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pablophotographer's Gallery Comments

pablophotographer > pablophotographer Recent Activity > pablophotographer's Gallery Comments
the beauty it's outside by joseluissc

the beauty it's outside

Great shot, it may have few elements but it is just right!



By: joseluissc

table with chairs by justahobby

table with chairs


It seems you manage to find the ''real life'' spots rather than the ''touristic'' ones. That's great. Either by accident or by asking the important thing is being able to discover and enjoy yourself, it seems you have done so during your visit to Kos.

I like the whites, I think they are very close to the real reflections of the sun; even the white lime/amiant used to paint the tree trunk (prohibiting ants going up the tree) and the pottery base of it resemble the white I remember.

My issues with the picture come from the holding of the camera in a skewed angle. As a result the sensor is not on parallel with the wall. I suspect you stood opposite of the left window and somehow pushed the left of the camera closer to the wall and pulled the right of the camera closer to you. While this seems to bring you in line with the table it takes you way off line with the line created by the base of the building that runs most of the picture.

The absence of humans makes it a bit harsh to see. The windows are closed and the shade covers behind them are not open either; where might the people be? At the beach? I think you ought to have your partner sitting on one of these chairs, combining memories of a place with memories of people.


By: justahobby

Mr Apple by mistydawn

Mr Apple


Excellent craft, very imaginative!

What the picture seems to luck is a different light that makes the whole picture attract more attention. The bottom part shows a reflection of a far window(?) or a flash. If this is window, bring the artwork closer to it. Think also of the background, an edgeless background can be created by a simple monochrome tablecloth that is coming down from the back of a chair. Mr Apple looks a bit to the left and it gives you an option to crop a part from the right and use it on the left if you want. What could he be looking at???? What about a carving knife? Wouldn't it make sense?

Some people would also advise not to put the subject dead middle in the frame, take it a bit to one edge, imagine a grid of 3 vertical lines and 3 horizontals equally spaced. Put the subject you shoot at one of these outer thirds. Any side would work but on this one it seems nice to put Mr. Apple to the right, leaving space for ... mystery and questions on the left.


By: mistydawn

Chevrolet Camaro by arhb

Chevrolet Camaro


I like the shooting position, it gives the car some additional stature.

I am in doubt about the colour of the car, same as the clouds... I'd use it if I was to put an advertising phrase like... ''Building up a storm''.
You can make the background black and white if you were working with a phrase like... ''Break free from the past'' with the car being in the current colour. A contrasting colour could do it some favour with the current background. I'd try green.

I think that the white area can distract from the car. A trimmed bottom would require a lesser trim from the top.


By: arhb

shady seat by justahobby

shady seat

Yooohooo !

This is a celebration of light and colour. It's either all of that celebration that you wanted to capture or you have done a huge mistake by allowing ALL OF THAT to be in the frame by choosing a 32mm focal length.

I can distinguish an alternative potential frame.
I see in a direct line the blue and white chair and table, a green plant and a yellow wall behind the plant.
I would kneel, choose a much longer focal length to make the over all space within the frame narrower, fix my aperture in the widest value (f/6.3 for that lens), lower the ISO sensitivity to 200 and shoot with the speed value the camera suggests. The end result would be a blue/white chair and table theme with a vague yellow background of a watercolour texture; a piece of a mid-day dream, during a hot summer day.

Garcon! Portokalada!

By: justahobby

Mark by canon_stu


Very well done.

Apart from the precise lighting at the background and the model's characteristic facial expression, I should mention that the choice to frame him in a 3:2 horizontal oblong frame leaves enough space that emphasises the vibe or the mood of the person. I normally suggest vertical and square frames for portraits but you have selected the best option here; the ''dead'' space is not ''dead'' but filled with energy.

p.s. and your logo is well toned down, thus unobtrusive.



By: canon_stu

In the rain by ladigit

In the rain

Another voice here suggesting to keep the streak, you had lots of feedback so I won't add any other comments.


By: ladigit

Nightengales and Bombers by Brianmdoucette

Nightengales and Bombers


I really like the aesthetics of this picture. To an unknown reason to me, it reminds me of the seventies.
The presence of black on the left it may be a bit much, the picture can stand well in a square crop as well,
but the black adds a hint of irony to the colourful reality around us. Is the a shot from fairy tale then?

tips the brim f the helmet
-''vote dropped'' said the cold voice

By: Brianmdoucette

pontile by Christiansirk


just right!


By: Christiansirk

Many faces of Saskia by Zilba

Many faces of Saskia

Super idea and execution, bravo

By: Zilba

Spot-Light by MattB1987



you have indeed depicted an interesting feature of the car but I think that a tiny slice vertically from the left could be used on the right to include the end of the wing, as a half step backwards would have included the full round of the bottom spotlight.


By: MattB1987

Misty Morn. by wrinkles

Misty Morn.


it's a nice pic as is but

I think you ought to turn this to black and white....


By: wrinkles

River 2 by jwc66uk

River 2


Tricky shot this one.... I have seen that you had another pic of this model in your portfolio, oblong and vertical; it really suited the model's figure.

This frame though makes me think if it is the optimal you could get from her. Square framing seems to have given just a bit more than the necessary empty space on both sides right and left, and the white of the sleeve is cut off abruptly on the hand we see on the right. Therefore I would suggest a vertical orientation of an oblong shape, here as well.

What makes this picture striking is the two colours, red and black, while the white acts as a elegant and stylish median with playful presence in her sunglasses. Yet the three dimensional space of depth could be stressed far more if she had not fixed the sunglasses on her nose but she acted as if she was adjusting them about 1cm away from the nose.

I would also like to suggest a strong light source lighting the background, which is too close behind her, and giving it a white value; the red and the black would look even more striking then. It would look like the whole figure was in an endless space, dominating the attention.

I like the careful repetition of colours -white, red, black- in the face as in the dress.


By: jwc66uk

Newborn by EmmaMariePhotographyuk


Soooooooooooooooooooooo cute! Excellent!

By: EmmaMariePhotographyuk

The Way We Were by walterec

The Way We Were

beautiful image with lots of nostalgia, bravo.

p.s. have you shot of a printed photograph from a film?


By: walterec

Chained rust by Studmuffler

Chained rust


I like the black and white treatment and the vertical framing.

My only suggestion would be an elimination of the bike wheel and steering handles of the bike on the right side.
Make the frame tight, tight as the chains and the Time which have made them immobilised.


By: Studmuffler

Let's go down to the sea by notsuigeneris

Let's go down to the sea


I like the colours very much but am tempted to suggest a crop of the total height by 1/6th from the top at least to bring the people higher in the total frame. Alternatively, if this is not a crop, you could also shoot one with the whole of their shadows in the frame and less sea on the top.

Excellent control of the sun reflection, bravo.


By: notsuigeneris

Sunday Best... by Frank_Reid

Sunday Best...


you have shot a very sharp focused duel there and I like the vividness of the colours very much, despite the dull weather.

I was exploring a daring crop to the feet of the two footballers in order to try and make this a bit more universal as a scene, no shirts, no adverts -if you know what I mean- they both have their eyes on the ball so that is a point of attention there and then I noticed the two legs behind the legs of the man who plays with the blue outfit. No socks? Ooops wait a minute, what shirt is that? And the other man at the background? He can be a coach but judging from the man on his right it seems they are both spectators.

I think you have done your best by using a wide aperture but Sunday League or not since these two are not co-players or referees they should be out of the picture. Cloning them out would be my suggestion because you have shot an otherwise beautiful scene of game and concentration. The third man on the right is too far away and he could possibly be a coach on the side, he is not messing your picture, you can keep him.


By: Frank_Reid

Eiffel Tower on a Cloudy Day by mdconnors

Eiffel Tower on a Cloudy Day


My suggestion before reading any of the comments seems to have been offered already.
Drop the picture 90 degrees to the right, make it look horizontal.

I think it makes sense because of the presence of most prominent bar which is situated on the most left of the right thirds of the total width of the picture if you start measuring from the left. It would look as an odd horizontal line albeit one that reveals its identity together with the other curves at the edges of the tower.

It's a less seen shooting angle of the tower so congratulations for devising and daring it. The clouds work as a treat on the background.


By: mdconnors

Uncle Dons Birthday by Daisymaye

Uncle Dons Birthday

Happy birthday to him. I think you can crop the left window and retain a good pic too.


By: Daisymaye

Untitled by camdcwhite



I shall agree with the comments above but I thought of a tighter frame as well, that matches the amount of painting on the wall: hat, head, hands, torso with the same amounts of the walking man proportionately.

The black area on the far right may seem neutralised by the brighter trousers the man is wearing but it could be easily omitted should you had shot this a fraction of the second later ; I think that this is shot a fraction of the second too early.

But the good thing is that you have found a spot where you can be shooting interesting people who are wearing hats, yep I had someone taking a picture of me while I was wearing mine.

tips hat

By: camdcwhite

Twin Towers by k2

Twin Towers


there is a good reason landscape pictures are shot on horizontal framing but I think here you could have got a more interesting picture if you were to use a vertical frame.

My current modification just cropped a bit from the right because I found the part as ''deadwood'' as Americans call it. I can see the two towers are your subject (your title gives the clue) but I fear that their height does not give great emphasis on the overall frame, you have shot a night/early morning skyline. The buildings omitted don't play important role on the scene and I suspect you could use a lens with a longer and narrower focal length to get hold of the towers in a bigger size than the current one.

My suggestion for a vertical frame I suppose fits the two towers better as it follows their tall silhouette, but the frame would also allow more traffic lights on the bottom and more sky from the top, which at the moment of shooting would display the night giving it's way to the day.

You have done well with choosing a low ISO for the job of recording the trailing lights and used a sufficient aperture to display the lettering of the road signs. I would experiment with an aperture of f/11 also.

Another suggestion would be to turn this to black and white; I know it may not look real but I see great possibility of getting a big range of grey midtones, pitch black blacks and bright whites there. Wink


By: k2

Fi On Train... by Kymbo

Fi On Train...

Hello Kym and Fi, welcome aboard!

I like the white and black images myself (there us a group here dedicated to black and white pictures) and your pic as well. My only suggestion would be to crop 1/8th of the total width from the left side to eliminate the striking white off area there.


By: Kymbo

Wistful by kitbits


I honestly think this man destroyed a beautiful game with his antics.

The picture serves him well. Time doesn't.


By: kitbits

Vespa by ajtorres


Hello Alejandro.

I like it yet I think this can also work as a square frame as well.

My initial suggestion would be to crop 2/3rds from the left side of the wall, before the big arch.



By: ajtorres

' Hi...its Ok  he's gone ' by Mollycat

' Hi...its Ok he's gone '

Hello Peter.

I think your picture would have been better if it was shot in a vertical oblong frame of 3:2 proportions. The bright side of the right pillar and the wall opposite of the background building is something that it is being repeated on the left pillar so it does not add anything new to the overall picture. On the contrary this bright side helps distracting from what I suspect it was your main theme, the man who is reading something on his mobile. You can easily put this to test by placing your hand over the bright side on the right and covering it, thus leaving a tighter vertical frame with the man and his shadow -and the brickwork of course- there.


By: Mollycat

The Pianist by paulbroad

The Pianist

Probably your best pic Paul.


By: paulbroad

Castleton School by Philo

Castleton School


I like version one but both versions miss something.... well at least the map does... look carefully...what the duck? Where is Scotland?
So much for the United Kingdom.... It's a disgrace, pity the Scots didn't get independence.

I am of the opinion that neither the cables, nor the presence of the modern sign on the left are a problem for the picture. I much prefer version number one which includes the buildings where the other side of the cables is. I went on to shoot at midnight a location of architectural interest precisely because the people wouldn't be there, I was visiting a place and I didn't have a big stopper to do the people vanish with long exposure.

Actually I find the exact moment the picture was taken the only thing I would remark. I look at the two clouds over the bell tower(?) and I would have either waited until the gap between them could be exactly above the tower, or to have taken the shot a bit earlier, provided that the clouds moved from left to right.

best regards

By: Philo

Fair ride by Aldo Panzieri

Fair ride


Well done Aldo.


By: Aldo Panzieri

??? (!) by dudler

??? (!)

It's a sensor issue if you'd ask me.

This is not a negative version of what you have shot. The top of the sink battery looks bright and the bottom dark as they do in reality when light comes in from the direction it arrived. What is the colour of the tiles in your kitchen?

But I notice this strange issue: Manual operation, ISO 200, f/8.0 for such a bright(?) day scene would never require a Time of 1.6 seconds to be recorded (unless the lens was covered by a filter of some sort).

I hope you sort it out soon.

By: dudler