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Jestertheclown's Activity

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Back in time

Back in time by laantre

I too would never have realised that this was a composite, so you've obviously got that right!
The processing and final overall colour may not be to everyone's taste but it works well for me.
As for the compositon, well, I quite famously disregard the so-called rules, so I'm quite OK with the central(ish) position, although John's mod. is good.
Hope this helps.

"In memory of Winston"

"In memory of Winston" by Coen

Quote: He died 50 years ago today

The day the Empire died.


Bridge&trees by xwang

Hi Jas!
Surreal and ethereal with a bridge to, well, who knows . . . ?
I don't usually like this kind of thing but this is a real exception.
If I was to change anything, it would be to crop just a bit from the RHS to put the outer edge of the handrail in the corner and lose that first tree but that's only my opinion.
A terrific shot.

See-Through Frock

See-Through Frock by Mozzytheboy

It's worked, hasn't it ! ?


Thistle by Mozzytheboy

Different, isn't it . . . ?

Feed me!!

Feed me!! by kathrynlouise

The opportunity of a lifetime and certainly something that I've never done.

(Although I did once get to lean on the nose of a white rhino!)

Lancing Chapel

Lancing Chapel by alanbalkham

Lancing College and the old Toll bridge.
I can remember when that bridge carried two way traffic.
The story goes that a bus was once blown over the side. I'm not sure that that's actually true but it's gone down in Sussex folklore.
Not that any of that helps,I'm afraid!

Snow 2

Snow 2 by kathrynlouise

Hi Kathryn,
This is good but despite the histogram telling me otherwise, it's a little underexposed.
Your camera's meter has tried to "see" the snow as mid-grey, rather than white and has set an exposure accordingly. Possibly made worse by using "Programme?" You'll fare better using "Aperture."
Also, the -0.3 that you have dialled in hasn't helped.
To expose for a shot like this, with a fair amount of snow, you needed to dial in some deliberate overexposure. Perhaps as much as a full stop, in some cases, to allow for the meter's misreading.
Try using black and white "thresholds" in curves on the image above and you'll see what I mean.
There's a really great shot in there. It just neds a little help!

Hope this helps.


And good luck for tomorrow!

Tis Chilly!

Tis Chilly! by Mozzytheboy

Another excellent shot Mike and full marks for finding it.
As before and even with that +0.33, it's a bit underexposed, meaning that the tones are flattened slightly.
It may be that 'Programme' mode is the culprit. Try 'Aperture' perhaps? I know you know how to!
Anyway, a threshold adjustment using curves does the trick.


Snow! by kathrynlouise

Great shot Kathryn and good luck with Thursday.

Please let us know how you get on.


Helleborus by Mozzytheboy

Hi again Mike,
Some really good colours in there.
It's just a shade underexposed but only a shade and given that the camera was pointing towards the sky that's no surprise.
In fact, it's done a good job, getting it almost exactly right.
I find the second flower. on the left, is a bit of a distraction but there's some rim lighting on the main one which adds some separation.
Did you consider any other crops? A square one's the obvious one but there's also an 8x10 in there, losing most of the left hand side.
Hope this helps.

Potterhanworth Church

Potterhanworth Church by Mozzytheboy

Hi Mike,
Somehow, I seem to have missed this one.
Once again, That new camera impresses me with its performance.
I don't know how much you've done to this by way of processing; not much if I know you as well as I think I do but it's sharp and given that the light and weather were most certainly not on your side, the colours look natural.
It's a shade underexposed. I used "levels" (an "S" curve would also do the trick) and pulling the right hand slider in to meet the graph livens it up a bit; moving the centre one a whisker to the right boosts the contrast which, I think, also helps.
Well done my friend.

Reality & The drops of dew on the spider's web..........

Reality & The drops of dew on the spider's web.......... by SvetAriadne

Quote: If you look at the blog of EPZ member jestertheclown he has an easy technique for doing this.

Almost Willie.

Since I no longer bother much with this site, I'm now blogless.
However, the "invisible watermark" technique is here.

. . . and here.

Personally, although they both work, I prefer the second method.
You'll find that doing it the way of that first link, there can be a tendency for the mark to show through.

Hope this helps.


Blue Tit

Blue Tit by ali63

Nice but it's about a stop underexposed.


Texting! by paulbroad

At last . . . !

The elusive man and his dog . . . !

Seriously Paul, you know my views on the 'thirds' nonsense, so this composition is fine in my book.
Also, I'd leave the spot of light on his specs.
A certain Mr. McFade once said that if something was there when you took the shot, unless it looks a if a tree's growing from someone's ear; leave it there.
I agree with him.


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