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London Bridge

London Bridge by Tonyc49

Welcome to the Critique Gallery, Tony - I see you've been an Ephotozine member for several years, but it looks as if this is your first upload to this gallery.

Nick has given some good advice above, and I haven't got a lot to add. It's often annoying that the best angle on a subject doesn't give you the chance to get the best quality: from a bridge, there's simply no possible way to get things really critically sharp, other than stopping all the traffic. Still, at least you weren't walking across the Millennium Bridge, which really bounces!

Willie's mod deals with the technical issues nicely.

An additional note on H.M.S. Belfast - her guns are trained, I believe, on Scratchwood Services at the bottom of the M1. That's perhaps both an indication of their range - and of the esteem in which the Royal Navy holds motorway catering...

Driving home for Christmas

Driving home for Christmas by PaulDavis

Welcome to the Critique Gallery, Paul.

You seem to have been an Ephotozine member for a while, without posting much work, and this looks like your first post in the Critique Gallery. I suspect that you have worked out that in exchange for not being able to get votes or awards here, you can be fairly sure of comment and constructive ideas about your shots.

All the technicalities stack up pretty well here: arguably, you could have used a lower ISO setting and a slightly wider aperture for better quality (less noise, though there's not much sign of it here; and an aperture that allows the lens to perform at its sharpest, with no diffraction issues, as you may get at f/22).

I would love to see more of the end of the curve on the left: but maybe there's something very ugly that needed to be kept out of the frame. Ideally, though, all those light trails should converge on a point inside the frame, I reckon.

On the other side, you could crop a little closer to the lamp on the right.

The verticals are pretty near perfect, it's sharp, and it all works well.

My suggestion is to use Levels and burning in to darken the midtones, for a more dramatic (if less accurate) view. I've done this in a mod, which you can see by clicking the "Modifications" tab on the left below your picture, then clicking on the thumbnail to view large.

But - and this applies to most of what any of us write here - this is about opening up options, not telling you what to do!

Please let me know what you think...

Vice of Painting

Vice of Painting by Philip_H

An interesting fact...

Didn't know that. It may explain a lot.

Over the Jump

Over the Jump by JMCroft

There's so much to like in this - not least, the expression on the rider's face. I'm not sure he thought he was going to get over the jump AND stay in the saddle...

There's also a nice echo between his arms and the horse's forelegs. Maybe soem selective dodging and burning of the horse could bring this out more clearly.

And it's simply a well-caught action shot, from a rather unconventional angle: and it succeeds.

I think I want to crop tighter, removing everything above the nearer wall, and possibly moving the subject off-centre.

Great shot, though - and one that made me smile!

out in the country 4

out in the country 4 by RaphaelG

f/1.4 is a push with a shot like this, and I quite understand why you used that aperture.

A lovley model, and I'd be inclined to place her a little further from the centre of the picture. Though that would potentially complicate focussing further!


goodTime5 by RaphaelG

I can't argue with your description...

Primary transport

Primary transport by lfc1892

Interestingly, this is the next shot in the gallery after one of a modern moaque in Abu Dhabi: while I prefer that as subject matter, this is one of the best, and possibly the most creative shot I've seen of a building that I refer to as "The Slug".

I love the way that you've used the bus to make it a primary colours shot: I must look for yoru vantage point next time I head in there on the Number 51...

Abu Dome-ey

Abu Dome-ey by ade_mcfade

Ade -

It's ironic that the next post after this in the gallery is a shot of Selfridge's in Birmingham.

I know which of the two I would rather photograph - but, sadly, I can't get to your location in under an hour on the Number 51 bus...

Beautifully seen, and shot.

Festive Fish Meal

Festive Fish Meal by happysnapperman

I like the priorities that your pictures portray...

Palm Desert Sands

Palm Desert Sands by Daisymaye

We ahve those on some beaches as a form of protection against coastal erosion: but to protect whole roads that way... (Or try!)

Time for a fag !

Time for a fag ! by salopian

Definitely yes to a closer crop!

However, I'd want to go back to the original file, and process with far less sharpening - it's led to very unnatural outlines appearing. (It's possible that you've got a high level of in-camera sharpening set, and haven't done anythign in processing - either way, though, there's something needs sorting out!)

I'll probably try a second mod to at least partly camoflage the lines...

The Train Journey

The Train Journey by paulbaybutphotography

The excitement of being young, when everythign is new and unexplored...

Contre Jour at Kinver Edge

Contre Jour at Kinver Edge by DicksPics

Willie (banehawi) will probably have some substantive and detailed suggestions for RAW processing. I will simply say that it grows on you, once you start trying it. The Adobe Camera Raw module (which I use in Elements, and which is also part of Lightroom and CS) gives immense control, but you need to either learn it methodically (never something I was good at) or pick it up a tool and a tweak at a time. Doing that leads you, eventually, to the view that wonderful things are possible.

Miracles? Not usually. And if you have underexposed a shot, there will be more noise in it when you recover the detail. To my eye, V3 looks a good deal more than one stop underexposed

There's a distinction to make between the sort of thing that Paul often does, which is shooting large numbers of files for sale, and taking relatively few for competitions and club nights. Think the difference between a newspaper darkroom, processing hundreds of films a week, and Ansel Adams, processing plates by hand. Perfection takes time, slowly-acquired knowledge and hard-won skill.

I also wonder if the fact that you process quite extensively is leading to additional noise: what steps have you put V1 through?

Having said all of that, V1 has an appealing texture and tonality to it - though I suspect that the processing includes some elements of faux HDR. It reminds me quite a lot of a regular in this Gallery, who has a highly idiosyncratic style which is a long way from the mainstream of grainfree, polished tones, but which can be stunning.

A Jew is Not A Zionist !

A Jew is Not A Zionist ! by kombizz

I echo that.

And I share these devout men's sadness that the distinction is so often lost. Even deliberately muddled.

Shady Business

Shady Business by WhiteRose1

If it's Canary Wharf, it's reasonably certain that some of these shadows really have offended, and possibly in a strictly legal sense, as well as moral...


Red by shadow_photo

Nice observation!

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