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Jestertheclown's Gallery Comments

Jestertheclown > Jestertheclown Recent Activity > Jestertheclown's Gallery Comments
T Bucket by xleex

T Bucket

I've been looking at these car and bike shots and some of the vehicles are pretty impressive.
Sadly though, I'm not a fan of the processing; I'm assuming it's HDR?
I'd really like to see the originals.


By: xleex

German Mono wing aircraft by ugly

German Mono wing aircraft

Me. (Later Bf.) 108. "Taifun."

Reconnaissance/transport light aircraft.

By: ugly

Cat by adonoghue


I'd never have thought of using a ringflash for a shot like this.

The fact is, I've never used a ringflash in my life but I rather like the effect that it's created.

By: adonoghue

History in bronze by adamsa

History in bronze

I recognised this as son as I saw it.
I've got a number of similar shots that I took there last year and I'd be the first to agree that it's not a simple subject to photograph well.
Being indoors, there's no natural light in the accepted sense and although the station's well lit, it is very artificial.
Very, very, diffused flash can help but beware of blown highlights.
Willie mentions white balance; I'll go against the flow here and say that I use AWB every time and adjust it later and in this instance, that might be the way to go. I don't think that there's a pre-set WB that's really designed to cope with what you're dealing with here.


By: adamsa

Gypsy Moth by lawbert

Gypsy Moth

Are you sure that's not a "Tiger Moth?"

By: lawbert

From nowhere to anywhere by IGreenGables

From nowhere to anywhere

I've just downloaded and opened this in Lightroom with no trouble at all.
Also, there's nothing to be gained by saving your image at 600ppi.
Provided the pixel dimensions; ie. the length and breadth of the image are correct, in this case, 1000px. on the longest side, the ppi. figure that you enter will make no difference to the way in which it's displayed on a monitor.

By: IGreenGables

its called a Hodo by unk001

its called a Hodo

The horizon's not straight.

By: unk001

Building @ Sanchi by vikaskhair

Building @ Sanchi

The correction, if that's the right word, of verticals is always open to debate as it's such a subjective idea.
It's only possible to get verticals truly vertical if the lens's front element is itself vertical and exactly parallel in the vertical plane to the subject and even then, there's likely to be some distortion around the edges.
When you're shooting across, or up (or both!) at a subject you'll almost always encounter some distortion due to perspective which can't really be completely got rid of. Pulling one corner outwards will cause the middle to distort, for example. It's really a case of making adjustments until it "looks right."
In reality, of course, we see perspective in everything at which we look. It's just that our brains tell us not to notice it.
Personally, unless it's extreme, I rarely touch the verticals in my images. Doing so can so easily make matter worse.
But as I say, it's subjective.

By: vikaskhair

Beacon by IGreenGables


Has anyone opened this in Photoshop?
I've no ideas why this should be but I've just done so and the image that opens is nothing like the one I see here.
Without making any changes at all, the exposure's better; it's still slightly underexposed but nowhere near as much as it is here, contrast is far more accurate and there's detail throughout the shot.
Applying thresholds improves both exposure and contrast and lifts that detail.
I didn't do so but I also think that the twigs in the foreground could be cropped and cloned out.
Also, Photoshop is telling me that this is saved at 600ppi. There's no need to save at anywhere near that size.
I've uploaded a mod. but unfortunately, the uploading process has degraded it.
The detail that was apparent through the middle has reverted to blackness again and the sky's become burned out. I've no idea why that should have happened either, although it's not the first time.
I have to suspect that there's a connection between the degraded mod. and the suddenly improved appearance when I opened the shot in Photoshop in the first place.

By: IGreenGables

The calm ( in colour) by Madoldie

The calm ( in colour)

Can't really help, I'm afraid.
I'm not sure what that spot is.
Flare perhaps?
There's no obvious localised source of light and I'd have expected to see more than one spot.
And not right in the centre.

By: Madoldie

ed2go Assignment 2 - my lily by wyewye

ed2go Assignment 2 - my lily


As Paul says, have a go; have dozens of goes and see what you prefer. With practice, you'll find that flash will improve some shots and not others.

Personally, I use a small hotshoe flash which remains firmly attached to my camera at all times and I very rarely take a shot without using it.

Even in bright sunlight , it can lift shadows on people's faces and open up otherwise hidden details.

You won't see a wedding photographer shooting without one. (Or if you do, don't hire him!)

Fill in flash livens up almost all shots but there are just those few occasions . . . !

There's some good advice above and his shot's a really promising start.

Good luck.


By: wyewye

Red Grouse in August Heather by Andrewstockham

Red Grouse in August Heather

You don't give us any details but I suspect that this is a pretty serious crop from a much larger image?

By: Andrewstockham

Poppies under the morning sun... by xwang

Poppies under the morning sun...

Hi Jasmine,
I'd leave it alone; in fact I think that it could do with a slightly wider view, showing more to the sides of the railings.
The cropped version focuses on the poppies but at the expense of knowing what it is that we're looking at.
It becomes just a shot of some flowers sandwiched between two slabs of dark, bluish colour.
In fact, using Photoshop, I could easily replicate that on any shot.

Hope this helps.


By: xwang

Ancona (Italy): Tramonti hills of the Marche. by aldo43

Ancona (Italy): Tramonti hills of the Marche.

Quote: But I never clone out vapour trails.

I hardly ever clone out anything.
I as once advised by a certain Mr. McFade, that unless someone's got a tree growing from their ear or something similar, if it was there when I took the shot, it can stay there.

By: aldo43

The reds by airfreq

The reds

Hi George,
Well taken and I love the content.
However, I'd question your use of a border that matches the predominant colour in the shot.
It's not usually a good idea.

By: airfreq

Grey Squirrel by Philo

Grey Squirrel

Hi Phil,

Long time no see!

I get to shoot these (not literally) all the time in our local park and the results, as here, can be very rewarding.

If I was to be really picky, I think that I'd go for an even closer crop, filling the frame with nothing but squirrel.

Not an improvement necessarily; just an alternative.


By: Philo

Tower Bridge by smilly

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge, actually.

By: smilly

Calendar Girl! by kathrynlouise

Calendar Girl!

. . . I told you so!

Your work deserves some proper recognition and this is exactly the kind of exposure (sorry!) that your images should be receiving.

Next stop, that in-house exhibition that I was talking about . . . ?

Well done!


By: kathrynlouise

Parked in a meadow by LouiseTopp

Parked in a meadow

Hi Louise,

I'm not a fan of landscapes but I rather like this.
As Willie has said, the exposure's not quite right but I can't see anything else that might require attention.
The horizon's perfectly level and the colours just jump out at you.
You suggest meditation; I was more in mind of a good book with my shirt off but I guess we're thinking along (fairly) similar lines!

Well done.


By: LouiseTopp

Shelter Home by iancrowson

Shelter Home

Hiya Crowson!

Long time - no speak!

This most definitely has interest and I find it hard to follow what Phil's said.
I wouldn't change it at all. You've captured a moment in her probably pointless, certainly humdrum, existence and it's written all over her face.

She's looking past you and out of shot . . .
. . . but at what?

Today and endless others just like it stretching into the distance . . . ?

To her credit, despite her drinking, she's pretty well turned out and her kit's in good order. Likewise the dog looks well cared for so perhaps her lot isn't quite as bleak as it might be.
I'd certainly like to think that that's the case.

All the best,


By: iancrowson

Chopper at Sunset 3 by ambro

Chopper at Sunset 3

A touch of fill in flash would help here.
It would separate and lift the bike from the background without affecting said background.

By: ambro

Suns rays in clouds by LouiseTopp

Suns rays in clouds

Hi Louise.
Good advice from Willie.

By: LouiseTopp

F904 by 10delboy


An SE5A with, I think, squadron or section leader's markings.

By: 10delboy

Entrance to the Grand Harbour by tom2malta2

Entrance to the Grand Harbour

. . . I've stood on that!

By: tom2malta2

The happiest wall by DiegoSuarezP

The happiest wall

I just had to have a go at this!

The white balance tool in Lightroom was no help at all; it might have worked on the original raw, assuming tat there was one, of course but it was useless on this.
Instead, I made various tweaks to the vibrance and saturation, then opened that result in CS6 and made more adjustments, desaturating the blue and red channels (by guesswork), then a curves adjustment and finally a sharpening.
Strictly speaking, it doesn't need the extra sharpening and it did add some noise but it also raised the contrast a bit, which was what I was after.
It's still not really right and it's probably streets away from what you intended in the first place!

Hope this helps.


By: DiegoSuarezP

Full of beans! by kathrynlouise

Full of beans!

You know me Kathryn; I never vote for any images but I have to say that this one's really quite special.

Well done you.


By: kathrynlouise

RIAT 2014 Polish Air Force Sukhoi SU-22 (Export Model of SU17) NATO Codename 'Fitter' by Nike55

RIAT 2014 Polish Air Force Sukhoi SU-22 (Export Model of SU17) NATO Codename 'Fitter'

Quote: if any critique available would be glad for some tips.

. . . try the critique gallery?

By: Nike55

Rain clouds gathering by Paintersmate12

Rain clouds gathering

Quote: do you think my version looks flat because I am uploading from a RAW image

I didn't think it was possible to upload raw files to Epz.?

By: Paintersmate12

Flying Fortress! by mickshaw

Flying Fortress!

Hi Mick,
Those old Fuji Bridge cameras are really good little weapons.
I've got a S5700 which still sees service on occasions.
I've uploaded a mod. in which I've applied black and white thresholds to increase contrast and the shadows/highlights tool to lift the shadows a bit.
The combination of which, particularly the increased contrast, has also pushed the colour a little.
Keith mentions not using auto white balance. I'm not sure that you've got a choice with that camera but it's subjective anyway.
Some people never use it while others rarely use anything else. Personally I use auto w/b all the time and make adjustments in Lightroom. That applies regardless of which camera I'm using as I don't really trust the camera to decide what's correct.
Another reason for using auto is that by setting the w/b to suit conditions, firstly, depending upon those conditions, you can end up changing it for every shot, which usually isn't very convenient and inevitably and without fail, you will, at some point, forget to make that change and spoil the subsequent shot(s).
Which sod's law dictates would have been the best ones that you would have got that day!

Hope this helps.


By: mickshaw

Clive's Bike by Gavin_Duxbury

Clive's Bike

The very first, of very many, motorbikes that I've owned!

Mine was the 150cc. version and was painted in a pale bogey green colour, which, I think, might have been a BSA factory option.

Your mate's made a good job of this.

By: Gavin_Duxbury