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Jestertheclown's Gallery Comments

Jestertheclown > Jestertheclown Recent Activity > Jestertheclown's Gallery Comments
Not My Type by danbrann

Not My Type

Quote: I learned to read upside down and the wrong way round as a youngster in newspapers many years ago when lead type was still in use.

Likewise, although I had to do it using the Polish language, including about half a dozen accented characters.

Good as this shot is though, the guy in it, is standing the wrong side of that type and he's got the stick upside down, in the wrong hand.

By: danbrann

Daffodils outside Ripon Cathedral by xwang

Daffodils outside Ripon Cathedral

The colours here are really flat Jas.
I've increased the exposure by a full two stops (using CS6) and it's still not showing any signs of over exposing.
Also it's lacking contrast and it's very yellow.. I've made adjustments using curves but all I get is a somehow surreal image.
I see that you used spot metering and I'm wondering what it was that you metered from?
Personally, I almost never use "spot." In this instance, I'd probably have used "centre weighted" and metered from the central, most prominent daf., although "matrix" would, I think, work just as well.
Hope this helps; sorry if it all sounds a bit negative.

By: xwang

A nice BSA - same place same day by graybags55

A nice BSA - same place same day

A10 - A65 . . . ?

There was a time when I could tell them apart a block away!

By: graybags55

Intent! by paulbroad


It certainly works for me Paul.

By: paulbroad

Easter Bunny by StrayCat

Easter Bunny

Quote: Taken today in our garden.

And now under some pastry, in the oven . . . ?

By: StrayCat

Cockatiel by pluckyfilly


A pleasant enough shot of the bird Ann but what on earth has happened just right of centre . . . ?

By: pluckyfilly

On the printer... by xwang

On the printer...

I can indeed read it Jas.
My profession; the one that I trained for five years to perfect, is that of a compositor.
My job was to work with type, just as this, to produce printed documents.
The way to read it, particularly when you're working with it, is to turn it so that it's updide down to you; ie. the top of the page is closest.
That way, it still reads from left to right.
I can still read "mirror writing," which it effectively is, as quickly and easily as I can read normal text.
With a little practice, it takes a surprisingly short time to learn.

There you are . . .
. . . some more useless information!

By: xwang

Weaver Weaving by StrayCat

Weaver Weaving

This is much better Denny.

By: StrayCat

Jackrabbit2 by StrayCat


Hi Denny,
This is good but it still has that somewhat 'washed out' look that the previous ones had and there's still that slight cast.

By: StrayCat

Northern Flicker by StrayCat

Northern Flicker

This is certainly sharp enough Denny and there's plenty of detail.
I was going to suggest that it's over exposed slightly but upon opening it in CS6, I was surprised to see that the histogram actually falls quite well short of the RHS.
Not sure what to make of that.

By: StrayCat

Tunnel 7 by KangaRU

Tunnel 7

A place that really is as horrible as it looks . . .

. . . except for the lifts.

By: KangaRU

Parakeet by pluckyfilly


Hi Ann,
A few issues with your background, I fear.

By: pluckyfilly

local enduro racing by topcatz

local enduro racing

My kind of shot!
John's pretty much said it all.
I'd just add that it benefits from a slight increase in contrast. The histogram falls just short of the LHS.
Using curves, I applied black and white thresholds, in my mod.
Hope this helps.

By: topcatz

My angel by kathrynlouise

My angel

Hi Kathryn,
Do you have a "pay me" page again?

By: kathrynlouise

Staircase in The John Rylands Library by xwang

Staircase in The John Rylands Library

Hi Jasmine,

I can see the merits of both of your versions and why you chose to modify the original.

Personally, I think I'd be inclined to find a middle road; something that displays more detail than the original, yet not quite so low key(ish) as your modded version.

Hope this helps.


By: xwang

Riot by JeffHubbardPhotography


Quote: The cops here would grab the camera and keep the images for themselves.

Would they . . . ?

By: JeffHubbardPhotography

Poppy beauble by LouiseTopp

Poppy beauble

Hi Louise,

As Willie says; I'd leave it alone.


By: LouiseTopp

Parakeet on-route to Everest by pluckyfilly

Parakeet on-route to Everest

Means business, I'd say . . . !

By: pluckyfilly

Trophy by strokebloke


That's brilliant Jack.

Obviously, the woodwork's all your own doing but did you turn the pellet too?


By: strokebloke

Balmashanner War Memorial 2 by billmyl

Balmashanner War Memorial 2

It's good but I'd crop a bit from the bottom.

Also, (and it's easily fixed) there's a tiny bit of something; I think it's a leaf, in the top left hand corner.


By: billmyl

Man-Monsters by iancrowson


Works for me Ian.

As Willie says, I think that in this case, the movement is an asset.


By: iancrowson

Red Kites by kathrynlouise

Red Kites

Hi Kathryn,
I have these living in the wild on the Downs behind where I live and we get a regular visitor over the school at about lunchtime, nearly every day, as one of them searches for food. The children don't seem to be very interested but the staff love watching it.
Quite often, it will circle just above the rooftop.
I did get a few shots of it once but they suffered in much the same way that yours has insomuch as, even using my 55-300mm. and D90, the bird was always too far away to get anything reasonable.
Still, it's good to see you'er having a go at something new.
Take care,

By: kathrynlouise

At The Carwash by ade_mcfade

At The Carwash

Quote: They've tidied it up and it wasn't quite as dark this time

. . . and you were both sober this time!

By: ade_mcfade

Golden Weaver by StrayCat

Golden Weaver

Hi Denny,
A well taken shot, given the circumstances.
As you're already aware,the on-board flash hasn't done you any favours but there's plenty of detail in the plumage and everything that should be, is in focus.
I use a Meike MK 300 speedlite, which is effectively a poor man's SB 400, in almost every shot, day or night. It will never light up a large room but as a fill flash and for this type of situation, it's excellent.

By: StrayCat

Old cameras by xwang

Old cameras

I've got an "Ensign Ful-Vue," twin lens reflex which I've managed to date as having been produced between 1950 and 1953.

It's still got film in it!

By: xwang

old faithful 2 by jocas

old faithful 2

Quote: that's a new one on me !!

Same here.

I recognise its aliases though!

By: jocas

Orange or Yellow by Mozzytheboy

Orange or Yellow

Hi Mike.
I love that processing.
I've got a similar(ish) shot that I took a couple of years ago, of a bright red rose but with the entire background to a negative.
With regard to your shot, my old moan about underexposure rears its head again and maybe I'd tone down the brighter grey bits in the background but other than that I think it really works.

By: Mozzytheboy

old faithful by jocas

old faithful

Quote: maybe CZ or Jawa ??

That was my first thought.
I'm not sure about that logo either.
Whatever it is, it must struggle to drag that sidecar along.

By: jocas

Last Night's Snowfall by StrayCat

Last Night's Snowfall

Is this how it came from the camera Denny?

It's quite a bit overexposed..

By: StrayCat