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pablophotographer's Gallery Comments

pablophotographer > pablophotographer Recent Activity > pablophotographer's Gallery Comments
Pitch Black Queen by nineteen68

Pitch Black Queen


The issues I notice are framing and posing.

I worked my modification in the principle of the mood you wanted to express.

I cropped from the right as you see, to reduce the amount of light; the whole of the picture suggests me you wanted something dark, well bright parts ought to be minimum I thought, hence the crop.

To add a connection between the woman and the nature I have cropped her feet to make the dress the last part to touch the soil , as the trunks of the trees do.

Some tree branches behind her raised arm and the opposite shoulder of that hand could be aligned to add more mystery, if she could have been told to move to your right, a bit. Keep an eye on the edges of your frame they are important parts of the picture as well, don''t let the main subject distract you from taking care of other details too when you work with still nature or people posing.


By: nineteen68

The "Ludden" Cottage by ArildMoe

The "Ludden" Cottage

Hello Arlid.

I tried to upload my modification but it was deemed too small to be uploaded. I had cropped your image and retained just the right part with the shoes having kept out of this square frame that was left the black pot and the shelf it stands on. I kept some of the space between the two shelves in my frame though, despite a bit of black that appears in the bottom of the frame. I think the picture can hold itself up just with the objects on the right, the full image appears to have an overpowering flash shadow on the top of the pot because of the handle and an unknown shadow below the pot as well. The composition as a whole kept some objects on the left too close to the edge of the frame and the height from where some of these objects have been photographed looks less engaging compared to shooting from the same level with your objects. Their age seems appropriate to be recorded in black and white.


By: ArildMoe

Problems! by paulbroad


Hey, it's safe to light my cigar now.

The scene displays disaster at the background, calmness at the front. Strange. A bottle standing, not even emptied, or half emptied. I bet you can't get drunk or misbehave with that much drink consumed, unless it's absinthe.

The upper part from the front door is missing, having been cropped too tightly. Picture is not exactly level. But even you tilt slightly to the left (max. 2 degrees) to correct the level of the liquid in the bottle, you can't convince the eye of the viewers not to attempt to level the picture assuming the biggest line of the picture, the line down the door.

How could have this worked for me? The bottle would be lying on the ground, no liquid in it, car doors would have been wide opened (from passengers escaping from the car). I hope you get the money you want from it Paul. I am not buying it as it is. It fails to spark drama for me.


By: paulbroad

S--T!!!!!  There coming by JackBunn

S--T!!!!! There coming

They're gone now, lol.

Do you see the spelling mistake there?


By: JackBunn

Changing of the guard Norwegian style by cegidfa

Changing of the guard Norwegian style

Rather good scan then Smile

I have seen Norwegian soldiers displaying weapon accuracy exercises, quite skilled performers they were. But I can't remember if they still used these riffles though, these are Heckler and Koch G3A3.

I would suggest to shoot from the hip on this occasion.... (probably you'd have to kneel to achieve this, as I don't think F50 has removable pentaprism) Shooting from the hip (height) would have given a sense of more height to the guardsmen and the palace.


By: cegidfa

Church of the Prophet Elias by Ady_E

Church of the Prophet Elias

I do not know how did you make the sun have this shape of shine in the lens but the picture looks wonderfully arranged. Churches are oriented to face the east so deciding to shoot the church during late evening would turn the light against the lens (contre jour as a French friend says); it actually may be a good advice for some people this...
I suspect the place you shot this is in Cyprus, rather than Cypus as the frame says?


By: Ady_E

Dangerzoned by nishant101


Hello again Brave Nishant.

I think this gear you have might be waterproof, haha.

We talk photography here but allow me to discuss clothing instead for a second. You will see the point soon.
If you were to go out and dressed to impress would you ever combine a copper coloured traousers with white socks, green/black woven belt, with grey-blue-black-white shirt? It would be a killer... or an eyesore at least. On the other hand... (and I have not read the book) if you were dressed in grey, black, white don't you think you'd look more appealing?

I strongly suggest a black and white conversion as I imagine it more encompassing of this idea of unity of nature as taught and captured by Clyde Butcher (youtube him, if you want).

Great picture as a frame, I like its symmetry too.


By: nishant101

Touch me not by nishant101

Touch me not

Hello Nishant.
It's a truly wonderful picture, I like the motion of the waves as recorded by your settings.
I am not in favour of the logo, nor the proportion of the sky, so I would crop the top 1/6th of the frame;
much of the tension happens on the bottom part and there is where the attention would stay, the sky is plentiful to remind the doom coming towards the shell; even if cropped as I suggest.

Great picture once more,

By: nishant101

In the window by suiciderock

In the window

interesting face and beautiful model... Blush
I feel pity that her legs and feet are not included in the picture.
I see the settings and I see you have gone to the telephoto end of the lens,
allowed the iris to be open to the widest aperure and got an ISO 640...
It seems you went for a high key which you could try with ISO200, f/11, 1/2000s
and a speedlight at the bottom behind a white umbrella, pointing upwards at +1.5EV.
I do like it , but I equally miss theses legs.

By: suiciderock

Boy with Balloon by Neenad

Boy with Balloon

Hi, very interesting picture and good conversion to black and white.
I would suggest that you crop both sides to take away the partial sign on the left and the too bright white building on the right, that way the picture appears to be slim and tall improving our attention upwards towards where the child looks at, the baloon.

By: Neenad

Santorini by jerryiron


Hello Alexander,
I would be very tempted to take this picture in a portrait orientation, vertical, rather than horizontal. I think a bigger proportion of the top dome on the left of the picture would look more interesting than what the little dom on the right bottom corner does. All the other aspects of the picture, including the sunset colour, albeit, less, would retain, if not increase, our attention on your nice picture.

By: jerryiron

Art Nouveau staircase in side Le site du Petit Palais created for The exhibition 'Paris 1900' by TornadoTys

Art Nouveau staircase in side Le site du Petit Palais created for The exhibition 'Paris 1900'

Hi Tyson, really nice composition there, it looks a fascinating architectural space indeed. I like your positioning against the statue and the staircase which creates a nice curve into the frame. I am not sure if sawsengee's mod included the following suggestions I will make, I saw it but I don't remember what I saw from it. I would urge you to crop horizontally a tiny part from the bottom and the top as well; the top crop would get rid of the first spotlight from the left- which points almost nowhere but the corner of your frame-far too out to offer anything good to your picture aesthetically, crop horizontally just below that. The next tiny crop applies to the bottom where you missed to include the first step of the staircase, follow a straight line from the base of the statue. Last crop I suggest would be a vertical from the right which keeps the vertical ironwork (which doesn't look vertical) out of our eyes, there is plenty of ironwork and artwork to admire even without its presence. Enjoy Smile


By: TornadoTys

Tulips by cattyal


nice theme for black and white, great texture also, bravo

By: cattyal

Science Centre, Glasow by buddiePhotographer

Science Centre, Glasow

Gold on silver nicely noticed.
For me the picture has good potential to turn to an interesting black and white picture, try it

By: buddiePhotographer

Italy. The space #1 by jerryiron

Italy. The space #1

I think that you needed a graduated natural density filter to reduce the flare from the top and retain the colours at the bottom; you can immitate the effect in the adobe lightroom as well.
Nice view and picturesque location, bravo

By: jerryiron

Stock Rod 46 by billmyl

Stock Rod 46


it works for me; it creates the sense of speed successfully. The current framing reminds a sandwich of 3 horizontal layers green, white and green. Yes it has some black/grey too but it blends nicely into the main 3 other layers. The nice thing is that if you skip the top green layer (and the black/grey) you are left with another frame which is dominated by the fluo colours, pink, green which contrast the white and the grey.


By: billmyl

Slopes of Ben Rinnes by Dallachy

Slopes of Ben Rinnes


It's so nice to be finding snow as you return back from the alcohol shop. You can have one tipple for the road. LOL.


By: Dallachy

Breakfast at Spoons by lush

Breakfast at Spoons


If my memory serves me right, NX30 does not take 1:1 format pictures, does it? I like the black in white conversion but I feel that teh picture would benefit from a 3:2 format that would allow us to see what she has for breakfast Smile - no I am not talking as a nutriotionist, lol. You have made us curious and you retain the secret there, unfair isn't it?
Great shot though Smile


By: lush

Good Morning by opal

Good Morning

Hi from me as well.

My biggest concern about this picture would be the positioning of the cups within the frame. There is too much distance in between them and on top of that, what appears in the middle, blurred is the white back of a chair. The cup on the right appears like a plain glass, you could have shown the handle from the side pointing towarrds the chair, to display it in a ''profil'' as opposite to ''anfa'' ; that would have allowed from some ''vague'' space in the middle to be filled.

''Still life'' pictures will be what you will make them to be, you can actually arrange the set or the object(s). Pause for a bit, look through the eyepiece or the camera back and ask yourself ''does the arrangement look nice?'' Do not take the picture if your answer is ''no'', just arrange the objects in a nicer way and take the picture then. A picture can be technically correct but not beautiful; nice pictures tend to blend aesthetics into the mix of technical correctness.

best regards,

By: opal

Caldera. Santorini by jerryiron

Caldera. Santorini

Hello Alexander.

I attempted to take off much of the island rocks out of curiousity after having read Munro's comment. I think Tanya's lightened rocks do a better justice to the representation of Santorini's beauty. I did not spot the couple who paulbroad refers to, and I would have lretained the empty balcony on the bottom if someone was actually standing there (and taking a picture maybe?). Enjoy the site and welcome from me as well.


By: jerryiron

A stroll by the river by milligan1

A stroll by the river


I can't add more to what MunroWalker said.

For me I think the space on bottom or top of the frame were simply too much weight in the picture with no much to beauty to offer in it. Dried plants and burnt out sky, are element you don't want in your frame.

So in my mod I did some trimming. Remember to keep in your frame just the sufficient, and some nice extras. And since you shoot landscape, learn to be patient, did any cyclist or rider pass there in the past 5 minutes before shooting? Wouldn't they be a nice addition to this bridge shot? You tell me,


By: milligan1

Porsche LMP1 (not available from your local dealer) by lawbert

Porsche LMP1 (not available from your local dealer)

I'd also take the top 1/3rd of the frame. The grass nearer the second third looks far more interesting and sufficiently blurry.

By: lawbert

Daffodils and glass by HelenaJ

Daffodils and glass

I don't know if the space chosen to present them is yours or they have been a finding which you have decided to record.
The space is crucial because it would influence the presentation, if you had more space as on a table you could put them, not in line but scattered around in various distances from the lens. You could try different stem heights as well but presented in a zig-zag way startting from the taller to the shorter left. right, left, right, left. I could suggest also a cheeky picture with all but one flowers turned away from the lens and only one looking towards the lens. It's fun when it's done with people posing, why not with flowers too?

By: HelenaJ

Gathering my thoughts by peterjay78

Gathering my thoughts

Square crop for me on the head.

Check it out


By: peterjay78

attitude by mohikan22


Greetings Mohikan.

I will take another road (as usual). I shall start from the title ''Atitude''. I don't know who ordered this picture, the model or you have come with the pose yourself.

The background shows a wild animal being unfriendly or just behaving wildly. Taking clues from that, you could have got the man running away from it, but that would not be attitude, right? So... having this background and this man I would have posed him standing with the back to the camera facing the beast having his head turned to one side and the hand brought to his mouth imitating the silencing gesture we do with the index finger on our lips. Now, that's attitude in my books.
You could have also tried the open hands at this position, or a fisting one, with the back of the model turned to us. I both occasions I would have liked to see the eyes of the animal as well, which are omitted from this frame.


By: mohikan22

Haweswater reflections by cheswal

Haweswater reflections

Ermmm may I suggest to crop the green part at the bottom? The green on the foreground does not look similar with the green at the background because of the weather and lighting conditions, so it comes as a colour paraphony in an otherwise moody and nice picture.

Best regards,

By: cheswal

ANDY by marek100


Crystal clear waters... and fairies!
Owning a waterproof camera helps Smile


By: marek100

Becca - Mono by IMAG_inE

Becca - Mono


nice mono conversion. People would say I suggest photographers quite often to attempt to shoot vertical frames. I actually did a narrower one (shorter too) on your picture. where the face is bang in the middle from top and bottom; I have my doubts about the existing width of the frame and the fact that it cuts her ear, so a crop of the most right 1/10 could eliminate that issue while keeping the all the rest. I would also try a horizontal frame for sure to reveal her ear and more piercings there, maybe?


By: IMAG_inE

Mongoose by mplayfoot


I could not gain some of the space above the animal's head so I have decided to resize it to what it could move the eye near the centre of the picture. If people start wondering what kind rule of thirds is this Smile examine the proportion of the animal to the habitat. It should be 2 parts animal, 1 part habitat. Smile
The reason for getting rid of the white stone on the top right is because the off-white colour object did hold no importance to the picture which portrays the animal. If it's not necessary, keep it out of the frame.
I must say I find the focusing accurate and the lighting and the colours pleasing.
Aww, as I was finishing writing this, I came up with a much tighter frame.
Good pictures allow you to play with them and get more out of them than you had originally thought.


By: mplayfoot

One Man and the Sea by billmyl

One Man and the Sea


Unfortunately my modification was too small to be uploaded, it consists of a vertical frame that contains the man and the sea but it uses the rock formation just above the man sketching a fictional jaw, an open mouth, a nostril and an orbicunalisoris (the part between upper lip and nostril). I tried various different frames but this was the most interesting I could find. You are right to believe that rules can't make a picture. I think you have attempted to frame the man within the frame made by the rock formation; but the question that needs to be a starting point would be ''what is my main subject''? ''The man and the sea'' seems to have been your answer but you seem to have forgot to apply the ''golden ratio'' 1.618 which describes the relationship of width and length. The man is too small within the picture and although his size works as a measurement of the size of the rock and the sea, the overall picture does not look engaging. I think the issue is a matter of proportions mainly and secondarily it is a matter of light direction and volume. I shall agree that the man is lit perfectly. most of his body is described by the light but I shall compare his total volume with the amount of light on the bottom foreground of the picture (which is coloured beige) attracts most of our attention. (Our eyes, examine first the lightened areas rather than the dark ones). Staying on the man studying at his clothing we can safely assume this is an impromptu image rather than a prepared one. His blue clothes seem to be close to the colour of the sea, as if he wanted to be camouflaged rather than distinguished in the picture.

I would explore the longest focal length of the lens, the 70mm, rather the 17mm to see if there could be a frame wth more interest. Do not fall for the notion ''aww it's landscape, let's go wide'', you need a strong theme and a subject that is depicted immediately by the viewer. Sizing up the subject in the frame correctly should be your priority.


By: billmyl