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fishiee's Gallery Comments

fishiee > fishiee Recent Activity > fishiee's Gallery Comments
Bath White by NigelKiteley

Bath White

Super detailed shot Nigel. Really like the complimentary background colour with this!

Is it just me or does it have exceptionally long antennae??

By: NigelKiteley

Garden Companion by Terry L

Garden Companion

Super detailed shot and great colours. You get some pretty good depth of field with that setup!

Lovely to see these in late summer, but at the same time it is a reminder that autumn is fast approaching!

By: Terry L

Rose Sawfly (Arge pagana) Larva by Andy_brown

Rose Sawfly (Arge pagana) Larva

Great colours and details. The posture of these on the leaves always fascinates me, sollong as they aren't on my roses!!

By: Andy_brown

Adonis Blue 2014 No 1 by tomcat

Adonis Blue 2014 No 1

A real stunner!!

By: tomcat

Almost There by ali63

Almost There

Love the composition!

That's either extreme birding with a macro lens, or you had the good sense to pack the macro as well as telephoto lenses when you went out birding Smile

By: ali63

Escher's Blue by NigelKiteley

Escher's Blue

Super detailed shot Nigel! I should make more of an effort with the blues in Europe. There are so many very similar to common blues that I often overlook them while looking for the more obviously different species!

By: NigelKiteley

Chalk-Hill Blue Aberation by BenKiteley

Chalk-Hill Blue Aberation

Super sharp shot Ben. I tend to see quite a few aberrations in chalk hill blues down my way and this year has been particularly good for them. Not sure why thereshould be so frequently seen in these. Maybe just because there are so many of them you have more chance of finding a funny one or two!

By: BenKiteley

praying mantis by sarasij

praying mantis

Excellent shot of a stunning Mantid! I have a bit of a think about Mantids though don't get to see the interesting one in my travels as much as I'd like to. This one is quite striking and captured exceptionally well as depth of field is often a struggle with these since they're quite chunky!

I'd maybe have been tempted to try lightening the background a little to see if the antennae could then stand out a little more as the top one does blend with the dark background a little.

By: sarasij

I'm this big! by CarolG

I'm this big!

Now that is one serious spider!!

By: CarolG

Chestnut Heath - (Coenonympha glycerion) by Andy_brown

Chestnut Heath - (Coenonympha glycerion)

Doesn't look too bad considering the lens was half falling apart at the time! If only we had a few of these more exotic looking heaths in the UK!

By: Andy_brown

Marbled White by NigelKiteley

Marbled White

Awesome shot. Great composition and stunning contrasting colours!

By: NigelKiteley

Apollo by NigelKiteley


A beauty captured to perfection. Possibly my favourite butterfly of all.

Seen plenty today at the end of 2 weeks in the Swiss alps. I've been away from the alps so long I forgot how special this place is.

By: NigelKiteley

Silver Washed Fritillary by NigelKiteley

Silver Washed Fritillary

A stunner Nigel! Never found one of these down on the ground before. You've shown off its beauty to perfection!

By: NigelKiteley

Large Blue basking by Glostopcat

Large Blue basking

Super open winged shot. Never managed one myself. Must check out this place next year as it seems collard hill didn't do so well this year and they are both about the same distance from me.

On my last night of a 2 week holiday in the swiss alps and have been rather spoiled with these the past 2 weeks!

By: Glostopcat

Spanish Marbled White by NigelKiteley

Spanish Marbled White

Stunning shot of a stunning butterfly. One on species that has been on my wish lust for a while. Guess I need to go to Spain then!

By: NigelKiteley

Lily Beetle by Franko59

Lily Beetle

Lovely shot! They do make a bit of a mess of the lillies so I get rid of them which is a shame in a way as they are quite stunning. Before you do, pick one up and hold it to your ear - they let off quite a loud squeak! My solution for removal is my size 11 shoe I must confess!

By: Franko59

Dingy Skipper by Andy_brown

Dingy Skipper

Went back again this morning. Bit breezy! Found several fresh dukes in some sheltered spots bear the entrance gate. Hopeless everywhere else. Tried that other place first and saw hardly anything. Excellent shelter from the wind but needed the sun which wasn't out while I was there.

Saw a couple of common blues at Charlton down after work Friday and several roosted dingy and grizzled skippers.

By: Andy_brown

Green Hairstreak by NigelKiteley

Green Hairstreak

Damn that's good!!

By: NigelKiteley

Adonis Blue Male by fishiee

Adonis Blue Male

Hi Tim. I think some cloud came over so they settled for a while, sun came out again and I then had just a brief time where he sat with wings wide open before he was off again. Trouble is they always want to be parallel to the sun so you have do some kind of yoga moves to get as close as parallel to their wings and at the same time keeping your shadow out of the way!!

By: fishiee

Orange Fusion by celestun

Orange Fusion

Ah I remember that moment well! Smile won't be long till festoon time now there! Smile

By: celestun

Sunset Orange by celestun

Sunset Orange

Super shot Tim and well deserved potw! Superb composition and lighting.

Good to see you posting again and I see the meet up in spring encouraged you to point the camera at the butterflies some more Smile

Things are starting to start in the UK now. Saw my first two brimstones of the year on Sunday. Won't be long now before the orange tips are about hopefully!!!

By: celestun

creating the future generation by CarolG

creating the future generation

Lovely shots though not sure they were actually 'at it'. You have a blue on the left but the one on the right is actually a brown argus!

By: CarolG

Adonis Blue by Andy_brown

Adonis Blue

Very nice indeed! I have to be careful now that I don't upload the same images since we spent quite a bit of time out together this year. I think this is one you spotted.

Hopefully the re-introduction will take hold and we'll have plenty more come next May!

By: Andy_brown

Scarce Copper by fishiee

Scarce Copper

Except for that damn great dust spot I just noticed bottom left now the sun's gone in!

By: fishiee

Purple Sapphire by arindomb

Purple Sapphire

Now that's one stunning buterfly! Think I want to go visit India. Buterflies and Tigers can't be bad! Smile

By: arindomb

Blue Banded Bee by arindomb

Blue Banded Bee

That's one stunning looking bee and a very impressive capture!

By: arindomb

Adonis Blue by NigelKiteley

Adonis Blue

Super shot Nigel. Not seen these in the UK for a few years as they're a bit thin on the ground in Hampshire. Might sneak into Wiltshire Saturday and have a look for a few at a site I've read about.

By: NigelKiteley

Meadow Browns by NigelKiteley

Meadow Browns

LOL my thoughts exactly. Great stamina! Cracking shot

By: NigelKiteley

Brown Hairstreak by mattberry

Brown Hairstreak

An absolute stunner Matt... Damn you!!! Tongue

Hope to have another crack at these the weekend of the forecast holds true. As you say, the end is nigh, but what a turnaround to last year. It's impressive how well most species have recovered this year, at least in my part of the world. Looks good for 2014! Smile

By: mattberry

Female Brown Hairstreak by fishiee

Female Brown Hairstreak

Thanks for the comments Smile

Nigel - agreed. Was planning a return visit this Saturday but that looks a right off. The following Saturday however looks to be on at the moment. I got a few other shots but no real stunners. Saw 11 seperate individuals which is not bad. Most others only saw about 2-3 but I know a few spots away from the crowds Smile

There's a site for Adonis Blue not far away. Not seen one of those since moving to Hampshire. Didn't really give them a second look in Kent as they were at most sites where I'd see the regular blues but in Hampshire there's practically none of them!

Not seen any reports of second broods yet but they must be out soon hopefully!

By: fishiee