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dark_lord's Gallery Comments

dark_lord > dark_lord Recent Activity > dark_lord's Gallery Comments
Taking to the air by Lillian

Taking to the air

Cracking shot.

By: Lillian

Autumn Birches by MalcolmM

Autumn Birches

Beautiful shot.

By: MalcolmM

Silver Studded Blue by BenKiteley

Silver Studded Blue

Prees Heath, I must make a note of that, all I associate it with at the moment is the car auction site Grin

Super shot.


By: BenKiteley

Atlas Moth by FeatherFriend

Atlas Moth

A pity you can't appreciate the size of this from the image, even at 1000 px Smile

By: FeatherFriend

Holy Austin Rock Houses at Kinver 2 by DicksPics

Holy Austin Rock Houses at Kinver 2

Very interesting, I've never been but always known of these even before the NT took them over.

By: DicksPics

Worth Waiting For by DicksPics

Worth Waiting For

Manual focussing is definitely the way to go. Auto would be confused and may not lock on properly, especially as you may not have a focus point exactly over a firework as it explodes.
Wide apertures are ok as the lens would be focussed on the distance and even at say f/4 there'd be enough depth of field, as you'd be using wider angles (generally) anyway.
Lower ISO would give longer shutter speeds so the fireworks would render as trails. However, I like the high ISO approach as the bursts have some detail, as you see them. You just need to watch the noise so it's good you've a 5D2.

By: DicksPics

Fab 1 by DicksPics

Fab 1

I remember seeing this at one of the Motor Shows on the Ford stand, thinking back it must have been 2004.

By: DicksPics

Down the hatch! by Holmewood

Down the hatch!

Excellent timing, a ery common piece of behaviour but not often captured, or as well as this.

By: Holmewood

Juvenile Goldfinch by Holmewood

Juvenile Goldfinch

We've had a few of these visit the feeder briefly, but not been able to get a shot.

By: Holmewood

The No-Sunflower by SlowSong

The No-Sunflower

I agree with Moira about the square crop.
Toned mono works well enhancing the shapes of the leaves, something that colour wouldn't do so well.

By: SlowSong

Mean Machine. by bricurtis

Mean Machine.

It has more of a look of an illustration then a photo, that's not a criticism but more of an observation. Attractively processed all the same Smile

By: bricurtis

Travelator by Philpot


Works well without a figure, as do many modern architecture shots, as they tend to be impersonal and clinical.
Having said that, a figure or three would add a different slant, and silhouettes would be good.

By: Philpot

Hardcastle Crags by MalcolmS

Hardcastle Crags

A popular subject, but I like your treatment of this.

By: MalcolmS

Pecket Well Sunset by gazza77

Pecket Well Sunset

You've captured a lovely scene, and those purples of the heather are really vibrant.

there are a couple of flare spots in the middle distance, while not being obtrusive, are better off removed, and are relatively easy to clone out, unlike larger spots that can appear. I shalll do a mod.

I like the use of wideangles to show lots of foreground. However, the extreme bottom of the image sees detail disappearing in the shadows, so it's worth trying to lighten that. Alternatively, if it's for display I would consider a small crop. Conversely, it would make a good cover image as text can be placed on that darker area and be easily read.
Sometimes you can look at a picture in different ways depending on intended uses.

Other than those considerations, I wouldn't change anything here.

Nice one.


By: gazza77

Two bottles of beer in colour by Madoldie

Two bottles of beer in colour

This does look better in colour.

The glare has been removed from the bottles well, though looking closely there are the tell tale highlights on the embossed lettring that give the light source away. I wouldn't expect anyone to 'remove' those in software. Rather like looking at the size and shape of catchlights in a portrait reveals what shape of softbox or umbrella was used!

As I mentioned last night, the key is in modifying the light source.

It's said that odd numbers of objects work better than even numbers.
Followin on from Paul's comment yeaterday about the out of focus bottle being dominant, it's worth trying another bottle on the right for balance. Then the eye should be drawn to the central bottle that's sharp.
I would also try a version where the out of focus bottles are behind the sharp one rather than in front, to give the sharp bottle more prominence but still retain the effect you're trying here.

It's always a good idea to have alternatives, and these ideas can be applied to other still life shots you may do.

Just another thought, if you could shoot with off camera flash from the side, that would complement the mood of the graphic on the label. You may need to play around with angles but the nights are drawing in now!


By: Madoldie

Potato Flowers by dark_lord

Potato Flowers

Thanks Richard.

I'm afraid I didn't get much of a crop, a few new potato sized efforts Grin.
I've done much better other years, these were a few left over from a bag and I put them in just on the offchance.
But the good news is that the carrots have done well Smile

By: dark_lord

The Last Two by lawbert

The Last Two

Must've been a great sight and sound despite the dull weather.

By: lawbert

Glamaig and the Beinn Deargs by billmyl

Glamaig and the Beinn Deargs

I know you haven't put this up for critique, but it did catch my eye in the thumbnails as i like shots of mountains!
This would benefit from a warmer colour balance, as 'auto' has made it appear cool. It may well have recorded the conditions as they were, but it's nice to add some warmth as it makes a scene such as this more appealing.

By: billmyl

Two bottels of beer by Madoldie

Two bottels of beer

The weather was bad today, so well done for trying something indoors.

With abstract images it's harder to give critique as it depends a lot on how the viewer responds.

Having said that, I would rather see this in colour, given the label. I'm guessing that being Caribbean it is very colourful. It's always a good idea to upload the original colour version for comparison in the Critique Gallery.
Nonetheless, I like the close crop, though a square format would work very well here.

To make this work well you need to pay attention to the bright highlights reflecting off the bottle (unless that's what you intended). This looks like direct flash or at least a strong point light source was used. Diffusing this by shooting through a diffuser or in a (improvised) light tent would reduce or eliminatee these.
I shall try a mod cloning out the highlights to give an idea of what a softer light source would do.


By: Madoldie

READ THE WORDS by youmightlikethis


I like the toning treatment in V2 but I'm less happy with the blurring at the edges, especially the feet/sandals area. It doesn't add to th eimage and once noticce it's annoying, the cleaner lines of V1 work better. I know it is intended to focus attention oin the centre of the image, but perhaps a little less strong.

The frame is heavy going, especially in V1. The frame in V2 is less intrusive as it's simpler, more like you'd see a framed print on the wall. V1 is a double frame and competes with the image.

As for the image itself, good low angle making the most of the subject and the close crop emphasises the feeling of being right in the crowd, so that's a thumbs up from me.


By: youmightlikethis

Snipe in Rain by Paintman

Snipe in Rain

I agree with Derek, an excellent shot.

By: Paintman

Badger by Myathebirdwatcher999


Lovely portrait of this animal, and excellent detail you've captured, too.

By: Myathebirdwatcher999

Time passes (again) by HelenaJ

Time passes (again)

Very well set up and lit. I'd prefer to see the blur of the metronome to be more obvious. Maybe directing some extra light onto it, froma small LED torch for example, but could be tricky Smile

By: HelenaJ

Warm Glow by Louise_Morris

Warm Glow

Yes, a super shot Louise.


By: Louise_Morris

Alliums 2 by dark_lord

Alliums 2

Thank you. Black always seems to work well. Looks like the brown is a "marmite" background, though perhaps it'll work differently with other subjects. Starts thinking...

By: dark_lord

Common Blue-Polyommatus icarus 03. by Badgerfred

Common Blue-Polyommatus icarus 03.

Beautiful capture and one of your best I'd say Smile

By: Badgerfred

Picture in Picture by bobbinio

Picture in Picture

That's the sad thing about competitions.
Do your own thing and don't shoot for judges. Personally I've not seen anything quite like this before so I applaud your idea. Certainly better than a standard boring group!
I'm sure the whole family will love this. It's a great idea and done very well. Not an insignificant amount of work has gone into this.


By: bobbinio

Cuddy's Crags by Nigeve1

Cuddy's Crags

The mods with their boost to colour make the most of your original capture.
It's often hard to know how far to take an image. I suspect your original is more true to life and the mods how you remember it Smile

By: Nigeve1

Puffin by danbrann


Quote: nearly finished the series


By: danbrann

Lunch Hour Macro Photography by Jenny-D

Lunch Hour Macro Photography

A good set, though V3 stands out for me.

By: Jenny-D