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paulbaybutphotography's Gallery Comments

paulbaybutphotography > paulbaybutphotography Recent Activity > paulbaybutphotography's Gallery Comments
'We shall strike down our foe with sharp steel and cold hearts' by paulbaybutphotography

'We shall strike down our foe with sharp steel and cold hearts'

Quote: I don't doubt that this is well executed (pun intended) but an Asian looking man about to behead a white woman, what's the message?

The models are both white and the male has a sun tan, he is wearing a Roman outfit and the female is wearing medieval attire. The style and pose of this image is based on
the fantasy sci-fi artwork of the great Boris Vallejo. The male and female are actually both comrades and although open to a certain amount of interpretation, they are warriors fighting together and there certainly is no hidden message linked to beheadings. Having said that it is open to interpretation and 'YOU' see what you want to see.
Thanks for your comment.

By: paulbaybutphotography

Waiting in the Chapel by paulbaybutphotography

Waiting in the Chapel

Quote: Oh yes. Super shot. Just needs a touch of straightening for perfection.

Left this one on a tilt intentionally to retain the cinematic realism of here and now.

By: paulbaybutphotography

Ferocious Frankie! by lulubaby

Ferocious Frankie!

Excellent pet portrait. One of the best I have seen in a long time.

By: lulubaby

Window Seat by paulbaybutphotography

Window Seat

Quote: Now where have I seen this before? Not that it matters with a photo this superb, best photo of Zoe ever. Super light and fantastic pose.

Tis a powerful image for sure...... I would have it in my portfolio if I were the model? Smile

By: paulbaybutphotography

A Vintage Affair by paulbaybutphotography

A Vintage Affair

Yep Phil. That lens is now yours and many people have commented on how sharp it is. Also with your new camera you cannot go wrong. Iso 800 or even 1000 very little noise and pin sharp.

By: paulbaybutphotography

U-Bend by paulbaybutphotography


Quote: Oooops!

Beautiful face, elegant hands but from the middle and down this looks like a disaster; the torso looks too(oo) short and the bum too(oooo) big.
A latex suit with a more material at the back might had looked better, or.... a direction not to stretch that much backwards might had saved this.


Have to disagree... this is a natural shot of the lady who is called bendylady, she is a contortionist, this is how she poses and was purposely shot to enhance her skills in that department. Beautiful curves. Different to most women, a little extreme but all natural and all woman in all forms have beauty.

By: paulbaybutphotography

Winter's Love by paulbaybutphotography

Winter's Love

Quote: A great idea Paul and well executed. Ive seen similar but the gap between the couple is in the shape of a heart, its all in the positioning (not that I'm an expert for one minute!!Smile

Far too contrived Phil. This is a perfect silhouette of a loving natural couple not a contrived pose. Two different things and natural is the one. Smile

By: paulbaybutphotography

The Bride Awaits by paulbaybutphotography

The Bride Awaits

Quote: I think this is absolutely wonderful Paul and certainly one of the best wedding shots I have seen. Truly outstanding.

Thanks for the comments guys. Smile

The crazy thing about this shot was that I snatched it as soon as I saw the final edit in my mind because the original image had two photographers in the frame and a light stand and also a groom with his arm around her, they were doing there thing and I saw something else and grabbed this image and spent 2 hours editing out the unwanted people and refining it. I don't think I can attach the before shot here unfortunately.

By: paulbaybutphotography

Newly Weds by paulbaybutphotography

Newly Weds

Thanks guys. Smile Shaji.......ha, ha, just get remarried (to the same woman) of course Smile

By: paulbaybutphotography

The Country Bride by paulbaybutphotography

The Country Bride

Thanks Nathan. The shoot was planned for indoors as the day was full of showers and very windy but we were not allowed in the venue at the last minute
so when not sat on in the car or under shelter from the rain we ventured out. Then my main flash stopped working after just an hour (faulty batch which is being replaced shortly). The shot above was so windy that the speed light fell over 3 times even when heavily sand-bagged luckily the ground was muddy and soft (no rocks), sand-bags fell into barbed wire though and ripped open. Crazy shoot but funnily enough very enjoyable and most fruitful. Thank you and everyone who comments on my work. Without those comment I would not be on ephotozine so though I do not often reply I always observe and appreciate every word. Best regards. Paul Grin Grin Grin

By: paulbaybutphotography

Little Red Riding Hood's all grown up! by paulbaybutphotography

Little Red Riding Hood's all grown up!

Quote: Beautifully worked, I might have been tempted to clone out the white glob on the fur as it does draw the eye somewhat.

Regards Nathan

ahhh, did not notice it when view large but you have a point now you mention it when viewed small. Tis a button on the coat.

Good call Nathan and thanks for your great and continued comments. Smile

By: paulbaybutphotography

Elle #3 by paulbaybutphotography

Elle #3

Quote: The one and only Elle: this is one of the best shots I've ever seen of her! Entirely captures that look, and that quite elusive beauty.

thanks guys for these great comments. I am sure you will enjoy the other Images I will post daily.

By: paulbaybutphotography

NöElle #1 by paulbaybutphotography

NöElle #1

Quote: Impressive tantalising lady ! Great lighting... SmileSmileSmile

Some more please...


Thanks guys..... I will post an image each day from this shoot with a warning that they may make your screen melt. Smile

By: paulbaybutphotography

Arachnophobia by tw3


Loved it on PP and now on here. Highly Commended too for me. Excellent!

By: tw3

The Stairs to... by paulbaybutphotography

The Stairs to...

Quote: Stunning photography Paul, works extremely well in monochrome. Just one thing if I were to be slightly picky, maybe the image would have worked even better with the stair case being central in the frame "Just a wee thought"

Regards Nathan GrinGrinGrin

oh, yes, we did a set on my group shoot and some are central too.

By: paulbaybutphotography

Arachnid III by derekhansen

Arachnid III

Beautiful composition. Simple, bold, abstract and very graphic. Well observed, framed and cropped
resulting in a stylishly sophisticated piece of art subtle and bold all in one.
The kind of urban/architectual/landscape/seascape monotone imagery that appeals to me.

By: derekhansen

The Catacombs, Fountains Abbey by derekhansen

The Catacombs, Fountains Abbey

Lovely image. I need to visit here with a model or two.

By: derekhansen

Smoke on the Water by mikesmith

Smoke on the Water

Beautiful, painting feel to this. Great image. Great portfolio.

By: mikesmith

The Old Boiler Room by paulbaybutphotography

The Old Boiler Room

problem was, it was very cold in there. Smile

By: paulbaybutphotography

The Waiting Game by Philpot

The Waiting Game

Phil, your strength is seeing shapes and form where others don't. I think you see in monotone contrasts which gives you an advantage over us mortals.

By: Philpot

The Angle Of The Dangle ! by Philpot

The Angle Of The Dangle !

Simply superb! You should continue with these and get a collection together.

By: Philpot

Shape and light by Philpot

Shape and light

Beautifully observed image. Cropped perfect as a graphical abstract urban piece of art. This type of image is my favourite of yours Phil.
You demonstrate great vision with this style of photography/art.

By: Philpot

Vertical Pathway by Philpot

Vertical Pathway

Another great urban capture. Well done Phil.

By: Philpot

Newborn Baby Photography by Paul Baybut by paulbaybutphotography

Newborn Baby Photography by Paul Baybut

I have a slightly lighter.brighter version but will leave this more subtle one as is. Thanks for the comments

By: paulbaybutphotography

Portrait of Lady Finch by paulbaybutphotography

Portrait of Lady Finch

Quote: An engaging portrait of an interesting and attractive subject. Lovely tonality in this with the subtle detail picked up in the hair and lace. Technically very well executed.

A personal thing is I find the little strand of beads that comes out from the hairpiece by her eye is too close to the eye and distracts from holding my attention on your models face. I want to move it further away. I also find your logo, although subtle in the bottom corner also is a little distraction.

Nonetheless this is first class.


Thank you.

I cannot disagree. Smile Awkward little beads seemed to be in that position for the hair piece but I know what you mean. Smile

By: paulbaybutphotography

Lady Finch by paulbaybutphotography

Lady Finch

Yep Phil, as seen in the EXIF data on my shots. I use it all the time in the studio.
Simple and very effective budget price lens that is as good as expensive ones when used right.

By: paulbaybutphotography

Portrait of Raph by paulbaybutphotography

Portrait of Raph

Quote: I really like the high key misty processing Paul.

Thanks! I generally edit differently to suit each image and this one including the tight crop seemed to work just right for me.

By: paulbaybutphotography

The Collinson Girl by paulbaybutphotography

The Collinson Girl

Quote: I remember the Collinson Twins, who were in the odd Hammer horror film when I was a lad.

They were nuder than this, but not a whit more beautiful!

Yes I am an authority on all things Hammer but on this occasion Collinson is just the actual name of the model and my style of wording reflects to yesteryear. Smile

By: paulbaybutphotography

The Drowning Sorrows by paulbaybutphotography

The Drowning Sorrows

I very rarely use a tripod these days and handheld this shot and not my sharpest lens either, so next time on a jaunt I think tripod in car boot
is in order just to make things easier and better, but all considering, still happy with final results. Smile
Thanks for all the comments guys ~ always appreciated and acknowledged.

By: paulbaybutphotography

11 yr old Nicola by kenp666

11 yr old Nicola

I very much like this. Just a little tight on the crop above the head though for me.

By: kenp666