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pablophotographer's Gallery Comments

pablophotographer > pablophotographer Recent Activity > pablophotographer's Gallery Comments
Madiera Cloudscape by Otinkyad

Madiera Cloudscape

It's spectacular enough.
I have been a couple of times in a vehicle engulfed by cloud, or above the clouds; it's quite a feeling!

I often take the position that dead plain landscapes can be boring.
But this one is nothing like it.
What I find interesting in this frame is the twin ladder configuration that has replaces a door with hinges of some sort, which in turn implies scarcity of supply, thus remoteness of location. Needless to see that it implies also human intervention, like the fence which works like a leading line to the clouds.
''Cloudscape'' is the right word and what a magnificent sight, with that nice bit of ''rebellious'' cloud raising, like a ''flying hair'' on a neatly combed scalp.
It is not an absolute 3:2 frame so I suspect you did some cropping. I tried to think some more crop but it's quite awkward as a land/cloud-scape to be tamed. It looks like a well balanced 3 colour-zoned layer cake. I could halve the top part of the sky to make the ''rebellious'' cloud
and the cloudscape look more big in the frame, gaining even more attention. What do you think?

A back-lit baloon, at some distance, a fish out jumping of the ''rebellious'' cloud on its back, could add some fun in this.
But I think as it is the picture elevated us to your steps on the top of the world visible from that spot. Thanks for sharing.

By: Otinkyad

Family by Thundervlade


I like it very much.
I am tempted though to suggest you to crop all of the frame above the baby's ear as I think the green on top left corner is nothing but a repetition of the flora on the bottom and middle left side of the frame, it added nothing new. One reason for hesitating doing it is because you have placed their faces nicely in the frame, my suggestion was not leaving the frame being a perfect square, unless I was to crop from the bottom of the frame a bit - which I didn't want - it was leaving an oblong shape but not as attractive or definite as a 3:2 frame.

By: Thundervlade

Final Rest by malcatch

Final Rest

Acres of them? this is a War Cemetery of fallen Japanese soldiers then. Note the the top two vertical inscriptions are identical in all the graves.
It could mean Soldier of the Imperial Army.
The bottom horizontal line contains the names.
I like the composition as it is; although you can modify it and remove the two people completely and stay with just the graves.
May they rest in peace.


By: malcatch

One Knight Many Horses (2015) by javam

One Knight Many Horses (2015)

What more can I say to what cuffit said. Bravo, excellent photograph.

By: javam

Behind the scenes shot by terryscott

Behind the scenes shot

It may need a bit of anticlockwise rotation but thatdoes not stop me from congratulating you for the length (or depth) you and your model went to make this picture possible. Bravo!

By: terryscott

Story by jovanovic


great moment, great capture, bravo Zoran.

By: jovanovic

It's a Heatwave! by DonMc

It's a Heatwave!

I must check the switches, is this for ''heating up'' or ''cooling down''?

By: DonMc

Murray Webbings by nishant101

Murray Webbings

You managed to see a frame where plain could be transformed to exceptional with a little help from the nature.
I think another feature to turn it to awesome would be a conversion of it to black and white....

By: nishant101

Jaguar Emblem by Morpyre

Jaguar Emblem

I know most of us see the world in colour but here the colour part is a small percentage of the whole frame, which is dominated by the grille; I suggest a black and white conversion for that reason.

By: Morpyre

What?--Hoo.. by malcatch


Two for the price of one!

I can understand that you had to take this shot to ensure you have the bird on the lower branch looking at you.
You used your narrowest focal length of your lens and you got a bonus too, its partner..
And that is an opportunity to go wider than 300mm, say290mm-280mm, to ensure that not only both birds are in the frame but that they are both the reason of the picture to be taken. That they are both fit in the frame as a pair. The current composition has the bird on the top branch as ... bilateral damage.

I would urge you to rethink the scene focused on just the bottom bird.

The way I saw it looking good is if it was reframed around the bottom bird, square format, with the two branches, one above its head on the left and one below is head on the right, as parallel lines (almost) which create an upwards and right facing pathway where the light and your main subject are placed. You can do with a vertical frame also, but it appears poor as it is missing the rest of the bottom bird's body.

Superb colour and accurate focusing, bravo.

By: malcatch

Push Bike. by paulbroad

Push Bike.

Hi Paul.

I can't say if this is sharp or not, so I shall rely on you to tell me.
Colours are a personal choice, I would go for black and white under one condition.
That the boy, the bike and the flat surface they are on are the the only parts of the frame.
All the soil formations are to be nowhere to be seen, they stay out of the remaining frame after the crop which halves the original frame
and keeps the bottom part only.
It is more visually engaging to let the viewer wonder, ''is the boy on a desert or what?''
it creates a false story, it implies suffering and drama, it's a story so strong that can make you sweat.

time for a drink now, bye.

By: paulbroad

Basket maker. by WimpyIskandar

Basket maker.

Hello from me too Wimpy.

I have not seen the previous picture which is mentioned on the comments.

I am puzzled by these 4 dark corners on your picture, Do you want to explain how they happened
or why they appear like you've shot through a shallow tunnel?

I tried to understand why on earth did you use a Shutter Priority Mod (!!!!????)

Call me old bugger, but I think you ought to let your brain think instead of letting the camera do its thinking for you.

I would start thinking of the low light situation and I would set up an appropriate ISO.
Your camera sounds being able to shoot in the dark and locate a black hole in another galaxy, it has a max ISO of 51,400.
That's almost 129 times more than just 400. Higher ISO means more sensitivity to light. Try ISO 800, pic quality would be still acceptable.
The iris of the lens was opened wide Smile
F/2.8 can gather lots of light in..... but in order for that light and the picture to be recorded by the sensor you
would have to allow more time so the picture gets recorded on the sensor.
I do not know why you had set that period of time to be 1/100 of a second.
I managed to shoot a dim situation at night with ISO 400 and time 1/2 sec. No flash, but aperture was 2.8 too.
Are you shooting hand held?
No tripod?, no problem.
You can ask her to bring the lamp close to her face so you get your focus on her face first.
Turn to Manual
Set your ISO to 800.
Sit opposite of her and shoot with apertures starting with f/4.0, then f/5.6 so you get more depth of field.
Let the flash work with the camera; From the picture I see you used a off-camera flashlight.
Was it this one by any chance? http://www.the-digital-picture.com/Owners-Manuals/Canon-Speedlite-430ex-Flash-Ma...
Check your camera's lightmeter.
Fire the shutter at speeds 1/15 sec, 1/40sec. Review and retry.
Her face is important, if here hands appear moving in the picture, because of the slow speed do not worry, you are recording movement,
you photograph her as she is working, let the hands appear moving. If you want them to appear still use the ''second curtain sync'' function of your flash.

Good luck with it, thankfully the lady looks patient character Smile

By: WimpyIskandar

My Best Mate by bobbinio

My Best Mate

Wow! spontaneous and real; perfect example of street photography, with punchy colours and interesting subject.
I am sure this picture makes some people envious, haha.
I know there is an implied tension between the kid being sat and enjoying itself with teh adults who stand around and probably have less fun that the kid. But I find the amount of adults standing overwhelming, so I would crop from the top, nearly as much so as to leave similar amount of space from the kid's shoe to the bottom of the frame with the space above its head. That leaves two adult feet and shoes in sight and a black sole of a shoe present between the other two adult shoes. The contrast between the adults and the kid remains but now the viewer can focus on the kid and the dog solely.
Best regards

By: bobbinio

Shopping! by paulbroad


Hi Paul, what sort of advice are you looking for?

I would get rid of the light on the top right corner just because I find it distracting despite his head looks very near the edge of the frame after the crop.
And then I would crop the same amount from the bottom so that proportions look o.k.
I know this would cut the price tag on the red bag on the bottom, I don't worry about it, I couldn't see the price in the first place, lol.


By: paulbroad

power by Satiny


Nice overall... colour manipulation, timing and framing look great.
You may rotate it anticlockwise one or two degrees so it looks perfectly horizontal.


By: Satiny

Kelso by mammarazzi


He's cute and serious, haha.
You could go a bit wider so that the elbows are in the frame too.
In addition you could have cropped more space on the right so his head is not bang in the middle yet his eyes are Wink
Very good nonetheless.


By: mammarazzi

slits by stebesty


Yep it certainly does look like an advertising panel.
I am pretty sure that this is not the kind of picture that carries your attempt far also.
It does have two different ends side to side, one extremely bright on the right middle and one lots more dull all over.
Wouldn't it look better if you had shot something with more colour variations ? A kaleidoscope image for example?
Top to bottom it seems almost like a 50-50% sky to earth split which I think it could improve with a new framing where the bottom part with the dark green foreground was eliminated by 2/3rds. But the existing dark green foreground would be a great place for adding an advertising message. The lighting conditions because of the timing you took the shot have put some tough questions for your camera to deal with. You could use HDR and bracketing to blend different exposures so as the foreground appears bright without the sky being blown out completely.

By: stebesty

Mr.NoFace - The last rays by Uher

Mr.NoFace - The last rays

ExTerminator is back in town, lol.
Great imaginary, and playfulness.


By: Uher

Sheltering by dark_lord


Razor sharp Smile
Boy you must be keeping these lenses spotless!


By: dark_lord

Walking the planks by smilly

Walking the planks


No, I don't mind the uneven wooden poles to hold as you cross it, it may be a wonky bridge, haha.
But I think the person at the far end is too far to be noticed. and it would look better if they were riding a motorcycle coming at you.
Now I'm thinking of it it.... you could make it more interesting that way couldn't you?


By: smilly

A seagull dancing by shaz4

A seagull dancing

He doesn't dance, he's drunk.


By: shaz4

"Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter"- Izaak Walton by monkeygirl

"Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter"- Izaak Walton

really interesting framing there, bravo!
I would suggest for the amount of colour it has as a whole (a little bit of red on the dog collar and a small amount of blue) the option to turn it to black and white is natural -well for my age that is, lol-
You can also go for a heavy horizontal cropping just above the dog lease, the sky seems too boring, where as the fun is on the bottom part, lease, dog, bird, ship, in a nice diagonal. Plus it's nearly 50-50% earth and sky... Choose earth this time Wink


By: monkeygirl

Lake Huron by grizztazz1

Lake Huron

Welcome aboard Robert!

I will try and give you my honest opinion and thoughts on your picture I hope you find it useful.

Sunsets and sunrises are common subjects in photography, but that doesn't mean not to avoid doing them, each and everyone one has a personal meaning to the photographer. You are entitled to come back to it and enjoy it as a memory. I don't know if the lake is near your place or a holiday destination but the fact that you were there can be satisfying on its own sake.

I applaud your decisions to choose ISO 80 and to shoot this picture vertically, You seem to have used the path of light into the frame.
You have let the water create a diagonal shape in the picture which makes it interesting as they give a sense of rough texture which contrasts the even fine texture of the sand. These are good starting points and it's really nice you have noticed them. Actually, you could do a new frame with just these two elements, no sun, no trees in the background

I do not like the inclusion of the bright sun in the frame,- it's too dominant and almost non usable, the shining through the waves seems sufficient to me- while the inclusion of a part of the clouds adds a hint of the fall coming and the rain. Less is more, be minimalist.

The picture could also work in black and white, you have strong elements to turn black - like the background trees- and elements to go white -like the shining of the light on the water-.

It's good to be minimalist but remember you can be minimalist even if you add things in a picture. A footprint on the bottom of the frame, near where the shining ends, could imply (due to the human's absence) a human presence, milliseconds before you fire the shutter. In the lack of anyone else to make them for you, make these footprints yourself. Have fun. Try creating stories with your pictures. Be imaginative.


By: grizztazz1

Bangour by derekwhittinghamimages


I am a bit puzzled by the fact you have decided to photograph the building not from its actual base but somewhere from the middle.
Your lens could go wider, so I guess there was something ugly at the bottom of the building that should be excluded from the frame.
I think it needs a slight rotation to the right, as little as 1 or 2 degrees, so the incinerator chimney looks completely vertical (my eyes can be
wrong though).
Other than that... and a possible black and white version... and teh removal of the cable that runs through the whole image width...
the only thing one can say is..

By: derekwhittinghamimages

A brief moment in time by banehawi

A brief moment in time

Quote: Restaurants complain that their service times are slower too as people insist of taking pics of their food, their drinks, the menu, and then complaint the food is not hot enough.

They should have only cold plates and cold salads in their menus then, lol. Hot beer anyone?

Nice pic banehawi


By: banehawi

Drivin' by Alda


Hi Alda, long time no see Smile

I have an objection regarding this picture... it's the way the driver looks... and where the steering wheel is.
I doubt the man is an Ausie...

and the truck is reminiscent of American pick up cars (if not the actual GMC 100 from 1956 itself)

with the tattoo of Route 66 on the hand the driver should be looking towards the left, so as the steering wheel would be at the left,
as a proper Yank in a proper Yankie car would look like.

So I would suggest this flipping..

Not sure where Route 66 would take us though, lol.


By: Alda

as we that are left grow old by malcatch

as we that are left grow old

It's a picture that finely blends the location with the weather, carries a message clearly and expresses a certain mood that corresponds exactly with the respect paid by the soldier's statue.
As a man whose country was in the headlines for war told me:
''I am against all weapons, all wars, we are all the same, white, black, yellow, red; we all live under one sky; let's live peacefully.''
Go tell these guys.


By: malcatch

Letter Box by ginz04

Letter Box

I think the box tilts a tiny bit on the left, Therefore I'd straighten it.
I don't agree with the use of ISO 400 on a bright day on a subject showered by light. I'd go as low as the camera allows.
That in turn would affect the aperture used, the chosen f/8.0 closed the iris of the lens to compensate the sensitivity of the sensor to the light.
F/8.0 allows more depth of field on a shot where the foreground is the main theme of the picture.
As a result the rocky background appears more edgy than the metal letters Royal Mail, and ER on the box and being bright ''steals (much of) the show'' (distracts attention).
There are various framing possibilities of this subject; The pillar where the letterbox stands looks very modern compared to the box and the wall behind it. So a crop of it could look a viable option but at the same time it may be intriguing (if this was shot in an rural area) to use the widest end of the lens and show more of the background.


By: ginz04

Into the Desert by Jole3

Into the Desert

super colours, bravo

By: Jole3