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pablophotographer's Gallery Comments

pablophotographer > pablophotographer Recent Activity > pablophotographer's Gallery Comments
Into the Desert by Jole3

Into the Desert

super colours, bravo

By: Jole3

:) by MyOwnWonderland


Hi Maya, what sort of manipulation have you don eto it? Do you mind explaining?

I distinguish a certain softness on her face and the eyes a part of her turban looks extremely sharp (above the eye on the right).

It does have an old image feel, resembling the result from a ''soft'' lens as they used to call them, very polite to aging skin in portraiture.


By: MyOwnWonderland

Out of the Blue by Ian-Jones

Out of the Blue

Hi, nicely captured indeed.

If you don't mind my opinion I think the frame is too big and at the bottom the sky looks dead plain. I have increased my zooming of the 15'' screen at 125% and the airplane looks bigger, the sky above the plane looks far more interesting compared to the bottom part and the cropped image with the blue trail starting just above the left corner looks bloody marvelous.

Mission accomplished.

By: Ian-Jones

street edge by LAAddams

street edge

I like your picture.
Nonetheless I would like to suggest a new cropping that suits to my opinion better to the moment.
What moment? The moment one smokes his cigarette.... a moment of pause rather than a moment of action.
How does that apply to the picture? He seems to have one leg on the iron work as if he would jump over it, but his facial expression and the way he holds the bars and the cigarette reveal a moment of ''checking a situation'' rather than taking action. No jump, no spring, no legs needed in the frame Smile
I would go for a horizontal crop, Face, left hand, cigarette and sleeve, bar and right hand in the frame, with the bottom left corner starting from below the iron bar and going to the right and upwards.
Is the final result affected? Well, it looks a bit more ''focused'' now. Just face and hands. I think they are enough to draw a portrait of him.
Less is more.


By: LAAddams

Time to move by grinningsoul2011

Time to move


It may be my vision but I think I can't find a sharp focused area in the frame. It does appear to me that the grass in front of the tiger is a bit sharper than the tiger's face, but surely this shouldn't be the case, how on earth the camera focused on the grass? It doesn't make sense.
Post capture sharpening might work. But I think the wide aperture of f/4.0 gave you too much narrow depth of field to work on, during a day where the light seems to be plenty for the use of a higher aperture f/5.6 or f/8.0; combined with an increase of ISO to 400 or even more so you can freeze movement with a speed of 1/800 sec... SLT does with mirror movement so we exclude the possibility entirely. It is said that image camera body stabilisation offers less sharpness when compared to pictures taken by on-lens stabilisation. This could be an example of it Smile

If I was asked to reframe this, I would take a thin horizontal strip from the top to exclude the grey fence showing at the back; let the animals appear to be in a wild habitat; the flora above the tiger's head -minus the fence- is just right for the job. Further minimalist trimming from both sides, would keep the frame in proportional shape.


By: grinningsoul2011

Jade 1 by jwc66uk

Jade 1


By: jwc66uk

Jessica 2 by jwc66uk

Jessica 2

I think this one lacks the power the other picture carried.
Yes it's wider, the arm is there but I think looking at the viewer would make it more engaging picture.


By: jwc66uk

A world away by TanyaH

A world away

what make is this filter?

It looks good as it is to me. I am getting too old I suppose

By: TanyaH

Jessica by jwc66uk


Yes but no but yes.

I shall not agree with the cropped hand on the bottom, nor with the colour of the background blending with her hair...but

you'vs shot quite a picture.

I like the underlying message and tension.


By: jwc66uk

Oulten Park SuperBikes by Ollyooper

Oulten Park SuperBikes

That's a heck of a photo Olly, bravo.
I know that the metal barrier adds to the sense of speed, but for me, I think you can have the same effect by cropping it out and relying on the grass that displays the motion of panning being done. The biker then is the unavoidable part of the attention, there is nothing else of the eye to wander and see around.
I take off my hat to you young gentleman,

By: Ollyooper

new year's day wanderers by senn

new year's day wanderers

Claps hands.
i hope you can hear the sound senn.

By: senn

A rose for those who want it by AndreKay9

A rose for those who want it


I had a suspicion which I have confirmed when I saw the metadata. The background wall looked blueish to me, it is the effect of having chosen white balance as incandescent rather than shadow, or sunshine.

I would say that lighting is what has caused all of your troubles. Do I notice correctly some natural light coming from the right?
I'd turn the rose to collect some of this magic element that is so much needed in photography and in life in general.
That simple turning of the vase where the rose is in would shift the blessing of the light from the leaf to the petals of the flower.
Alternatively if this was shot in a space where you could not touch the vase, I'd use a reflector or a sort from the left side to send some of the light to the flower.


By: AndreKay9

waiting by MyOwnWonderland


Hi again Maya,

I would have preferred two and a half trees on the frame and a bit more space for the end of the dress on the left bottom corner of the frame.
Everything else looks nice to me, lighting, pose and colours.


By: MyOwnWonderland

Sitting Pretty by lifesnapper

Sitting Pretty

E, re mana m.. it's a bit tilted .... left side is a bit higher than the right... I won't complain for the edge of the shirt missing on the right,
I bet sometimes beauty can have devastating effects, lol.

By: lifesnapper

The Nobel. by dusfim

The Nobel.

Ciao Mario...

I can't fault it either... apart from the part of the collar and the spelling; that the Noble you had in mind is not written like the Swedish rich man who's money funds the Nobel prize.


By: dusfim

whatever name you call, Rose is rose by arulramalingam

whatever name you call, Rose is rose

Hello Arul,

pleasing photo with vibrant colours indeed.

I don't know if you focused manually or you let the camera focus for you it seems it has focused on the tallest rose at the back rather the rose just before that. It's worth replicating the shot with the focus on the rose just in front of our eyes.... F11 would give you plenty of space in focus so the tallest rose would look nice as well.


By: arulramalingam

Getting wet by iangilmour

Getting wet

Daring, hot lady, haha. Great catch!

I think it has a great potential for black and white conversion.
I would also suggest that you can crop it in such a place where as the white bright big blob on the top left corner disappears.
The scaffolding which remains on the right after the crop suffices to reveal the urban landscape.

kind regards,

By: iangilmour

Listen to what the man says by Drummerdelight

Listen to what the man says

Great photo well presented in black and white.
Two minor suggestions, if you don't mind.
a) Tilt it a bit to the right so the ropes look horizontal.
b) Crop it from the top (start measurement from the end of the fighting box and the JSP ad)
and leave as much space as from the shoe of the trainer to the bottom of the frame.


By: Drummerdelight

Sarah Black and White by joshwa

Sarah Black and White

errrrr is it a compliment if I say that I initially thought it was one of jovanovic's?

By: joshwa

the sick & indigent roomkeepers society by Jon.H

the sick & indigent roomkeepers society

As long as they had money to pay te engraver they were entitled to call it however they like it.
I find the door quite interesting. I could have cropped the building itself and leave the door alone..
most likely in black and white.

But that's personal taste.

By: Jon.H

Ogden fall by mlseawell

Ogden fall

Yes Utah is a perfect destination for shooting landscapes, I have heard of a chap who has published a whole book with pictures from it.

By: mlseawell

Rebecca Pearson by CaptivePhotons

Rebecca Pearson

Excuse me, cause I could be wrong (I am cross eyed).
I see this is a technical photo. It must be teaching us something.
I shall not dispute her beauty, we can all have different tastes about this.
But I think she is neither smiling at you nor looks at you in the eye.
She seems to be looking somewhere beyond - and there is nothing wrong with people looking away from the camera in some cases.
Here though, it lets the picture down.

By: CaptivePhotons

Grayhound - 3 masted lugger by miniimy

Grayhound - 3 masted lugger

picture perfect; I am fine with the horizon as it is. Sea does rock the boat so, why should the horizon be perfectly horizontal ? Hahaha


By: miniimy

The Can Buoy by miniimy

The Can Buoy

Hey, my grand-dad had a hat like that too... and yes he was a man of the sea as well Smile

Splendid framing again miniimy...

I would have played with the white balance there.. I can not judge accurately from a laptop screen if the colours are dull or they appeaer dull because of the tilt of my screen.


By: miniimy

Light box by miniimy

Light box

Great picture miniimy!


p.s. I would try a square format too, a slight crop from the bottom and a more sever crop from the top.


By: miniimy

Classic Riley by Hurstbourne

Classic Riley

Great image quality from Kodak Smile
I would had waited for the people to move away from the background, it all looks ''classic'' apart from them Sad
But of course I don't know if you had limited time in your hands.

By: Hurstbourne

clear the gap by mogobiker

clear the gap

''is the bike seat gel cushioned?''

All eyes on the face please!
I cropped the picture from the bottom, keeping his landing area as an unknown surprise...that landing must have caused some serious pain, ouch!

great photo


By: mogobiker

XF by Philo


There's something about Mary...

Congratulations on your picture and the work on it.

I am womdering why didn't you go wider..as the lens could do wider than 16mm. I understand that many times the surroundings may not be perfect... but I shall agree with the comment above , I would have preferred the full width of the car to be shown.

I like the diagonal white sky/cloud/smoke/fog at the background, despite being not matched by the reflection on the side mirrors.

My mod reduced the height a bit, as I think the water on the bonnet is the main attraction of the picture, or is it not?


By: Philo

Parrot portait by Planman

Parrot portait

Picture perfect.
There's nothing wrong about the parrot!!!

I do have a feeling that the colour of the background lets the image down... If I could bring the white of the parrot to be the tone of white on the background that would be great! (How many shades does white have?). I would also try black, red and blue backgrounds to emphasise the contrast with your subject.


By: Planman