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Jestertheclown's Gallery Comments

Jestertheclown > Jestertheclown Recent Activity > Jestertheclown's Gallery Comments
Regrets by Zydeco_Joe


That's a Fiat 'Topolino,' I believe.

By: Zydeco_Joe

LOUDER THAN WORDS by youmightlikethis


I'm with John.
There's not much wrong with these.
The first one could do with a touch more contrast but otherwise, I'd leave it alone.
I've uploaded a mod. in which I've made a very slight adjustment using curves.
Hope this helps.


By: youmightlikethis

Will I live? by paulbroad

Will I live?

Hi Paul,
I like it.
An 8x10 crop removes that grey bit on the RHS and with a little tweaking, also takes out the dark area on the LHS.
Just an idea.

By: paulbroad

Concentration by strokebloke


. . . she's missed a bit.

Sorry, I'll get my coat!

By: strokebloke

LURE OF THE VESSEL by youmightlikethis


Without reading any of the previous comments; V3 for me, without a doubt.
I'd have to tweak the brightness and contrast, almost certainly using curves and I think that it could stand a little sharpening but otherwise, I'd leave it.
Those of you that know me, will know my views re. central, or otherwise, compositions.
Hope this helps.


By: youmightlikethis

Camden Market by Nigwel

Camden Market

It's good isn't it . . . ?

I've never heard of 'miniature/toy' mode!
Upon looking at this, I thought you'd used the 'imitation tilt/shift' process in Photoshop and I was surprised to see that it had worked in a shot taken in that environment.
Just shows how wrong you can be!

Well done.


By: Nigwel



They take anything, don't they . . . ?

I've got a similar shot of a gull with a KFC box.

By: sandy22

Old car by joshwa

Old car

What is it . . . ?

By: joshwa

WHAT ? by gdoum


It's an "Intertype" or "Linotype" typesetting machine.

By: gdoum

? red kite by tpfkapm

? red kite

Yes, it is.

Since your title carries a question mark, I take it that you're asking!

By: tpfkapm

Georgia by cattyal


Hi Ali,

Like the processing. Not so sure about the composition.


By: cattyal

Brighton Pier 3 by xwang

Brighton Pier 3

Hi Jasmine,
The composition's OK, I guess but I can envisage this, having been shot centrally as a portrait.
What you really needed here was a huge wave crashing over the end.
As Nick says, the brightness of the sky's caused the groyne etc. to be underexposed. You can claw some of it back using the shadows/highlights tool but it still looks a bit dismal.
I hadn't thought of a crop. That might also be a good idea.
Anyway, I've uploaded a mod.
Hope it helps.

Nothing really to do with your shot; more a bit of (largely useless) local knowledge but there's a brick-built 'extension' at the sea end of this groyne, you may have seen it pictured in the papers recently. It's generally thought that its purpose was to break up any incoming heavy waves before they struck the end of the structure.
What it does in reality, at certain times of the tide, is to push the waves upwards and into the end of the groyne. The exact opposite of its supposed, intended purpose!
The result is that there are quite often spectacular breaking waves in otherwise relatively calm conditions.



By: xwang

guess where by Baycan

guess where

"Amsterdam Centraal."

I thought I knew it from somewhere. I've passed through there many times.

I think that everything's been said, pretty much.
Personally, I wouldn't get too carried away with altering the verticals here as, for any correction at the edges, there will be some kind of payoff, in terms of distortion, elsewhere.
It would be less so if the shot had been taken from directly in front of the building but at the angle that this has been taken at, I doubt that you'll be able to adequately straighten it without something in the middle seeming to move, or lean over.
As Pamela says, some people (and I'm one of them!) think that slightly converging verticals look natural.
As with everything, it's subjective.
Hope this helps.


By: Baycan

- TRAIN APPROACHING *** by Philpot


You're probably right about the train but it does still work.

I keep threatening to get some shots on the underground but I've yet to do so.

By: Philpot

sweet dreams by justahobby

sweet dreams

Trev has a point when he suggests that this is perhaps not cropped as well as it might have been and by all means, read up on and become acquainted with ideas and suggestions relating to composition and so forth but don't ever become a slave to them.
A lot is spoken about the so-called "rules" of composition and many people insist upon following them to the letter.
In reality, there are no rules, merely ideas, suggestions and perhaps, guidelines, which might, if applied, give you a better result than otherwise but that's most certainly not always the case.

Hope this helps.


By: justahobby

Dew drop flower by amylouise98

Dew drop flower

Quote: (it's a bridge fujifilm camera)

I used to (and still sometimes do) use a Fuji S5700 bridge camera, which, despite being about six years old can still turn in some excellent images.
I'm guessing that yours is a direct descendant of that!
Using AE, or 'Aperture,' you should be able to set the aperture to the setting that you require and for it to remain at that setting regardless of your zooming in or out. The setting in the viewfinder that will change will be the shutter speed, or more correctly, the length of the exposure.
I think that the ISO will alter as well unless you've chosen a setting for that too.
I keep the ISO on mine, set to self-adjust up to a maximum of ISO400 as that seems to be about as high as the camera can go without it producing noisy images.
You might have a similar option on your camera; in fact, your's being newer, you'll probably find that a cap of 400 is unneccessarily low.
I hope that I'm not teaching you how to suck eggs here but a lot of people disregard bridge cameras as jumped up compacts, which, in reality isn't the case. They offer a great deal of adjustment and opportunity for flexibility and creativity.
I don't know how much you know regarding the relationship between ISO, aperture and shutter speed but it's as applicable to a bridge camera as it is to the most advanced professional cameras.
If it might help, just say so and I'll post a couple of links that will explain how it works.

Good luck!


By: amylouise98

Just Landed by salopian

Just Landed

This looks just a bit flat; a thresholds adjustment takes care of it.

Also, it's saved in untagged RGB, which could contribute to that flatness.


By: salopian

Paddy Fields, by Mike43

Paddy Fields,

Quote: (if there is please let me know)

Photoshop CS5 and 6. I don't know about previous versions:

Image> Adjustments> Vibrance.

This is very highly saturated.
I thought at first that simply de-saturating the green channel might work but I ended up reducing the green, yellow and blue.
I then applied a slight 'S' curve as, by that time, it looked a bit flat and uploaded it as a mod.

By: Mike43

Brighton Pier by xwang

Brighton Pier

Hi Jasmine,
I know this scene very well! It's where I come from and grew up.
Your finished shot (I haven't touched your original) is underexposed and appears to have a slight magenta cast.
I adjusted the exposure simply by using curves; applying thresholds to find a pure black and white, which I thought I'd achieved but there's been a slight shift in the colour during the uploading of my mod. and while the froth is white on the copy I have here, it's still slightly too grey in my uploaded mod. I'm sure you'll get the idea though!
The magenta cast seems to have gone too.
Hope this helps,

By: xwang

Two girls by totti

Two girls

Quote: This is first class.

This is certainly one of your better uploads.
It's clean, uncluttered, well composed and thought out and above all, it's simple.

By: totti

Inside looking Out by Mike43

Inside looking Out

Hi Mike,
You don't say whether you engineered this to be moody and threatening or whether it just turned out that way.
It looks underexposed and the histogram confirms it. A slight adjustment livens it up somewhat.
Also; and I think I'm going to be in a minority here, I prefer it without the dark clouds across the top.
I've added a mod. with a bit more exposure; I used 'curves,' and cropped to 16x9.
It's probably completely different to the way you intended it to look!


By: Mike43

Our fantastic chippy by Iceash

Our fantastic chippy

Hi Ash,
I think Paul has sums it up when he says that you really needed to have some more foreground.
Personally, I'd have got in closer, or cropped more seriously to remove the top and the RHS.
If possible, it would have paid you to wait until the van had gone too.
I like the idea of the light trails; it's something I've yet to try but be careful, they can easily become very clichéd.
As Keith says (and I'm surprised Paul hasn't), it could do with someone leaning in the doorway with a bag of chips.
I can't agree with Moira re. the white balance. Auto gets it right, or very, very nearly right about 99% of the time. For the other 1% you can correct it in software.
Switching your camera settings to tungsten would remove some of the yellow but it would also change the colour of the shop lights. Assuming this is a shot that you could easily replicate, it might be worth going back and trying several combinations of all of your settings and various compositions.
I've added a mod. in which I've simply cropped it and added a strip of black to the bottom to represent the foreground to which I referred.

Hope this helps.


For some reason, not shared with me, my mod. failed to appear, so I uploaded it again.
Naturally, that caused the first one to join it. Please ignore one of them. It matters not, which one!

By: Iceash

patula top highest point in srinagar by kraj

patula top highest point in srinagar

I reckon that they're 'Royal Enfield Bullets.'
350cc. four-stroke singles that went out of production in this country many years ago but which, I believe, are still produced in India.
I've ridden motorbikes for most of my adult life; for several years, I was a courier, riding in all weathers
In fact, I've ridden one of these and no, I wouldn't want to ride one up there, where these guys have been!
Well done fellas!

By: kraj

BSA old timer by KevinEllison

BSA old timer

Quote: ?????????????......but it's a BSA Lightning !!!!!

My thoughts exactly.

An A65 to give it its model number.

By: KevinEllison

Middle of the Road by GManVespa

Middle of the Road

I still think that your processing's way over the top but I also think this is better than your last one!
It's much easier to discern what's going on.
As you say, it's a 'Marmite' thing and because these shots are so extreme, opinions are bound to be divided.
In this one, there appears to be a stripe and then a shift in colour, exposure even, in the bottom right.


By: GManVespa

Bridge or not?? by Bigdenbo

Bridge or not??

Quote: Bridge or not??

. . . or not, actually.

Those columns once supported a railway bridge, built about eighty years ago, which became insufficiently strong to deal with modern day train traffic and was subsequently dismantled in (I believe) 1985.
The current bridge, next to it took, its place
Blackfriars Station, on the south side of the Thames has been extended out onto the bridge and a part of it now stands upon some of the old supports.

By: Bigdenbo

Danger Men at Work! by GManVespa

Danger Men at Work!

This does nothing for me, I'm afraid.
It's difficult to even tell what it's supposed to be, which is a shame because I imagine that the original, which I'd like to see, might be quite interesting.

By: GManVespa

Can I Have A Light by 365Photography

Can I Have A Light

That'll be Geoff then . . .

Not a bad shot but it's never a good idea to use a frame or a background that's the same as, or similar to, the predominant colour in your image.


By: 365Photography

Roadrunner by widtink


Good luck Rod.

By: widtink