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Arundel Combat

Arundel Combat by NDODS

Nice to know older blokes can look as serious as this chap does...

Oh this boy...

Oh this boy... by louiserogers

Nothing to add - it's lovely as it is: toning down the background makes it even lovlier.

Hydrangea in my back garden

Hydrangea in my back garden by burridh

Definitely one of the cases where more info will help a good deal.

I'd aim to shoot so that there were fewer highlights in the background: change angle, or arrange some shade to fall on the offending parts. My wife's shadow sometimes helps, though I have to work fast before she gets very bored with photography!

I've done a mod, cropping, and then using the clone tool in Photoshop Elements to subdue the remaining bright areas - pretty crudely, i admit. I then used the Levels adjustment to brighten the highlights and deepen the shadows, and the burn tool to darken the background further. Finally, I sharpened, with Nik Efex software. Often, this sort of editing doesn't need to be very precise: the whole thing took a minute or so, not the age that osme digital players pride themselves on.

Nice - but more info will tell us how to suggest making it nicer.

Smiling Girl

Smiling Girl by jnc5186

The best advice is to move around, and try different angles, especially as you are jsut starting to shoot portraits. I find street photography scarier, as I don't know if the people in my viewfinder want to be photographed. With portraits, I know the answer!

Two specific thoughts: first, having such highly-patterned trousers in the shot distracts - and the pattern will always look sharper than anything else. Unless the picture is actually about a flamboyant dresser, the clothes need to be secondary, and not too much of a distraction. (I like old, worn and fade jeans...)

And second, beware of doing too much work on faces. Unless you match it with equally meticulous work on everything else (possibly especially hands) you get an unbalanced, plastic look to things. This lady has the beauty to carry off a few laughter lines!

Like Willie, I'd like to see the original shot, unprocessed.

In the middle of the city

In the middle of the city by DiegoSuarezP

This is a beautiful little corner you've found in the city, and it was a really good idea to stop and take a picture.

However, you seem to have had one or two technical problems in taking hte picture, manual exposure notwithstanding.

Overall, this is distinctly overexposed, and the water and some of the leaves have burnt out. With manual exposure, you still need to compensate for conditions, and apply the equivalent of "minus compensation" - deliberately underexpose compared with a general reading, or take a spot reading from a midtone in the picture.

And sometimes, the brightness range is jsut too much, and the sensible thing is to crop the frame, whihc i've done in my mod. I've also darkened the whole thing, to get a more natural-looking range of brightness. There's nothing I can do about the blown highllights, though.

Finally, I reduced the saturation. This is partly a matter of taste and perception - I prefer colours a little muted. (It's possible that you've got the camera set to "high colour" or "bright", but many cameras tend towards garish rendition.)


Breeze by Quoise

Some people have an unfair advantage with selfies...

I  Must Go Down To The Sea Again

I Must Go Down To The Sea Again by kaybee

Spike Milligan:

"I must go down to the sea again,
To the lonely sea and the sky.
I left my vest and pants down there:
I wonder if they're dry?"

Herself in 1974

Herself in 1974 by woolybill1

A certain look in the eyes...

Pretty Lady

Pretty Lady by colijohn

Though she clearly hasn't learnt not to spoil the line of a clingy dress. Sadly... Tongue

Spiky Nipples 1

Spiky Nipples 1 by pamelajean

V1 for me. And a title as sharp as the spines...

Simon's Seat

Simon's Seat by gerainte1

Beautiful light, shining on a beautiful place.

The tones may, technically, be slightly dark in the shadows, but that doesn't spoil the effect for me in the least.

The only problem, if it is one, is the large light stone in the bottom left corner. It pulls me eye down that way, and is a definite distraction. I don't believe in cloning out significant features: I'd aim to shoot to avoid intrusions like this, or crop in processing. There's something simiilar going on over on the right, which is harder to solve, though when I did the crop, this started to look like a leading line into the picture, rather than a distraction going out, if you see what I mean.

In the end, even Charlie Waite (master of the "complete" landscape) has to close the frame somewhere!


"PINKY" by Coen

This has a really stong feeling of a hot, lazy day. Rather beautiful...

I'd suggest a slight crop at the top and left.

The colour is the thing, and I have no frame of reference for it. It all seems rather intense, and in my mod, I've simply reduced the saturation a bit. But (and you will know this, and others who've been to South Africa will) this may be how things are there. The flowers may be this bright, and the sky that shade of blue which looks rather unnatural to my English eyes. I therefore apologise if I've made an unjustified assumption.

The technical side seems fine, although a slightly smaller aperture (possibly coupled with a higher ISO, to allow the bee-freezing shutter speed) would probably have made more of the main flower head completely sharp.

I love the bees, espeically the one so perfectly positioned between two petals o nthe right.


Devil by Split

I've got a set of those. They even light up and flash...

Think I'll Have One !

Think I'll Have One ! by tom2malta2

Brilliant reportage!

Sad letter unedited

Sad letter unedited by HelenaJ

The really creative thing to do would be to lose the light off to the right, and shoot by candlelight.

That would give a natural vignette, really warm light, and possibly force a more inward sort of a pose.

As it sounds as if you might persuade her to do it, I really urge you to ask your daughter. Get her to actually read by candlelight instead of posing. Don't worry about the candlestick, or anything else (except setting hte letter or her hair on fire).

Technically, wind the ISO up as far as you need to, and borrow a prime lens if you can (and if you don't have one). With the main elements closer together, a 50mm would be perfect for this.

Sea Beach

Sea Beach by Rousseau

The big problem is that there's no dominant subject. Occasionally, that can work: sadly, it doesn't in this case, I feel.

I've done a mod, putting something on the thirds: but, really and truly, you need a clump of rocks, a courting couple, a surfboarder heading home - just something in there, on the thirds.

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