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Susie by K4RL

lovely light Karl
i noticed that Susie did not feature as often , i was getting worried i wouldnt see you both on the next cruise Grin

Big Phil

Big Phil by Scippy

thats never me - is it

Hill Climb

Hill Climb by Scippy

i had to go out and i got there to see the last competitor get to the top of the hill and i didnt even get him in focus.

Watching and waiting

Watching and waiting by running_man

have you found a good place Trev
are you telling? Wink

The Singer and the Squadron Leader

The Singer and the Squadron Leader by Scippy

ah Stuart,
nice diagonal with Miss Marina Mae, he is too old for her though. Wink

she is lovely isn,t she. i have some shots from a couple years ago, was she at Critch last week



Sparrowhawk by Brian_Scott

The quality in this is awesome

four spot chaser

four spot chaser by ATHERTON

I missed you by 5 minutes, spoke to a lady who had your card


Express Delivery

Express Delivery by Nigeve1

i have been trying for the last 6 years every June and its quite difficult to track the puffins because they do not hold a straight predictable course. strangely the terns i find easy. i have never had any luck by pre focusing.

the 3 d tracking i think may be more suitable for sport and the dynamic (centre position) is the best way to go. you can select 9 /21/ 51 or so focus points on my d300s and in theory once you lock focus the camera will sense movement from one point to the next and so on if the subject moves off the point you locked him on to whilst tracking.

problem here is the more points you choose, the more thinking the processor has to do and i am sure that the response time is greater. i have had more success with 9 points than 21. i position the cross hair on the top third and follow the bird in. i also think that the responsiveness of the lens to focus is important as i recently borrowed a Nikon 300 f4 which i found locks on far quicker and with very little hunting compared to my 70-300 zoom

St Mary's Dawn

St Mary's Dawn by gjbrooks

ahh pink sky morning 4.am as i recall.


European Swallowtail

European Swallowtail by NigelKiteley

that Is stunning quality


Kestrel by Scippy

great stuff, i just printed the same frame, how odd is that ???

enjoyed the day

Reflections 0f the Workhouse

Reflections 0f the Workhouse by Scippy

Hope you had a good day.

Exploring Talisker Bay

Exploring Talisker Bay by KatyJ

excellent location, beautiful sand pattern framed well and i like the square format.

the image looks exciting in the thumb but the overpowing gritty conversion takes away some of the impact when its full size.

the figure im not so sure, i think i prefer the scene without but if i were to include, id try and get low enough and him far enough back to try and split the horizon with him, hes kind of in the right place but lost aginst the dark sea and has a load of water above his head,

if i couldnt break the horizon maybe a step or two forwards onto the sand as a backdrop could work better, either way i do like the reflection of him.

its hard to establish the conditions of the day due to the conversion and treatment but im guessing it was pretty flat light and so the temptation to grunge up a mono conversion,

its subjective and you probably love the result but i feel that its too gritty and to abrubt a tonal range for the lovely location i know this is. a look through the various presets in nik efex may have suggested alternatives, possibly even infra red may have worked well. it would be nice to have the original to experiment with.

one of my favourite photographers, permajet sponsered Hugh Milsom works this location quite a lot and he gos more for subdued tones but makes wonderful studies of this beach and islands behind. look him up , he is worth seeing and especially his prints in life are spectacular.

i wish i was there at the time,

Teignmouth Pier

Teignmouth Pier by spud159

its a great its a good position with the diagonal working with you and the overall feel is pretty good for the nd usage, looks like there is just a little movement in the water which i prefer to all milk.

for me though i feel there may be just a bit too much pier and not quite enough of the water to complete the balance. it would have been so good if you could have had a diagonal springing from the top left hand corner, possibly moving slightly further away and to the right ( waders on timeWink ) maybe a slightly wider angle lens.

i do like pier shots, think i have one in my show case and this looks a really good location but i feel the structure is overpowering and there is not quite enough lovely water.

cant fault the execution


Sex and the City

Sex and the City by harryw

well its a well conceived image and obviously one that falls into for and againsts,
but here is my take.

as a thumb it looked remarkable in fact it grabbed by eye but then lost something and felt fabricated when i viewed large.

i take both views above and dont mind if its definition is darker or paler and im happy dark on the figure but i think you need to take the blur tool, enlarge on screen and soften the edge to stop it looking cut out with scissors.

i think the white blow out halo behing the figure is exagerating the contrast and preventing the figure having a base to anchor on which in turn is making the shadow difficult to anchor. i know its the light source but there is no base. the shadow im sure would be longer and more defined with such a powerful backlight. its just losing out on minute details but it has all the hallmarks of a great shot.


Fog in the park

Fog in the park by ASimaging

nice scene, path leads in nice and exposures pretty good, just needs something exta happening to make a difference and lift it from the ordinary.

just to illustrate, i flipped it horizontally so that it reads left to right, and in line with Paul, suggestion which i agree with totally agree, i roughly added a figure from one i took in similar conditions, boosted saturation, contrast and slightly rotated to visually make the sloping horizon easier on the eye. i also ran it through a nik- efex glam glow filter at 20%

all this is subjective and its all perfectly acceptable as it is i am just showing options available to you.


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