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Nikita 8

Nikita 8 by kelvin2

Slightly wider (to keep all of Nikita's hair in frame) and brighter (even in manual, the meter gets fooled by a light background, sometimes: I suspect that's happened here).

A nicely relaxed shot.

Mac Fly

Mac Fly by paddyeds

I'm not sure what Flickr does to pictures, so it's really hard to tell much about the inherent quality of the shot. For sure, it's stripped out the EXIF data, which is useful for analysing technical issues.

Given that it's a first attempt, it's worked well. You don't say whether you used a tripod, or any sort of aid to assist precise focussing - something to allow fine and controlled camera movement can be good, I believe.

Cropping a little would be good - I've done this in the mod i loaded some hours back, then got diverted before writing this comment - for which, many apologies.

Restless night 2

Restless night 2 by GHphoto

The balance of light and shadow in his eyes is perfect. He may not be having sleepless nights, but I bet he's causing a few...


Lauren by TanyaH

This is a really good result - a reward for bravery in asking!

Is it me, or is there actually a little bit of colour in the irises?

Cheetah licking its lips

Cheetah licking its lips by markohawkins

Amateur Photographer used, many eyars ago, to have a renowned critic, by the name of Ricardo - who was famed for suggesting that an Alp would look better on the other side of the valley. I'm not sure if he ever suggested that you should get out of the Land Rover, but there are times to settle for the shot you can get, while remaining a tog and not a menu item.

I think you've done well to get the shot reasonably sharp: I think I'd have upped the ISO further, and closed the lens aperture a fraction, to get more depth of field - more of the animal in sharp focus.

I'm intrigued that you've uploaded a file 640 pixels wide - I think the site will allow 1,000 - unless this was quite a big crop to begin with (the feel of the picture suggests that this may be the case: some digital noise, I think). So a further piece of advice would be to use the longest zoom setting you can!

It might be helpful if you could upload your original, unedited and uncropped file as a modification, so we can see just how big a pull-up this is...

Wear and tear

Wear and tear by ladigit

Tracy, before you have to resort to HDR, it's worth looking at what you can achieve in converting RAW Files in the Photoshop converter, and with dodging and burning.

I've done a couple of mods, using the burn and clone tools to darken tones and remove highlights - and then put the result through Nik Classic Camera 5 for some haunted colours.

Robi in flight.

Robi in flight. by alggomas

Only a bit more difficult?

I'm guessing that this is quite heavily cropped, as the EXIF data says it was taken towards the wide end of yoru telephoto zoom.

That's the main reason that it is not particularly sharp: along with the wide aperture - this has given a nice, out-of-focus look to the background, but has made focus critical.

I think I might push the ISO even higher, and stop down to f/8 or thereabouts.

The blur in the wings is not problem: it's that the sharpest part seems to be the wing on the far side.

I'd also crop to leave more space in front of the bird, I think. Give it space to fly into...

Having said all of that, this has a lovely fluttery look to it: if the eye was sharp and the composition as I'm going to show in a modification, it would be a real winner!


Lacewing by xsophiieex06

This is definitely a shot where the EXIF data will help give you sound advice on how to improve. I think the white balance may nto be quite right here - that adjusts the sort of overall tinge of colour the picture has.

If you did photoshop this fly onto the flower, you did it really well: there are telltale shadows round it that suggest it really was sitting there on the petal!

As Karen says, the date has to go. You don't lose anything, other than a distraction in the picture - the date and time are logged in that EXIF data!

Mod coming, probably quite similar to Karen's (which I am purposely not looking at before doing my mod!)

Flying Fortress! Number 2!

Flying Fortress! Number 2! by mickshaw

Did you use the whole of the frame here, or did you crop it down significantly? If you could post the original, unprocessed image as a modification, it would be interesting to see if there's any other cause than magnification for the limited sharpness.

Mod coming, cropped, and increased contrast, using Levels in Elements.


Parrot by xsophiieex06

And welcome from me, too. I've done a modification, as well, using both the burn and the clone tools in Photoshop elements to darken the background, and to do something about the out-of-focus bar that you couldn't avoid having in front of the parrot's neck.

You asked a specific question about a career in photography. What I'm going to say will probably sound very cynical, but it's also true, I'm afraid.

You need to learn all about photography, and I am sure that you have the enthusiasm and talent for that.

You also need to learn about marketing your pictures, and work really hard at doing this.

The most successful togs, commercially, are the ones who market. The very, very best of them are also talented and creative togs. And the richest, often, are the ones who know that a mediocre picture, sold well as a framed print, gets more money in the bank than a marvellous shot that the tog offers on a disc for 5.

You can work for someone else, being a great tog, and nto getting paid a lot for working very hard. But if you learn what to do to sell your pictures, and sell more copies, you may have enough energy left at the end of a week to want to go out and take pictures for the sheer fun of it.

Or, like me, you can keep the dream of selling pictures going into your Sixties, but never actually do it... And still love taking photographs!

Really seriously: success shouldn't depend on being able to talk yourself up, but it usually does. If you can find a way to balance this with enjoying toggery, that will be fantastic!

So - everything Karen and Willie have said, plus work on unique selling points (USPs) and added-value gimmicks.

Last Gasp

Last Gasp by kaybee

Here, Sir, is a vote for your trouble...



Interesting shot. I wonder if he likes the way that you used the wideangle lens...

The only time I've ever been in a space with him (at a Snowdon gallery show opening) he managed to ignore me: his fragrant other half, though, viewed the camera on my shoulder with very grave suspicion.

By far the most interesting person there was Snowdon himself - frail, seated in a corner, and largely passed by.

Now, a portrait of Lord Snowdon... That woudl be a commission to pursue!


Ali by pranagal

Gently confrontational. Lovely portrait, and even the central composition works well as part of the whole.


wallflower by carmenfuchs

Beautifully subtle.

I wonder if standing it on its right side would make more of the shot?

Rain clouds gathering

Rain clouds gathering by Paintersmate12

There's often a difference between technically correct exposure and what is true to the situation - or, indeed, what's true to what one saw (not necessarily the same as what was there).

Correct exposure always brings the average to a midtone grey. When there's a stormy grey sky, this actually doesn't look right, to most people.

Having recently shot under those conditions myself (and then shamelessly upped the dark and menacing look before posting here), I think I know where you are coming from with this shot. (Actually, on the same day, I took a good few shots with a 500mm mirror lens, which gives the same sort of differential focus effect you've got here: intriguing!)

I've duly done a mod which brightens some highlights, but darkens the midtones, using the highlight and midtones sliders in Levels, in Photoshop Elements 12.

Looking at your profile here, you say that you don't do much manipulation, apart from mild cropping. one of the aims of the Critique Gallery is to open up options for people - while I don't believe in too much manipulation, I do find that it allows me to make my pictures look the way that I want them to - to show other people why I was moved to take a picture.

So - I hope that we're suggesting things you may want to try, and giving you reasons to explore this wonderful hobby further!

Watching people watching people

Watching people watching people by banehawi

Vv 5 & 6 are my favourites...

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