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pablophotographer's Gallery Comments

pablophotographer > pablophotographer Recent Activity > pablophotographer's Gallery Comments
Mother and Child 3 by patri

Mother and Child 3

Hello Patri.

I saw your previous upload (after having seen this one) and I am looking at this one too with affection;
They are both strong images with the one in colour giving out more warmth and feeling and this one giving out a sense of old age.

I wondered for a moment if there should be a third element there, the mother's hand embracing and protecting her's son;s body. Her torso being a place of calmness, working so effectively on boy's current facial expression. Your picture has quite a lot of representative value. Mother's facial expression looks stoic, as wisdom epitomises her life experience. The sober style on both of the pictures, no toys, no other luggage, is just right for the purpose.

Is this a set up photograph, isn't it? Well done job then!


By: patri

Noopur by jonathanbp



I think you are too harsh to a beautiful lady. I shall agree about the missing jaw above.

A vertical frame would suit your sitter better.

Alternatively I would crop the top 2/3rds of the forehead, to balance for the absence of the missing jaw.


By: jonathanbp

Grace by JJGEE


Very nice, I like it.

I confronted a similar scene today including blue sky and white clouds and stopped at my grounds to admire it.

I am curious to see if comments will be made suggesting you to ''spin'' the picture around its central axis to bring the trunk of the tree on the left, ''because we learn to see and read from left to right''. Yeah? I wonder if Arabs, Chinese and Jews who read from right to left like it as it is, like I do.

Even better, if that was shot in a transparency positive film, you could view it whichever way you liked it.


Lotus Elan by strokebloke

Lotus Elan

Hi, it looks nicely restored. But I would go for a 1967 Lancia Fulvia Coupe instead, in green.

By: strokebloke

OF MAN AND MACHINE by youmightlikethis



My mod would b tooooooo small so it would not be uploaded so I better describe it to you.

You crop the picture generously, vertically on both sides, right and left.

And you keep the man, the pavement, four stripes of the metal building in front of him, one side behind him, and the sky.

Or you keep that proportion of the building. you wear a yellow vest, you put your hands on your sides, feet open, facing at the camera, which is stabilised on a tripod, and you smile.


By: youmightlikethis

Tesco Extra by thelooneybishop

Tesco Extra

Tesco? Festive? Really? I thought they had a bad year, haha.

To be frank with you, I would have omitted the reflection of Tesco sign on the bottom. I would have cropped just below the full reflection of the man on the left. The sign with the green crown is not a common spectacle, the reflection of it does more bad to the picture than good. To my opinion that is, and I don't think any shareholders of Tesco would be more happy if the reflection of the sign was there. Profits, don't double that easily.


By: thelooneybishop

Tate staircase (monochrome) by RobLouw

Tate staircase (monochrome)


I had my own go on your picture, you are right it is not symmetrical, so my cropping resulted in an asymmetric picture as well.
Originally I would thought to favour your 15mm alternative but being who I am I would not want to present two broken sculptures on the sides.

I opted in a format that is oblong and allows all of the height of the black sculptures to be seen in the frame. I had my reservations for presenting the top door at its fullest height, I could have cropped horizontally from a lower point, but I finally opted for a balance presentation of the arches above the the entrances.

Best regards

By: RobLouw

Oblivion by jowita1226



By: jowita1226

Those Magnificent Men 2 by Kurt42

Those Magnificent Men 2

Ah, tin toys !

pity the bottom part of the wheel is missing,

but still gorgeous all the way.


By: Kurt42

WHATS WRONG WITH THIS IMAGE by youmightlikethis


Sit in Takeaway? Blush

It can't beat the message I had seen hanging over a furniture maker's shop:
''Mistakes are superior to Art''.

To me the man should have been allowed to walk to the far right of the black door,
if his beard was of any huge importance.


By: youmightlikethis

Old Salt by michaeldannyboy

Old Salt

I think it would have more punch as black and white.
Blue and brown do not match well here and although I know the blue colour adds to the attractiveness of the picture, i suggest a conversion to black and white to get a chromatic assimilation and to get his face appearing more prominently.


By: michaeldannyboy

Girl with an apple by shishidog

Girl with an apple

Hello shishi

great photo as is; the black and white suits the mood;

I think a prop like a black umbrella being laid on the soil would tie this firmly.

best regards

By: shishidog

Stormy Skies by Phil_D

Stormy Skies


I like it a lot, the colours are striking, the angle truly documentary one.
Two comments if you allow me:
a) the propellers look have looked better better if they were shot in 1/500 of a sec
b) if you'd be into ''playing'' with the picture, I would erase the two trees on the forefront and have only water shown at the base of the picture.

best regards,

By: Phil_D

foxy eye by christinecilia

foxy eye


You have managed to keep the eye sharp but the fur is blurred. Did you intend to achieve this?
It reflects the animal's distress and curiousity to the normally unassuming pocket camera.
It also reflects its speed and its nature as a clever animal.
I think you should have opted for a higher ISO so the fur looks also well detailed.
I do not blame you for the result,
I think unless you enlarge the picture by 8 times in the camera rear screen you can not be certain that you are going away with a sharp image.


By: christinecilia

Olde Bridge by Trevhas

Olde Bridge

Black and white for me.

It sort of resembles pictures of Japanese themed scenery. But the bridge there would look prettier.

Great work, bravo


By: Trevhas

Flight. by revilo


It is very well taken revilo.

I like the positioning of the child and your point of view; to my humble opinion though, the red glider could have been left out; just like as the plant on the bottom right corner; the girl and the play with the sun are superb and sufficient to a good picture.
Keep it simple


By: revilo

Kaptan Bazar, Dhaka by Khalid110808

Kaptan Bazar, Dhaka

Hello Khalid.

I like your picture for its low angle of view and the composition. I have no means to manipulate it or present you my manipulation here but I shall mention the points that would, to my opinion, make the picture better.

I wonder if you have cropped it by any means, because by my poor eye measuring it didn't quite look like a 3x2 format picture. But this is not as important as other things I have considered. I shall congratulate you for having used settings which have froze any of the movement of the birds in the cage.

My initial thought was to do a horizontal crop from the top of the picture; a crop that would cut off the white light which appears on the top of the basket on the left and most of the man's body on the right, which would have been eliminated to a mere unrecognisable feature in the wholeness of the frame. But then I thought there is this play, which you may have have done unwillingly, between the chickens which fate beheading and their trader who will live with his head over his shoulders long after this picture is being taken. So my second thought on cropping suggests a crop that small, that allows us to see the headless figure of the man on the right. A third more severe crop from the top would also eliminate the baskets and the body of the man altogether giving us only the chickens to look at. But the weave of the baskets is an interesting feature that is worth staying in to my opinion.

The picture is very good in the sense that it does have a gravitation point, the head of the chicken out of the cage, but it has interest all around, the baskets help us to understand or guess the location where this picture has been taken. It is a little bit unfortunate that the strongest look towards the camera and the viewer comes from a chicken below the grid, to the right of the chicken that has its head out of the cage. It would have been too much to ask you achieving this moment that the light from above falls on the eye of the chicken out of the grid in the same way that it has fallen now to the eye of the bird below. In the current picture the bird looks inquisitive enough and that may suffice to some. Another alternative picture which has more psychological burden can be created by performing a simultaneous horizontal crop both on the top and the bottom of the frame. Top crop would start at the rim of the cage, which is well lit and thus distinguishable. Bottom crop would cut the chicken on the forefront, below your inquisitive chicken, but it would maintain the terrorised eye of chicken on its right, piercing the viewer with its lifelong question: ''what will our future be?''

I am not sure that this is the kind of critique you had hoped to receive, but it is an insight of how you can look things at. Normally when you want your pictures being criticised you upload them for critique and that makes them being seen by the critique team. They can't get voted if they are uploaded there. But I think you had a double bonus here.


By: Khalid110808

Lights On by MattB1987

Lights On

it's working fine!



By: MattB1987

Tranquility at Trent Bridge by Alan62

Tranquility at Trent Bridge


Without the metadata it would be difficult for the critique team to understand what you have done. Did you use a tripod?

I think the use of a flashlight to brighten up the space on the bottom right corner would have improved the overall picture.


By: Alan62

Stapler by Jat_Riski


The name brings back memories...

I like it as it is but I would like it even more if the two edges of a staple were visible,
it would have looked like the Dracula if this was loaded.


By: Jat_Riski

Humber by pete146uk



I think that the most important issue of this picture is not the picture itself.
The picture I see is a direct result of the decision one makes when facing a landscape.
''What sort of lens could best record this?''
Landscapes have this appeal sometimes where we want to photograph everything or as much as we can see depending the beauty or ugliness of the space. I had seriously thought of buying a panoramic Xpan camera once upon a time. Would I have used it here? Would I need it here?
Much of the interest in your black and white picture (good choice to present it that way) lies in the near elliptical patterns created in the water on the left of the frame. What is going on there? I wish my eyes could clear out better what causes theses patterns but the lens used could not get any closer. If I could crop this picture, that feature along with the shore nearby would be my main focal point, in either a square format or a 3x2 rectangular vertically or horizontally placed; Alas I would have shot it with a zoom lens and the figures would have looked bigger too. Have you been asked if you have shot this from a hot air balloon?
In the current frame I see the attempt to include a dark corner in a diagonal contrast with a bright corner. I think there is more interest in the dark part so I am going to attempt a modification that cuts much of the bright part so it balances with the dark part as best as possible.

Thank you for uploading this.

By: pete146uk

Dim Lights by martinda46

Dim Lights

It puzzles my mind. I must have a look at my memory card and try to recollect what is the thing which attracted me taking a picture of that space. I do like architectural photography and interior spaces because they can have so many challenging objects to photograph, furniture in particular and light fittings as well. Sometimes it is the colour and I remember I had chosen a black and white setting for recording this cold artificial light and the shapes of the chairs.

Here I am struggling to distinguish an object that is of prime importance and may be this a good thing. As my eyes wander around notice everything that the space encompasses. Dim light? May be if I was to see the original, the place look to have strong hidden lighting on the periphery above the windows and above the far desk.

Compositionally, I am thinking that the bottom part has won more of your attention but has wasted some crucially necessary space on the top where the peak of the second A(LPHA)-shaped pillars is. Having included the peak in the frame would have made this look more neat and in architectural photography ''neat'' is a good concept to follow.


By: martinda46

beutiful by MyOwnWonderland


Nice one Maya.

I think that when you work with a girl it is better for you to get closer to her physically being a girl yourself.
I see you have shot this by using the longest focal length of your lens (105mm) to its widest aperture for that frame (f/5.6).
As a result, the branch behind your model is almost as sharp as her hair. I think you ought to get closer to her shooting her with a different focal length so you would get a wider aperture to work with and minimise thus the clarity of the background.

A stylistic note would be to have her sleeve just a bit lower so her hand would be more visible; it does work with the idea of being wrapped up and dressed well for winter but it's a sunny day there, so allowing for a bit of female grace is always welcome.


By: MyOwnWonderland

Thank you Critique Team!! by ladigit

Thank you Critique Team!!


By: ladigit

The sun beginning to set on the year by lefolle

The sun beginning to set on the year

Nice colours! What film did you use?

By: lefolle

Pondering Soldier V3 by wentnorth

Pondering Soldier V3

Hello wentworth.

I have my reservations about the picture when it implies to imitate a look of a bygone era.
Two things popped immediately to mind, without even having seen the camera metadata.
Shape of the picture 3x2 oblong shape is a feature of 35mm cameras of the 20th century;
at the time this is suggested being photographed the glass plates were cut in a square format, if I am not mistaken; that lead to the shape of the 120 film to produce square pictures; I think this was what the people had been used to, that is why the square format continued in film.
Edging It might have been the thing of the era I started remembering photographs being printed on hard paper; they didn't have straight edges but the edges were were rough similar to the blades of bread knives.

So my suggestion in order to make this look old, go for square format and adjust the edges around it.

Now, after having seen your lens focal length, I'd say before you take the picture, go and speak to your posers so they are somehow more engaged with your frame. Being so tight I have to create something like a story out of them, but their position and expressions do not work at the minute. BUT, if you could move them around and place the lady on the left and the soldier at her right... I can see something. A soldier who eyes a lady who is blushing below her hat. Who knows, ''make love, not war'' might had be an older slogan than we think it is. Blush


By: wentnorth

The Titanic Quarter by Richsr

The Titanic Quarter

[quote]Excellent POV Richard ( I would have cropped those lampposts and made more of the White Line, the original company that Titanic was registered )

I agree with Ron too. In fact the place should have different lights on the perimeter which don't obstruct photography.
My crop reduces the sky above the building to a minimal so the building comes bigger in the picture; the background tree on the left and the far lamppost on the right are also gone and what is left is the bottom part, the line and the Titanic building above the other two buildings on the sides below if. It looks huge compared to them, as a true Titanic Building.


By: Richsr

Feathers by Acorna



My only criticism comes from the arrangement of the shots rather than the actual photos themselves.

I see an cross presentation of peacock feathers and peacock feathers again, red next to green on top and green next to red below. Then the bigger green feather on its own, doesn't seem to having found its place there. On my wall this would be hanged vertically, green and red on top, red and green below and the big green feather at the bottom.

Being so minimal I'd even care to turn around their axis some of the smaller pics so all the feathers point at the same point.

Probably because I comb all that is left from my hair to one direction, lol.


By: Acorna

A Mask by xwang

A Mask

Hello Jasmine.

The drama is there but I think a slight crop from the left, which would exclude the white background, makes the image stronger.


By: xwang