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pablophotographer's Gallery Comments

pablophotographer > pablophotographer Recent Activity > pablophotographer's Gallery Comments
Close up jumper by cf73

Close up jumper


I remember as well the previous pictures, my congratulations for this happy picture.
My only suggestion would be a wider frame which could include the height of the obstacle,
unless you could not stand further back.


By: cf73

Kyle profile by fatfranksfolley

Kyle profile

I don't know what you had in mind or what you were asked to do. It reminds me pictures from the 1920's.
I like it as it is, black and white is not a real depiction, it's rather than an interpretation, of the world.
The fact that it is not perfect makes this picture great. Bravo.
I suggest a crop that loses the top 1/3rd of the total height and the 1/3rd of the total width from the right.


By: fatfranksfolley

honda by gdoum


What? A CB50 with oblong lights and indicators? I must be getting too old, haha.

Great advertorial pic, nice blend of colours too. Endless summer.

By: gdoum

Black shoes with bows. by shishidog

Black shoes with bows.

Hi shishi.

I shall be honest with you and reveal you what I son't like it as it is. The legs are good, the shoes are fine, the pose is playful but the background with the creams and greens(?) and the position close to the centre spoil it for me. I would therefore suggest a conversion to black and white and a crop. A square frame could take them nicely in too.

best regards

By: shishidog

Granny by Olga_June


Hi Olga.

I like your vertical frame and the composition. Your relation with the sitter (your grandmother) manage to bring out a certain calmness from her and confidence in you, by her, which is clearly visible. It's a very well done study in lighting as well, as she has some in her pupils and no hard shadows on her face or teh background at all. It's a very well done portrait for me, bravo.


By: Olga_June

Seen Among the Lilies by taggart

Seen Among the Lilies

Beautiful colours

By: taggart

Slate mine by RobMacd

Slate mine

Dark thus moody. It matches the place, excellent.


By: RobMacd

Shelter Home by iancrowson

Shelter Home

Quote: But how does she afford a dog?

My guess is that at night the dog acts as the walls of a house, it is there between you and strangers who may harm you. It's safety, can you afford not to have it?

The tonal range of the picture is great Ian. I would cut-off a bit from the total height of the frame so the too bright part of the pic is eliminated.
will try to upload a mod of what I mean.

I am not jumping from joy when I see a homeless person. Nobody can tell with certainty what the future holds for them.


By: iancrowson

shark by Skybox


powerful shot with amazing colour, bravo


By: Skybox

Boys & Poppies by Ray12

Boys & Poppies


I see nothing wrong with your beautiful picture, I consider it a documentary picture, I would not change colour vividness or contrast. Fabric dye fades out in washing, and actually at least for the child in front the cloths must have been washed many times, for him or his siblings; so much he has outgrown them. Life is tough there, young poor children as young as these two souls earn some food or money by preparing grave fires to burn the dead.

My only modification was not uploaded due to the small picture size issue, I cropped 1/6th of the total width of the frame from the left side, to put them a bit off-centre. The height you have shot them from is excellent, they seem to look at you straight in the eye. I think someone ought to have shot a picture of your face when you met them.


By: Ray12

Chairs and legs by KingBee

Chairs and legs

Nice shoes Smile

Hi Bob, I have seen this picture from the set of square images which appear below another picture while you look at the gallery. I can't remember if the feet were visible there but I must say it looks good in square format as well. I also looked at it by bringing the whole page lower so that the legs disappear and the frame retains its oblong shape, it looks good too.

By: KingBee

Spotted! by paulbroad


Hi Paul.

Probably that he looked at you it makes it more interesting.

The other man on the background is no problem for me; if this man is not posing for you in a set external environment or a studio, it is not surprising to see other people in the frame. What does appear strange and out of the blue (literally) is that black unidentifiable object with the two circles in it, which seems to float between the smoking man and the drinking man (I see a blue mug there). The black unidentifiable object is something I would work to remove from the picture because it is distracting.

I do not know what other shots you got from him, but the one that he puffs would be more interesting. For that reason I would suggest a change in the settings from single shot to continuous shooting. If you were physically more than 5 meters away he could not pick up the sound of the camera firing probably covered with other sounds of the environment around him. Doesn't the camera offer a silent mode?


By: paulbroad

Back of the chair. by Madoldie

Back of the chair.

That calls for a black and white conversion....


By: Madoldie

Kimono Girl by Stanley_Dellimore

Kimono Girl

Yas-sou Stanley!

Tough call ...
I can't believe it is as bright at 9:40PM in Athens unless the internal camera clock should say 9:40AM.

Looking at the picture rather than the metadata I'd say this picture offers good ground to ''play'' around with it.

The lady, most likely a Japanese, who is wise to carry an umbrella under the strong sun, is positioned nearly at the middle of your frame, not bang in the centre thankfully. I would have been tempted to leave more space on the right rather the left in my frame, but being a tourist she may had been posing for a person who is on the right just out of your frame, so you may have done well to exclude him/her. The empty space of the left becomes a bit of an issue as the wall closer to her on the left seems to stop before the end of the fame. It is tempting to cut-off the photo at this point but I would suggest a square crop which maintains all the space from the right and a little bit of space on the left, she would still fall nicely off-centre. For a more adventurous twist I would make the picture black and white and retain only the lady and the umbrella in colour.

I would also advise you since there is no true horizon visible to have followed a skewed pattern tilting your camera to the right so it retains the horizontal position of the marble seats. I am not sure if there are 3 more heads visible in the background, a wider aperture may had blurred them out more.

kind regards

By: Stanley_Dellimore

Paper Crown ! by pentaxpete

Paper Crown !

Superb picture Pete, you are always ever so ready for snapping a moment when you see it.

My GUESS is that he had taken them to Burger King! (or can't you have 2 adverts in one shot together?)

Did you shoot it holding the camera vertically? (or is this camera a half-frame gem?)


By: pentaxpete

Flagstaff by Abdelrazek



I see a lot of balance in your picture albeit a rather small issue of composition.
The spot you have chosen to shoot from has put the cabin towards the very edge of the frame. I can see you used the widest focal point available, so It may had been a case of walking backwards, or staying at your present point and turning it a few degrees to the right.

Your perspective takes advantage of the environment, the flora, the cloud formation and the lighting situation and helps directing the attention to the Kachina Peaks on the far right. Thus the picture follows a series of diagonal lines and develops depth in a three dimensional essence. I like the hint of green on the right corner as it helps ''framing'' your picture. Now, I hope you have a spare wall to put it up.


By: Abdelrazek

Surprise by jovanovic


Should I be surprised?
Dobre, Zoran!

By: jovanovic

Mr Jellinek's Daughter by pablophotographer

Mr Jellinek's Daughter

Thank you for your comment Bill and the historical clarification. I shall correct the title.
The picture is not cropped but it was framed exactly like that.
It might be a bit on the bright side but I wanted to record the x-cross detail behind the star;
the darker oblong picture was erased and I don't bother to retrieve it.
The picture was shot in black and white on camera.


By: pablophotographer

Humble salad by HelenaJ

Humble salad


all of the above comments are valid useful to consider.
My mod deals with the strong shadow on the right (by cutting it out) and it is framed following the shape of the serving tray.

The light is an important issue here. The angle of the falling light confirmed my suspicion, this is no natural light, so is this the preparation for ''tomorrow's breakfast'' maybe? I would have preferred to see natural light on the subject so the idea of time of the day, light and subject get united under this magic sparkling glue that makes the world so beautiful for those who can see it. Light. Get that right and the rest would fall into place.


By: HelenaJ

Berber by iancrowson


Salam Ian!

Great pic. I don't mind the grain... hehe.

Dudler and I (saw his upload after I did my modification) have both subtracted a big part of the area this Berber man rests his arms. Should you have gone closer to him, maybe? It seems we both found that undescribed area (wall?) too much as a portion of the pic. Less bright areas to distract us from the main subject. Yes, he seems to be wearing white, but his arms are positioned so the white actually seems to separate him from the surroundings and helps the eye to follow a tranquil diagonal of greys from hands till face and turban.

Now, what is difficult to change is the palm tree that is on the right and looks like decorative feathers attached to his headgear. They would be nice if they were feathers but this is not Ascot. Should he be shot form a slightly different angle? Well, since we can't change that we can only sigh. Enjoy your Leica and your vacations!


By: iancrowson

Up to life in Gaol by ladigit

Up to life in Gaol


I was listening ''tango till they're sore" when I saw your picture...

The song is played by Tom Waits at the closing titles of the film ''Down by Law'', funny enough it shows 3 men escaping from a Gaol.

Your composition and handling of light looks good to me. You have shot a strong pic.

Choose among 3 items... Rope, Sheet, Handcuffs. They could hang around somewhere... right?

I'd go for the most discreet and pocketable....
An open handcuffs thrown on the bottom right on the floor relieves you from having to need a person (not doing it yourself?) walking around to create a ghost image. It can tell a story. Inmates are gone, guards are gone, ghosts are gone. This was a Jail Break baby. Awwww, you can have a dog looking at you, alert or silly. I got a name from him too. Rantanplan.

tips hat

By: ladigit

Chopper at Sunset by ambro

Chopper at Sunset

a sunset with a twist Smile

By: ambro

Door by mgoldman



it looks good to be printed to me.

Played around a bit with it, got similar pics with MrsWoolybill and then I thought, don't exhaust it, print as it is.


By: mgoldman

Dentchasers by ladigit



It's very interesting!

I find striking that your rectangular frame doesn't display the horizon totally straight; the road on the left might be uphill but the scaffolding part that could show this is covered by the van.

The Chevrolet car reminds me of the shape of the Opel Ascona and Opel Rekord cars of the 80's if I had not seen the real lights I would have thought this was an Opel and the pic was shot back in the 80's.

It seems like it is being shot during a cloudy day, might be a touch dark, but I like the fact that the frame contains the traffic light on top left corner and the end of the front bumper on the right bottom corner. The car fits well in the corner and the man looks at it with a gusto. The traffic light seems tilting a bit to the left but the right scaffolding looks straight. Hence I find this very interesting indeed.


By: ladigit

College Rules: Party Foul by WhoIsTaeSmith

College Rules: Party Foul

Hey, look , look! A shadow of a man's head looking down at the bottle!

Hello and welcome too Tae.

I see some extra possibilities from the frame you have shot there.

I'd keep the picture simple, by subtracting some elements. The road on the top of the frame for starters. And the orange(?) line too. And the black lamp-post(?) from the right. I'd have left only the leg of the bench -its shadow provides enough description to help us understand its wooden top part which is actually cut out of the frame. The bottle and the round shadow of a man's head(?) would be the other two parts of my frame. Smaller in size and square shaped possibly, would say the same story and add some mystery of social comment on the empty bottle, a booze relic.

I do not know your photographic experience as I have not seen your profile; it would make little difference anyway. Try to train your eyes depicting things in your pictures. The story that your frames can tell will depend on what you can pick up from the world around you.


By: WhoIsTaeSmith

at home / world cup by pascalg

at home / world cup

It's a winner !


By: pascalg

Secure by JoWiAu



Secure yes but not engaging, nor perfect.

Despite the shallow depth of field it appears it has, the spot it is shot from allows for a visible dark object on the back near your subject. It might had looked less of a problem if the picture was black and white (and I'd strongly suggest you to try it and see my point).

The chain attached to the securing ring is away from the viewer and although it may do some actual work holding something, being on the other side of the frame is distant and disengaging. It would be better if you could move it over to the viewers side, giving him a grip, a place to hold and come into the essence of your picture.


By: JoWiAu

Seaweed hut @ freshwater west. by piemon

Seaweed hut @ freshwater west.


I would not advise you to print it, unless you back-light it. The colours you see on your computer and the camera back are given by back-lighting, if you get this printed it would look even darker and thus less appealing.

As banehawi suggests the sky is a large part of the picture and the sun and the rays are quite small in proportion to ''lift'' the picture if I may add.
From an aesthetics point of view I do not find this appealing.
But of course the photographer and its picture do have a psychological relation that no-one can doubt that it can influence the way that the makes perceives or favours its work.
The choice is yours but my honest answer would be negative.

Kind regards

By: piemon