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pablophotographer's Gallery Comments

pablophotographer > pablophotographer Recent Activity > pablophotographer's Gallery Comments


Quote: The instructions for Plan 17 included wording along the lines of 'All that matters is where and when you decide to attack. What the enemy does is of no importance'.
The French army took some time to appreciate the folly of this.


By: phdgent

WHAT'S IN YOUR BAG 1 by phdgent


Beautiful displayed, lit and shot Philippe

bravo Smile


By: phdgent

*R*I*V*E*R*T*H*A*M*E*S* by gaborfoto


I like it but I do have a very strong feeling that the colour of the water is a wishful interpretation of reality.


By: gaborfoto

PEOPLE WATCHING by youmightlikethis



V1 it is for me.
I see the team talking about unity without telling you why. I will cal it gravity because V1 has a point where the attention of the crowd is gravitated and that is the girl clapping her hands and laughing. Actually this is so strong so as in a first reading one may not notice that some faces like the first girl from the left and the woman behind her do not look at the woman clapping. Does that show how much we are drawn to a big smile? I'd better call an anthropologist about it. My initial understanding of the picture was that I was looking at a crowd and one of the spectators was laughing their heart out. The flatness of the mono didn't make me realise that the woman clapping her hands is a performer, which is obvious in V2 but then all this gravity she pulled in V1 is getting dispersed due to the size of the frame, which nicely follows the opening of her arms. A stellar explosion in a dense universe of many stars. This time most communicate with something out of the frame and that is the weakness of it. V2 colourwise... could have another manipulation keeping crowd in black and white and performer in colour.. try it and see how it works.


By: youmightlikethis

daisies by pluckyfilly


Happy Easter to you.

I find the flowers soft to my taste; I can't understand if it is the sensor or the lens or the tiny screen at the back of the camera or the focusing (auto?) being confused by the edges of the green leaves -that appear sharp- sharper than the flowers themselves.

Anyway, I would say if you shoot at ISO160 instead of using negative exposure compensation to control exposure or software to increase vividness, rely on your own 'meware' and cast your shadow over the flowers. Colours become more vivid, instantly.


By: pluckyfilly

Seller in Silhouiette by pentaxpete

Seller in Silhouiette

une silhouette terrifique!

By: pentaxpete

Train light trail. by jhphotographer

Train light trail.

errmmmm does the earth spin so fast in 30 secs? Blush

By: jhphotographer

Holy Week 5 by Joline

Holy Week 5

Jesus, Crucifixion was yesterday -Thursday-, today is the Pieta...

By: Joline

Ali Furkan by Baycan

Ali Furkan

To me this boy looks like a young version of Peter Ustinov, no kidding.

You mention cropping Ulas I don't know if this is cropped but, I would like some space, tiny, above the top of his head and I would like to see less of the cartoon face because it competes (for the attention) rather than compliments the child.


By: Baycan

Swing by Alda


Lost in her thoughts, well done Alda, terrific image. Just missed my award. Can I double-vote for it?

By: Alda

brother and sister by bliba

brother and sister

Eye catching, it gave me shivers, as it is as strong as the picture of the green-eyed Afghan girl from the eighties. Bravo

By: bliba

Remedios by MattX


so this is it; Remedios.

Honestly, it is a documentary capture, you can leave it as it is. But boy, they have lots of cables Smile the top part of the pic could be a picture of its own. You can also break it in two pieces, left and right and have them in two different square frames hanging on the wall.

Reality may not be as rosy but people go on with their lives, the cyclist give exactly that moment. Now, if you waited for a camión to arrive and be in the middle of the road or a flock of goats, that would be an interesting story... but it all has to do with your time available...

By: MattX

eating out by pascalg

eating out

Hi Pascal. I know sometimes the temptation to shoot is very strong and photographers do get in temptation. While I see the lady and the cup I can't see the food because of the chair in front of it. I have tried a horizontal format which crops the part of the tiles substantially (left as tall as the leather couch she sits on) and crops out the chair, just above it makes its presence in the frame. You are left with an elderly lady and a cup of some soft drink, drinking alone. A scene, a personal drama, a reality. You could also include just a hint from the top of the empty chair to show her loneliness but even with just her and the cup it suffices.


By: pascalg

On his way home by danbrann

On his way home

Both are nice shots, but I like V1 better.


By: danbrann

Guess my job!!! by blakeyguin

Guess my job!!!

I honour your job blakey; life wouldn't have been such, as people used to know it, without your services.

For the ones who may not know it, filled bottles left outside a house, used to alert neighbours for the old resident's passing.

That was Britain.


By: blakeyguin

Museum pieces by mrswoolybill

Museum pieces

That is a model from mid eighties it had 100 different organs and boy I can't remember how many beats.
My concern is having the democracy framed. Sad
I am a passenger.
La-la-la-la-la-la, la-la.

By: mrswoolybill

On the full moon by PCarman

On the full moon

I shall agree, bravo.


By: PCarman

Venetian Scene by PhillipMinnis

Venetian Scene

I think Italians should send some architects to Britain to teach them a couple of things about building houses that can handle flooding. Or Dutch maybe.

Great shot, bravo. There is an annual race of gondolas in Venice each year, ask if you are still there, when it will be done so you can shoot it!


By: PhillipMinnis



I met by chance the other day a Canadian photographer/printer/teacher taking the streets with a 'stenope' camera. She is after a personal project on a famous architect. Did she bother of her camera having NO LENS? Obviously not as it was her choice to bring a cumbersome wooden box and a tripod all the way from Canada here. It's the picture that should matter not the glass. The end result of your shot is absolutely fine but for that to be achieved, far more things than just your lens were necessary. Your people skills, the control of available light, the appropriate framing were all influenced by you rather than the lens.

Excellent picture

By: hobbo

tunnel vision by lfc1892

tunnel vision

very good use of space and light, bravo

By: lfc1892

Red'n'gold Portrait by clausaresu

Red'n'gold Portrait

Boy, that Japanese girl inside me has turned to a blood thirsty feminist. She would tear this to pieces. Lol.

Your sitter's pose (with the 'canoes under her pupils') indicates a relatively higher position of the camera to the woman. This positioning, which makes the woman appear looking upward and being, just a bit smaller than sitting otherwise, would be revolting to any hard core feminist as it implies a domination of the photographer - who in this case is a male. I had read last year that someone said that the reason that male politicians look more imposing than women politicians is because they are photographed by a somehow lower position that the photographer himself, he also had noticed that the majority of the female politicians were shot exactly the other way around. I am not sure if he had taken on consideration that the height of the males is a median figure higher than the one of the females.

Probably on some other cultures though this look in her eyes would appear as normal as women seem to have (far) less rights than men, only recently a legislation passed in a country that allows for polygamy in men, without their wives' consent. In some other cultures again the very bottom of the frame would appear as quite revealing and thus inappropriate to be displayed publicly.

But thank God, you shoot to enjoy yourself without having to think all of these Smile Just consider who will be your audience.

I suspect that the porcelain skin on the right might be treated, for me it seems a bit too bright, but hey I am looking this through a laptop, shade changes as I tilt my screen.

p.s. I had a Chinese classmate in Uni, when I asked apologies from my team for making a mistake in a game: he said I had a Japanese girl demonising me, lol.

By: clausaresu

Ah Wen by musky

Ah Wen


Your sitter is relaxed and that is good but I think you ought to have placed a reflector on the right so the shadow created by her nose looks either softer or gets erased completely.


By: musky

Old Man by TrevorH

Old Man

great communication with your poser, nice end result. Bravo

By: TrevorH

Cats and dogs are good for something!! by jimpy1

Cats and dogs are good for something!!

It's spring. Mating time.
Nest. Insulated. Tall tree. Lots of sunshine and good views.
Contact Pip at chiou-chiou.

well noticed, well executed. Bravo

By: jimpy1

Birmingham by zoltydywanik


Hi, good use of the signpost to indicate location and good use of aperture.
I feel pity for the missing part of the bottom sign because this could make it perfect.
I read your lens could go further wider rather tha you had to zoom with your legs.
It's always better to have more in your frame and you crop rather having things missed out.

By: zoltydywanik

april mood 4 by pascalg

april mood 4

Now this is................. Amazing !

Framing and colours are superb, she looks beautifully dressed and totally disengaged to the camera. It looks like advertorial picture, it has such a professional feel in it.
Would I change something? yes and please don't mind for me saying so. I'd exchange the chair back (which looks good too) with a classic guitar in that shade of colours.

If April is here and it's bright, go on, sing it.
Can I vote it twice? lol

By: pascalg

Mongol by musky


Rich tradition as it is shown here very well. Did you choose black and white to minimise the impact of the person(s) behind him? It would look nice in colour too I believe. Thanks for uploading.

By: musky

A9  YAD by kombizz


It might be coincidence, right?

By: kombizz

Big Wheel by chrissie3

Big Wheel

Roll baby roll Smile

By: chrissie3

Freedom by clausaresu


ma, certo! lol

By: clausaresu