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pablophotographer's Gallery Comments

pablophotographer > pablophotographer Recent Activity > pablophotographer's Gallery Comments
Economic divide by olamii97

Economic divide


I understand what you wanted to show with the use of selective colouring.

The pink house is distinguished by its nice roof which has a wooden white framing all around it, in striking contrast with the buildings on its left which have thin tin roofs. The pink building seems to be made by proper building materials (as bricks) in contrast with the building from the left which seem to have been put together by using discarded advertising signs. The pink building has a covered veranda, decorated with white ceramics while the other buildings lack any of these. The pink building seems to have a pavement that allows a car to come closer to the house, as garage, while the building next to it doesn't.

I see the divide you wanted to show, and I know it must be hurting when you try to make a point that the others fail to pick. It is hard to distinguish the poor from the more poor when they all look poor. You can't blame the people for not seeing your point and I sorry that I can't think of a way to help you on this. But I will say you did a pretty good attempt there. Bravo.


By: olamii97

Bottega del Pane (2) by davelivesey

Bottega del Pane (2)

Terrific painter !

Good picture too


By: davelivesey

resting beauty by Rousseau

resting beauty


What I find amazing is the fact that all three of them sit on these branches, they don't come in groups in other pictures. This seems a first.
I am not surprised seeing butterflies in black and white. 60 years ago newspapers in colour existed in poems only (B. Vian, ''I wouldn't want to die''). I don't mind about the wing issue at all, it seems the butterfly had a lucky escape from a predator.

I suspect you have used an old lens that does not communicate with the camera but simply fits on it. I think that this is the reason that the picture does not look sharp to me, probably it would be hard for you to tell also. Aesthetically the subjects are close to the edges of the frame so you'd have to step backwards since the lens couldn't zoom out. It has been an adventurous gamble to take a prime lens for this kind of subject as I would think it would be better used for landscape and portraiture rather than macro/wildlife. Has the gamble paid off? Not on this occasion.


By: Rousseau

Magic Eyes by Trevhas

Magic Eyes


May I recommend a cropping of the top part that would exclude as much from the sky as possible (airliner traces disappear that way); you can have a version which includes the sun and one without it; the landscape then becomes almost non-terrestrial... (if you manage to get rid of the airliner trace in the water that is).

Fantastic pictures, bravo

By: Trevhas

Sit by the Window by lyusifon

Sit by the Window

Congratulations for the picture to you and to her for the dynamic pose, bravo.

By: lyusifon

NIKKI by Rossi208


I can say that it doesn't look like it's going to be the last, bravo.

By: Rossi208

Just Walkin' by Kurt42

Just Walkin'


Thanks for uploading it. Black and white seems to be appropriate to express the weather on the day it was taken. It surely isn't a picture of a Mediterranean summer beach. I decided to crop it leaving just the ''couple'' in their solitude (I couldn't say what there is in the sea on the right). I could have also had a vertical cropping from the left but I feared leaving a picture not big enough to be uploaded in the site.

best regards,

By: Kurt42

Bliss by olamii97


the image brings out that feeling you are describing, especially as you have caught her mid-air.

Now on the technical part, there are some issues that could have been taken care of, such as the straightening of the pathway to the sides of the frame; the inclusion of the top of the trees at the loss from some tiles on the bottom of the frame, etc.

Yet, if this picture was made neat, it could have looked as too much ''prepared'' photo.
The imperfections of it reflect a spontaneity.

Capturing the moment can not be always as neat.
Capturing the feeling, to my books, is always treat.

By: olamii97

Roger Shard Over and Out! by WendyEhoff

Roger Shard Over and Out!

you need to take a big breath to take all this in. Yes it is amazing and congratulations for doing this. Yes, the framing looks well done and I shall applaud Sooty's idea to splitting it in three parts. I like the idea you have turned this to black and white.
But before you think putting up on our wall THE 7'x4' PRINT I would urge you to put up on your wall a mock black cloth that big. Will it look alright? Is your wall white to create a contrast? Will it look nice when it will blend with the wallpaper? I may sound a bit extreme but I reckon it would cost dearly (not only financially, but psychologically) to put it up and then understand it would need to come off. For me the picture is too dark and the amount of light is not sufficient to make it really engaging. It does remain amazing accomplishment on its own right (yes, bridges do linger) and I can not see it on the screen you are viewing it so I might be wrong, but be careful with this amount of white light, that amount of black and the 50 shades of grey. And, you'd need to make sure that your glass is ultra clean and arrives ultra clean, I'd put a membrane in front until I take the picture because in darkness you can't distinguish spot marks.


By: WendyEhoff

The yellow trunk by Sillu

The yellow trunk

hello Sillu,

I will answer to one of your questions with the joke about an elephant:
''-Have you seen the elephant hiding behind the poppy?''
''-No, what elephant?''
''-See? he is hiding really well''

Yes, I think you can crop the picture so there is no green background; it might be hard for the leaf to be perceived as a leaf, but that will reveal the predator's ability to blend into the environment it lives, it is natural camouflage... it is a nature photography.
On the other hand green and orange as well green and black can make a nice contrast so I am not surprised with yoru decision to frame it the way you did, it is also acceptable.

From what I can gather, (noticing the reflection on the spider's body) you have used a flash, a ring flash if I am not mistaken. The metadata appears as if ''flash did not fire'' because information got lost somewhere... probably between the photo and your phone as you imagine.

I do like your picture, if only as Paul says if you needed faster speed you could open up the aperture to f/2.8 for more light to come in or you could increase your ISO to 400...


By: Sillu

Cat in B&W by kyleparr

Cat in B&W

Hello Kyle.

I like your picture but I would suggest a slight trimming from top and bottom that changes the frame proportions from 3:2 to 4:3; cats love tight places.


By: kyleparr

Lots Going On by Kurt42

Lots Going On


My modification is not in line with your tittle but I could not stop thinking that you could have got this shot vertically to include the feet of the three people at the bottom of your frame or having a square crop like the one I uploaded for you.

It shows less but it looks sufficient. Aww by the way, it keeps competition out also Tongue


By: Kurt42

Audrey Hepburn inspired by Martyna

Audrey Hepburn inspired

Hello Martyna.

I am happy you are doing black and white portraiture and your lighting seems good to me.

I do not know what sort of eyepiece your camera has (if it has any at all) or how much of the frame this covers.
It is a sure bet that your camera has a back screen that displays the image fully. Taking this advantage I would suggest you to examine your pictures as you arrange your frame, before you press the shutter button. I know it is not as important now with the use of digital cameras, because digital frames come with a cost lower than film ones but it is a good habit to develop.

It seems pity for having the arm and the hand cropped at the base and the left of your frame while having given up useful space for gaining empty white space above her head.

The expression of the poser looks o.k. with the clothing worn but it would have been far more engaging if it was shot in a public space room;
yeah I know smoking is not permitted indoors so that expression would just fit like a glove as her attitude looks she doesn't care. For a posed picture against white background, I don't perceive it as engaging.


By: Martyna

Portrait 2 by IshanPathak

Portrait 2

I agree with Otinkyad, although initially to me your friend's skin veered to green (I might had been fooled by the foliage).
I don't mind the halo created at the back of your friend's head and I shall congratulate you for having succeeded in making him feeling relaxed.
You won't have a major problem with young people having their chin pointing down but if you start shooting elders keep in mind that this pose shows off their age more and it can create a shadow, so you would better start practicing of asking people to raise their ''chin up''!
Best regards

By: IshanPathak

S.S. Haverford by justwilliam

S.S. Haverford

Great piece of family history, nice picture as well, bravo

By: justwilliam

'The door was open!' -  Chapel at Newstead Abbey by Pollyjc

'The door was open!' - Chapel at Newstead Abbey

I would propose you try to ''see'' the picture in black and white. You would be surprised on how it would look if you convert it.

By: Pollyjc

three pots by Phil_143

three pots


Interesting find well chosen to be presented in black and white.
Talking about white, I think the white of the 3 bins is more than enough for your frame; the picture would look stronger if it was trimmed from the top so the competing white triangles are excluded from the frame. I would crop the frame horizontally at the on the top corner of this wooden panel next to the bins. The picture becomes simpler instantly but retains the play of curves and straight lines, and the play of white, black and grey.


By: Phil_143

sun down sunset by horselover1997

sun down sunset

Hi, welcome on ephotozine.

I will not focus on the settings of the medium you used to take the picture. The low ISO value (64) makes me smile as it reminds me an old type of film, Kodacrhome, a legendary product of photography. I congratulate you for your bravery to shoot with an ISO so low (which means it takes longer to record an image on the sensor, compared to a higher ISO value as... 400 for example).

I trimmed your picture from the sides, for I find important for a photographer to decide what keeps inside and what keeps outside of its frame. It will take time to learn to decide what to leave out and what to focus on, but try to keep your composition simple. I got rid of the first tree from the right and the branches of the first tree from the left. Less is more. You get the same sunset but you have less ''fuss'' around.


By: horselover1997

rainbow loris by dj_gary

rainbow loris

Focusing and colours are great.
I might had chosen a rectangular vertical 3:2 frame to include the edge of the green feathers on the right.
But It still gets my award.


By: dj_gary

Wifey 2015 by Bam

Wifey 2015


I see your wife is fine for being your sitter, you are lucky. Her expression here is a bit ''too'' directed and I think you can not fix that. Nevermind.

I am a bit on dilemma here, should I crop the neck and the body? Should I leave them in the frame?
I think since her hair are not in the frame, the same should happen with the neck and the shoulder, you'd better focus on just the face.
Another reason pushing for the tight crop is the shooting angle you had.
In conjunction with the leaning of the head from her part, her neck has come level with the shoulder, which is rather not flattering.
A tighter crop resolves all these issues and then you can try things with photoshop.
I must say the focus is on the closest eye to you, taxtbook followed to the letter.
Well done on that.

I hope she keeps posing for you for a long time.

By: Bam

Selfie 2 by AlanJ

Selfie 2

exceptional self-portrait

By: AlanJ

Gentleman.. (shoot on film) by PaulPhotography

Gentleman.. (shoot on film)

Hello Paul.

I like the theme you have chosen to frame and the bold approach to shoot against the light. It is a challenging theme you have shot, loots of architecture to admire and record and then your man walking with his hat. I think whilst the top of the buildings on the top left and right side of the picture are recorded nicely and are nice landmarks of architecture, they are a little bit ''excess information''. Your picture could look strong or stronger without them. I think you could have made the overhanging ball , just above the top of the right lamplight, the cut-off point of your frame and give some space at the bottom for the shadow of the man; this could lift him a bit higher in the frame, i suspect he is your topic, isn't he? I know street photography requires speed of response for the photographer and you have it surely, but as you look back at your pictures and review them ask yourself ''could I have framed this better?'' You will develop the skill to judge what is important to stay in your frame and what you can leave out of your frame, which is also a very important skill. Once you develop it you would be able to apply this skill before you press the shutter release button so you will improve your composition skills.

Technically, I notice something that resembles with light leak, on the camera you used to take that picture, I think I can distinguish a pair of faint white horizontal lines above the gentleman's head. I have had something similar to pictures of mine, it's just a specific frame that seems to suffer in the beginning of the film and I wonder if you camera has a small window at the back to display the film cassette inside, like mine has. I suspect later with cocking up the shutter the film cassette moves a bit so the film is light-tight again and therefore there are no light leaks in the pictures at the middle or the end of the roll.

A big bravo for your work

By: PaulPhotography

Winter Pond III by mikesavage

Winter Pond III


I like the colour and the patterns.

I don't agree with the presentation. I think because you have seen it this way and shot it this way , you are biased to present it this way.

My suggestion is to turn it upside down and admire its beauty in the way that beauty would like to be presented in front of your eyes. Beautifully.


By: mikesavage

typhoon by Pixel_Pirate



I think you have just ''shot'' a ''typhoon'', remarkable achievement.

I have got nothing against your picture, as is, it shows a fighter in a clear way.

My interpretation would probably fit the airplane in a cropped square format, with the plane on the right, but it's figure being cut off exactly before the white vertical lines just before the engines. The painting on the wings (very bold and beautiful) creates a pattern that runs along the body of the airplane as it tears the sky being catapulted horizontally in the frame (congratulations for achieving this).

Over and out

By: Pixel_Pirate

Snowdrop by RichGA



I see that the issue with the horizontally appearing vertical pictures has not been resolved yet.

But without stretching my neck, I can see that your framing has favoured the left side, now appearing on the bottom, for the right one, now appearing on the top. The bottom flower is of far less importance to the frame I think so I would have moved my camera slightly to the right (now top) to include all of the flower which appears coming off the frame and lose some of the dead green space on the left (now on the bottom).

Strangely enough I am surprised with the out of focus areas created by the aperture chosen, I would have never guessed that this was done by a f/6.3; so I think since you wanted to stay at low ISO (nothing wrong with that) you could have also gone for a wider aperture to allow more light hitting the sensor faster so blur is avoided; The softness of the flower, and the existing sunlight allow space for misjudgment, you could have also placed the stem of the primary flower directly above the green stem of the plant to give some more clarity of the lines there. An assistant could have held a difuser for you to work in a slightly more shadowed area so as the grey part of the flower inside appears more prominently.


By: RichGA

empty vessels by youmightlikethis

empty vessels


I can't apply the modification I have in mind. I would have shot this in a vertical frame rather than a horizontal, so as all of the reflection of the bottle is in the frame (but it would have some of the surroundings too). A tighter crop from the sides, or just the right side so the remaining frame is a square could also be a possibility, because the left side of the frame (and the textures there) are worth to remain in the frame.


By: youmightlikethis

A priest. by PaulPhotography

A priest.


hey he seems to be a usual theme of yours. You have caught him really well in both instances I saw, in colour and in black and white.

Initially I thought of suggesting you to cut-off the top bright part pf the picture so you stay only with the woman and the priest, the temptation and the refuse of the temptation; the victory of spirit over flesh.

But looking at it I can see a different interesting theme on a diagonal arrangement; the man of the advert on top left with the priest on the right bottom of your frame. The contrast of materialistic lures of the world high on the ad with the monastic stance towards life, the spiritual world, humble, indifferent, approachable on the bottom.

Very well seen and executed. Bravo, once again.

By: PaulPhotography

Notre Dame Auxiliatrice,Cap Malheureux__Mauritius Series-9 by Schweigan

Notre Dame Auxiliatrice,Cap Malheureux__Mauritius Series-9

Nice colours and framing, bravo.
I would have objected the branch and leaves on the top left but the inclusion of the red flower there is a gift from heaven!


By: Schweigan

Model Photography. by WimpyIskandar

Model Photography.

I have a question Wimpy.

Who is the one who asked for this picture to be taken? She posed as your model. Did she come to you to shoot her? Or did you choose to shoot her?
I find it pretty unprofessional to say that your model is not pretty. Even if she is not, you have to work with her so she appears beautifully in your picture.

technically, I find the skewed shooting angle strange, and it is not even level with the horizon. I say this by judging the top part of the couch compared to the source of light on the background did you shoot this hand-held? Aww, it's two questions now, oops.

I am against heavy make-up but this seems to be in tune with the whole mood if the picture. I would have added a cigarette in her hand, and if she was a smoker I would have asked her to blow the smoke as.... a suggestion of waiting. If she or you were against the idea of using props I think a long necklace held by her hand at that level could be a good alternative. I also think that the picture would have looked more engaging if the model was looking at the camera or the white of her eyes was visible. The closed eyelids and the heavy mascara create a second eyebrow almost as if this shot was taken at the wrong moment. Worry not!!!! I have chopped her face in my mod making it more mysterious. Did I sort your issue with her beauty now?


By: WimpyIskandar

Balanced? by continuum



my answer to your question would be ''yes''. It does appear to be balanced and it does have this variety of greys you wanted to have.

There are some valid points above but I would also suggest you to focus your attention on the right vertical third of the picture. I will urge you to be minimalist and narrow your frame (or even better hold your camera vertically to the ground) so as only the tree trunk that appears white and the trees until the right end of your frame are visible. That trunk gives you the tones close to white while you have all sorts of greys at the back and some near blacks at the very background; plus you could have the roots and the leaves on the soil in your frame, the trees would stand tall and outgrow your frame, giving it a sense of great size. I would go for an aperture of 5.6 or 8 to get the background clear but I would have the focus on the white-ish tree. Same ISO and shutter speed as now.


By: continuum