billmyl

Ploughed field

So many options here that have been suggested. There are a couple of fields I can see from my street that I intend to photograph, I can understand the attraction of that bright yellow!

The sky is very hazy with cloud so the polariser will have little if any effect. There is no glare or any reflections so no benefit there, though maybe there could have been a slight effect on the light reflecting off parts of the furrows. So all that filter would have done here is reduced the light entering the camera and forced you to a slower shutter speed.

When I shot film and used polarisers I used to hold it to my eye and rotate it to see what if any effect or benefit it produced. If I saw something good I'd use it on the camera, if not it went back in the bag. I would not change that approach now even though it wouldn't cost anything to take a frame with and without.


By: billmyl

fishermen sunset by sweetart79

fishermen sunset

To answer your question, this is not too warm. People accept a warm image of sunsets and sunrises.
Was this warmer and more orange than it was in reality? Only you can answer this, but if you weren't looking for absolute 'accuracy' of colour and this evokes the mood, especially to other viewers, i would say job done.

If you had shot in RAW you would have had more scope to experiment with colour balance after the shoot. This is something to bear in mind.

The empty space on the right is balanced by the land on the left. The boat and sun are on the image thirds. So it's well put together, and they all fit in with the narrow crop.

When asking about cropping/composition in the Critique Gallery it would be useful to upload the full original to make it easier for those commenting to suggest alternatives. I like this as it is, but Willie would like to see a wider view, so the original would have given him the chance to show you what he could envisage.


By: sweetart79

MORE PEOPLE PICS by youmightlikethis


V1 draws you into the performance due to the stance and expression of the actors. A good illustration of a Fringe activity.

V2 is maybe part of a performance (I can't tell/don't know for sure) but the actors are not engaging. Perhaps better to wait for a more interesting expression. Getting down to their level would help too. As it stands it has the look of the camera going off at the wrong moment. Not one I would have kept.

V3 at first looks like a good series but in the top two shots the interest lies only with the performer and is the subject to concentrate on. They weaken the effect as a series.
The bottom shot is the strongest because of several elements: The expression of the performer and the gaze of several bystanders, not least tht of the young boy. A fine shot that stands on its own.


By: youmightlikethis

Female Mallard by Myathebirdwatcher999

Female Mallard

This is a very nice shot. The sharpness is only just fading off on the eye thanks to your small aperture.
You've composed this well with the bird looking into empty space. A good clean non-distracting background too.


By: Myathebirdwatcher999

Fly by ali63


I find these creatures fascinating too.

By: ali63

Wheatear by dave1967


Lovely capture. A cleaner composition than my wheatear shot (which I have yet to upload Grin)


By: dave1967

Tempest by fazzer


You've got the shutter speed just right here, as I feel myself rushing into this image just looking at it Smile

By: fazzer

Snakeshead in White by phil_j

Snakeshead in White

Nice one. I've got some planted in the garden. Mixed colours, will have to wait and see if any white ones come Smile

By: phil_j

The Other Gate by Trevhas

The Other Gate

I'm erring towards V2, but it's close!

By: Trevhas

Hawthorn Shield Bugs Mating by TonyDy

Hawthorn Shield Bugs Mating

Well seen and nicely shot.

By: TonyDy

Roesel's bush-cricket (Metrioptera roeseli) by Stace

Roesel's bush-cricket (Metrioptera roeseli)

Beautifully captured. Amazing detail to see on these when you get this close.

By: Stace

Green Hairstreak by NigelKiteley

Green Hairstreak

A cracking shot. A very good specimen too.

By: NigelKiteley

more montage by youmightlikethis

more montage

V1 looks like a collection of snapshots, the only focal point on all of them being the guy in green. They are not up to your usual street photography standard.
In the large image the yellow in the building and the lady in the red coat are distracting, though the bold positioning of the hoodies makes a strong statement.
In the bottom right image the image would be better without the guy with the yellow carrier bag - the viewer constantly jumps from that to the green top an dback again. we can see the whole of the lady in the red coat, so not as off putting as just part of her being visible.
The effect in the top right image does draw attention to the group but the area of attention is small and up to one corner. This needs more space to the right to make it look less cramped.

V2 is a pleasing selection of people hacving fun, the close cropping lets us focus on the individual. The one image where we just see the backs is the weakest image and looks the odd one out. Having the faces showing on all images would have more viewr appeal. Alternatively, a series of different views of the same couple in different poses/locations would make for an interesting set. There are a lot of images there that time and space prevent detailed critique on.

The image on the left in V3 is dark and moody but we see detail and good contrast in the whole image. This one fits the title.
The smaller images are too dark, they are muddy and low in contrast. They are difficult for the eye to discern anything of interest.
It's difficult with a small web sized image to see if there is any detail that can be lifted out of the shadows. As a montage, the two dark inages reduce the visual effectiveness of the larger brighter image.


By: youmightlikethis


AUSTRALIA 2013 #30

A beautifully simple but appealing abstract. Even more amazing after V2!


Silly Pigeon by dark_lord

Silly Pigeon

Spot on there, Phil Grin

By: dark_lord

About to embark by Gordonsimpson

About to embark

The fog definitely adds to the atmosphere and has simplified the background.

By: Gordonsimpson

Hold on M'Lady by philgood

Hold on M'Lady

A lovely image, and super detail, too.

By: philgood

Buds in March by billmyl

Buds in March

They look like some kind of catkin, there are many different ones around at this time of year and this spring has been ideal for them. They are a type of pussy willows, Salix sp.

By: billmyl

fairy chimneys and a baloon (mono) by Baycan

fairy chimneys and a baloon (mono)

The rock shape looks good in mono.
I do like mono landscapes but i'd also like to see this in colour, especially in the Critique Gallery. When trying mono conversions here, it give the opportunity of seeing other people's mods as we all see different mono interpretations.
I do think the inclusion of the balloon helps add interst in the expanse of sky.
I keep wanting to see a bit more of the foreground so that the image has depth to that wide view.


By: Baycan

50īs by Bernabedellamattia


An unconventional composition but it looks really good and I can't make any suggestions for improvements.

By: Bernabedellamattia

Padlock and chained. by pentaxpatty

Padlock and chained.

I was quite impressed with the dock area when I went just over ten years ago. Good to know it's still good. An instantly recognisable place as there's been so many photos on here, lots of photo opportunities.
Some will say they even have to chain the bollards down Wink
Very nice mono and great for Saturday Shadows Smile

By: pentaxpatty

Lunch 80 by SimonFletch

Lunch 80

A lovely set showing the feeding behaviour.
Just going back to something mentioned on one of your earlier uploads, it's really good to see a selection of the lesser known and lesser seen species in your series.

By: SimonFletch

Worthing Pier at Night by NDODS

Worthing Pier at Night

V3 for me. All nice though Smile


Netting by NDODS


I like mono but this has to be colour for me.

Some people, they have no responsibility. Don't they know a piece of net is not just for Christmas Wink


All Decked Out by NDODS

All Decked Out

Only one cuntry in the world could you get this. I am a mono fan but it has to be the colour version for me this time.


Blue and Yellow by NDODS

Blue and Yellow

A lovely abstract, well seen and shot.


It's Cunard being a Duck by NDODS

It's Cunard being a Duck

Quite a striking bird especially when caught in the right light, as here, often ignored as they are so abundant.