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Bluebell Impressions

Bluebell Impressions by dunfr

The effect on the left is very attractive. I agree with Willie that the centre area looks odd. I would like to see the whole picture with same effect.
I don't know how you achieved the image, an explanation would be good.


Emma Lucas

Emma Lucas by TonyBrooks

Lovely capture

Want Some Knuckle, Bud!

Want Some Knuckle, Bud! by paulbroad

Good one, might be you getting a bunch of fives if she spotted you!!!!



Blencathra by Nigeve1

Nice scene.
On my screen it does not look in need of much sharpening.
Any attempt at sharpening using various methods and blending modes seems to result in halos.
Did you do an input sharpening in Adobe RAW? Then leave output sharpening until you resize for print size or screen.

It does look better with an increase in mid tone contrast in levels.
The mod looks over sharpened on my screen.

Using a large res camera does require new techniques as you are discovering.


African Skies

African Skies by Stevehirschphotography

A good sky capture.
You don't have any camera setting showing but I guess you captured in jpeg.
This is a great sky and a better image was possible with more advanced techniques.
The sky has burnt out fairly badly. In my experience if a RAW capture had been used with less exposure in camera much of the sky detail would have survived. The ground area would be dark due to under exposure but (even with out masking) shadows could be recovered in camera raw processing Other wise two images could be made in camera raw software and merged.
I'm going have a play and try a mod



Donkeys by yorki50

What a lovely photo. Lots of appeal.
Maybe would be better if you had made the capture a little earlier so all three heads could be viewed fully. I don't mean head on but just at a bit more of an angle so as to see all their eyes.
Colour is good. The image is not very sharp but that may be due to you reducing pixel size for the internet.
There is a little movement showing in the legs due to a fairly slow shutter speed but that's ok with this subject.
I'll try a mod with a little sharpening and an increase in mid tone contrast (levels in photoshop)


Selling My Soul

Selling My Soul by harryw

Looks quite well put together.
Sorry but apart from the obvious the story escapes me. I have read the writing.

Hope others will be more enlightened and be able to post more helpful advice.



Dead by olamii97

This has limited appeal to me and, i would guess, most viewers.
Looks OK photographical but without camera data there is only limited opportunities to comment on techniques.
Composition is OK.


Pensive by banehawi



Lost by olamii97

Interesting image but one I feel was created to your personal thoughts and understanding. It is more difficult for a viewer seeing the photo for the first time to understand what it is about.
Photographically it's probably ok and will meet your intentions. The two objects on a dusty table with mainly darkness beyond?
Photographic composition (or as a painting) in my view, it does not work at all well. The circle is too central in the frame. The object or view through the hole is insignificant and the statuette mainly hidden.
The positioning may mean something to you but as a viewer I'm left wondering what it's about.
You are not posting any camera details, exposure, aperature etc. The lack of detail makes it difficult to give advice.
I'm a fairly shallow person. I hope you get someone on site who may have a better understating of this type of usual image and give more helpful advice.


Off the wall......

Off the wall...... by billmyl

Good one, a pretty interesting photo, as said typical of what can be seen in some areas of Paris.
I can't suggest much to change in the original, lights a bit flat but image is mainly about content in this case.
I've done a mod with BW conversion with slight crop to 10x8 format. . I'm not suggesting this is an improvement, rather another look at the same scene.
I have personally found BW suits Paris due to greys and beiges that predominate the buildings and landscape.
Well done for finding some colour here.


Bridge/lock scene

Bridge/lock scene by Nick_G

Good capture of an attractive scene. Excellent composition with nice reflections too.
Photographically it looks pretty good with realistic colours and sharp focus.
Improvements might include a few swans of duck well placed, or a narrow boat leaving the lock.
You could clone out those bits of orange on the gates and the part of the mooring post in the fore ground
Otherwise in my view spot on.


Cuban Caddilac

Cuban Caddilac by IainHamer

Like it


Busker by billmyl

I like this photo, Good capture.
It looks sharp and the colours are good.
Better in colour as I think the BW looks a touch flat. I will try a mod.

You cropped from the full capture, maybe more from the right hand side would balance better.
Was he also singing? Open mouths add to images of buskers. There is slight movement on his strumming hand, or may it's not quite sharp.(due to depth of field, focus or aperture used) This is good and slower shutter speeds can be used to show hand movement adding a dynamic feel to an image.

He looking a his hand which is fine. Eye contact can look better still.


ugly but interesting...

ugly but interesting... by EveLine1

It is an interesting photo in as much as it shows traditional building style. Also the pots in the window add to the image.
It looks well composed.
I've done a mod reducing the effect of the slight over exposure and also increasing mid tone contrast to give (maybe) a little more 'bite' to the photo.

I'm not sure what how you might have added more drama without including a traditional looking person who could have added to the cultural aspects of the image.



Tulip by Sylviwhalley

all very nice.
V2 for me. In my view the best composition coupled with detail (no burnt out areas)


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