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nineteen68's Gallery Comments

nineteen68 > nineteen68 Recent Activity > nineteen68's Gallery Comments
Sometimes I blink and I can see paradise by nineteen68

Sometimes I blink and I can see paradise

My thoughts exactly but plenty of people have told me recentlySmile

By: nineteen68

Strength from Pain by nineteen68

Strength from Pain

Hi Paul. I'll start with the last part, I scan it and then generally sell them. There is a large market for instant shots. The quality is not there I agree totally, but for me that is part of the charm. The colours are are variable but again thats what I feel makes the images unique. I am also a great believer that the image doesn't always have to be pin sharp if its art, whereas industrial photography would have to be. The results are quite unpredictable with instax much like Polaroid before it, so I suppose again thats part of the charm for me as you never know what you are going to get.

By: nineteen68

Meldon Faeries by nineteen68

Meldon Faeries

Thanks Dudler. I must admit I tried to find the EXIf data but it appeared to have disappeared. So I must have done something to do that. Im used to working to different models, the location I had wandered through many times before (usually in the tanking rain) and it was somewhere I had wanted to shoot with a model. I'm never afraid to experiment, sometimes I over do it. One thing I did on this shoot, more than any other was to go with a book of images I wanted to capture as apposed to just turning up and winging it as it were. The majority of the shoot was (hopefully) been heavily influenced by Brooke Shaden but this shot in its original form was taken just so the model could have some images in case things went majorly wrong with the edits (I have yet to start) on the images I went to shoot. The first mod was the one done by my wife, so she will be pleased. Thank you again.

By: nineteen68

its just a different side of the walls in your mind. by nineteen68

its just a different side of the walls in your mind.

sorry Willie I thought I had added the details F8 1/500 iso200 exp -.3 max ap. 1.75, centre weighted average image 3456 x5184 R240ppi

By: nineteen68

SELfIE by StevePix


simply awesome, really cool

By: StevePix

Breedless by nineteen68


Thanks Willie & Dudler ( Ilke both mods) I did look at cropping the image but didnt really like the crops I created so left it alone as I suppose I liked the off balance look to it. I've experimented a bit more with the gradient map on PS on another couple images and the results can be quite spectacular and varied. No doubt this set will keep me out of mischief for a day or two. The Blade Runner reference was a mistake, I was trying to remember a make-up idea and went for the yes (Daryl Hannah esq) instead of across the mouth -still thinks happen for a reason Smile Thanks again for the comments.

By: nineteen68

I Man Machine by nineteen68

I Man Machine

Thanks Paul. I think I did achieve what I set out to do. You could be right with the lighting. Currently the only lighting I use is the light from the projector so introducing another light source, even a weak one could be interesting. Thank you

By: nineteen68

One of the Oldest Churches by Baycan

One of the Oldest Churches

I love old buildings and I love the creepy feel of this.

By: Baycan

The Curse of Heaven by nineteen68

The Curse of Heaven

Thanks here4years

By: nineteen68

The image formerly known as IMG 4675CR2 by nineteen68

The image formerly known as IMG 4675CR2

Hi Moira & Willie. Thank you so much for the comments. Ive been honing my technique a bit. I did another shoot after this and forgot part of my tripod and and I was disappointed in the some of the results. Now Moira, I love the black all around and I know we've had discussions about this before and I agree in most cases its a matter of how we see things.

By: nineteen68

I'm Home again by nineteen68

I'm Home again

Hi Guys, thank you so much for the feedback. When I uploaded it, I thought the ring may have been an issue> Unfortunately it wont come off (Im trapped) I did sort of try to remove it but after a bit of tinkering I decided to leave it, I also felt it showed that it added something else to the shot. Willie, I like most of the mod but the edit to the ring doesn't work for me-sorry. Thank you all.

By: nineteen68

My Dark Passenger by MartinWait

My Dark Passenger

cool, love the negative space around the image.Grin

By: MartinWait

Trapped in a place with no name by nineteen68

Trapped in a place with no name

Hi Moira, thanks. I felt the basic image need something and the thing that came to mind was an eruption of some sort. Like I have said I have seen this type of thing but never got to grips with it, so I played a bit today and I had given up after version 1 but it just looked pants. But I went back to it and clicked and pressed and other things and something started to happen and progress was made. I agree though it needs a lot of work.

By: nineteen68

Fear by nineteen68


Hi Paul, the title is related to the track i was listening to whilst editing, which how I name the vast majority. I think i tend to create lots of abstract images with this project as it lends itself to abstraction and its sort of the way my mind works but I appreciate it won't be everyone's cup of tea.

Im also having a load of issues with Chrome at the moment but use IE as a back up.

By: nineteen68

The darkroom unleashes imagination in graphic images by nineteen68

The darkroom unleashes imagination in graphic images

Hi Paul. Thank you for the feedback. Im intent on pushing this project as far I can shove it in every direction i can think of. Thanks again.

By: nineteen68

Chemical Restraint. by nineteen68

Chemical Restraint.

Hi Paul, fair enough. I see it differently but then I shot it and I knew roughly what I was looking at.

By: nineteen68

Tunnel by nineteen68


thank you

By: nineteen68

Lilly and Luna by joseph

Lilly and Luna

I love the light and tonesGrin

By: joseph

Love Makes you Crazy by nineteen68

Love Makes you Crazy

Hi Moira

It was a flesh coloured bra, perhaps I had the white balance wrong, or it must have been an error on my part. I think its more noticeable at the back than the front, in fact the more I look at it the more it becomes glaring. And yey for more than 10 secs Smile

By: nineteen68

Girl on Fire by nineteen68

Girl on Fire

Hi Moira, I think the mod is excellent, when editing I looked at adding flames but my skills aren't up to that yet. The thing I notice about this image comapred to my others is the projection appears to be coming from the body and not simply projected onto the body.

By: nineteen68

Grin by nineteen68


Thank you

By: nineteen68

Candy Gurl by nineteen68

Candy Gurl

Hi Moira, thank you. I noticed the wrinkles in the shorts and thought a bit about trying to smooth them out but then I thought it adds a little to the image and gives a little more texture, it also shows some distinction between leg and body, so left it. I'm experimenting with all aspects of this at the moment but the next area has to be getting the whole image on the whole body, Im sure its as simple as moving the projector but my brain hasn't figured it out yet.

By: nineteen68

Bette by nineteen68


Thanks willie

By: nineteen68

The Vanishing of Lee Sirmond by nineteen68

The Vanishing of Lee Sirmond

Hi Chase, thanks for the feedback, I take your point. Everytime I look at the image I see different shapes, the lights bits are the models legs, the dark blue/black area in the middle is the vest the model was wearing at this point. Im not entirely sure where the head is exactly. Sometimes I think have cracked this and other times I think the whole lot is a load of tosh and I'm crazy. Back to the drawing board.

By: nineteen68

Beauty of the Beast by nineteen68

Beauty of the Beast

Thanks Moira & Phil. I agree there is less/no mystery about this shot and in hindsight, mystery is what light projection is all about. Moira as always you mods are exceptional, this is an area I need to go to town on. Linking in with what Phil has said about an idea not being finalised, I need to be braver with editing and experiment more. Thank you again for your feedback. Going back to the mod, it looks and feels like a portrait on the wall in an old house with someone passing by holding a candle, which is what I had wanted to achieve.

By: nineteen68

Big bad wolf by nineteen68

Big bad wolf

Thank you. Its all one big experiment, trial and error. I have lots more ideas to play around with and your mod is fantastic.

By: nineteen68

Loaded gun by nineteen68

Loaded gun

Thank you all. I like all mods. I keep looking at the black to make sure its even but its probably my eyes and the monitor. Its something I need to sort out.

By: nineteen68

Dieselpunk Stormtrooper by nineteen68

Dieselpunk Stormtrooper

Thanks Kel, I'll have a go at softening the top edge, I'm still figuring out Elements 10.

By: nineteen68

No Sleep till the light is gone by nineteen68

No Sleep till the light is gone

Hi Moira & Pablophotographer, as always thank you for the feedback. I like the shot lots. I feel its quite simple and easy to read compared to some of the others I have posted. I think there is more space in the edit you done Moira than the original and I like it. For the record my wife isn't keen on this image.

By: nineteen68