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Evening, rain, the restaurants are closed.

Evening, rain, the restaurants are closed. by jerryiron

The third ine with the church is the winner for me. The frame is full and quality looks good. The other two are good, but there is a compositional imbalance for me. Too much foreground, especially version 1.


Milky way

Milky way by drjskatre

It is very good and looks quite natural. It is natural I assume? Never seen the night sky like this except through a telescope.


The Look

The Look by markst33

For me, this is what the other should have looked like. Excellent. This is full of tone and interest whilzt, for me, the other consisted of just a few greys from the middle of the range.

A fine image. Proper photography.


Sheffield town hall

Sheffield town hall by mogobiker

I had 4 years studying Metallurgy in Sheffield. would not want to holiday there! A good shot in general. It is one where I would correct theverticals as they are just off, not huge amounts.

Not sure of the exact surroundings, it's a long time sinc I was there. However, a zoom lens can be suplemented by use of the legs if the result is worth it.


Red Phone Box on tour

Red Phone Box on tour by TornadoTys

Like this. Well done and seen. I had not even noticed the white brolly as it is a subdued white. I would't consider colour popping. It would be a decent effect shot, but this is pure pictorial record of a high standard and thus suits me.


Hot Summer Evening, Berthong Road

Hot Summer Evening, Berthong Road by BobinAus

A nice scene but rather soft? I suspect you did not use a tripod, hoping the wide angle would cover the slow shutter speed. Looks like a touch of movement to me.

I would have been at f16. Still more than enough depth of field and a stop more shutter speed. Even f11 should easily be enough.

Your lens will not perform at it's best at f22 and can result in loss of definition. Wider apertures can actually appear sharper due to less aberations.


The Hadrian passing through Wylam

The Hadrian passing through Wylam by Gordonsimpson

I always prefer steam locos three quaters on, but this is reasonably effective. I would lighten some of the deeper shadows a touch with the dodge tool, but do find the colour very yellow. The tone is general and thus lloks like degraded yellow base paper. Toning should be progressive with some brighter areas near white and dark areas deep brown, if working in sepia.

I would prefer a nice clean sepia tone.


Lake - Mont Tremblant

Lake - Mont Tremblant by alinasr211

There is one over riding problem. The large areas of very out of focus foreground. Not a lead in frame to me but a great distraction. Best have just a slight intrusion of such foliage, if any at all.

The scene is fine and the tree does act as a focal point.



Twilight..... by s1000rr

I like it. I would crop quite significantly top and bottom to create a panoramic. That wouldbe even stronger as there is little in the sky and foreground.

If you can afford that gear, then the way to go is a carbontripod with decent head. The right model is very stable yet relatively lightweight. Also costs quite a bit. About 300.


A step back in time

A step back in time by markst33

I do like the content very much, but I 'm odd man out. Image quality in many shots from back then was actuallyverygood indeed. I don't get age, I get a flat graininess. I realise I am on my own, but I would have prefered either a strong deep brown sepia, or a relatively contrast mono.

Or colour. They did have colour.

So, very good indded, but I have reservations on the processing. But, I' m on my own!


Three Romeo

Three Romeo by jerryiron

I rather like this but it is very over saturated. I like deep strong colours but this is possiblg a little too much. The warmth is probably due to the saturation. I always thought Nikon sensors tended to coolercolours.



Cheetah by FloKl

A reasonable image but I, too, would prefer the head nearer the right. A flash fill would have helped the dark eyes andto me, the focal point is a little too far forward. Enlarged, the whiskers and chest fur are slightly sharper than the eyes. The lighting is obviously very low and thus somewhat against you.


Lost in the Infinity

Lost in the Infinity by Graham_Rainham

I do appreciate the attempt to move away from the more common presentation. Unfortunately, for me, she is just too small and I struggle with what you intend. Infinity is a long way away and her position is finite. Blown up, her face is very soft so cropping is probably out.

Good try, but would prefer a full frame.


botanical garden - Sheffield

botanical garden - Sheffield by mogobiker

The content and composition is very good. The tones are very flat indeed and you need to lift brightness and contrast to reduce the effect of flat lighting.

You appear to be using a none Nikon lens or one that does not talk to the camera. Some older lenses do not perform well with digital sensors. The back elements are not coated to reduce flare.

It was not needed with film, but is with a digital sensor. The result is a flat image and could be what is happening here. Is it an older lens?


I spy with my little eye....

I spy with my little eye.... by TornadoTys

The figure is very necessary. Would not be near as good without it. No focal point.

Clone out the object just coming in bottom left and a slight touch with the dodge tool to brighten the figure and increase impact.


Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant by alinasr211

I rather like the effect here. We get a lot of water/landscape images and many are missing a focal point or satisfactory composition. This has no subject as such, but a decent composition of shapes. The water has an interesting almost sky like texture.

I still think a formal focal point would add something, though. A boat would do.


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