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paulbroad's Gallery Comments

paulbroad > paulbroad Recent Activity > paulbroad's Gallery Comments
Charge! by Overread


I can only repeat my previous observations. Horse and rider, great, background a serious issue. You need a different location for real success. May be some outdoor events as weather improves?

These do a good job of showing the horse and rider but are never going to be perfect in that environment.


By: Overread

Unknown by olamii97


I fear I struggle here. I do see, vaguely, what you are trying to say, but the content just doesn't fit to me. You have obviously carried out some selective blurring but it just looks like a very dirty lens to me.

I do applaud trying something different, but not entirely a success this time.


By: olamii97

Time Traveller by mike0101

Time Traveller

A good effort. What is realistic? Who knows ! It does a job and is worth looking at.

Why mono? This is one of those that would look so much better with all the colour that doubtless could be there. The mono is a touch muddy due to the tone I think and I would be brightening and lifting contrast a touch. If you wanted mono for the old effect, a deep brown sepia would be more appropriate.

Her expression is also not entirely fitting to the theme. She looks bored. A bit of a get on with it look.


By: mike0101

Amazed..... by Shubhamraje


Must be looking at a different world to me!

A nice baby image. Possibly a little over saturated due to a tiny bit of under exposure, but does a good job. It is composed a little one sided and you do not need all the hat and top of head. I would crop to move the eyes to the right as the picture appears.


By: Shubhamraje

Blackpool lifeboat crew by yorki50

Blackpool lifeboat crew

A decent image. Assume inshore Zodiac crew as there are only three. It is reasonably obvious what they are.

I winder if you really needed 1600. The result is a touch flat and grainy. I realise it was misty but the lower the ISO the better for quality. Usually.

I would run the burning in tool along the water and pier at the top to reduce density a touch.


By: yorki50

Old Shed (revisited) by billmyl

Old Shed (revisited)

Technically well done. Not much to say. The problem is the view through the window. A pylon.

To lift this from IK to a cracker this needs something in that window. A side view head and shoulder silhouette?


By: billmyl

Egret In flight by kjteng

Egret In flight

Not a bad effort at all. Adequately sharp and well caught in general. My mate and I are in the middle of a series of trials on bird photography, testing various lenses. The problem idps balancing sharpness, use ability in the field and cost.

The best so far, but not by much, was the Canon EOS 500 f4. However, 8000 is a bit much!


By: kjteng

A view with a Ferris wheel by soyah

A view with a Ferris wheel

Quite a striking shot. A polariser is unlikely to do anything here other than loose 1.5 stops. The reflections are strong in that area but acceptable.

The image is rather soft suggesting some movement. Even on a tripod, the wind, traffic vibrations or a structure under foot that is not totally rigid can cause softness.


By: soyah

Fruit by Golgoon


Other than fruit I have no idea what this is and, without your one word title, would not have guessed fruit either. Therin lies your problem. Shooting at f20, even with an 'L' lens, is not going to give the best quality.

Nothing suggests how big this fruit is? If it is very small requiring depth of field, then a fixed focal length macro lens will be a much better bet.

You need to rethink lighting and presentation. The dramatic lighting is more for an effect image. Possibly cut the fruit? Arrange with softer lighting and a suitable blurred but varigated background?

Depends what end product you, or your client if it was a job, wanted, but this image doesn't make me want to eat the fruit of have anything to do with it.

Your text suggests you were in business and hope to be again. You must fully master your gear and the techniques your customers require. You must satisfy your customers requirements, not your own likes and dislikes.

Not easy. Give us more details of what you want to do for advice.


By: Golgoon

Jacob by david1810


I'm sure the parents love it. I, as an outsider, am not so keen. I would not have added grain and would stay with colour. The effect, to me is very grey and sombre, rather than a happy image as it should be.

Sorry to seem negative, but the effect does not come over quite so well to me. Then, I'm male and getting old.


By: david1810

sunlight and shadows by chambo

sunlight and shadows

This is what HDR is actually meant for and the contrast range is well handled. This is a pictorial record and quite well done. The verticals sit in that mid range between OK as effect, but need correcting for accuracy.

You make the choice but, as Willie says, a lot is lost by correction.


By: chambo

resting by justahobby


The composition is good but to my eyes it is just so flat and muddy. It doesn't say mist to me. It really does need a boost in final range. There is nothing remotely black or white.

Just me, but it needs strength.


By: justahobby

North Yorkshire from Carlton Bank by mathed

North Yorkshire from Carlton Bank

A really nice sky, but I find the whole of the foreground a bit messy with just a tangle of foliage. Not much to suggest to change that


By: mathed

Light and Shade by salopian

Light and Shade

Composition will always be contentious along with content. I quite like it as you have presented. The foreground has detail and leads nicely to the boats placed well on the top left third.

I'm not a pictorialist, but this is nice and better, for me, than the hills and valleys stuff. Technically good too. Just shows what a compact can do in terms of general photography.


By: salopian

The Playing Field in Winter by Otinkyad

The Playing Field in Winter

Not sure. The idea is good but I think it is a bit too grey. There are no blacks anywhere and, in the old wet darkroom days, we would say it was a touch muddy. I think a bit more contrast in terms of a good solid black would still give that cold desolate effect.


By: Otinkyad

A pea in a pod by robsriverview

A pea in a pod

I bet the parents really like it and that is all that matters. The eyes are a touch soft which should not be the case with your gear and the effect overall is over exposure. It's not over exposed, but the backgrounfpd is almost too blindingly bright.

Just like a Max Speilman high street photo shot. This is what they do in the shop. It's a matter of taste. I find it a bit too strong but that is me.


By: robsriverview

Weary by justahobby


The same sort of thing as Freddie Gilroy in Scarborough. Made from Corten self protecting steel. Decent record. It misses out on a bit of dramatic lighting to add true feeling. Try shooting at dusk with a weak flash fill off camera the add modelling.


By: justahobby

Man-Monsters by iancrowson


Good solid gritty image. What mono should be used for.


By: iancrowson

Balmashanner War Memorial 2 by billmyl

Balmashanner War Memorial 2

The composition is first rate, but the tonalmrange a bit compressed giving a flat effect. Just try a touch of contrast.


By: billmyl

Ullswater by sco1


Nice enough scene. It is a touch flat, but only slightly. It is a very good try at HDR which is not really intended for this type of image as multiple exposures. I think that, what is missing is a bit of drama and contrast. The HDR has done too good a job of controlling tonal range to the point of compressing it.

Still, not bad, though.


By: sco1

Bubble Drop by soft_eye

Bubble Drop

Rather specialist technique which you seem to have mastered. Then I guess the end product is mainly luck, which has favoured you here.

Very good.


By: soft_eye

Flower in the evening by kichi

Flower in the evening

Willie says all. You are on manual, so how are you arriving at the camera setting? You are rather underexposed and the slow shutter speed has resulted in shake and thus a very soft image.

You need to master twobasic functions, then experiment from there. You need to get correct exposure and you need sharp focus on the main subject. Look at other images here and learn to recognise a correctly exposed image. Then ensure the camera focuses on the main subject with a shutter speed fast enough to freeze movement.


By: kichi

Balmashanner War Memorial by billmyl

Balmashanner War Memorial

Very good pictorial record. Good standard lighting, sharp and well composed. What more do you want from this type of image. The dog is abit of added interest.


By: billmyl

Icy Blue Reflection by MBMahoney

Icy Blue Reflection

The technique is OK, but I struggle with the content. Content will always be subjective and success will depend on the viewer. There's nothing much there and I don't get the carming effect. For me, and I emphasise, for me, it needs a focal point to stabilise the eye when viewing.


By: MBMahoney

Bluebell Impressions by dunfr

Bluebell Impressions

I'm not normally a fan of this kind of thing, but this one is rather well done. The bright small tree acts as a focal point and, thankfully, is sharp.

For once, I like a near abstract.


By: dunfr

Ye old Sarum moat by LouiseTopp

Ye old Sarum moat

The tonal range is too great. The sky has significant burn out which you will not recover. The tree does act as a focal point, and as a record of the most, OK. Theres not really a lot of content as a general interest image.


By: LouiseTopp

Nepal by WimpyIskandar


Not bad in general. There are under exposed and over exposed areas and a bit of work with dodge and burning in tools could improve things quite a bit. The sepia is very yellow. Looks Luke an old faded print.

I prefer a sepia based on a darker brown.


By: WimpyIskandar



You do, indeed, have a very sharp lane of focus, but it is tight with areas in front and behind out of focus. This causes a slightly confused image. You have done quite well at such a slow shutter speed.


By: TimothyDMorton

Belts for Sale by meshklam

Belts for Sale

Dudler last paragraph is the important one. Majorca and ISO800 should not, if luck is good, come together. There is a lack of crisp sharpness here which may be image compression, but with a flat subject such as this, aperture priority f7.1 and a suitable shutter speed. You do not need f13. Try and get away from full AE and try 'P' using program shift to get the desired combination of aperture or shutter speed. Best is probably aperture priority for general shooting.


By: meshklam

Flash forward by Meditator

Flash forward

Technically covered above. You are significantly under exposed on the flowers.

You need to learn to analyse results from the Histogram and visually. Look at other efforts, possibly in the main gallery rather than critique, but do not assume they are correct either. This immediately appears under exposed and you must learn to see that, then correct the lighting.

On manual, the guns will not talk to the camera, but experiment. Experience is the way to learn, and you must master two things at the start of any photographic career.

Exposure and focusing. Very wide statements, but what is the correct exposure? How do I achieve it? Is auto focus the right way to go, or should it be manual, as here.


By: Meditator