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pablophotographer's Gallery Comments

pablophotographer > pablophotographer Recent Activity > pablophotographer's Gallery Comments
College Rules: Party Foul by WhoIsTaeSmith

College Rules: Party Foul

Hey, look , look! A shadow of a man's head looking down at the bottle!

Hello and welcome too Tae.

I see some extra possibilities from the frame you have shot there.

I'd keep the picture simple, by subtracting some elements. The road on the top of the frame for starters. And the orange(?) line too. And the black lamp-post(?) from the right. I'd have left only the leg of the bench -its shadow provides enough description to help us understand its wooden top part which is actually cut out of the frame. The bottle and the round shadow of a man's head(?) would be the other two parts of my frame. Smaller in size and square shaped possibly, would say the same story and add some mystery of social comment on the empty bottle, a booze relic.

I do not know your photographic experience as I have not seen your profile; it would make little difference anyway. Try to train your eyes depicting things in your pictures. The story that your frames can tell will depend on what you can pick up from the world around you.


By: WhoIsTaeSmith

at home / world cup by pascalg

at home / world cup

It's a winner !


By: pascalg

Secure by JoWiAu



Secure yes but not engaging, nor perfect.

Despite the shallow depth of field it appears it has, the spot it is shot from allows for a visible dark object on the back near your subject. It might had looked less of a problem if the picture was black and white (and I'd strongly suggest you to try it and see my point).

The chain attached to the securing ring is away from the viewer and although it may do some actual work holding something, being on the other side of the frame is distant and disengaging. It would be better if you could move it over to the viewers side, giving him a grip, a place to hold and come into the essence of your picture.


By: JoWiAu

Seaweed hut @ freshwater west. by piemon

Seaweed hut @ freshwater west.


I would not advise you to print it, unless you back-light it. The colours you see on your computer and the camera back are given by back-lighting, if you get this printed it would look even darker and thus less appealing.

As banehawi suggests the sky is a large part of the picture and the sun and the rays are quite small in proportion to ''lift'' the picture if I may add.
From an aesthetics point of view I do not find this appealing.
But of course the photographer and its picture do have a psychological relation that no-one can doubt that it can influence the way that the makes perceives or favours its work.
The choice is yours but my honest answer would be negative.

Kind regards

By: piemon

The Hairdressers by raymondgargaro

The Hairdressers

Full of buzz!

Uncommon subject; Nicely presented, bravo


By: raymondgargaro

Arabian Horse - Palatina by missmoon

Arabian Horse - Palatina

Hi, it's an excellent picture which I would have given my award if I had spare this week. I am very pleased for the recognition it got though, it's totally worth it.


By: missmoon

Transportation Of Fishers by Parallel

Transportation Of Fishers

Finally EU realised they were wrong to ask ''breaking'' these types of boats (they'd pay the fishermen enough money to have the these boats destroyed, boats that were made by skilled boat-makers 60 or even 80 years ago, and go out of business to protect fish population) favouring bigger fishing boats which used a different fishing method to the ''eyed'' nets used by these boats, which allow young fish to pass through the net ''eyes'' and catch the adult fish only compared to the trawler fishing nets which scoop the sea bottom and destroy nests and fish population by large. I hope future generations will keep using these boats in the sea rather than in a frame but even for that, your picture serves posterity and civilisation.

You could crop from the top and have only the traditional boats in the frame rather than the yachts on the right but we'd miss the far background... to help us understand the location of the picture taken.


By: Parallel

Stairs by bazza21


Quote: Good observation, and a very nice composition.


I agree and if I may add, I'd turn it in black and white version too.


By: bazza21

An interesting story by jovanovic

An interesting story

Hi Zoran.

4,2,3,1 as a pic sequence for me,
perceiving the lady with the shorts as a dancer/actress presenting her piece and bringing her performance to a ''grande filnale'' in font of a pleased audience.


By: jovanovic

On Fire by jkalita

On Fire

Great colours, orientation and framing, bravo


By: jkalita

Dandylion by LouiseTopp



I'd flip it and reduce 1/4th from the total height on the top afterwards.

The less green stem on the left of it is a bit of a big distraction as is now (hence the flipping suggestion; you'd expect a stem of a plant going upwards rather than downwards).

best regards,

By: LouiseTopp

Watching the Yachts on Lake Como by Phil_Bird

Watching the Yachts on Lake Como

many reasons to praise this picture;
nicely themed;
well orientated so it follows the patterns of the subjects;
well timed so the two boats are in the frame;
light is controlled very well too, this is almost again the sun but it doesn't suffer from any silhouettes.
it righteously gets my vote

By: Phil_Bird

Watching by ladigit



I see it as a study in colour, the doll is a good subject for that. You have done a very good job handling the light.

The object is placed at that point for a reason. I find it disturbing placing the doll in between the bars looking down.

And that is the mistake I find for this photo, your viewpoint.

The tense of the story would come from a vertical format shot, from below, aiming upwards, where the head comes out of the bars and the cold doll's eyes look straight at your lens.


By: ladigit

Here is the card... by xwang

Here is the card...

Hi Jasmine

Errrrr apart from everything else mentioned above, I would like to make a point, for which no-one spoke so far.

Your frame contains two people and the one on the left is completely out of context and ruins the ''retro-era'' of the picture.

I made a crop to vanish the passing by girl, I think you can make the suitcase disappear.
I know this moved the lady to the far left of the frame
but to me you should have delayed to press the shutter until the girl with the suitcase leaves your frame.


By: xwang

Portrait attempt by ladigit

Portrait attempt


Mono looks perfect to me.

I initially tried to upload my version but it was short for the site so I made another attempt.
I went for a tighter frame compared to yours. Much of the forehead is gone, and the chin is as far from the bottom edge of the frame as the eyebrows are from the top. Please disregard the grey space on the left, it was a one off opportunity to make the site accept the total picture size. I reckon despite the elegance of the button and the mystery of the chain my picture stresses the eyes and the lips, what we see and what we say come from them. If I am not mistaken, they also fall in the thirds position, well almost, as my screen limited me of the space available to achieve this accurately. I also trimmed some hair from the right side of the picture, to give a more neat look.

Great attempt of self-portraiture, bravo.


By: ladigit

Waiting for the Sun by Fabiola

Waiting for the Sun

Ciao Fabiola.

I like the series and the way the model (you?) posed. I noticed you mentioned something about surrealism in your photos. I think this would have looked more surreal if instead of a postcard or (book?) the model held her sunglasses. Although I know people who may keep wearing sunglasses indoors I think being not so obvious thing to do indoors, it would be sufficient for your purpose.

Have a great summer!
-indoors or outdoors-
kind regards,

By: Fabiola

Wild Marsh Pony by KC51

Wild Marsh Pony


I was in a field recently and shot some horses. I know what you felt.

I like your back and white conversion. It's an impromptu picture as I understand and the fact that the horse ears are chopped doesn't bother me too much. Bresson had said ''Sharpness is a bourgeoisie concept'' and having a rural scene blurred goes fine with what Bourgeois is NOT. The picture as a recreation of the moment doesn't need to be sharp. Our memory doesn't stay sharp either.

Composition-wise I would agree with Paul for a vertical shot but then again, portraiture painting flourished by wealthy people who wanted to remain known to eternity. A race horse, can be posed for eternity, any wild horse, like this, can be shot in landscape as it is both anonymous and physically connected with the land, thus the landscape.

Interpretation of a photograph passes through various personal social and cultural filters and the end result that stays in your mind is subjective. Keep with you the feeling you got when you shot it, put your feet up and let the horse run free and wild before it gets tamed.

Yeah I think I am odd too.

By: KC51

Pattern Break by Rousseau

Pattern Break

Haha, I love it.

For me the picture has the right analogy of grey and black to the rusty mustard colour.
Alternative crops could happen with vertical 3/8ths from the left going or 1/8th from the right going but it is good even now.
As for a focal point I am happy with the dead centre black hole created by the 3 grey / white iron knots.
It's take it or leave it and you can guess what I would do.


By: Rousseau

Glasgow 2014 by mohikan22

Glasgow 2014

One of your best pictures Mohikan.

I like the colour popping and the contrast of the old with the new.

Being shot with a wide lens the verticals (as the wall of the building on the right and the column on the left) have suffered from distortion. I don't expect this is the reason for the Town Hall to lean a bit t the right though, but the big G sculpture looks alright. I find the model being a bit pushed back on the sculpture I might had brought her forward where the red circle sees to dive into the wooden surface the statue is standing, this making her more prominent. The picture looks like being shot from the head height. I suspect shooting if from the hip would have made the G sculpture (and the model) more imposing.

Kind regards

By: mohikan22

Had her chips! by paulbroad

Had her chips!


I would think the hand on the right should stay in the frame. All I did in my version is to crop a bit from the bottom to make it more symmetrical although the other two crops by mrswollybill seem to have strong impact too. We all retained the interplay with the chips on the right. It displays a character (unintentionally) of ''wanting more , not just my own''.

Well seen moment.


By: paulbroad

Transport by rail by Royce

Transport by rail


I fail to see movement, the combination of wide aperture, high ISO and not so slow speed resulted in a immobilised picture. Since you used tripod you could have attempted a little bit of panning towards the left, where the train seems to be heading.

Since you have been a train driver yourself I suggest you to youtube a video named "God is a train driver" with views from routes into Nordic countries and great music as well from a group called ''God is An Astronaut''.


By: Royce

how would its negative look like? by pablophotographer

how would its negative look like?

Thank you all!

I figured the inverse would look like multiple lightings were hitting the building!

By: pablophotographer

Shoeshine by DRGW497



Light looks alright and your camera is a beast as it copes with ISO 6400 as if it was shooting with ISO 200.
But instead of seeing action of flying brushes and shiners with synthetic fibers that make the polished shoes shine we have a scene where the elements are in place, but the interest isn't there yet. I'd reckon 5 seconds later or earlier this would have looked totally different.


By: DRGW497

Ace of Diamonds. by sherring

Ace of Diamonds.

Cigarettes and whiskey and wild, wild women


very nice interpretation, bravo

By: sherring

literature or ... nothing by PsyFactor

literature or ... nothing


I have always thought putting a book down is a cruelty. Even a newspaper. It is like ignoring the labour of many people, included those who (once upon a recent time) collected each and every letter to put them in a straight line and then into a form to make a page where a inked roll and a white page would later pass. Printers once upon this recent time were real people, not machines.

Two of your pics display that ignorance in this set. Number 1 and 2. I see you kept in both the books and the street in colour but you have the people in black and white only in number 2. I understand you do this in order to gain attention for the books, which is fine with your intention. Therefore, despite the beauty of total colour in number one, I would suggest you to turn the people (and the legs that come straight on you) in black and white and keep the books coloured. Actually you could have picture number 1 after picture number 2. Then picture number 3 with the books, the parent and the child kneeling (forgot to say that low point of shooting is good for pictures 1,2,3) is a good change of the mood, all in colour, signifying a point of hope, where optionally you can keep the other people in black and white... Picture number 4 says something about literature, but the angle can't help me understand what it says. I wonder how come all the pics appear so small, I guess you have them in a larger file format.

All the best with your task.

By: PsyFactor

Traditional Jawa "kebaya" by WimpyIskandar

Traditional Jawa "kebaya"

hello Wimpy

I like the composition and the shooting angle.
I forgot to say the model too.
I have my concerns about the aperture, model pose and the lighting.

The aperture used has created a soft background (which is what you'd expect a f/2.8 to do). This is not a simple portrait of a woman against a simple and uninteresting white background. It is a showcase of a certain culture, of architecture, music, dress making, of tapestry and carving which contains a beautiful female in it. Therefore everything should have been shot and presented clearly with an even smaller aperture of f/8 at least. The model can stay still to compensate for the longer exposure time. She could also be instructed to look more engaged in the music she supposedly plays, she looks like seeing this instrument for first time in her life, rather than enjoying the music of it.

From the model to her shadow on the tapestry(?) behind her as a prelude to the lighting part of my critique. Still visible despite the aperture used and the fall of the shadow mostly on the brown part of the tapestry(?) behind her. The light from the right is too directional. Was it covered with diffuser? I think it might had been better if the main light was coming from the left and placed not against the model as now but almost in parallel. I might also had used another one with a slave to light just the background, positioned behind her. Or I could have used a desk lamp down on the floor level, pointing upwards to brighten the background , if no slave flash was available.


By: WimpyIskandar

I'm singing a song for you, for you and you... by xwang

I'm singing a song for you, for you and you...


Great fun picture.

Does your camera have a 100% viewfinder?

There is plenty to look at in the picture, the girls, the dog, the singer, the bike... I am so sorry you missed the guy making the jump over the car with his bike (chap hidden behind the tree leaves).

My crop focuses on the dog and the girls part. Th e doc pic can stand on its own and can be also framed in a narrower vertical which excludes the girls but includes the singer down the street. The singer is beautifully lit (albeit partially) as he turns and looks at you all. The problem of the picture for me is the light of the upper part of it, nothing unnatural, is the light as it falls on areas of less importance than the ones you want to viewer to focus, the girls the dog, the busker. Light is present just above girl's heads and the wall and on the tree leaves, as well as the house roofs as well. I did try a crop to eliminate it but I am not sure if my modification is big enough to be uploaded. You can also try a mod without the sky and the chimneys but you can have the ''flying bike'' in it. I might had gone for a narrower aperture as well - f/11 or f/16 - to get the background more in focus (and hopefully the busker as well).


By: xwang

Greek Couple by iancrowson

Greek Couple

Hi Ian,

I thought they were watching a certain World Cup football game, haha.

I admire the lady doing her crochet .... that belongs to a time people were both creative and lived without watching TV; actually they listened to it playing in the background as a radio.

Great people's shot.


By: iancrowson

Before the sun went down by Finas

Before the sun went down

beautiful shot!
amazing sky too....
where was it taken?

By: Finas

VARKIZA by gdoum


Hello gdoum

I think this image would look better with a slight horizontal crop from top and bottom.
Top crop would cut-off the white deck of the yacht next to your main subject, its white balloon can stay next to the yellow wooden pole of the boat. Bottom crop would balance the pic and exclude a yellow reflection on the sea below the other reflection which looks like an eye of an Egyptian mummy.

The engine compartment of the boat looks locked but for safety reasons proper sailors lock away the top part of the helm too.


By: gdoum