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pablophotographer's Gallery Comments

pablophotographer > pablophotographer Recent Activity > pablophotographer's Gallery Comments
New York City During the Holidays #2 by handlerstudio

New York City During the Holidays #2


V2 seems better for me.

The guy in the middle is still there with his expression (and under the superficial bridge made by the guitars; nice framing).
But V2 stands out because I get to notice the sat man with the yellow jacket on the right, dived in this thoughts.
Music doesn't seem to affect him... what does that may mean?

I also like the faces of the musicians better in V2. The the right Singer's face is seen clearer than V1 and we know he is singing. The Singer on the left seems as he participates in singing but he also looks as if he is checking if they need to get off(?) - quite appropriate for musicians on the go.

What I would have excluded from V2 is the left part that contains a headless person with a shopping bag. The vertical crop would have left just one wagon door visible but no harm, it actually increases the suspense... for the glance to the left, out of the frame ''let's keep an eye .... if the conductor's coming?''


By: handlerstudio

Ian the Potter by JordanJackson

Ian the Potter

I shall agree with Drummer above. I would crop just from the right though leaving a tiny part of the lapel of his jacket in the frame. I would also have asked him to exhale the smoke from his nose at the time I'd shoot him....he'd look mean and even more mysterious I think.

Not that it is a bad portrait, on the contrary; therefore I'll cast a vote.

By: JordanJackson

Bassi Boy. by STEPA1

Bassi Boy.

Casting your first vote, excellent candid and black and white treatment, bravo.


Lou by markst33



Excellent for a first attempt. Dudler is in his element, good advice.

My issue has to do with the styling and the balance of the picture; I shall start from the far end part. The leopard stilettos. They not only seem bright, or too bright to be honest compared to the dark background but they also introduce a colour too far and too deep in the picture which fails to be in accordance with anything else on the foreground where the face is, hence it distracts from the face. Would a yellow rose help? I doubt it, as red is the colour mostly associated with love and femininity. Red shoes would balance this red symphony (and they have their own implying meaning) while black shoes would do even more good, blending with the background and the underwear, while allowing the viewer to focus on the red colour and her superbly lit face. Ermmm, lipsticks is not my forte, lol.


By: markst33

camp fire by abby2244

camp fire

Bravo Abby, you have balanced the darkness and the light in a lovely way. It does look bright as the fire!

By: abby2244

White Knight by ChrisBanks

White Knight

It is a very good observation. An elevated point of view can reap triumphs! The inclusion of the person convinces us of the space true dimensions, well done.
I like that you have decided to present this in black and white,
but I think the effect would have been stronger if a black dressed man was walking towards the left as if attacking the white knight.


By: ChrisBanks

Ballet Pose 2 by SteveBaz

Ballet Pose 2

What an elegant pose, from an athletic body, nicely presented in Black and white.

I would commit a horizontal crop that eliminates the top 3 window panels, as light causes distraction from the main subject. As I was deducting them from the image I noticed that there is a slight leaning to the left, so I would adjust it to the level.


By: SteveBaz

The metro..(shoot on film) by PaulPhotography

The metro..(shoot on film)

Love it!

I think you can crop the Ikea advert on the top part and have a square frame that starts on top at the height of the destination sign and crops a bit of the pink feature on the right bottom corner.


By: PaulPhotography

Checking the flowers ! by salopian

Checking the flowers !

Hi, it looks good and it is well combined with the portrait of your late wife.

I like the slight asymmetric placing of the portrait inside the mirror, despite the fact that the top part of the painting, where the face is, it is dark and from far away this looks as a weak pint of the picture. Probably , if the weather and house orientation to the sun's movement permitted you could take the picture when the opposite wall , rather than the wall we face now, is lit.

Another two notable modifications I would suggest is the withdrawal of the item which casts a shadow on the bottom right corner and a slightly trimming on the bottom, horizontally so as the door panerl disappears from the frame altogether.

The flowers are Beautifully arranged and I can sense this is a shot taken with lots of affection. Bravo.

By: salopian

The Sheep cloud & Sheep bell.... by SvetAriadne

The Sheep cloud & Sheep bell....

hello Svetlana.

I have not gone into the details of your camera, but as I have noticed on your portfolio, all the frames you have shot are horizontal. I think the subject you decided to shoot seems to be fitting better into a different framing or orientation, to my humble opinion. My modification has produced something that resembles a square but your real subjects, the sheep, the bell and the cloud could fit as well in a vertical framing.

Therefore I would suggest you to be daring with the way you hold your camera and compose your images. A new world waiting to be found and photographed awaits. Leap into the adventure!


By: SvetAriadne

The Last Hymn by MartinBrown

The Last Hymn

Quote: Incredible wonderful photo with lovely colours and with great attention to detail excellent photography SmileSmileSmileSmile

I shall dully agree. The place does not look abandoned either.


By: MartinBrown

A Kelpie by McBrian

A Kelpie

Impressive shooting angle and result. Bravo.
May I suggest you crop the trees on the left corner?
Let the horse and the sky do their magic alone.


By: McBrian

casuals by palaniappan


I love the pose the expression and the colours!



By: palaniappan

Camper by shadow_photo



I like what you have shot; for a moment it looked like being shot with a toy lens.

I do not know how much empty space was on the left of the frame but I would suggest you

to crop the frame so as the car on the right and the big lamp-post are not parts of the picture.

kind regards,

By: shadow_photo

Walk on by by Brianmdoucette

Walk on by


it looks as peaceful as on a Sunday morning Smile

May I suggest to crop the bottom part a bit and exclude the metal cap of the draining water facility there?

Keep Justice clean Smile


By: Brianmdoucette

Stern observers by CPO1944

Stern observers

Hello Jack.

It is a shot of an unidentifiable vessel, no markings with serial numbers, no flag (in the picture). I think your zoom is quite good for showing the boat, I could not see the crew clearly so, since they did not fire back at you, I take this could be marked as you scoring one Wink
I have reframed this in a way to follow the contour of the vessel, like a dagger in the water; excess sky and water have been reduced to an acceptable minimum I hope.
I applaud the timing which froze teh action and I like the choice of aperture used, as it gives a hint of background, in a nice position. These two round white objects on the right remind me of water tanks but they might not be actually, good thing is that the remind something of a naval operation.
As for the lack of flag, I hope they were not Pirates. I think all sailing boats have to identify themselves in the sea, isn't that obligatory for everybody?


By: CPO1944

Tomasz 3 by milligan1

Tomasz 3


I have not seen the previous shots of Tomasz.
I think the darkened right side with its few highlighted areas did not serve much of a striking contrast so I got rid of it completely; Half missing side or half completely dark side can exist in imagination as well, so why not holding the present part of the picture?


By: milligan1

Elo´se II, London, 2013. by SamGillespie

Elo´se II, London, 2013.

A dancer at work (yep, warming ups are work also).

No, I can not think of a ballet studio without a radiator, or a mirror, so I'd keep it as it is.

Realistic and beautiful therefore I propose this title for it: Beautifully balanced.


By: SamGillespie

Sunset Clouds by kibbsnk

Sunset Clouds


I understand this is an effort to shoot their colour, it looks like they were lit by a zippo Smile

But the questions you should be making to yourself before shooting are ...
''Is there I an interesting pattern among these clouds? How can I frame it optimally? Horizontally or vertically so I can show the darker colours of the sky at higher altitudes? Would a square frame bring out the best feature? Is the bottom of my picture interesting? Is it recognisable, as a city skyline with a known monument? Do I need to have anything but the clouds in the frame?''

I do not find the bottom of the picture adding anything to the frame... unless the trees were on fire too...


By: kibbsnk

Silkwood Autumn Colours by Glostopcat

Silkwood Autumn Colours

Spectacular as it is, I think the picture has more impact, due to its vivid colours, at the bottom half part.

I'd suggest you to crop it horizontally to a 3:2 framing and possibly omit the trunk on the left too.


By: Glostopcat

Santa Muerte - Our Lady of the Holy Death by Jack_Schitt

Santa Muerte - Our Lady of the Holy Death

If Death had such a face I'd say a certain someone I know rested in Peace very happily.


By: Jack_Schitt

404 not found by lude69dotcom

404 not found

Error... cursor keeps blipping.

Well, I think you have to take it to their customer service,


By: lude69dotcom

Is it Pink Flower? by kinkhab

Is it Pink Flower?

Looks like a Yummmmmy Fruit to me! Nice picture!

By: kinkhab

The Salami thief by ozimax

The Salami thief


I thought he wanted to feed the pet.

Colourwise it has something of an old film likeliness.

But expression lacks surprise being caught, and just hints some disappointment from his, I think if this was not an impromptu picture , you'd ought to direct him how to pose.

Background looks great on the left, the modern furniture on the right spoil it for me, I tried cropping the back of the black office chair, keep it simple and give it a timed edge, -take a hint from the broom on the left- Wink

Some stealing moments make great photographs. I still remember shooting with my 120 Kodak camera my youngest cousin stealing a stake from a pan placed on my grandmother's cooker, he couldn't see what was inside but he definitely could smell it. No wonder he is taller than me now, and wider, bless him.


By: ozimax

Colour my World by RPilon63

Colour my World

Nice perspective!

I suspect you have used an old manual lens therefore the aperture data appears as f/0...

The point I like the most in the picture is beyond the perfectly focused rows at the bottom and
I think that its beauty lies in the dead black space between the pencils.

Therefore I would suggest an alternative focusing in the middle of the frame, which I think it would make it look even better.


By: RPilon63

smile for me by atenytom

smile for me

Merry Christmas to you Thomasz

By: atenytom

Ghosts by nineteen68


It works for me.

It's a shot in the borders of reality, why does it have to be clear?

But this makes sense after the reading of the title I must say.

And having said that, goodbye.


By: nineteen68

thorny twig by threed

thorny twig

they look good! bravo

By: threed

Giving A Helping Paw by KarenFB

Giving A Helping Paw

Hello Karen, Merry Christmas to you too.

Was that a Fujifilm S3 that stopped serving you?

Wish they'd still make them ...


By: KarenFB

Happy Days! by paulbroad

Happy Days!


The lady has been recorded well, especially for an incognito chest shot (good autofocus from Fuji). But the empty dead white sky and the white van are ladykillers.

So I would suggest a total change of background, ranging from a complete black to a striking carnival which does not amuse her or a place of peaceful rest of human agony where she would pay her respects.


By: paulbroad