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pablophotographer's Gallery Comments

pablophotographer > pablophotographer Recent Activity > pablophotographer's Gallery Comments
Dangerous Smile! by paulbroad

Dangerous Smile!

I don't know who dyed his hair but they are overzealous, it seems they have dyed his ear edges too.
Why not his beard too then?


By: paulbroad

Charms of Bercthesgaden by Archangel72

Charms of Bercthesgaden

I bet! Great framing too... is that taken form the same lake in Germany?

By: Archangel72

SS 2 AMFIKLEIA by gdoum


A Lancia LX.... yep they are the manufacturers with the most Rallye wins...

Great pic under the sun

By: gdoum

Fantasy Midway by glimpsesborrowed

Fantasy Midway

Spectacular, bravo

By: glimpsesborrowed

Shakey by cgp23


we don't often get to see the driver's face and you have done a great job on that.
Vertical presentation gives quite a dynamic impact.

By: cgp23

Poppy time again by capto

Poppy time again

Sorry Ivor, but your picture set up doesn't quite emphasize the flowers. They are few and darker than the clouds, which by sheer size only, take most of the ''central stage''. The picture has 4 dominant colours but White wins Red hands down. I tried a vertical format to get rid of the green hill on the right and with the image split 50-50% my fears were confirmed. You are away and higher from the poppies in front which could be your major theme. If you wanted to show the width of the red on the field you are too low, the camera should be on higher lever pointing downwards for that. Images start being made in our minds first, if the picture it's not clear there, it's harder to arrive to a frame which will be as good as we hope.


By: capto

Full Speed by ajtorres

Full Speed

ha, ha

he looks determined Smile

great shot Alejandro, nice to see you posting again.

By: ajtorres

R by ajtorres


Hola Alejandro.... time goes fast... I remember my first cousin looking like this.... and now she is a mother to my youngest nephew... great colours and sharpness. Bravo

By: ajtorres

Walking in Autumn by MalcolmM

Walking in Autumn


great clothes for the contrast you wanted to make Smile

beautiful shot, bravo


By: MalcolmM

CRUISIN' by hobbo


Framing, black and white and communication with the subject work as a treat here. Bravo.


By: hobbo



Hmmm....... Nope. I don't know the show or the character.

I'm somehow dubious about the aspect ratio because if the elements in the picture.
Your camera can produce images of 1:1, 3:2, 4:3 and 16:9 formats. I think here you could do with a more condensed width.
The window on the right next to man's cap is better if eliminated, as a vertical strip; the cap itself there retains less pattern and texture compared to the texture on the side facing the left window.

You did well shooting this in black and white as it brings the patterns to life, making them more prominent.

Check the relation now of the patterns... from cap on top right to the disabled persons' back support cushion texture and pattern to the left bottom corner further in front. A good dynamic visual procession assisted by the lights pointing to the front screen of the bus. See the similarity of white hair of the man on the right to the lady on the left seat in front. Unconsciously you have created a composition of two right angled triangles there. Dark bottom versus bright top.

The picture can hold its dynamism if you cropped it a bit from top and bottom. Shave off a tiny strip that contains the bus camera on the top and shave a good proportion of the gent's black jacket. The first two handles on the top of the seats add nothing we can't know f and if you crop the other two in front of them you eliminate the part of the head with the white or blonde hair as its presence is insignificant to the real point you wanted to make. That you meet Mr Foggy.

kind regards

By: hobbo

The beautiful St Paul's by CraigSev

The beautiful St Paul's

well done,

By: CraigSev

Benches and beyond by Crazycurtis28

Benches and beyond

Indeed you did well.
Black and white really suits the mood.
The emptiness echoes the human absence and the sheer presence of the chairs our commemoration of those beloved.

Mod follows, I think I made it look more spooky.
have a guess ...


By: Crazycurtis28

the so called mimic by joseluissc

the so called mimic

If she only had shorter hair, haha

it's amazing to find the right person for that frame,

I surely take my hat off to you.


By: joseluissc

Summer evening by kenp666

Summer evening

This shines!

model reminds me of a colleague I had ages ago...


By: kenp666

Peace and Harmony by TrevBatWCC

Peace and Harmony

great visual interpretation of the sculpture, bravo


By: TrevBatWCC

Chess board reflection by Sgtborg

Chess board reflection

This must be the Venician team then...
good idea and processing

By: Sgtborg

catalina by bliba


It's so close that it looks like a selfie Smile

Great colour and gaze.

I'd try vertical frames too, portrait orientation.

The camera has 1:1. 3:2 and 3:4 framing options;

see how she'd fit best in any of these.


By: bliba

Sydney 2000. by WesternRed

Sydney 2000.

great colours

By: WesternRed

B & W by xleex

B & W

''It's this rug I have''

top pic , excellent in all aspects


By: xleex

Late night shopping by happysnapperman

Late night shopping

Never leave home without having read your fortune cookie.

Shop until you drop ladies Smile

By: happysnapperman

Inner yard by maxrangel

Inner yard

All squared?

I like it but I also liked the previous for its ambiguity.

By: maxrangel

Chaz Davies by cgp23

Chaz Davies

10 is my fav....

I'd move the rider with the face down on the left corner if I could....


By: cgp23

Doggy by Crazycurtis28



I tried to upload a mod.... I may try again the image was too small for the site.

My concept was to get rid of all the human heads in the frame...

The attention then goes to the dog much more easier...

Barking mad howling wolf

By: Crazycurtis28

Army of Ghosts by Diggeo

Army of Ghosts

Hi George, creative stuff again. Well done.

Clothing reminds me Japanese Imperial Naval Forces.

No Army of Ghosts is more memorable than the platoon that appears in Akira Kurosawa's ''Dreams''.

2015 marks 70 years since the end of WWII. Most Japanese soldiers carried with them Yosegaki Hinomaru flags where family and friends wrote with black ink messages of well-wishing on the white flag with the red sun in the middle (the current Japanese flag). They are family souvenirs and there is an effort to reconnect these families with their messages and the lost souls of their relatives. This is called Obon. Type Obon and 2015 to your web browser find more. If one you know holds such souvenir please find the way to send them back, I am sure that some people would be grateful.

Peace with you

By: Diggeo

Poppies at sunset by Stuball

Poppies at sunset


I have cropped heavily as the 2ND Lee filters despite the gradual transition to dark made the sky look unnatural for me.

I enjoy the red presence and contrast with the green of the field. I think they make a nice frame anytime of the day, so............... goodbye sunset!

Keep minimal and stay focused.

By: Stuball

Smoking Kills by gjbrooks

Smoking Kills

Killer pic

Nazis Raus !

By: gjbrooks

Fruity! by dudler


Hi Dudler, nice pic.

I like the arrangement of the pears, they look really neat.
I had my doubt regarding the bottom left wood knob, it's vertical to all other horizontal lines of the table and a bit distracting. The shade of the bowl on the bottom part of the picture is big so I made a mod that eliminates the issues I had with it. I hope you like what I did.


By: dudler