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Casual portrait

Casual portrait by Gothic

Very dim light for 1/30 @ f/5.6 and 3200 ISO!

You shot in RAW: try processing again and pulling back the highlights in Adobe Camera Raw - there's a slider in the conversion window, and it can do amazing things!

In shooting, it may be worthwhile dialling in minus half a stop compensation with a dark background. Whether you use auto or manual, you need to understand what the exposure needs to be, and how the camera is working it out. They're clever, but not always clever enough!

It's a lovely and quirky shot.

First time at sea - 1/1 in B&W

First time at sea - 1/1 in B&W by Drummerdelight

The clouds are lovely, but so much part of a different picture that they have to go, I think. I was then torn between cropping below the horizon (perfectly straight: good!) and leaving that enigmatic boat in. I went for the latter.

I wish you'd aimed slightly lower: maybe there's no more reflection lower down - but if there was, i wish it was in the frame!


Staircase by xwang

I've tried the crop that Moira suggests - a good idea, I think.

And I've done some burning in - a crude method compared with layers and stuff, but it still works for me in the darkroom, so...

The touch of trust

The touch of trust by Shubhamraje

The shot really needs the extra space above the thumb: I'd love to see the tip of the snake's tail, as well.

Very sharp for 250mm and 1/320: well done! Focus seems to be slightly more on the hand than the snake: with this sort of subject, focus is millimetre-critical, and you need to have real control of where your camera is focussing.

Excellent result, overall.

Anticipation Re-Edit

Anticipation Re-Edit by sweetart79

The sharpening has worked well on the eyes - if you control these things, I'd suggest you avoid sharpening the jumper as well - strong textures with good contrast tend to look sharper than facial details. Such processing finesse eludes me, at least until next weekend!

Mel Reflection

Mel Reflection by dunfr

Rob -

This is the sort of portraiture I love: a simple idea, carefully done and nicely presented: technically very good indeed, and (crucially for me) not processed to death.

Willie's mod is just about perfect: the only thing I'd add (and, cheekily, my mod's based on his) is to do some gentle cloning (16% opacity, soft edge) on the lines in your daughter's forehead. For taking shots like this, it's well worth checking - when a model looks upwards, there's often crinkling of the forehead, and while some models can flatten it out deliberately, others have trouble. I don't normally suggest removing or toning lines down, but where the pose causes them, or exaggerates them, I feel it's fair enough!

Maurice cleaning up "dead fall"

Maurice cleaning up "dead fall" by CPO1944

Jack - you have the finest camera available, and an excellent lens. However, your EXIF data suggests that you are not setting them to get optimum quality. Here, ISO 100 and f/8 mean that you have used a shutter speed likely to give camera shake. Raising the setting to 400 would have given higher overall quality.

Did you consciously choose all the settings - or are they partly accidental?

And, importantly, have you got the results you want?


Sandra by PatrickElsender

Lens. Stick to the 50mm. The perfect lens for your camera doing portraits.

Background. Use black, white, or grey. Colours compete and overwhelm, if you're not very careful. The wall may be enough for now: a large sheet of black velvety material would be a good investment.

Light. The ideal is mains-powered flash in softboxes. But, whatever source you use, start with one light. Add more once you've mastered that. Avoid shadows by having space between sitter and back-drop.

And concentrate on the. patter! The biggest art with all people togging is to keep them engaged, happy, relaxed. If you need to look a bit of a fool to achieve this, be silly. Have music on in the background - for peaceful relaxation, or to stimulate a mood.

This is a good starts. keep shooting!

Waiting for the bus

Waiting for the bus by sunsetskydancer

This really conveys a sense of isolation and a bit of the oddness of urban life...

Noble Sanctuary

Noble Sanctuary by Nigeve1

This is my favourite cathedral, bar none -and I was born in Lichfield. But my 3 years at Grey College converted me. Durham Cathedral dominates the City, wherever you stand. Benevolently. Solidly. This view, which you see from very close up, is unusual, hard to shoot. Worthwhile, though!


Reflection by balintn3220

Welcome to Ephotozine, Balint, and to the Critique Gallery. I hope you'll enjoy the site, and that we can provide some useful comments to help you achieve what you want to in your pictures. In this gallery, you don't get rotes or awards, but you can get advice on any problems, and ideas for new ways to approach your pictures.

You haven't said whether you think this picture has worked. I can certainly see why you took the picture-the lonely contrast of colours and textures... However, I wonder if you need quite so much of the carriage in the picture. You need the window, of course, and the door - but the rest maybe a distraction. I'm going to do a modification (which you can see by clicking the "Modifications" tab on the left below your picture, then on the thumbnail). I'm going to crop the image, to focus on the main features. please till me what you think...


"MULE" by Coen

I'll leave Willie to comment on spot metering - this has an extreme range of tones, and needs very careful processing to bring them out well.

I'm surprised by the shutter/aperture combination - it has led to a little camera shake, taking the edge off sharpness.

The shoemaker

The shoemaker by MileJanjic

One of your best, Mile!

The Ents are dancing ;-)

The Ents are dancing ;-) by IGreenGables

And so they should dance... Spring is coming!


Ouch! by mrswoolybill

Posture, yes... But good posture? Maybe!


BARC HTIW /M .DNAH by woolybill1

Please me, thank you. How are your doings? (Laurie Wyman, scriptwriter, "The Embassy Lark" - Sixties radio comedy programme...)

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