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pablophotographer's Gallery Comments

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hello anand,

this looks like a great documentary picture to me. Space has its limitations and you had a slight 2mm space to go wider and utilise the full width of your lens; which is something you could do.

Anyway, the shot is taken and that's the end of this issue. What I particularly like in the existing frame is the directional light and the colours brought to life by the light. This directional light helps the viewer to discover the items dispersed around the lady in the room.

The room itself, the kitchen, is an important space of the house, where the family members gather, discuss and eat. Here you have captured well this expectation of arrival of the other family members and the silence of the lady comes in contrast with what will follow later. The interaction between the family members and the food. Note that despite the food is a part of your picture it remains hidden, the fire is completely put down, the steam from the hot food waiting in the pots does not appear. These are elements which would make this picture exceptional rather than great. I suspect that 200 is the lowest ISO your Nikon has, therefore the chance to record this steam coming off the pots would come by delaying (increasing) the exposure time, which would happen by a choice of an even closed down aperture value, such as f/11 or f/16. I have not checked your profile to see if you could communicate with the lady using the same language, it is useful to know so you can ask or direct people. A bit of hand gestures can help too, but is not always guaranteed that they would be interpreted in the way you want them to be interpreted. Once I remember in Asia being guest at a house I moved four of my right hand fingers in a way a paper fan moves, to denote that the place was hot and to my surprise they kindly brought me food, thinking my gesture means ''I am hungry'' Smile


By: anand_lepcha

Pier at sunrise by remos08

Pier at sunrise

Hi Becca,

Long story short, I made another another attempt to by-pass the first wooden post which seemed it annoyed most. When I finished my upload I saw banehawi had done almost the same , prior to me.
Apart from the slight straightening mentioned above, the rest looked cool to me, it's cool by the sea, no warmth yet as it's dawn rather than mid-day.

The proportions of my frame (fitted my small screen) make the picture look right in my eyes as a frame and as a theme. The cloud on top acts like a lid to the frame so the attention does not wander off on the open sky. Being closed from top, the frame develops symmetry with the dark bottom part. The two brighter sides near the ''lid'' allow us to recognise the breaking of the day and the white side on the water at the left is in symmetry with the white from the boat at the right.


By: remos08

~ by dandeakin



It reminds me of a very old sketching regarding the man's age.

I think 2/8th almost of the total width from the right can be cropped,
or even 3/8ths of the total width from the left
and cropping from the bottom starting the picture from the first step,
leaving just the man the wall and the steps

would transform this to a total metaphorical image of the human fate.

It looks so good in black and white, bravo.


By: dandeakin

Shut that door. by cjl47

Shut that door.

I wonder ... does that train visit Scotland?

By: cjl47

Yamaha DT250 by kermode111

Yamaha DT250

No way! Is this a shot from 2014 rather than the eighties? (!!!!!!!!!!!!)

What memories does this bike bring back...

Superb mono with great tonality, bravo.

By: kermode111

House on the Lake by Mike43

House on the Lake

Hi Mike,

I don't think you are searching for light in a foggy day like this are you? Without light and with the hint of mist in the far left you give an airy, ghostly feeling. I chopped a bit on the right instead, keeping the house off-centre. The variation of the tones is the main point here and the darkest of all comes unfortunately, but logically also from the tree on the left of the house. Because it happens to be dark deep in a brighter surrounding it gets to be more prominent than the house. Despite the house being the item that gives the frame its name, the picture seems to lack a stronger subject in the foreground, which could make it more interesting. The picture is not bad at all, by no means, but it doesn't have punch for me either.


By: Mike43

Busy Day! by paulbroad

Busy Day!

Playing with the fridge and bottles theme, as an alternative. No vinegar, no fish thanks. No green beans at the side either. Thanks

P.S. Yes you can have fish with freshly squeezed lemon instead, much tastier alternative.

By: paulbroad

Vis street at midnight... by watercolor

Vis street at midnight...

Nice shooting angle and tone.
I think the beauty of it would be emphasised if there was a figure of a man or a woman or an animal like a dog or a cat there.


By: watercolor

Worlds biggest window. by brandish

Worlds biggest window.


It seems like a blaspheme to me to depict the unfortunate Bishop as the figure on the top. The Holly Bible has so many stories to tell and teach.

Great photographs both by the way.


By: brandish

Travelator by Philpot


I'd hold too close to the lens or kick a football ball there in the foreground.
It would look like a giant flipper...... Yoohooooooo!


By: Philpot

Girl by shadow_photo


excellent; bravo

By: shadow_photo

Ben & His Mates (ii) by limmy62

Ben & His Mates (ii)

Nice pic,but I would change the title from ''Ben and his mates'' to ''Meet me there at twelve''

By: limmy62

From nowhere to anywhere by IGreenGables

From nowhere to anywhere


Your picture is what it is. An introvert thought imposed on nature. It might have been an accidental finding, all the same. Time does not matter in such cases and pictures. I tried to search for light and I guess right before I confirm on the metadata, it was evening when you shot this. No direct light from the sun, no shadows. I see you noticed the twist on the road and the lines to nowhere. The vast empty space and the signs of a work object which made its way to a place too far to see, or away from us to see. The labour and the result of it. The growth of crop in defiance of human intervention, the victory of nature over man. Yeah, some believed we tamed it. Ha! Most of it is wild ocean. Anyway,

if it was the pattern you were interested in... you are way too low to display it. I would have even gone up a ladder to shoot it. The best way to do it instead is to raise your arm and have the camera tilted, looking down at about 10 degrees. The process can result from fun to frustration depending how fast you get your shot right but at least with digital you can review the results and make corrections immediately.

Aesthetically you can modify it in many ways for example you can make the sky much darker leaving the crop as bright. You can even make a composite with it serious or fun like extending your arm while holding a small scythe, or holding a die cast car model over the tracks left by the tractor. Does the word have to be serious?

This is my serious advice; seriously.

By: IGreenGables

Stokker by ellenib


Great black and white picture.

I think it's universal. The bridge staff never has a good relationship with the engine staff and vice versa. There is always this competition. ''We'' and ''they''. 7 shorts and 1 long whistle and we are all off!


By: ellenib

READ THE WORDS by youmightlikethis


That's some dedication and some sandals! V1 for me too.

By: youmightlikethis

Vertigo by whipspeed


what's the good of such shot if you don't have a yo-yo with you?

By: whipspeed

Don't bank on it. by mikbee

Don't bank on it.

Venturing to new subjects mikbee?

This is rusty humour and by the way I am not a Buddhist.


By: mikbee

Smartphone solitude by jovanovic

Smartphone solitude


The problem of lighting from below has been solved!


By: jovanovic

Watch! by K4RL



I think Rolex(?) loses to Ray-Ban here. All the attention goes to the glasses and the shapes seen on the inside of the frame.
Noticed that she is wearing the watch upside down on her left wrist
I think she should have used the right hand and wear it with the winding mechanism outside to show it the way it appears now.

Nice black and white and interesting crop though.

By: K4RL

Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya by mdiniz

Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya

Great framing! Bravo.

For all the monuments that were made by love... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LL-MWkMb07A

By: mdiniz

take a photo of me by shell68

take a photo of me

Hi, you have captured light wonderfully.

It's pity that you went to close or zoomed too much so as the front two legs are missing from the frame.
Keep your calm when you find a frame to shoot. Check your frame if it does contain everything that has to be inside it.
I know horses can move fast but your ISO was too slow to allow you to be ready for capturing their agile behaviour.


By: shell68

TRAPPED by chrisevans


Clear, well lit, good image Chris. Good website as well, I had a look.

It may take long for some people to register the picture. Viewers, as outsiders, would have to shed the light form the front towards the cell and the inmate. I don't think cells have lighting on the side walls. So, who is the one behind the bars then, eh?

Tips the hat

By: chrisevans

Heat Wave by Aldo Panzieri

Heat Wave

well done, I suppose your Nikon works in very hot climates too, eh?

By: Aldo Panzieri

High Key Portrait by markst33

High Key Portrait

Very pleasing result, eye catching image, you manage to get his attention and co-operation really well. I think the ability itself is a form of art called ''parenting''.... or ''being a child again''. Bravo

By: markst33

Anemone by Big_Beavis


Excellent, Bravo!

I wonder how many of the people who will envy this picture for its beauty will wonder why their newest camera can't get pictures as good as this.


By: Big_Beavis

Black and White! by paulbroad

Black and White!

Hi Paul.

I am looking at your picture and although I see an elegant lady I can not stop thinking (and I shall agree with Dudler -love his meticulous crop-) this looks like a fashion shot to me. It shouts FASHION (of a certain era).

Fashion shots are connected with .... magazines. I have watched an exhibition of how the photography of fashion evolved from the beginning of the 20th century till our days and you could easily see that before the age of supermodels (i.e. Naomi Campbell, Carla Monaco) the star in every frame was the garment rather than the model.
So influenced by that and being very, very stringent with the frame space (this could take in a catalogue) I suggest a crop that starts just below the lower lip and lets the ''customer'' focus on the combination of scarf, blouse, jacket. A slight vertical crop is needed form the right so that the background surface of the left is gone.
Alternatively you can crop at the lower end of the thick blue line on the jacket as a shot that sells accessories like hat, sunglasses and scarf. I bet Carla Monaco is too busy to get her to pose for the accessories pic, so you can keep the same model.

Had you had the camera hanging at your heart level with autofocus? Good job done.


By: paulbroad

A man crossing  a bridge by xwang

A man crossing a bridge


it's a matter of personal taste this one; what makes a photographer jump while on the field is a rather personal matter. On one hand it seems you had the time to choose the camera settings of ISO, aperture, time, colour and ''grain''. I can't be certain if it was raining at the moment you took the picture, he is wearing a jacket, but I think this would look far more dramatic if he was holding an umbrella against the wind. The skewing of the bridge would then underline the impact of weather on you as well. Darks look dark, the skew of the bridge could be leaning on the right instead of the left (to add drama to his effort) but the subject seems to be the weakest link here.


By: xwang

Vespa by 1808photo



By: 1808photo

They're Off. by wentnorth

They're Off.


Your action shot reveals the spur of the moment and horses' behaviours varied.
Although the response of the horse on the left is interesting, most of the action you want to reveal lies on the right of the above mentioned horse. Should this horse be in your frame? it is already distanced from the horse next to it, I would consider cropping it too.
Banehawi has mentioned the horse on the right and the numbers, his suggested cropping is one I considered myself as well, but I would try to capture the gate numbers wholly. You could have gone wider with your lens, 120mm would allow space for the horse on the right and the numbers on the top.
Most importantly for me the picture could benefit from an even lower shooting angle which would allow the whole stature of the horses to be displayed in its grace and powerfulness.


By: wentnorth