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24/10/2014 - 6:05 PM

European Horned Viper

European Horned ViperHi, I have uploaded a mod for youSmile
I have decreased the green in the grass behind by removing some cyan and yellow, adding magenta to the green (in selective colour). I also added a bit of magenta and black to the reds. Decreasing the green makes the grass less destracting and adding to the reds makes the scales on the snake more contrasting from the stone.
I reduced noise in the grassy areas only, making the foreground stand out more by having less detail in the bg (hope that makes senseTongue)
Finally I gave it a tiny smart sharpenSmile
I was tempted to crop too but decided against it as I like the curl of the tail around the stick.
Hope you like itGrin....Lovely shotSmile
07/09/2014 - 1:40 PM

Waiting for right Fish :)

Waiting for right Fish :)Nice image. I have done a mod for you, cropped off a lot that I felt was wasted space, keeping the bird slightly off center. and cloned away the stray twig, I gave it a tiny smart sharpen.
Hope you like itGrin
25/06/2014 - 12:20 PM


StepsHello, I have done a mod for you. Lovely shot, great comp and textureSmile
In levels I corrected the red level (a tiny bit under exposed) and the blue level ( tiny bit over exposed) This reduced the redness of the sand and increased the blue in the sky.
In Shadow/highlights I increased the midtone contrast, which brought out the ripples in the sand and reduced the highlights a bit to deepen the sky.
Finally I gave it a smart sharpen.
Hope you like itGrin
Channel to the sea near St Michael's MountLovely capture FredGrin
I did a mod, I have reduced the cyan in the image.... The main thing I wanted to correct apart from the cyan colour cast is the halo around the castle, it suggests to me a bit too much work reducing the highlights. But that is hard to put right without the original shot. I reduced the luminence a bit, and neutralised the colour. I reduced the noise in the sky only. I gave it a tiny smart sharpen at the end, but only a little one as it would make the halo around the castle worse.
Hope you like itGrin
06/05/2014 - 8:47 PM

Ladybug on my Oregano

Ladybug on my OreganoHello, I have done a mod for you too. As the others have said, the ladybird is your subject and I think its a bit lost in all that background. Its well focused and the exposure is good.
I did a crop on the image, rotating it at the same time to make its position better in the frame. I did slightly adjust the exposure in all colour channels. Added a bit of cyan and magenta and black to the reds to give more colour and contrast to the ladybird. I gave it a small smart sharpen. Hope you like itSmile
26/02/2014 - 2:13 PM

The Storm Clouds

The Storm CloudsHi Kate, I have done you a mod. I firstly ajusted the levels in all colour channels. I adjusted the shadow/highlights. I selected the bright area of sky on the horizon with the magic wand and darkened it very very slightly with the "burn" tool. (not a tool I use a great deal, it is quite new to me). Then I added some luminence in "Match colour" to the whole image. I then selected the rocky foreground with the magic wand, and adjusted the shadow/highlights again, just in that area, to lighten that area only.
I then added a sepia filter to replace the sepia that I had lost and gave it a smart sharpen.
Hope this helpsSmile
19/02/2014 - 1:20 PM

Snowdrops in Green Bottle

Snowdrops in Green BottleLovely work Kate, love the greeness.....although if I may say I think the greeness of the vase a bit too "lit" especially at the bottom.
As for borders, I am not personally a fan of big borders, sometimes they do work though, it depends on the image.
Ronnies comment.....It reminds me of THIS comment from "Saltireblue" and which I have been using every since! Although I do this anyway, not before uploading, just as part of processing.
Nice work KateGrin
22/01/2014 - 12:14 PM

Jurien Bay (3)

Jurien Bay (3)Hi Kate, I have done three mods showing just the effect of the deleting the different colour channels.
I havent done anything else at all. The difference is not too dramatic, but I feel the middle one is far the least suitable as it is dark and rather flat looking. My favourite is maybe the first one or the third. I did copy the image twice before I deleted the channels and started a fresh image each time as when an image is converted to mono you lose vital colour information for good. So always best to make sure you have a copy of the original image.
I could have gone on to do more processing to each mod but wanted to show you the effects of just deleting the channels.
So in each image you have red , green , and blue channels.
One image has had blue and green deleted.
One has had blue and red deleted.
And one has had red and green deleted.
Hope this helps.
23/11/2013 - 11:10 AM

Barrel Trolly

Barrel TrollyLove it Billy, great comp and detail, love the colour and the subject too.
I have done you a mod straightening the verticals in "Free transform" this has lost a little of the image from around the edges though. see what you think...
Didnt change anything else exept a small sharpen to replace any sharpness I lost in the free transform.
Great image!
25/10/2013 - 9:48 PM

Autumn Path

Autumn PathHello ...... done a mod for you, not sure what you are saying you have done, dont know anything about tone mapping or 5 bracket shotsBlush
To me it is just a bit oversaturated and oversharpened..... see the bright bluish bits on the path and in the leaves?
I just desaturated quite a bit and in selective colour (ps2) I added majenta to the green as I feel the greens should be a bit less green in an autumnal image. Adding magenta to green tones the green down.
Hope this helpsSmile
10/10/2013 - 4:37 PM

Whistable Harbour

Whistable HarbourIts a lovely image..... love the light on the boat on the right.
I am wondering why you have the exposure comp at +1 when you are taking a shot of the sun? I think if you had took it at -1 maybe you would have less blown sun and then played with the exposure in processing?
Only a suggestion thoughSmile
03/09/2013 - 7:04 PM

Early Start

Early Start
Quote: As lovely as it is, Bri, I can't get away from the red/green aberrations that appear down the side of the lighthouse along with what I have to call an inverse halo, or shaped vignette that also frames it.

I noticed this too...... Lovely capture though.
This can be corrected in photoshop by going to "Distort" then "Lens Correction" and alter the chromatic aberration.
Apologies if you already know this. I think sometimes these appear more after staightning stuffTongue
Really great shot thoughGrin
21/06/2013 - 12:34 PM


BullfinchLovely shots!V1 and V3 are my faves.
If you dont mind me saying, I think maybe you have removed some noise from the images?
If this is the case, if you remove the noise from the green only ( in this case) you would keep more detail in the bird and just remove noise from the bg, removing noise also removes detail.
I love all the tiny budsGrin
28/03/2013 - 12:40 PM

Buttermere Reflections

Buttermere ReflectionsLovely image, I love the comp, fg, and detail. In my opinion, the thing that appears a little odd is the sky, A bit too purply maybe?
27/09/2012 - 1:30 PM


tomHello Billy, Portrait images are not something I feel really up to speed on to critic but I can say that in V1the image is spoilt by cropping off the beard as this is a major part of the subjects character, the detail and light are good but the bg is a bit like a photo booth curtainTongue The subject also has a very uninterested look on his face.........................
All that said I love what you have done to V3............. Excellent work BillyGrinGrin
26/09/2012 - 5:32 PM

wreck and ruin

wreck and ruinHi Billy............. me againTongueGrin I am presuming by your V2 that you have done a bit of arty stuff to this oneWink I have done you a mod in this sort of style for you. Now I love doing this sort of stuff but not all images work with this sort of processing so be prepared to dump a lot (not the original though) and start again. Also bear in mind that the more times you open an image to edit it you lose quality.
With V2 I can see you have turned it to mono and inverted the colours. I started my mod in a similar way and then carried on playing adding colour, contrast, playing with the curves on the histogram, added some solorization etc. The thing with this sort of image is to keep your mind open to what the finished result will be, some work really well and some dont. Keep playing Billy, you are doing greatGrin
21/09/2012 - 5:49 PM


siezedHi BillyGrin Great bit of rust you have taken here, lots of crusty textures and coloursGrin
I have done you two mods, in the 1st one, I have corrected the exposure and desaturated it quite a lot after correcting the colour, I think there is a bit too much red in this, and a bit over saturated as a whole. A lot of rusty images are way over done as people think rust is all about colour, where it is also the texture. Oversaturating often takes away a lot of the texture in rust, in my opinion, better to reduce the saturation and then up the contrast a bit. There is some noise in the image, I have learnt while being on EPZ that if you reduced your ISO to 100 you wil get less noise in a close up.
I gave it a tiny noise reduction by applying a jpeg artifact remover (I have this on my software) If I applied noise reduction it Wiped off all the detail. In the second mod I have just removed more red, just to show what a difference too much red can do to a rusty image. Love photographing rust, it is all so different and there is always some rust begging for a photo shootGrinGrin Hope this helps, Look forward to your next rusty shot!
06/07/2012 - 1:16 PM

rural cottage

rural cottageHello Billy, Nice set. I am presuming that V2 is the processed of V1, and that V4 is the processed of V3?
V2 is fine improvement on V1 so I have done a mod on V3 (I am presuming this is original) anyway, you have made some improvement in V4 but you have cropped away the over exposed sky which I feel affects the composition. So I have altered the exposure of the sky using the graduation curves of the histogram and fiddled with the saturation, colour balance and contrast till I felt happier with it. I then corrected the horizon a fraction, but it is hard to see the correct horizon for the mist ( this is not a critisim, the mist looks good) and finally gave a small sharpen. Hope you like it, and hope this helps. I have noticed a definate improvement in your images lately, good workGrin
06/06/2012 - 2:01 PM

two in one

two in oneHello Billy, I have done a mod for You too, I have croppped away some of the bg to give a fuller frame, a lot of the bg was not needed, I rotated the image just slightly and altered the exposure and colour a little and finished with a sharpen, Hope you like it, but I do like Martins mod, looks great with the borderGrin
15/05/2012 - 10:40 AM

Day After Day, Alone on a Hill

Day After Day, Alone on a HillGreat shot, love the comp and grass, it almost looks like astro turfGrin I have done two mods for you, The first in colour, I rotated a bit to take the curve into the corner of the image, I slightly altered the colour adding a touch of red that gave a bit more drama to the sky, gave a touch of contrast and brightness and then altered the graduation curves of the histogram slightly to add more drama to the sky then a little sharpen last of all. I have also done a mono version, after converting to mono I aded a tiny bit of red and blue to give a slight hue to the B&W. Hope you like themGrin
Nice imageSmile