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Reflections 0f the Workhouse

Reflections 0f the Workhouse by Scippy

Hope you had a good day.

Exploring Talisker Bay

Exploring Talisker Bay by KatyJ

excellent location, beautiful sand pattern framed well and i like the square format.

the image looks exciting in the thumb but the overpowing gritty conversion takes away some of the impact when its full size.

the figure im not so sure, i think i prefer the scene without but if i were to include, id try and get low enough and him far enough back to try and split the horizon with him, hes kind of in the right place but lost aginst the dark sea and has a load of water above his head,

if i couldnt break the horizon maybe a step or two forwards onto the sand as a backdrop could work better, either way i do like the reflection of him.

its hard to establish the conditions of the day due to the conversion and treatment but im guessing it was pretty flat light and so the temptation to grunge up a mono conversion,

its subjective and you probably love the result but i feel that its too gritty and to abrubt a tonal range for the lovely location i know this is. a look through the various presets in nik efex may have suggested alternatives, possibly even infra red may have worked well. it would be nice to have the original to experiment with.

one of my favourite photographers, permajet sponsered Hugh Milsom works this location quite a lot and he gos more for subdued tones but makes wonderful studies of this beach and islands behind. look him up , he is worth seeing and especially his prints in life are spectacular.

i wish i was there at the time,

Teignmouth Pier

Teignmouth Pier by spud159

its a great its a good position with the diagonal working with you and the overall feel is pretty good for the nd usage, looks like there is just a little movement in the water which i prefer to all milk.

for me though i feel there may be just a bit too much pier and not quite enough of the water to complete the balance. it would have been so good if you could have had a diagonal springing from the top left hand corner, possibly moving slightly further away and to the right ( waders on timeWink ) maybe a slightly wider angle lens.

i do like pier shots, think i have one in my show case and this looks a really good location but i feel the structure is overpowering and there is not quite enough lovely water.

cant fault the execution


Sex and the City

Sex and the City by harryw

well its a well conceived image and obviously one that falls into for and againsts,
but here is my take.

as a thumb it looked remarkable in fact it grabbed by eye but then lost something and felt fabricated when i viewed large.

i take both views above and dont mind if its definition is darker or paler and im happy dark on the figure but i think you need to take the blur tool, enlarge on screen and soften the edge to stop it looking cut out with scissors.

i think the white blow out halo behing the figure is exagerating the contrast and preventing the figure having a base to anchor on which in turn is making the shadow difficult to anchor. i know its the light source but there is no base. the shadow im sure would be longer and more defined with such a powerful backlight. its just losing out on minute details but it has all the hallmarks of a great shot.


Fog in the park

Fog in the park by ASimaging

nice scene, path leads in nice and exposures pretty good, just needs something exta happening to make a difference and lift it from the ordinary.

just to illustrate, i flipped it horizontally so that it reads left to right, and in line with Paul, suggestion which i agree with totally agree, i roughly added a figure from one i took in similar conditions, boosted saturation, contrast and slightly rotated to visually make the sloping horizon easier on the eye. i also ran it through a nik- efex glam glow filter at 20%

all this is subjective and its all perfectly acceptable as it is i am just showing options available to you.


Old times

Old times by mikewatson

i like the content and the choice to go sepia works quite well.

as suggested above, id suggest tightening up composition on the right and id have given more space on the top left. in fact its better to shoot with space around and crop in computer, its safer in the end.

as Willie rightly points out your settings are a little on the edge of making life difficult for you.

if you are hand holding and i suspect that is the case you will have great difficulty avoiding camera shake at less 1/60sec and you may just get away with 1/30 but slower is just asking for trouble.

on the other hand you could afford to balance that out with a stop or two and set f5.6 on aperture priority, even go wide open if you have to but do not go the way of too slow a speed to hold still. its not for me but a very well known photographer i know advocates setting auto iso and prog mode for safety when doing this type of work and override to a choice aperture if you wish to,

you have another problem here, focus is suggesting the central focus screen but you have a subject each side so the sharpest area is not either face but the garlic. the movement in the rear figure adds to this issue.

i enjoy reenactment events, they are a great source of images.



Sophie by xwang

well its not unusual for my point of view may be slightly different. but then photography is an intuitive and personal thing.

if i were taking her portrait at any other time id take the tight crop version or a fuller version in surroundings but this is a wedding and a moment caught during an important part of the service. im guessing but it suggests signing the register.

i feel sure she would want to recognise that, so i have in my mod resisted the temptation to turn it into simply a portrait by darkening the shadows etc and simply cropped slightly to get the dress springing from the bottom left corner, take away the the area of dress containing eye catching jewels, and leave the suggestion of the new husband in the background together with the pen and book because for me they are very important elements to this particular shot,

i also do not like to crop partially into a tattoo and if you were going for a tighter crop id be tempted to leave in the whole of the star.

the fact she has turned around and given you the opportunity to grab an intimate second is nice.



Untitled by marissaalden

i like what you are about and this is well put together but a coupe of things trouble me.

the window is blown out and distracting, at first i thought if if was required at all and then maybe its intended to be the light source.

if it is then we have problems because we are not going to get a lightsource from underwater as the frame is likely to have water on the otherside too. i also think the swimer could do with a bit of a contrast boost, it could be my monitor at work is over bright, ill look later.

has all the elements of a top image but may require a few tweaks and a little rethinking

Sticks and Stones

Sticks and Stones by marissaalden

hi, and welcome to epz.

im with you all the way, i love your style and its very vogue at the moment with the salon circuit.

i can clearly see your intent, subdued forest background, girl / deer with twig antlers is just surrealism.

mostly i really like what you have done, the subdued pallete works well for me, the central composition shows courage and confidence in yourself as a photographer, i particulary like the out of focus background, the very sharp eyes and the twig antlers are very effective. if anything id add to the surrealisim and try to add some perspective to the foreground head maybe try to make a particularly long neck or something to make the model more deer like and even take a step back to just have the model slightly further away. possibly add a texture over the face. the possibilities are endless but you have a great basis for a superb image.

check out Joel Grimes on the net, i think he may inspire you with his white out images.

Phil .

As never before,

As never before, by mex

for me its slightly unflattering, cropping in tight is what we do with men with character or young women with child like skin. for me i dont know any woman that likes to be exposed to every pore and blemish.

so back off a bit and use wide aperture, even breathe on the lens a little to give a tad diffusion.

im unsure about the details here but it looks like flash at full power out doors, there is a certain luminocity in the background i like but the principle form of light?? sun or flash i cant tell is overlighting the hair and left side as viewed to the point of blow out or at least it is on my works monitor. apologies if its more controlled that it looks to me. if its flash then use a diffuser, turn down the power if its ttl with override or even bounce it or cover it with a hanky but never blast full power at woman or you will make her skin look far worse than it should ever be allowed to look.

compositionally i think its best to leave a space in front of the face to look into but you could easily extend the canvas and copy in some of that green.

the eyes are lovely and sharp as you would need and they are quite compelling.

it could be reworked to improve the image but i dont have ps at work. id not give up though as im sure there is a better image waiting to come out.

did you shoot raw and can you go back and control the highlights,
if the highlights are sun and the right side of face is fill in flash then the balance is all wrong , is it ttl or manual flash or flash heads.


Clent Hills

Clent Hills by chr1sm45on

i really like this, has the feel of an album or cd sleeve, or book cover. also has a nice minimal feel both in content and colour range.
the dark areas leave room for type and so i think in the right market place this would be a good seller.

to be brutal, i guess just the smallest amount of light on the face of the centre stone (not too much) would have made a huge difference to the overall effect but compositionally i love the simplicity and balance.

i also think it would work trimmed down to a pano format.
shame you lost the original, save as copy before working on anything. a hard lesson to learn.

best regards and lovely image

Slave memorial face

Slave memorial face by Dairtreephoto

i like the head, i like the wall, i am not sure the juxtaposition of both works. maybe its because the composition is a tight crop, a move to the left and a wider zoom would have given you more to work with but cropping the window shutter suggests that its unwanted background detail when i really want it to be included detail as a secondary element to balance with the head, a face in the window would provide an additional story line to the image too.

exposure is a little generous too and i think about 2/3 to 1 stop over.

well seen but needs a bit of attention on exposure which could be assisted by blending two layers in multiply to about 60 percent or so. (photoshop)

best regards

Floating Heads

Floating Heads by Mini_Webb

this is a brilliant subject and one which i have a feeling will be seen frequently if the art installation is permanent.

compositionally you have nailed it but the image lacks that polish that makes it a winner.
firstly i think there are too many issues with the background, what would be nice is if you could just have the floating heads without all the lighting and clutter.

given what you have i think a suggestion would be to try and clone out the brightest bulbs of light and then make a black and white version on a separate layer and then with a layer mask or even an eraser tool on low opacity paint to reveal the colour back into the heads, fully revealing the colour in the primary mask and a lesser tone in the rest. this would lose all the distracting colour in the background yet retain colour in the faces.

could be a lot of work but i feel in this case it just might be worth the effort

well seen

Give Me

Give Me by littleAproductions

well i have to say i like the idea, a sort of Irene Froy overlay in white by the looks and a direct composition.
i like the way that the face falls off focus quickly but i would have preferred to see the hand fully included, exposed without the highlight on the palm and with the finger tips / nails sharp.

its not that i cannot get creativity and pass on conventions, i can, but i feel like i need to focus on something and the hand seems the appropriate place.

i like it as it is but i may well have tied one with the model further to the left to lose that little bit of negative space and extend the other arm to intersect the corner. would have balanced out the white bg a bit better IMO.

like it a lot,

Sound of Loneliness

Sound of Loneliness by KathrynJ

since you mentioned this one to me on sunday, i thought i would have a look, i havnt previously commented on yours as generally its a bit like a student teaching a teacher, im not too bad at composites though and im quite interested in them.

so generally i like the idea and it quite suits your usual approach, the elements are all there , the diagonal lead, dramatic sky, dress movement in the direction of the tide etc.

honest though, im wondering if this was the first cut because there are a few bits that jump at me,

the sky blend on the horizon is a bit soft and not level, being an engineer my eyes pop at levels. the back of the dress could do with toning down, horrible job i know - paint brush, select and grad ? whatever you use.
and if it were mine id crop off the bottom about where the vee in the water is because im looking down there when i should be looking at her.

then if i cropped that id take some off the right to bring that wall / jetty off centre because the sea pivots around that centre point somehow

is there one element too few, a distant ship smoke on the horizon (to quote pink floyd) or whatever.

is going to be a cracker though im sure.

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