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Jestertheclown's Gallery Comments

Jestertheclown > Jestertheclown Recent Activity > Jestertheclown's Gallery Comments
F904 by 10delboy


An SE5A with, I think, squadron or section leader's markings.

By: 10delboy

Entrance to the Grand Harbour by tom2malta2

Entrance to the Grand Harbour

. . . I've stood on that!

By: tom2malta2

The happiest wall by DiegoSuarezP

The happiest wall

I just had to have a go at this!

The white balance tool in Lightroom was no help at all; it might have worked on the original raw, assuming tat there was one, of course but it was useless on this.
Instead, I made various tweaks to the vibrance and saturation, then opened that result in CS6 and made more adjustments, desaturating the blue and red channels (by guesswork), then a curves adjustment and finally a sharpening.
Strictly speaking, it doesn't need the extra sharpening and it did add some noise but it also raised the contrast a bit, which was what I was after.
It's still not really right and it's probably streets away from what you intended in the first place!

Hope this helps.


By: DiegoSuarezP

Full of beans! by kathrynlouise

Full of beans!

You know me Kathryn; I never vote for any images but I have to say that this one's really quite special.

Well done you.


By: kathrynlouise

RIAT 2014 Polish Air Force Sukhoi SU-22 (Export Model of SU17) NATO Codename 'Fitter' by Nike55

RIAT 2014 Polish Air Force Sukhoi SU-22 (Export Model of SU17) NATO Codename 'Fitter'

Quote: if any critique available would be glad for some tips.

. . . try the critique gallery?

By: Nike55

Rain clouds gathering by Paintersmate12

Rain clouds gathering

Quote: do you think my version looks flat because I am uploading from a RAW image

I didn't think it was possible to upload raw files to Epz.?

By: Paintersmate12

Flying Fortress! by mickshaw

Flying Fortress!

Hi Mick,
Those old Fuji Bridge cameras are really good little weapons.
I've got a S5700 which still sees service on occasions.
I've uploaded a mod. in which I've applied black and white thresholds to increase contrast and the shadows/highlights tool to lift the shadows a bit.
The combination of which, particularly the increased contrast, has also pushed the colour a little.
Keith mentions not using auto white balance. I'm not sure that you've got a choice with that camera but it's subjective anyway.
Some people never use it while others rarely use anything else. Personally I use auto w/b all the time and make adjustments in Lightroom. That applies regardless of which camera I'm using as I don't really trust the camera to decide what's correct.
Another reason for using auto is that by setting the w/b to suit conditions, firstly, depending upon those conditions, you can end up changing it for every shot, which usually isn't very convenient and inevitably and without fail, you will, at some point, forget to make that change and spoil the subsequent shot(s).
Which sod's law dictates would have been the best ones that you would have got that day!

Hope this helps.


By: mickshaw

Clive's Bike by Gavin_Duxbury

Clive's Bike

The very first, of very many, motorbikes that I've owned!

Mine was the 150cc. version and was painted in a pale bogey green colour, which, I think, might have been a BSA factory option.

Your mate's made a good job of this.

By: Gavin_Duxbury

Tudor lunch at Kentwell by rambler

Tudor lunch at Kentwell

Been there several times . . .

Seen this several times . . .

. . . you wouldn't want to eat it!

By: rambler

BE2c by dark_lord


'tis said that you shouldn't use a border that mimics the predominant colour in your image.

A simple white or black one would work better here.

Just my opinion, of course.

By: dark_lord

Oi, where's me tiger's head? by KurtSkeels

Oi, where's me tiger's head?

". . . four foot from 'is tail!"

By: KurtSkeels

Watching Over by UBOAT

Watching Over

Hi Connor,
Long time, no see.
I trust your family are all well.


Fish Supper by happysnapperman

Fish Supper

Quote: I hope it tasted better than it looks...

My thoughts exactly.

By: happysnapperman

Bournemouth in the sun of December by LouiseTopp

Bournemouth in the sun of December

As an aside and a completely useless piece of information; did you know that Matt Monroe used to be a bus driver?

By: LouiseTopp

Groyne by CaptivePhotons


The 'Medina Groyne,' if I'm not mistaken.

I could tell a few tales about that beach!

By: CaptivePhotons

Equine by strokebloke


This evokes some memories Jack.

Not that I ever rode a stallion, at least, not one of my own.

By: strokebloke

Bi-plane in flight by Dwaller

Bi-plane in flight

A Boeing Stearman.

I suggest that you lose the logo.
It's just too big and realistically, if I wanted to, I could remove it in seconds.

By: Dwaller

34046 Braunton on the first leg of the Great Britain tour by 6024ke1

34046 Braunton on the first leg of the Great Britain tour

As Keith says there are some dust spots on your sensor, more than you'd want to keep cloning out, so a clean is probably in order.
I'm not sure that much can be done to remove the noise from an image this size, although it doesn't look too bad. You could probably remove it more successfully using your original.
The weather hasn't done you any favours. A gentle tweak using the shadows/highlights tool helps.
The biggest fault here though is that it's more than a little crooked. Easily fixed in software and there's plenty of room to allow it.
Hope this helps.


By: 6024ke1

The Motor Cycle by lenocm

The Motor Cycle

It's a "Ural," previously called a "Cossack."
A Russian made machine (there's a clue in the name!) and although based upon based upon an ancient BMW design, this probably isn't old at all.

There are various versions, which can still be bought today.

By: lenocm

In the Beginning by salopian

In the Beginning

I've got one exactly the same as this which I bought (along with an old Konica) a couple of years ago for a fiver.

It's still got a film in it.

By: salopian

....Rook by TheSweetcornKid


Hello stranger!
Thought you'd left the country!
Hope you're well.
I've got one of those lenses and it's almost welded to the front of my camera. It's really quite a versatile tool.
I'm sure you won't be disappointed.


By: TheSweetcornKid

Toyota Lmp 1 by lawbert

Toyota Lmp 1

I realise that it's a question of "form over function" these days but these cars just look so ugly.

By: lawbert

Oscar by kathrynlouise


A remarkably small cat . . .

. . . by your normal standards!

By: kathrynlouise

Regrets by Zydeco_Joe


That's a Fiat 'Topolino,' I believe.

By: Zydeco_Joe

LOUDER THAN WORDS by youmightlikethis


I'm with John.
There's not much wrong with these.
The first one could do with a touch more contrast but otherwise, I'd leave it alone.
I've uploaded a mod. in which I've made a very slight adjustment using curves.
Hope this helps.


By: youmightlikethis

Will I live? by paulbroad

Will I live?

Hi Paul,
I like it.
An 8x10 crop removes that grey bit on the RHS and with a little tweaking, also takes out the dark area on the LHS.
Just an idea.

By: paulbroad

Concentration by strokebloke


. . . she's missed a bit.

Sorry, I'll get my coat!

By: strokebloke

LURE OF THE VESSEL by youmightlikethis


Without reading any of the previous comments; V3 for me, without a doubt.
I'd have to tweak the brightness and contrast, almost certainly using curves and I think that it could stand a little sharpening but otherwise, I'd leave it.
Those of you that know me, will know my views re. central, or otherwise, compositions.
Hope this helps.


By: youmightlikethis

Camden Market by Nigwel

Camden Market

It's good isn't it . . . ?

I've never heard of 'miniature/toy' mode!
Upon looking at this, I thought you'd used the 'imitation tilt/shift' process in Photoshop and I was surprised to see that it had worked in a shot taken in that environment.
Just shows how wrong you can be!

Well done.


By: Nigwel