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hobbo's Gallery Comments

hobbo > hobbo Recent Activity > hobbo's Gallery Comments
the green door by iscaphotos21

the green door

This has a wonderful sense of........Impressionist Art.........a door hinted at rather than in sharp focus, the colour range is very beautiful.

A wall hanger .......definitely!


By: iscaphotos21

Jeff by abeeror2


A top class mono Portrait........excellent focus and lighting.


By: abeeror2

Night Creepers by cats_123

Night Creepers

A good capture.

But I detest anyone who lowers themselves to deface a natural rockface.....or any other surface fir that matter.


By: cats_123

Catch of the day by driesied

Catch of the day

I really like this, it is a beautifully lit scene, very close to the light in many well known paintings.

I fee that some experimentation, with tighter crops to totally lose the sky and to lose some of the sea from the sides with classic composition in mind?


By: driesied

Faith by iainhamiltonphotography


A superb portrait of a fantastic model, hence my award.


By: iainhamiltonphotography

Soft Mist by taggart

Soft Mist

My kind of shot.........beautifuly crafted.


By: taggart



Thank you again, all for the very positive response and for the awards.......all very encouraging;


By: hobbo

Ninety Nine Pence Portrait by hobbo

Ninety Nine Pence Portrait

Many thanks for the kind comments folks, especially for the User Award......I have a lot to thank my subject for too, he was a natural.


By: hobbo

Tomato by HelenaJ


A beautifully simple creation, hrlped by the crisp sharpness, good composition, and lack of distracting background.


By: HelenaJ

Art gallery by davidpiano92

Art gallery

Great photo!

East Ender's Faces though Wink

Not a fan of graffiti!


By: davidpiano92

Aged by Armakk


Beautifully done.....

Your well crafted shot brought back many memories for me..........why?

.......Many moons ago, I was a carpenter/joiner employee by a long established small town family building firm........one of our most regular jobs was to renew all the sash cords in most of the old Georgian and victorian properies over a very wide area.

The Georgian sash window fitting were always solid brass, beautifully designed, most still work perfectly today, many of the very large sash windows hung on special chains.

Thanks for the memories.


By: Armakk

What was that?, she asked by Potra

What was that?, she asked

Wasn't there one of those in........THE YELLOW SUBMARINE?

One eyed ( currently)


By: Potra



She is sixteen going on seventeen Ray, spends most of the day sleeping now......here, she had just woken up and was gathering her thoughts.

At other times she gallops about like a kitten, loves to chase a ping-pong ball up and down the stairs, then crashes out again Wink

Cats?........You can't beat 'em?


By: hobbo

'This is my garden!' by meandbruno

'This is my garden!'

I didn't think I would ever see a moggie very very similar to our...Tinke?.......a mottled coated blue-eyed Birman with incredible spirit and detrmination......shese 16 now.

You will find her in my portfolio.


By: meandbruno

Alien by Franko59


It is almost certainly a Nomad Bee,they make a nest for around three eggs, after they are laud, they fill it with pollen, then seal the entrance, with mud and saliva that sets hard, the youngsters emerge some weeks later.

How do I know this?

I have a couple of half logs specially drilled to encourage them, Bees of all kinds need our help currently, they are the main pollinators.

Look up.....Nomad Bees..

I might have a shot of mine in my portfolio?


By: Franko59

RUFF ! by hobbo


Thank you all for your positive reactions, and for the Award.

The owner will receive a print in due course.


By: hobbo



Hi, Pablo,

Thank you very much for your excellent comments regarding this post, you have almost read my mind......I toyed with all the crop suggestion you made........then decided to leave things as they were.

But now you have confirmed many of the changes are required, I will return to the original to experiment with cropping to get maximum impact from my main subject.


By: hobbo

Kiss by gaborfoto


A wonderful High Key study.


By: gaborfoto

Summer wine by gaborfoto

Summer wine

A very classy Portrait this.......the Title suits it beautifully:


By: gaborfoto

Booty Shakin by happysnapperman

Booty Shakin

Nothing wrong with the photograph.....but.

She should have been done for indecent exposure in a public place.........No, Im not a prude, but an increasingly concerned grandfather.......


What she is doing is as bad, or worse than a guy exposing himself in public.

A high pressure hose would be my answer.


By: happysnapperman

In the Net by helenlinda

In the Net

A superb creation, that has full marks, plus, a User Award from me........Inspirational!


By: helenlinda

A 40s family by retec

A 40s family

A great retro look to this......but.......

As a real wartime kid, I don't recall a single child who wore a flat cap, that is more Edwardian and WWI.......sad to spot too that the same lad is wearing Velcro fastened footwear.

This is meant as an honest critique, not to upset the photographer or the little family who made a real effort on the day.

Having done re enactments and having been a kid during the War I perhaps notice more than most.


By: retec

Concentric by NevP


A good strong portrait, I like the angle it has been taken at.


By: NevP

h by Dismorfic


A very beautifully crafted portrait.


By: Dismorfic

The Hut Revisited 2014 by DamonPaulHallsworth

The Hut Revisited 2014

I can agree with you entirely, I too had a similar experience when I first took up serious digital photography on full retirement 15 years ago.

Since then, thanks to input from forum members here and elsewhere, I have developed photography skills I could have only dreamt of back then.

Nowadays, a camera is welded to my chest wherever I go, plus a little PANASONIC LX5 in a jacket pocket, never mind my phone camera.

Photography has completely changed my life for different reasons, I too would rescue my camera first if threatened.

You photograph here, has that..........Timeless/Classical ......feel, very similar to early works by film photographers.

Long may you and your photography continue.


By: DamonPaulHallsworth

GOLDEN BOY by hobbo


Thank you for all the votes and kind comments folks.........the Macro world is a fascinating place, I keep on returning to take another look.


By: hobbo

David Warner by jondemon666

David Warner

A cracking portrait of a very fine actor.......

Many, many moons ago, my good lady and I were members of the same amateur company he was in when he was in his acting infancy, we still have pics of him acting with her in the same play.

Happy Days!


By: jondemon666

Ant Farm by hunter031072

Ant Farm

You have done very well here, excellent focus.

I use a SONY Alpha 55 with a dedicated SONY2.8-100 macro lens, to acquire similar shots, during the past year or two I have come up with a winning formulae for most of my macro shots ( see my portfolio of examples)

My DIY Snoot flash reflector/diffuser consists of a Pound Shop plastic cereal box with the bottom cut with a door- like opening to fit tightly over my Speedlight.

The top inside of the container is lined with kitchen foil, just inside the front end inside the top, I have glued a small plastic mirror that increases the light to where it is needed. The lid of the box can be on or off depending upon the diffusion required, I leave it off now and use white paper towel as a diffuser if taking something shiny.

I have learned that despite quite a bit if advice to the contrary, I can successfully use AUTO FOCUS.....it is extremely fast and efficient on the Sony kit, there can be a little bit of hunting by the lens, but not much different to rocking back and forth yourself whith camera set to Manual.

My standard settings which seem to work every time with this set up are......depending upon ambient light..

Aperture 9 to 16 Shutter 160th ISO Between 200-400. Flash to highest level for a start.

Macro is a deep and fascinating photographic challenge......enjoy?


By: hunter031072

I Could Not Help It by sweetpea62

I Could Not Help It


To both ladies, for taking a swim and a walk for excercise ...........


By: sweetpea62

Hotel Roof by Aldo Panzieri

Hotel Roof

I like this a lot Aldo, especially for a guy the same vintage as myself, you have a keen eye for colour and shape and you have brought all three together here beautifully.

I posted a similar roofscape a year or so back, From the Universtity of Warwick, England, I too saturated the colours to add impact......you should find it in my portfolio.


By: Aldo Panzieri