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Harris Hawk in Flight

Harris Hawk in Flight by lucianobianco

I see a lot of bird in flight shots via my fishing/photography mate who is currently trying to decide on how to get truly pin sharp images. Practice, gear quality or both.

This is nearly there are well composed but lacks critical sharpness. Some of the shots I see, via my friend, from birding specialists are absolutely pin sharp.

Your shutter speed is enough, but I suspect a slight focus issue as none of the bird is totally sharp. I would be going up to 400 or even 800 with your quality gear and using a rather smaller aperture. At least f8. Then focusing? Are you using servo to track the bird. Not easy with fast moving off centre subjects, but on single shot the time between pressing the btton, focus occuring and shutter release can mean out of focus results.

I would be on servo autofocus and continuous high speed shutter release. It works for cars.


First time at sea - 1/1 in B&W

First time at sea - 1/1 in B&W by Drummerdelight

Basically, you need to decide yourself on crop. It is very personal to get composition right for the eye, or for the purpose. Without general reference to your image, I would use mono, it does suite. I would crop below the horizon. You do not need any sky and the yacht draws the eye. I would crop quite close with most room on the left. Might even flip the image so they are running left to right. Fits the eye better.

I would run the dodge tool with a very small brush lightly over the figures to brighten them up a bit.

It is a well seen and recorded shot with considerable potential but there are many images in there? Which is best?



Swan by WendyEhoff

A good try with attractive lighting on the feathers. Unfortunately, that lighting means the head is strongly under lit. I also think the wings look quite sharp, but the head less so.

This one would be difficult to shoot. If you were close enough, and I think you were, then the camera flash would have added a bit of frontal lighting. A lot of people fail to use flash fill in full sun but it can make all the difference.


Upside Down

Upside Down by balintn3220

A good idea and quite impressive in many ways. The quality is not good. That could simply be the situation but I suspect some movement with that very long exposure and f36? I doubt your lens actually goes down to that. Tiny apertures may be the thing for depth of field but the lens resolution can drop off a lot, meaning the sharpness falls. A wider aperture, f16 may be, would easily be enough.


Garden Stream

Garden Stream by garethcollins89

I'm guessing you didn't use a tripod? The idea is generally good but nothing is totally sharp. You must have the camera held rigid for such shots. F25 will not get the best results from a kit lens, or most lenses. You needed to be no more than f16. f8/11 will be the sweet spot.

Compose to not have the bright over exposed area at the back.



Look! by RobinH

Well spotted and generally a good shot. The top of the image is rather weaker, tonally, than the bottom. A bit of work with the burning in tool on a large brush and about 10% would correct that.


wind power new and old

wind power new and old by unk001

I quite like this, with the modern wind turbines in the far distance. I think the contrast is just a touch high and I would be doing a bit of burning in right across the sky to increase density there.


Howth sunrise

Howth sunrise by ladigit

I find the sun too bright. It may be personal, but the glare and flare spoil the effect for me. This is where the discrepancies come in whwpen judging. If I were judging and comparing this to a shot with some 2 stops less exposure, I think I would be going for the darker image.

I know I often ask for a subject, but I think I would clone out the shipmon the horizon. A figure silhouetted on those rocks could lift this by several orders of magnitude along with less exposure.



Staircase by xwang

A nice shape but a little disorienting. I finfpd myself looking at what I assume are the steps behind. Tones and resolution look good other than the slightest burn out on the highlight. Possible a stroke or two with a tiny brush on the burning in tool.


The touch of trust

The touch of trust by Shubhamraje

Pretty good. It does seem a bit over saturated, but it is difficult to tell what the basic colour tones should be. There is the tiniest discrepancy in focusing. The thumb is just a tiny bit sharper than the snakes jphead. Not much, but obvious when you blow up the image.


Anticipation Re-Edit

Anticipation Re-Edit by sweetart79

Nice, but Willies crop is even better. Your shot is OK, but just needs a touch more contrast. The blacks are not quite black. The ideal mono should have a solid black somewhere an a white with 254 shades of grey between.


Eurasian Jay

Eurasian Jay by Emilpix

We live near woods and regularly get a pair of Jays in our garden. They are quite wary though.

A very nice shot indeed. Nothing Iwoukd change. Well done. Is the focal length not 450? Nikon crop factor I, I think, 1.5.



"MULE" by Coen

Basis of a good shot, but there is some softness due to the low shutter speed and you are a bit over exposed as indicated in the burnt out nose detail and bright background.

You are on spot again. What did you Meter from? What, in this image, dinyou equate to 18% grey?

I think you have entered from the donkey's coat, hence overexposure. You must be careful with spot and choose 18% grey or suitably compensate.



Reflection by balintn3220

I guess the 1/100 is correct? Would think so as you are nice and sharp. A good interesting image which I think would be even better with a tighter composition on the window. There are quite a few items about to distract the viewer so slightly complicated composition.


Maurice cleaning up "dead fall"

Maurice cleaning up "dead fall" by CPO1944

A good interesting shoypt. Possibly just needs a bit more room on the left. The bucket is near the frame edge. Spot entering on auto is dangerous, but worked well here. I assume you used shutter lock?



Sandra by PatrickElsender

A reasonable family shot but you need a bit more thought. First, you must ensure that you focus on the eyes. They should be sharp in a portrait and they are a touch soft here. For studuonwork I would have the camera on a tripod to allow you to move around, then use manual focus to ensure the correct sharp plane.

She is obviously laughing at someone out of frame. Eye contact linking viewer and model would be more personal.

Landscape format is OK, but better with the head towards the left with more room to look into. Lighting and exposure are OK, BUT WOUlD BE A BIT MORE DRAMATIC WITH AN OFF CAMERA GUN AND SOME SHADOW MODELLING

HAVING SAID ALL THAT, THIS is better than a lot that we see.
A good start.


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