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Tournesol and Tree

Tournesol and Tree by max_e

I think the slight under exposure actually helps here by darkening the sky. I might dodge the tree a bit to lift it compositionally, but I would like it off centre. Very old fashioned, I know, but I think it woukd balance better akthough there is a very strong equilateral triangle effect as presented.


Traditional Jawa Theater.

Traditional Jawa Theater. by WimpyIskandar

Good again, but the back figure is the problem. You could have reduced shutter speed and thus gained a bit of depth of field, but I would burn in that back figure quite a bit to reduce it's effect on the main one.



Watching by ladigit

Very strong image of high quality. I use a 7D as my main camera. The doll is too central compositionally and needs to be nearer the left third. That would lift this from good to excellent.


Bengal Tiger in captivity

Bengal Tiger in captivity by Piyush_singhal

Not a bad effort, but very zoo. Concrete, high viewpoint etc. You have composed well, but it lacks that impact to make it really stand out. Very, very, difficult in so many zoos.


Sea Beach

Sea Beach by Rousseau

For me, there is no subject. You. Need a focal point with the scene being a foil to that. There is so little to actually look at here, and it needs something, or someone on the left third.


Sad letter unedited

Sad letter unedited by HelenaJ

Technically well done but all very side on with jo real compositiobal link. A more three quarter viewpoint would add impact, but result in depth of field issues, but if the sharp point were the eyes, I think it would work.

As it stands it looks posed, so different viewpoint and moee dramatic lighting.


Woodland Waterfall

Woodland Waterfall by KC51

Willie covers it. For me, the log is the subject as it is totally dominent, but then it is not terribly interesting. The waterfall is small and in a corner. I am happy for the waterfall to be the background, but you could do with something a bit better as the focal point. A membef of tge family, right bottom third, looking towards the waterfall?


The Sun Voyager

The Sun Voyager by Valegorov

Not sure I see the visions you do, but then I'm not very arty. It is a fine shot though. Pictorial record at it's best.


Lunar pool

Lunar pool by ladigit

Very interesting and original. Not many of those. I am in the water too bright camp, though. It does detract and needs suppression.



DAFFY or DONALD by TimothyDMorton

You are a touch over exposed and not terribly sharp. The shutter speed is too slow for hand holding at the focal length used. You needed a touch less exposure, half a stop or so, then, if the light was low, go to 400ISO. I will regularly use up to ISO400 with the expectation of high quality. I think twice before going much higher, but sharp with a bit of grain is better than smooth but blurred.



Oscar by Bam

Very strange effect. Looks like a studio shot with a rather over lit white backfround and a lack of light on the dog resulting in excessively high contrast. I think there is quite a lot of sensor flare from that bright white and that is where the magenta comes from.

Some rapid portrait professionals, and I use the word, professional, with tongue in cheek do use this lighting and it is usually not very good. Max Speilman stores use such a set up. My daughter in law, last year, went into our local branch with a friend and their two kids. The results were appauling. I went back with her and demanded the money back, which they supplied with no arguement.

Stick with more conventional lighting for decent portraits, human or animal.


Traditional Jawa Theater.

Traditional Jawa Theater. by WimpyIskandar

Like this one. Very well done and effective. Just didn't need such a high ISO. Should always use the minimum that you can get away with.



Poser by mgoldman

You have the best gear, but this should be pin sharp and it is not. Almost certainly camera movement with too low shutter speed. Technically, this would not do and if the whole batch are like that, you will not hear from them.

You must get exposure right and images must be sharp. No good having the best gear and not doing the basics properly.

For me, sharp and quite hard for this, although the composition and pose are strange with room at the top, arms cut off in what actually looks like a standard female pose and not very masculine in general.

Quick thought at the time when things drop on you like this and automatic mastery of your equipment!


Portrait attempt

Portrait attempt by ladigit

Not bad at all, and I like the tight crop. The lighting is not ideal. Rather flat giving low contrast and mainly mid tone grey which causes that flat effect. You need a bit more light to brighten things up, but a touch of extra contrast here will help.

Natural light portraits can be very nice, but you still need a bit of modelling in that light. Enough to give some shadows, even faint.


July 1 Fireworks

July 1 Fireworks by k2

Not bad at all. It could do with darkening a bit as there is significant light bleed and it could be any cekebration. You could do with something in there that says Canada.

Exposure compensation has no effect in manual mode.


"What shall I do"

"What shall I do" by Coen

Technically excellent, compositionally not quite so good. The eyes are in the right half and looking right. That is thus not a balanced image. You need to consider composition as well as technical issues.

In my old judging days I often had to find sonething to separate one shot from another when it came to the last few. This would go out on composition.


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