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27/11/2013 - 1:13 AM


PortraitWell taken.

But the smile is too posed. The sparkling eyes are in the middle of the frame, not bad, but is all the space above her head needed? YOu cana try to crop and see it it works.

Kind regards,
22/11/2013 - 1:01 PM


NikiHello Danita.

I would like to point some stylistic details you should be aware of when you work in a studio. The necklace jewellery is cut; care should be taken s it is brought higher by a quick knot at her back. The picture has an ambiguous purpose and that doesn't work on its favour. I would crop the lowest part so there isn't much contrast of whites (vest and bust) with the darker areas and we'd rather face on the face and head; it would have an oblong shape rather than a square but then it still carries the feeling of suffocation and troublesomeness.

Kind regards,
Waiting (34) - for the return of filmShivers! Tell me these won't be wasted!

I do shoot film, last month it was the first time I ever opened a canister too, hope the film wasn't destryed, as I did it in a dark room. Won't be long to take it to be developed, I'll find it fate soon.

The picture is superb in lighting, and focusing, I like the black and white treatment and although I look at 35mm canisters which produce a 3:2 aspect ratio I'd say the picture would have even stronger impact if it was made to look 1:1 square. A crop from left would leave a square tribute to Kodak.

Attention! Salutes and orders platoon to fire the shutters. Amen

05/11/2013 - 8:59 AM


FIFTEENWel done, the girl looks very beautiful and the square format and black and white option give the picture a retro yet timeless feel. The one improvement I would think as obligatory is the removal of the car parked on the left behind her. The removal of photographer on the right is optional.

Nice picture, bravo
21/09/2013 - 2:09 AM


stretchingHi. I don't now where exactly in this big city this building is but the construction looks like a work of 'cowboy' builders.

Your picture reveals an ever alert photographic eye which can pick opportunities that most would ignore. So far so good.

Raising the lens upwards to shoot the picture has created distortion. You can sort this with various software. Or cropping.

First vertical column of the left vanishes (and with it the 'widening'). Four rows from the top of the lamp go too. First row from bottom goes as well.

You are left with an 8 block square and a diagonal line: Alpha square and beta square equals gamma square. The sum of sides squared equals the diagonal squared. Pythagorean theorem.

19/09/2013 - 1:49 PM

Pont Alexandre III, Paris

Pont Alexandre III, ParisHi, I am known to be friendly and I really want to help but I may to sound cynic at the same time although I don't want that to happen. I am not involved into brand wars either, each one has his or her preference and buys what suits their wallet. I shall offer my sensible advice but it may not heal this picture; I hope you find it useful though for future endeavours. I took a guess that the lens (and the camera) must be water sealed - I have not paid attention the metadata apart the timing of exposure and ISO (people who use film, like me, don't ask too much) - I didn't even notice the aperture-. I know only you used a canon camera as the first comment notes (as if this is bad). You had me wondering, was this picture taken handheld or on a tripod usinge timer delay? However it may had been taken it seems you mad hadn't had an umbrella with you or you. It may be the least spoken photographic kit you may have heard of but it is a pretty useful thing to carry around. You can hold your camera and fire with the right hand and you can use your left to hold an umbrella above your camera and your head, actually you can rest your camera on the first bone of your left thumb to level your frame and support the camera as the rest of the four fingers and the palm hold the umbrella.

Halfway typing this I came yo with this thought: Why not using the pitch black bottom part of the picture showing water to 'paint' the rest of the picture where it is needed? It may be a faster way to 'fix' the issue.

And since the issue was (or I hope/wish to be) resolved by the friendly members of this website, I felt like commenting on the picture itself. A feature of the picture that I find really impressive is the beam of light that comes from the Eiffel tower. I have never been to Paris myself it was just my dad who had visited over 30 years ago and never told me about it. Most pictures I had seen form the Eiffel tower were taken during daytime. I can't know either that the street lamps display yellow light (for foggy nights?) or white. Both options can be true. An option you could go for once the 'healing' issue is done is to make this picture black and white Smile It would look very nice.

A slightly cropped frame (from the left so that excludes the first lamppost from the left) could help th viewer focus on the light beam at the center of this frame. If I was to shoot it again though I would have the camera lifted slightly upwards and to the right so it gets the whole of the lights of the right lamppost; the detail of the statue recorded in your frame is superb.
18/09/2013 - 10:20 AM

Girls best friend

Girls best friendApplauses.

It is a pleasing picture of the young lady and the horse. We can't know if this is a picture that should display the dark part of this very beautiful horse so I am not sure if it was a necessity to include it. The elements of the background (which look like a door and a window o the right) could be maintained in a vertical crop on the left which would exclude the first window from the left and might had led to a tiny crop on the right, actually a slight wider space than a vertical frame of your two subjects could contain, which I think could be an alternative way of presenting them. Smile

17/09/2013 - 6:03 PM

Jayne - sofa

Jayne - sofaErrr... I know this is a modest nude picture but I wonder... does it bother to show the door? it is shot in a house, rooms have doors. But it doesn't look like right to me although understand the limitations. What could I suggest you if I were to take the picture of this model in this room? To ask her to place her head on the left side of the sofa, so the door isn't visible. You are lucky to have plain walls!
16/09/2013 - 8:40 PM

reflections on a lexus

reflections on a lexusHi. The late Mr. Toyoda (founder of the Toyota company) would have been very pleased that his sewing machine factory he has created has ended up making pieces of art. You noticed something other photographers may had bypassed. Reflections of skies on cars are most of the times a nuisance but then people focus just on the cars rather than the options their reflective surfaces and the skies can offer. Being an abstract photo it is hard to offer any critique other than an aesthetic one. I like you have depicted a z-like shape on top left part and a flaowing pattern on the right center and bottom of the frame. What I find rather mismatching is a pattern on the top right pattern that looks like the u or v cup in a pattern that together with the diagonal leg resembles letter y. I would therefore crop the picture from top, roughly 1/6th of its height, to exclude that shape that cleans up some grey horizontal marks on teh white part of the z pattern. What is left is a pattern of downstream flow of white blue and grey which are a nice colour blend.
16/09/2013 - 7:23 PM

Jayne - headshot

Jayne - headshotHi. If I had one one shot to do with this person I wouldn't have asked her to take off the jacket from her shoulders. I think its coloyr and her eyes' colour are a good match. The way she has taken off the garment of her shoulders and back and has retained it on the sleeves looked really un-natural, as if another body dressed in a blue top holds her chin. Did she suggest this or was it your idea? I think it's the only thing in the picture that doesn't work, yet it is prominent.
11/09/2013 - 2:30 PM

A portrait of a friend

A portrait of a friendHi!

I do remember this one, so that means it is a striking picture Smile

To give it a more sinister style and mystery you could crop it more at the height of the right elbow as we ll at the picture. Take care so no flesh is visible. Doesn't he look like holding a riffle and looks down to someone? Bam! Birds fly away scarred. "Get Carter" sort of pic.

One shot, many stories to tell.
10/09/2013 - 12:37 AM

Cooley-Q Cools Off

Cooley-Q Cools OffHi, I can't understand if this is a moment after an accident but I think that a less wide aperture f/5.6, f/8 might had revealed Townend's facial expression better, it would be a champion pic then. No pun intended.
10/09/2013 - 12:31 AM


LuckaHi. Lighting looks great, it actually compliments her facial expression. No doubt she is an attractive woman actually lighting and her presence (with the folklore clothing) are the reasons that your picture attracts attention. What I see as points that have weaken the impact of the picture are: a) posture/pose and b) background. I can't figure out why a 'violinist' (as you suggest us to perceive she is) would hold the violin like that, rather than play a happy tune and smile at the same time. Is she sat on a stool? Normally the travelling musicians play on a stage, or play stand up. I don't think there will be someone who will deny returning her a smile but when I compare such a little part of the picture with the vast double coloured background I wonder is all of the space from the left needed? Would she look better in a square frame? Is this a wall? How does she relate to the background? Do train your brain to think these issues as well, when taking someone's picture. I have noticed that her figure cuts diagonally the frame following the pattern of the colour split on the wall, good placing of the poser there, it might had been more obvious if the frame was square. I understand that these are not issues you had asked to be looked but I hope you'll find them useful.

03/09/2013 - 11:37 PM

Evora S

Evora SHello Matt.

I like the low angle you have chosen to shoot the car from. I also like the exposure.
I find the white mini on the left of the frame quite distracting so I would suggest you to crop the whole part of fence and cars there and have the frame starting with the Lotus, ready to roar and leap forwards. Due to the sun position at the time an important feature of this sports car is lost in the shadow. I refer to the rear right tyre width, a flash may had brought up this tiny but nevertheless interesting detail.

17/08/2013 - 10:15 PM


MilkTricky ... I like the idea, but I feel like cropping the bottom part before the print of the bottle on the left appears in the refection, or just before the painting appears, so you have the labels and the messages duplicated; for more fun I would make the cropped reflection with the messages the top part, have the bottle opened half full and call it 'No drips, no spils'. The picture would have worked better if the painting above the bottles was removed. It may not be shown at the top of the frame but appears on the bottom. But since this is a fun shot... 'no bother' as my Scot friend says.
16/08/2013 - 2:05 AM

Family love

Family loveHi. I like the way her face is illuminated, I also like her expression. We can't see much of her granddad's face are you sure he is 98? he looks no more than 58, lol. I can't figure what is the big shape in the background appearing between them. Probably a closer aperture could have been used to clarify its true identity, it would stop the viewer wondering; it would not win attention from her face because she is well light. I like the idea of including the swing in the picture, it multiplies the feeling of sharing, hug, emotions and family. (Her) Face and expression are the winning parts of the picture. Well done, bravo.
15/08/2013 - 9:11 AM

HMS Illustrious

HMS IllustriousNow, now, now. I smell trouble. Lol.

Against sunlight on a bright day... You have done well to keep the focus on the boat and its grey figure rather than to go wider and have more sunlight in. I might had gone for an aperture of f/11 and same time to make all of the picture a bit darker because it looks overexposed to me now. I am not sure if the shape of the deck is the reason that I think the horizon is a bit pointing upwards on the right. there isn't much of land I can see to judge it with certainty.
08/08/2013 - 2:00 AM


BeowulfHi Alda.

I think the picture that needs to be discussed more is V1. I know you were going for the exhaust but you have got a fair amount of the Yamaha XTR1300 there. The amount of blue colour on te exhaust makes me believe that it was not an accidental part of a process of welding together, it can look like it, blue, copper, bronze colours appeared when bikers and mechanics started their own 'developments and upgrades' but then, the blue was almost as wide as the copper and the golden rings. This is a big motorcycle, end of motorbikes talk now.

On V1 I think you were so much focused on the colour so other things escaped your attention. Are you happy that a part of the wheel is missing?
I think you should have shot it from an even lower angle. I might had been tempted to zoom out a bit more, or make one backward step. I thought of a vertical frame as well which could contain more of the wheel but if it was shot with the existing settings it wouldn't have looked good. On V2 I would expect to see all of the exhaust pipe. It's getting late I may add more later.
06/08/2013 - 12:10 AM


MotionHello hiddendragon; O think that the light fittings give sense of stability in the picture; the make a contrast to the moving helix parts. Talking about contrast the picture contains a trio of materials in the fan, wood, metal, glass; all can contrast each other, yet the most amazing thing is that they can be unified. Smile Convert the picture in black and white and you'd be really pleased; thanking me is another issue.

Kind regards
24/07/2013 - 12:04 PM


ESPERANZAHello Markina.
I do not know under which exact conditions this picture was taken but being in a church environment where people normally go to pray for themselves and their departed relatives and friends, fuss is the least of what a photographer would like to create. Making choices through camera's menu can interrupt the service so choosing silent mode and no camera sounds allow you to work stealthily. I can't think of a colour balance setting to think of as an alternative, candles have this yellow glow when they burn, probably an adjustment of the colour profile towards blue would lessen the vividness yellow which has made Esperanza's hair look blonde, whereas I suspect they are white. Mentioning her name, did you know here beforehand or did you chat with her after having taken her picture? ? when lighting conditions cannot be changed your only alternative to produce a portrait in better conditions is to ask the person to change position. Here, if I had known Esperanza, I would suggest her to look a bit to my left so I get some highlights on her left eye as well.