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Duncan_E's Gallery Comments

Duncan_E > Duncan_E Recent Activity > Duncan_E's Gallery Comments
Short Eared Owl by Karen_Summers

Short Eared Owl

It's coming for you! Fantastic shot.

By: Karen_Summers

Portrait by shishidog


Nice model, well lit. I'd maybe crop some of the left side off as it isn't really working and there isn't so much of it that it makes a deliberate statement. Also, might just want to touch up her cheeks and nose for the glare. Nice shot though.

By: shishidog

modern hollywood by gavrelle

modern hollywood

You've got the lighting and the processing pretty much spot on here. Think the pose is a little awkward with the neck twist, but the fingers are great and the styling is perfect.

By: gavrelle

Mysterious Lace by dannyrich

Mysterious Lace

Like this. Great design and style, well made up model and just enough light for mystery and intrigue. Very good.

By: dannyrich

Tayport West Lighthouse by billmyl

Tayport West Lighthouse

Sounds like one of those situations where it has all the elements that you want - water, sunset, lighthouse, but it's difficult to get them into the right composition for a great shot. Sometimes there simply isn't a best position and you have to get what you can. I like the sky, though it's a slightly on the bright side (on my Mac which makes things look bright btw), the lighthouse is perfectly placed but the water isn't really helping the cause here. The best I could suggest would have been to get some serious filtering going to slow the exposure right down and flatten the water out, but that may not be what you were looking for. You could try cropping off the left and bottom some more, including more sky, but then i don't know if you had any more photo to play with. All that said, I think this works and it's a good shot with a nice sky and plenty of interest.

By: billmyl

Looking Good by snapcracklenpop

Looking Good

Nice, toned model and an energetic pose and shot. Nicely done.

By: snapcracklenpop

a portrait by pascalg

a portrait

I prefer v1, think that 2 is too dark on the face and 3 is okay, but not as good as 1. What I would do is crop it from the square shape into a 2:3 aspect portrait as i feel the pose is square enough as it is. There's a little too much shoulder and the head kinda floats in the middle. By cropping off the right, it balances the photo better, so he's then looking over to the left. But it's a good shot regardless and there's plenty here to experiment with.

By: pascalg

Eilean Donan by Duncan_E

Eilean Donan

Hi Kel,

No worries, thanks for the comments. You are right, this does look grainy. I can't remember what I did with it or even whether this was deliberate or not. I might have a go at developing another version from RAW to have a look at it again. The vegetation is seaweed and the loch was full of it. You actually see less of it in this shot thanks to the short telephoto, than the wide angle shots taken at the same time.



By: Duncan_E

smoker by aleci


Love this shot and the treatment. The almost disembodied hand really adds to the starkness.

By: aleci

Moody Blues ll ... by Greyheron

Moody Blues ll ...

Love the colours and the multiple pathways in the composition, leading you to the details in the distance. First rate.

By: Greyheron

Alt Fhearnagan by almiles

Alt Fhearnagan

Unlucky on the welly, but excellent composition really draws the eye through the scene. Lots of interest. I would have, perhaps, employed an ND filter, to get an even slower shutter speed, but it's a good shot anyway.

By: almiles

Heather by fotodayz


Great shot, lovely heather and the tree really adds to the scene. The sky is a little bright, maybe worth toning that down a bit, and the area behind the tree on the horizon is a little white than the surrounding area, so maybe burn that in a bit. But a great landscape shot nonetheless.

By: fotodayz

landscape by tubby


Okay, so there's a lot of UV haze in the top of the photo, so maybe a UV filter might have helped a little with that, but far more use would have been to have had a graduated neutral density filter because the sky is much too bright compared to the ground. The water nearest the camera isn't really adding anything to the image because the reflection in it is basically white. A polariser might have helped here. The composition looks okay but I think with that watery lead in to the background it would have been worth shooting this in portrait orientation as well. Just some suggestions anyway. cheers!

By: tubby

Small waterfall by ANNDORASBOX

Small waterfall

Nice composition and it's nearly there but I'm a little confused by what you were trying to achieve with the settings. The f/22 says you wanted a slow shutter speed to smooth the water out, but then the ISO has been ramped right up to ISO6400 which has increased the shutter speed. The end result is 1/15th sec which isn't slow enough to smooth the water out, or fast enough to freeze it so you can see the droplets. Can you comment on what your intentions were?


Good morning sunshine by Cpt_Hun

Good morning sunshine

Wow, amazing, like a painting. What light and fantastic processing.

By: Cpt_Hun

Blowing in the Breeze by martin.w

Blowing in the Breeze

I like this. It's an image about layers of colour, like a cake. There's nothing particularly dramatic in the foreground, but the layers of colour invite you to look further, spotting more detail in the distance, until you arrive at the icing on top, the sky, and what a treat that is. Good stuff!

By: martin.w

in thought by mohikan22

in thought

Great splash of colour with the hair, and nice touch with the flash to just sparkle the dress and shoes. I would have cropped slightly on the right so she was more looking across the rest of the photo, but either way, a nice, reflective shot.

By: mohikan22

Thistles...V1 or V2 by kojak

Thistles...V1 or V2

I like the colours in both, but probably the second is slightly better because the sun is a little overpowering in the first.

By: kojak

Olivia by Spencer1966


Fiesty! Those eyebrows look like they were knitted on. Good to get something fresh out of a head and shoulders shot.

By: Spencer1966

walking the dog by Jon.H

walking the dog

Excellent, like stepping back in time.

By: Jon.H

Two Northern Men by Chris_L

Two Northern Men

Yep, the old made it a winner. Classic shot, well done.

By: Chris_L

Fading Light by phillG

Fading Light

Immense. Looks like the surface of an alien planet. No.2 is best for me, but this is stellar work.

By: phillG

swallowtail upcoming by senn

swallowtail upcoming

Love the first one. It's like, head down, heading for that water droplet. Just great.

By: senn

Shard by Spencer1966


I'm thinking Ghostbusters, in black and white. Very striking processing. You might want to just lighten some of the tones on the top of the tower itself as they are quite dark, but i like this.

By: Spencer1966

Kelly Anne... by Greyheron

Kelly Anne...


By: Greyheron

Constance in the Marble Hall by Scippy

Constance in the Marble Hall

Great image. Fantastic costume detail, nicely sharp and I like the background. Brave to go with the space on the right behind the subject, but the pointed arm and the fact that she is looking back pulls it together. Well done!

By: Scippy

Boudour. by A Booth


Well, I'm going to go against the grain here. I think the lighting is very nice, the model is obviously beautiful and the vintage apparel and silk sheets all go together marvellously. But... I don't think the composition works. Her head is right at the side of the photo and she is looking out and across to the advertising board, just off the bed. It makes everything cramped into that corner. The arm positioning as well signifies being held down or pressed against, yet with no-one there it looks too forced and square. All the elements are there, but I don't feel this one works. I'm sure there will be others from the shoot that work together much better.

By: A Booth

Fun in the Park by KurtSkeels

Fun in the Park

Great, fun expression - well seen - and perfectly composed for what they are doing, so great timing as well. The processing though... there's too much of a distinct border between the area surrounding the people and the background. In my opinion, this is too harsh. The actual photography is spot on.

By: KurtSkeels

The long pier by marktc

The long pier

Wow, now that's a long exposure. Great result and tone.

By: marktc

Just chilling by turniptowers

Just chilling

You have to love a cute kitty shot like this. Well executed too.

By: turniptowers