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Snowdrop by RichGA


I see that the issue with the horizontally appearing vertical pictures has not been resolved yet.

But without stretching my neck, I can see that your framing has favoured the left side, now appearing on the bottom, for the right one, now appearing on the top. The bottom flower is of far less importance to the frame I think so I would have moved my camera slightly to the right (now top) to include all of the flower which appears coming off the frame and lose some of the dead green space on the left (now on the bottom).

Strangely enough I am surprised with the out of focus areas created by the aperture chosen, I would have never guessed that this was done by a f/6.3; so I think since you wanted to stay at low ISO (nothing wrong with that) you could have also gone for a wider aperture to allow more light hitting the sensor faster so blur is avoided; The softness of the flower, and the existing sunlight allow space for misjudgment, you could have also placed the stem of the primary flower directly above the green stem of the plant to give some more clarity of the lines there. An assistant could have held a difuser for you to work in a slightly more shadowed area so as the grey part of the flower inside appears more prominently.


empty vessels

empty vessels by youmightlikethis


I can't apply the modification I have in mind. I would have shot this in a vertical frame rather than a horizontal, so as all of the reflection of the bottle is in the frame (but it would have some of the surroundings too). A tighter crop from the sides, or just the right side so the remaining frame is a square could also be a possibility, because the left side of the frame (and the textures there) are worth to remain in the frame.


A priest.

A priest. by PaulPhotography


hey he seems to be a usual theme of yours. You have caught him really well in both instances I saw, in colour and in black and white.

Initially I thought of suggesting you to cut-off the top bright part pf the picture so you stay only with the woman and the priest, the temptation and the refuse of the temptation; the victory of spirit over flesh.

But looking at it I can see a different interesting theme on a diagonal arrangement; the man of the advert on top left with the priest on the right bottom of your frame. The contrast of materialistic lures of the world high on the ad with the monastic stance towards life, the spiritual world, humble, indifferent, approachable on the bottom.

Very well seen and executed. Bravo, once again.

Notre Dame Auxiliatrice,Cap Malheureux__Mauritius Series-9

Notre Dame Auxiliatrice,Cap Malheureux__Mauritius Series-9 by Schweigan

Nice colours and framing, bravo.
I would have objected the branch and leaves on the top left but the inclusion of the red flower there is a gift from heaven!


Model Photography.

Model Photography. by WimpyIskandar

I have a question Wimpy.

Who is the one who asked for this picture to be taken? She posed as your model. Did she come to you to shoot her? Or did you choose to shoot her?
I find it pretty unprofessional to say that your model is not pretty. Even if she is not, you have to work with her so she appears beautifully in your picture.

technically, I find the skewed shooting angle strange, and it is not even level with the horizon. I say this by judging the top part of the couch compared to the source of light on the background did you shoot this hand-held? Aww, it's two questions now, oops.

I am against heavy make-up but this seems to be in tune with the whole mood if the picture. I would have added a cigarette in her hand, and if she was a smoker I would have asked her to blow the smoke as.... a suggestion of waiting. If she or you were against the idea of using props I think a long necklace held by her hand at that level could be a good alternative. I also think that the picture would have looked more engaging if the model was looking at the camera or the white of her eyes was visible. The closed eyelids and the heavy mascara create a second eyebrow almost as if this shot was taken at the wrong moment. Worry not!!!! I have chopped her face in my mod making it more mysterious. Did I sort your issue with her beauty now?



Balanced? by continuum


my answer to your question would be ''yes''. It does appear to be balanced and it does have this variety of greys you wanted to have.

There are some valid points above but I would also suggest you to focus your attention on the right vertical third of the picture. I will urge you to be minimalist and narrow your frame (or even better hold your camera vertically to the ground) so as only the tree trunk that appears white and the trees until the right end of your frame are visible. That trunk gives you the tones close to white while you have all sorts of greys at the back and some near blacks at the very background; plus you could have the roots and the leaves on the soil in your frame, the trees would stand tall and outgrow your frame, giving it a sense of great size. I would go for an aperture of 5.6 or 8 to get the background clear but I would have the focus on the white-ish tree. Same ISO and shutter speed as now.


Lost Childhood II

Lost Childhood II by mkulle

Hello again!

I think we can be attracted by similar themes, a lost glove always implies a question.... whose may it be?

The most useful answer could be answered by its size or colour..., children tend to wear colourful ones, well the size of the glove too could reveal if it belongs to a child or a teenager or an adult. Size can be better understood when it is compared to the surroundings, here we have nothing to compare it. I think the inclusion of the road could be bigger.... as a directional pathway, leading away from the glove. The use of wide aperture helped you diffuse the background, so you achieved what you wanted. The frost on and inside the glove show that the item was left there for long....separated from its owner...

I would have also like to have taken a picture straight from above it, as not only size may had looked smaller if you had shot it from your chest height but because it would have looked abandoned in its bare surroundings. Just like this item I had found on my way some time ago. http://www.ephotozine.com/user/pablophotographer-162600/gallery/photo/cruelty---...



"Rose". by Badgerfred

Very nice rose Fred, congratulations for its cultivation.

I think its beauty would appear much stronger if you had placed a black or a white card behind it so the grey background is hidden.


Ulorin Vex

Ulorin Vex by JMCroft

Beautifully taken picture, beautiful model, bad make-up.

It is real pity that the beauty and spark in her eyes competes with the excessive lipstick (not only the lips have been coloured beyond their natural edges) but the sparkling gloss spoils the balance of the elegance she could bring to the frame. Some faces just don't need much to look pretty, be frank with your model, help her present herself in the best possible way. You have done a very good job with the lighting, why let a glossy lipstick to spoil it?


Liverpool Central library

Liverpool Central library by Rorymac


Cheers! - 4

Cheers! - 4 by nellacphoto

Yes at 25 you can drink beer without worrying about a ''beer belly''.

I think a crop from the botttom to hide the empty space between the jacket and the torso would have looked better.


Lost Childhood

Lost Childhood by mkulle

I will applaud your interesting point of view but I have my reservations for it as it has been shot.
The most distracting thing in your frame is the amount of white space near the top right corner of your frame.
I am not sure if you converted this in black and white after having taken the picture and returned home.
The overall ''play of colours'' here lies between the greys and the blacks, notice how well the black reflection below the glove matches with the diagonally placed blacks of the bottom of the van and the windows of the house; the only white permitted should be the ice on the glove, not the space between the buildings. The attention of the spectator is retained if there is some correlation between the elements of the picture; the stronger the correlation (even if it is ''chromatic'' like here) the stronger the impact. I think you might have had a picture with a stronger punch if you had shot this on a vertical frame that excludes the houses (and the gap between the houses) from your frame. Having found something on the road, does not mean you must shot it as you have found it; you can rearrange it in your frame by moving it around... it's a change done much faster than trying to do it later with software.


New York City During the Holidays #2

New York City During the Holidays #2 by handlerstudio


V2 seems better for me.

The guy in the middle is still there with his expression (and under the superficial bridge made by the guitars; nice framing).
But V2 stands out because I get to notice the sat man with the yellow jacket on the right, dived in this thoughts.
Music doesn't seem to affect him... what does that may mean?

I also like the faces of the musicians better in V2. The the right Singer's face is seen clearer than V1 and we know he is singing. The Singer on the left seems as he participates in singing but he also looks as if he is checking if they need to get off(?) - quite appropriate for musicians on the go.

What I would have excluded from V2 is the left part that contains a headless person with a shopping bag. The vertical crop would have left just one wagon door visible but no harm, it actually increases the suspense... for the glance to the left, out of the frame ''let's keep an eye .... if the conductor's coming?''


Ian the Potter

Ian the Potter by JordanJackson

I shall agree with Drummer above. I would crop just from the right though leaving a tiny part of the lapel of his jacket in the frame. I would also have asked him to exhale the smoke from his nose at the time I'd shoot him....he'd look mean and even more mysterious I think.

Not that it is a bad portrait, on the contrary; therefore I'll cast a vote.

Bassi Boy.

Bassi Boy. by STEPA1

Casting your first vote, excellent candid and black and white treatment, bravo.


Lou by markst33


Excellent for a first attempt. Dudler is in his element, good advice.

My issue has to do with the styling and the balance of the picture; I shall start from the far end part. The leopard stilettos. They not only seem bright, or too bright to be honest compared to the dark background but they also introduce a colour too far and too deep in the picture which fails to be in accordance with anything else on the foreground where the face is, hence it distracts from the face. Would a yellow rose help? I doubt it, as red is the colour mostly associated with love and femininity. Red shoes would balance this red symphony (and they have their own implying meaning) while black shoes would do even more good, blending with the background and the underwear, while allowing the viewer to focus on the red colour and her superbly lit face. Ermmm, lipsticks is not my forte, lol.


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