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Rain due

Rain due by Dairtreephoto

I agree that the whole shadow would give a really "complete" look to the picture.

The big plus is the way that you have got such bright colours against a grey background - a completely natural "colour pop" picture.

I am really surprised by the EXIF data - I would expect f/4.3 and 1/80 at 100 ISO to give considerable overexposure in bright sun - I know this is the shadow side, but as there is not much shade there, and a reflective surface all round, I'd expect something more like 1/100 at f/8...

Teignmouth back beach, Devon.

Teignmouth back beach, Devon. by LouiseTopp

Yes, this would go well on a wall.

On a technical level, the highlights are a bit blown. It's a difficult compromise though, between highlight and shadow detail. What HDR was invented for...

Compositionally, the horizon is very central, and there's not a lot of use of the thirds - but this maybe won't matter much, because the scene is just so restful and evocative.

Just William

Just William by ChrisWallace

A beautifully-caught expression. Possibly a grandparental favourite!

A really good balance between background light and subject lighting - if you overdo the background light, you get rather awful flare effects. David Bailey has spoken about this from time to time, as he almost trademarked bright white backgrounds.

That ear troubles me - it looks the wrong colour. I don't think this is light coming through - there's not enough of the background light to do this, I reckon. I tried reducing saturation a little, and dodging, but it needs something more subtle than I can manage.

I did go for stretching the canvas a little, and I cloned out the bit of seat by his right knee.


Mirror... by kousik

Two mods coming - one square and symmetrical, one off-centre.

In both, I used levels to increase contrast.

into the wild texture

into the wild texture by Bernabedellamattia

Thsi is one of those shots that's really quite hard to critique, because there seems ot be quite a lot of processing in there, but you don't say what it is.

Inherently tricky lighting, which you've handled rather well. There are a few rather distracting highlights - odd plants that are pale and in full sun, and thse could do with toning down a bit, I'd say.

However, the low shutter speed seems to have led to a rather unsharp inage: nothing in thsi seems critically sharp, though this might have been the result of processing.

I like both the unconventional pose and the offbeat composition.

And... it is quite an odd thing to be doing, as a photographer: I have jsut written a critique of a picture which it seems you have successfully sold to a magazine...

Commercial success negates any critique, to a large degree: it doens't matter what I think, if someone is keen to buy a picture. I'm therefore interested in your reasons for posting this in the Critique Gallery.

Dales Rainbow

Dales Rainbow by dark_lord

You found a rainbow, AND somewhere to stop!

Sunrise at Shrove Beach, Donegal

Sunrise at Shrove Beach, Donegal by ladigit

The line of the cloud is certainly misleading soemone...

And the foreground is vertiginous, in a good way. I can't believe that waves aren't going to cover my feet...

River of no return

River of no return by kuipje

As Willie says, if you'd stopped down, the camera might have found a shutter speed to retain detail in the highlights. However, it's definitely a shot where checking the histogram at once, so that you can alter settings and reshoot at once is really worthwhile.

My experience, though, is that this sort of lighting will always fool the meter... A real shame, as the composition is lovely.

The Other Side

The Other Side by kaybee

I am not sure I agree that there's nothing to see... Could *reflect* on this for some time...

The Other Side

The Other Side by kaybee

I have, jsut for once, a suggestion - would moving closer to the lady, so that the reflection is not so separated from the foreground figure, make for a tighter and better composition?

I do hope you did lots of headshots - she looks like she has plenty of character there!

Golden Eagle picking up speed in flight

Golden Eagle picking up speed in flight by ugly

He's got his eye on you, very definitely...

On The Fringe

On The Fringe by kaybee

Clearly a lady of outstanding talents...

Did she get the dress in Edinburgh during August, I wonder?

Giraffe for Sunday

Giraffe for Sunday by dark_lord


Looks as if it may have been a heavy Saturday night...

Brighton Station Clock

Brighton Station Clock by photozinemag

I'm intrigued that Willie has suggested it's oversharpened: I'm not sure it isn't the result of the number of contrasty lines and the lighting. I can't see the telltale outlines that too much sharpening usually gives.

However, I am tired, and my eyes may be deceiving me.

The rotation to get the clock truly vertical is essential, and I like Moira's mods, which seem to achieve this without throwing other lines (apparently) out of kilter.


YOUMIGHTNOTLIKETHIS by youmightlikethis

The noise (in my head, it's still "grain"...) certainly adds to the abstraction.

The text... More distraction than abstraction, for me. It may depend how one's brain is wired: to read words, and work out what they mean, or just take some resonances from the individual words, and see them as another graphic?

Rather like the way some artists make pictures just of words, in different styles and sizes. Is it valid? Certainly. Does it add to the image for everyone? No.

Visually, the runner trapped between the apparently-hatted, businessman-looking figure and the pipe makes a statement. Are the reflections of the runner's legs attached to the other figure? Does the second figure want to run? Do words in the frame point up or counterpoint the picture?


Yonder! by Emilpix

Mick -

Given that you want a shot that will be a good wall picture, I think it is probably a good judgment not to wait for a boat!

The cut-off rock at bottom right is a problem - easy to address when taking the shot by moving slightly.

I offer a mod with (I hope) a more restful look, cloned, crudely, and putting the other rock nearer the thirds.

An alternative would be to have all of both rocks in shot, and have them on opposite thirds - top left/bottom right.

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