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28/12/2009 - 6:57 PM

Up your Colridge Passage!!!

Up your Colridge Passage!!!Hi Happysnapperman,

I have seen quite a few of your postings and you seem to receive few votes (thee and me, actually).

Well, prima facie, your works are not great art. That cannot worry many people because the great majority of glamour, nude and semi-nude images on epz are not great art, either. (I should add that some on epz are stunning and of the highest artistic merit).

I think what might bug people is your works appear not to have been carefully crafted, either. That is, even those majority of unartful images do display great care with exposure, lighting and so on. Your images do not. So people dismiss your work.

But, here's the rub. I think you have a unique "voice" on epz. Whilst I may not always like your images, I do recognize them. To me they represent the seaside-postcard or Carry-On zone of epz nude/semi-nude/glam photography. And I think that, in itself, has artistic merit. Sure, it is not great art but it is art, nonetheless. You dismiss careful craft with a cheeky two-fingered gesture which is completely justifed because you produce better. You shock but not by the easy route of revealling more but by a carefully styalized appraoch which appears not styalized at all. Your images are almost a throw-back to a more innocent 1950s and yet they are modern. You have almsot created a genre of your own with an artfulness not born of softboxes (it's the way I tell 'em) nor lens-settings but by what really matters: composition and a very clever eye.

Sure your images do not always work but what artist always has it right? (It is easy to be right if one takes no risks).

This image works because it is both cheeky and absurd. It amuses; it challanges and it is different. (Mind you the title and street have different spellings - was that intentional?).

Anyway, it is about time your efforts were better-recognized and you had more votes in my view.

Well done for being creative, challenging, different and amusing. That's not a bad group of achievements in anyone's art-book.

Thanks for the amusing entertainment and interest.

28/12/2009 - 10:19 AM

the white house

the white houseI would either opt for V1 else crop much tighter than V2, excluding other buildings completely. V2 seems rather half-hearted.

I would also level the image. (If it is level, t'other buildings create the impression it is not).

Stunning use of HDR (I assume) and excellent use of titling and bottom / top border. However, I think without left and right borders they look messy...

I assume you are trying to give the impression of a continuing row of buildings (hence the semi-cropping and lack of l/r borders)? However, for me this is an excellent study of one building and I would personally, centre on that as a single piece.

Now, having said all that - brill, well done!

21/12/2009 - 2:41 PM

What can you see?

What can you see?Well now...

I read the rubric beneath the image, thinking it was only about the technicalities but, unfortunatly, then sread what the images were of. That spoiled it for me, as I can see neither flag nor boy (one eye excepted).

Had I not been told what the subject was, I could have enjoyed this much more as an abstract piece and shall now comment on it as such...

I quite like this but I think it would be much improved in colour. Various hues do (in my view) benefit blurred images, as they provide much interest and contrast. In grey-scale I think it lacks those aspects.

So, unlike your previous critter, I do not find it too blurred; simply too devoid of colour.

Have a vote for the concept and partly for the execution.


16/12/2009 - 8:00 AM

Nom Nom

Nom NomHi,

Thanks for the info about this image's construction - always helpful.

These seem in-line (!) with the recent Lego and building-brick images, by another colleague on here. They make a very intersting "minimal" pattern.

I am less sure about your chosen background. It seems to have quite a bit of noise (the colour breaks-down into dots). This may have been your intention (to match the Smarties) but, for me, I am not sure it works. I wonder if a much lighter, more solid backdrop might have been better?

Having said all that, the "acid tests": Do I like it? Does it say anything? Is it good?

Yes, yes and yes. Well done. Have a vote.

PS: Nom Nom?

02/12/2009 - 5:57 PM


bounderSince I wonder how many crits you'll receive, I'll do the fools, where angles fear bit. Actually, your image deserves crit anyway, so very interesting. However...

I'm not sure I am qualified to pontificate on female nudes, let alone male ones. But I'll try. I suspect this has elements of homo-eroticism about it - certainly if it were a chained female it would have the BDSM eroticism aspect. So, I guess well done in those terms.

It is great to see the chap is not Mr Muscle - a slight paunch and less-than tight chest just about give the rest of us something of which to dream (ie that we might be good enough to be a model - ok, I know, dream on...). But I hate to see Size 0 women and it is good you have applied the same broader view with your choice of model (assuming there was a choice, of course).

I like the use of shade. His right-side is partly in it and that gives some mystery. It occurs again from his groin, down his left leg. A very clever aspect there is that his penis forms a parallel with the chain. It is a good job that chains, at least, can be carefully placed to make the parallel - for co-operating pensies are, of course, much trickier.

His overall pose is very statuesque. I have seen quite a few classical statues very similar and you have mimicked that look very well.

They way in which you have scalped him, in line with his brow, and meeting the aforementioned shade, embues him with greater annonymonity, thereby greater gravitas. If he had legs, that might be a bonus and yet it would distance him from us - so I think zoom-removing them has much merit.

A very well-composed image. Well done. Have a vote.
12/11/2009 - 9:59 PM

Pit Lane

Pit LaneHi Kieran - and welcome to ephotozine; I'm fairly new here, myself.

Before I comment on this - just saw your puppy photo - thought it very charming, well done.

This image is very clever - the whole looks ninety-degrees wrong but, of course, the words look fine. So it is a very clever and well-observed image - excellent use of what is on the ground (!).

The problem with the image is there is too little contrast. That is, the various greys all are within a narrow spectrum and, therefore, the picture makes too little impact. However, you may be able to rectify this by tweaking the contrast in a software programme on your computer. Any good image software will do that - Photoshop; Photoshop Essentials; Serif Photo-Plus and ACDSee. The last two are available as free downloads, Serif in an older version and ACDSee is free to try for thirty days. There are many other programmes which will do the job, too.

Anyway, looking at your two postings hitherto, I would say youi have something no software could compensate for - an eye for composition and a good picture. Given that, you will learn and improve and, I am sure, (if you keep at it) become very good indeed.

Well done. Have a vote.

07/11/2009 - 10:40 AM


~Well done. Good image.

Perhaps we'd best explain that you say "black" because (I assume) this has been negatived.

The easiest way to have an even, single-colour background (for small items) is to shoot in a light tent. These are available is sizes such as 50cm2 and 80cm2 for about 16 (incl p&p) on ebay. However, if the source of your smoke is fire then please BEWARE! (Perhaps best not to use a tent then).

So I would suggest a cool smoke generator of some sort (never used one - I use enclosed joss sticks) within a light tent. Choose a suitable coloured backdrop and good luck.

Anyway, I like this muchly. Have a vote.