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pablophotographer's Gallery Comments

pablophotographer > pablophotographer Recent Activity > pablophotographer's Gallery Comments
Silkwood Autumn Colours by Glostopcat

Silkwood Autumn Colours

Spectacular as it is, I think the picture has more impact, due to its vivid colours, at the bottom half part.

I'd suggest you to crop it horizontally to a 3:2 framing and possibly omit the trunk on the left too.


By: Glostopcat

Santa Muerte - Our Lady of the Holy Death by Jack_Schitt

Santa Muerte - Our Lady of the Holy Death

If Death had such a face I'd say a certain someone I know rested in Peace very happily.


By: Jack_Schitt

404 not found by lude69dotcom

404 not found

Error... cursor keeps blipping.

Well, I think you have to take it to their customer service,


By: lude69dotcom

Is it Pink Flower? by kinkhab

Is it Pink Flower?

Looks like a Yummmmmy Fruit to me! Nice picture!

By: kinkhab

The Salami thief by ozimax

The Salami thief


I thought he wanted to feed the pet.

Colourwise it has something of an old film likeliness.

But expression lacks surprise being caught, and just hints some disappointment from his, I think if this was not an impromptu picture , you'd ought to direct him how to pose.

Background looks great on the left, the modern furniture on the right spoil it for me, I tried cropping the back of the black office chair, keep it simple and give it a timed edge, -take a hint from the broom on the left- Wink

Some stealing moments make great photographs. I still remember shooting with my 120 Kodak camera my youngest cousin stealing a stake from a pan placed on my grandmother's cooker, he couldn't see what was inside but he definitely could smell it. No wonder he is taller than me now, and wider, bless him.


By: ozimax

Colour my World by RPilon63

Colour my World

Nice perspective!

I suspect you have used an old manual lens therefore the aperture data appears as f/0...

The point I like the most in the picture is beyond the perfectly focused rows at the bottom and
I think that its beauty lies in the dead black space between the pencils.

Therefore I would suggest an alternative focusing in the middle of the frame, which I think it would make it look even better.


By: RPilon63

smile for me by atenytom

smile for me

Merry Christmas to you Thomasz

By: atenytom

Ghosts by nineteen68


It works for me.

It's a shot in the borders of reality, why does it have to be clear?

But this makes sense after the reading of the title I must say.

And having said that, goodbye.


By: nineteen68

thorny twig by threed

thorny twig

they look good! bravo

By: threed

Giving A Helping Paw by KarenFB

Giving A Helping Paw

Hello Karen, Merry Christmas to you too.

Was that a Fujifilm S3 that stopped serving you?

Wish they'd still make them ...


By: KarenFB

Happy Days! by paulbroad

Happy Days!


The lady has been recorded well, especially for an incognito chest shot (good autofocus from Fuji). But the empty dead white sky and the white van are ladykillers.

So I would suggest a total change of background, ranging from a complete black to a striking carnival which does not amuse her or a place of peaceful rest of human agony where she would pay her respects.


By: paulbroad

Lost my bearings by alanmcneish

Lost my bearings

Hello from me too Alan and Merry Christmas to you as well.

I am wondering since the subject you have chosen to build up (bravo) and shoot is the tree presented in a form of a metal (stainless) artifact
whether not just the background but the base of it should be black.

You could have a black surface underneath -using the same table, but having it covered with a black garment or paper- in fact I would even dare to suggest not to have a flat background but to use a black carton paper wide enough so you encompass the bearings tree from the sides, so as the reflections on it are black as well and to leave a tiny space free and open for the lens of your camera.


By: alanmcneish

Sunbathers at Whitstable by rustyshackleford

Sunbathers at Whitstable


I think the colours have been oversaturated, the beach and the sunseekers (who appear carrot coloured to me) are the most striking, but to be honest with you I have not been around these shores to know how the real beach looked like. Anyway, I would also clone the children in the sea, out of the frame. I suspect that I am looking at middle aged people or an older couple, who apart from sun they are known to seek quiet and peace, children bring on the contrary, livelihood and trouble often.

What would have been left? A calm sea and a couple who enjoy the sun quietly on a rather empty beach. A perfect relaxation pic.


By: rustyshackleford

Merry Christmas by Phantom7

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you too! And to your mate and to all the members too!

By: Phantom7

 by continuum

I think there must be something going on here, my vertical shot appeared horizontally as well.

Great picture by the way, bravo!


By: continuum

I  KLW by kombizz


1 kilowatt? WOW

By: kombizz

Busker by david1810



I guess right having seen the hat that this is a shot from Australia!

It looks almost fine to me (pity one edge of the hat is missing) ,
but as an extra I would have loved to see a tiny part of either the guitar or the banjo he plays (the strap doesn't reveal much).


By: david1810




Ermmmm I don't know how to take this as a real or surreal picture.

I would say it's one of your best images.

But I think you ought to be half a step behind at most so that the rose on his lapel doesn't appear cropped on the bottom.

Yes he looks 100% real and the rose as well.

I find as surreal the appearance of the mayor smiling surely and the guy who appears on the right side background making a gesture that resembles second thoughts; if I were to present this to the Mayor I would ''clinically'' disappear the two figures behind his neck.

By: TimothyDMorton

Nunu by jonathanbp


Blush Nope.

I meant crop even lower on the fore head. And you can crop more on the right side.
It creates a frame that follows her hair pattern, more straight on our right and more space to allow for the curve of her hair on our left.
What a grace!
Who can refuse that her smile could not act as cure to people suffering from an illness??


By: jonathanbp

Mother and Child 3 by patri

Mother and Child 3

Hello Patri.

I saw your previous upload (after having seen this one) and I am looking at this one too with affection;
They are both strong images with the one in colour giving out more warmth and feeling and this one giving out a sense of old age.

I wondered for a moment if there should be a third element there, the mother's hand embracing and protecting her's son;s body. Her torso being a place of calmness, working so effectively on boy's current facial expression. Your picture has quite a lot of representative value. Mother's facial expression looks stoic, as wisdom epitomises her life experience. The sober style on both of the pictures, no toys, no other luggage, is just right for the purpose.

Is this a set up photograph, isn't it? Well done job then!


By: patri

Noopur by jonathanbp



I think you are too harsh to a beautiful lady. I shall agree about the missing jaw above.

A vertical frame would suit your sitter better.

Alternatively I would crop the top 2/3rds of the forehead, to balance for the absence of the missing jaw.


By: jonathanbp

Grace by JJGEE


Very nice, I like it.

I confronted a similar scene today including blue sky and white clouds and stopped at my grounds to admire it.

I am curious to see if comments will be made suggesting you to ''spin'' the picture around its central axis to bring the trunk of the tree on the left, ''because we learn to see and read from left to right''. Yeah? I wonder if Arabs, Chinese and Jews who read from right to left like it as it is, like I do.

Even better, if that was shot in a transparency positive film, you could view it whichever way you liked it.


Lotus Elan by strokebloke

Lotus Elan

Hi, it looks nicely restored. But I would go for a 1967 Lancia Fulvia Coupe instead, in green.

By: strokebloke

OF MAN AND MACHINE by youmightlikethis



My mod would b tooooooo small so it would not be uploaded so I better describe it to you.

You crop the picture generously, vertically on both sides, right and left.

And you keep the man, the pavement, four stripes of the metal building in front of him, one side behind him, and the sky.

Or you keep that proportion of the building. you wear a yellow vest, you put your hands on your sides, feet open, facing at the camera, which is stabilised on a tripod, and you smile.


By: youmightlikethis

Tesco Extra by thelooneybishop

Tesco Extra

Tesco? Festive? Really? I thought they had a bad year, haha.

To be frank with you, I would have omitted the reflection of Tesco sign on the bottom. I would have cropped just below the full reflection of the man on the left. The sign with the green crown is not a common spectacle, the reflection of it does more bad to the picture than good. To my opinion that is, and I don't think any shareholders of Tesco would be more happy if the reflection of the sign was there. Profits, don't double that easily.


By: thelooneybishop

Tate staircase (monochrome) by RobLouw

Tate staircase (monochrome)


I had my own go on your picture, you are right it is not symmetrical, so my cropping resulted in an asymmetric picture as well.
Originally I would thought to favour your 15mm alternative but being who I am I would not want to present two broken sculptures on the sides.

I opted in a format that is oblong and allows all of the height of the black sculptures to be seen in the frame. I had my reservations for presenting the top door at its fullest height, I could have cropped horizontally from a lower point, but I finally opted for a balance presentation of the arches above the the entrances.

Best regards

By: RobLouw

Oblivion by jowita1226



By: jowita1226

Those Magnificent Men 2 by Kurt42

Those Magnificent Men 2

Ah, tin toys !

pity the bottom part of the wheel is missing,

but still gorgeous all the way.


By: Kurt42

WHATS WRONG WITH THIS IMAGE by youmightlikethis


Sit in Takeaway? Blush

It can't beat the message I had seen hanging over a furniture maker's shop:
''Mistakes are superior to Art''.

To me the man should have been allowed to walk to the far right of the black door,
if his beard was of any huge importance.


By: youmightlikethis

Old Salt by michaeldannyboy

Old Salt

I think it would have more punch as black and white.
Blue and brown do not match well here and although I know the blue colour adds to the attractiveness of the picture, i suggest a conversion to black and white to get a chromatic assimilation and to get his face appearing more prominently.


By: michaeldannyboy