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Hold My Hand..

Hold My Hand.. by kousik

Well done Kousik.

Cameras are objects that come and go. Skills are things that once gained never go. I wish you to live long and be healthy so you enjoy your cameras and your skills for a long time.


On Exmoor

On Exmoor by Min463

Yo man,
Earth is round. Circles do not have straight lines on the perimeter.
Start worrying if women have no curves. Tongue
Are we done with astronomy and biology, now?

I think it's a 4:3 aspect ratio pic I see here, how nice to be able to shoot at different aspect ratios; I have the same camera with you.
But if I was to approach that scene... I'd go close to the blooming yellow plant on the foreground, place my lens from behind it and record it partially, keeping the orientation vertical and the aperture the same to get the sight of Exmoor and the sky filling the picture. The blend of colours, especially the foreground grass, as this specific season, doesn't seem to go well in the palette of your creation. Without realising it you have recorded contrast and colour interplay, blue and white on the sky, dark green and lighter green, green and violet, white and green, which are good; but the very foreground is a mishap. I have tried to crop it in my two mods, I hope the size of the pics will be allowed to be uploaded. If not, try cutting off 1/7th roughly of the total height of the picture from the bottom, leaving the yellow blooming plant in (some of it or all, the total area of grass then is not such a big problem in the chromatic symphony).


Houses of Parliament from Hungerford Bridge

Houses of Parliament from Hungerford Bridge by photozinemag


It seems a nice conversion to black and white because I suspect the colour of the river (which occupies a big percentage of the whole image) is better to be kept as unrealistic aluminium.

My only ''coughing'' in the picture would be about the one millimeter of bridge present on the top right side, near by the Big Ben. Cloning it would look better to my opinion. It would have been a slight move forward from your part when you shot it, as I see you had a fixed length lens, as I use in my film SLR, so you need to zoom in and out with the feet.

Rather unique shooting point so I guess you know the place well. I am not sure if the place gets less busy with boats at a different time of the day. It seems a good spot also for night photography.



MAKE OR BREAK by youmightlikethis

Well.. since you've asked....

Black and white for me. I must mention through that you have done some elimination of background distortions in it, which could also benefit the colour version which seems more busy compared with the black and white version. The use of the white surrounding ''frame'' does also help eliminating human presence from the background. Well done.

So here we have three ladies with three different expressions, three personas, with three different personalities, three different dressing attempts for one goal, a very personal and individual goal. Each persona carries her own ''aura'', psychological state and process (examining, doubting, ignoring) and has a very different set of criteria to start intervening with you. Any intervention from your part may had changed that balance and mood of the picture to my opinion.

best regards


ONE FRAME ONE CROP by youmightlikethis


None for me. It's not the colour or not, I cannot assess this correctly from the laptop I am using.

The two problems I see in both are a) framing and b) shooting angle.

A) If the man is your main subject , consider his proportion in the whole frame. I think he is too small in the horizontal orientation which engulfs many other items to see around him, so many probably that the man's importance in the frame is diluted.

B) Looking down is a sign of looking down at , for some people. The intention might not have been there but the result resembles it. The square crop looks too tight. I think the title is correct, smoking is a passion, not many can kick it off. Well done for that.

My suggestions are two: a) a vertical frame that eliminates much of the plurality of the intrusions such as the columns and the separation of the limestone blocks of the building on the right and b) bending at his height so you record his full attention, straight to the eye of the viewer.

I did not check to see what is the reason of the distortion, or the lens used to take the picture. I may not have even answered your question, but this is how I see it and perceive the picture.


Ready for action

Ready for action by ladigit

....And the Piano has been drinking, not me...

Great tonality and framing, you have shot a very good picture.

It seems from the horizontal lines of the window that it leans ever so slightly to the right, I hope you have the means to correct it.



CHILDHOOD by anand_lepcha

hello anand;

I like your capability to blend with people and be allowed to catch a personal moment in their world. People seem to be at ease with you and the camera and that is quite a skill too, but it also has to do with the nature and culture of your society; in other countries people would be very much alarmed about it. Anyway.

I am a bit old school and tend to like black and white pictures, especially those taken with film. My initial thought was that this could be shot with a ISO400 film as it is an indoors shot. As I scrolled down I saw the metadata of the image and I was surprised by the usage of ISO1000 during daytime; well then again your aperture was f/8 and strikingly your shutter speed 1/5sec, which seems a lot for these lighting conditions.

The main issue was down to the aperture chosen. I think with the current positioning of the sculptures and the repetition of form you had an opportunity to make the background less visible by choosing a wider aperture value, like f3.5 to allow considerably more light to come in the sensor and record the image; that would have lower also the time you had the shutter open and contain less chances for the child to blink or move (or record a move caused by your hand).

The positioning of the child shows little direction or theatrical play from you. You could have told him to walk moving his arms like the sculptures, or push with both hands, one on each direction; alternatively to look proud and commanding by having both hands by his waist; or play with the two birds on the right. Use your imagination and be daring, you can learn by practicing. Keep shooting then!



SMUG by philip007


I think this was taken in one go and it's not a composite. So I would applaud the effort. But the effort doesn't mean as much compared to the originality of the idea and the composition Smile My command of your language didn't help me understand the explanation you are giving. It doesn't matter.
There is no need for explanation in creative fantasy to my opinion. The picture is surreal and I am quite sure that the ones who baffle with this baffle with works made by Dali. Yes it does have similarities with Dali's colour palette and the blending of the colours is very elegant, with contrast as well as variation of tone. The use of the specific aperture conveys depth of field and explains itself as a unique take.

Mucho bravo

A day in the feilds

A day in the feilds by charlotterose1997

Hi, greetings from me as well.

I had a glimpse over the modifications and the suggestions.

We all discuss things after you have taken the picture, we don't know how fresh or tired you were at the time and how much space and time was available for you to shoot.

You managed two things well, to capture his expression of joy with his performance and to avoid the sunlight to be too much in your frame. Sunlight worked as a treat because you seem to have positioned him well in relation to the sun. That is a sign of good understanding of how you work with light.

I tend to discuss about framing a lot, you ought to be careful with your frames when you had to work with a camera producing only a certain aspect ratio, namely 3:2 or 1:1. So after thinking ''yes, you ought to crop and do a square....'' I would say ''why not a vertical shot?'' The boy and the other bike stay there, there is less background but MORE nephew, more suit, more colour, more sports gear, more manifestation of motocross.

Try to run this sequence of thinking when you pick a subject;
what frame does it suit? Square or Oblong? if Oblong. should it be Horizontal or Vertical?
If unsure, try them all!


Penarth Pier

Penarth Pier by Phillbri





hello anand,

this looks like a great documentary picture to me. Space has its limitations and you had a slight 2mm space to go wider and utilise the full width of your lens; which is something you could do.

Anyway, the shot is taken and that's the end of this issue. What I particularly like in the existing frame is the directional light and the colours brought to life by the light. This directional light helps the viewer to discover the items dispersed around the lady in the room.

The room itself, the kitchen, is an important space of the house, where the family members gather, discuss and eat. Here you have captured well this expectation of arrival of the other family members and the silence of the lady comes in contrast with what will follow later. The interaction between the family members and the food. Note that despite the food is a part of your picture it remains hidden, the fire is completely put down, the steam from the hot food waiting in the pots does not appear. These are elements which would make this picture exceptional rather than great. I suspect that 200 is the lowest ISO your Nikon has, therefore the chance to record this steam coming off the pots would come by delaying (increasing) the exposure time, which would happen by a choice of an even closed down aperture value, such as f/11 or f/16. I have not checked your profile to see if you could communicate with the lady using the same language, it is useful to know so you can ask or direct people. A bit of hand gestures can help too, but is not always guaranteed that they would be interpreted in the way you want them to be interpreted. Once I remember in Asia being guest at a house I moved four of my right hand fingers in a way a paper fan moves, to denote that the place was hot and to my surprise they kindly brought me food, thinking my gesture means ''I am hungry'' Smile


Pier at sunrise

Pier at sunrise by remos08

Hi Becca,

Long story short, I made another another attempt to by-pass the first wooden post which seemed it annoyed most. When I finished my upload I saw banehawi had done almost the same , prior to me.
Apart from the slight straightening mentioned above, the rest looked cool to me, it's cool by the sea, no warmth yet as it's dawn rather than mid-day.

The proportions of my frame (fitted my small screen) make the picture look right in my eyes as a frame and as a theme. The cloud on top acts like a lid to the frame so the attention does not wander off on the open sky. Being closed from top, the frame develops symmetry with the dark bottom part. The two brighter sides near the ''lid'' allow us to recognise the breaking of the day and the white side on the water at the left is in symmetry with the white from the boat at the right.



~ by dandeakin


It reminds me of a very old sketching regarding the man's age.

I think 2/8th almost of the total width from the right can be cropped,
or even 3/8ths of the total width from the left
and cropping from the bottom starting the picture from the first step,
leaving just the man the wall and the steps

would transform this to a total metaphorical image of the human fate.

It looks so good in black and white, bravo.


Yamaha DT250

Yamaha DT250 by kermode111

No way! Is this a shot from 2014 rather than the eighties? (!!!!!!!!!!!!)

What memories does this bike bring back...

Superb mono with great tonality, bravo.

House on the Lake

House on the Lake by Mike43

Hi Mike,

I don't think you are searching for light in a foggy day like this are you? Without light and with the hint of mist in the far left you give an airy, ghostly feeling. I chopped a bit on the right instead, keeping the house off-centre. The variation of the tones is the main point here and the darkest of all comes unfortunately, but logically also from the tree on the left of the house. Because it happens to be dark deep in a brighter surrounding it gets to be more prominent than the house. Despite the house being the item that gives the frame its name, the picture seems to lack a stronger subject in the foreground, which could make it more interesting. The picture is not bad at all, by no means, but it doesn't have punch for me either.


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