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paulbroad's Gallery Comments

paulbroad > paulbroad Recent Activity > paulbroad's Gallery Comments
Winter trees by xwang

Winter trees

Dudler covers it Jas. The basis of a good shot, but you needed a much denser image and a much tighter crop, just to the cages filling the frame. However, the main problem for me is the rather flat mono conversion. It does lack density, punch and resolution. Not like you.

Not sure why you needed the HDR? Stear clear of it unless absolutely necessary.


By: xwang

Ragusa, Sicily by rhinocer

Ragusa, Sicily

A very nice scan, but then medium format does scan well with care. Velvia has handled the job well but can be a bit saturated for many peoples tastes, and scanning can increase the effect. I might just desaturate a touch.

The panoramic crop is a good idea, but the effect is a severe cropping at the bottom removing the images base, in effect. I would prefer less sky and more buildings, or a less panoramic crop in this case.


By: rhinocer

Terrapin by Coen


Nice image in most respects. The only real fault is the burn out just behind his head due to light reflection from the shiny shell. Difficult to deal with.

This shows how good these long lenses can be when correctly handled.


By: Coen

Peace on Christmas Morning by withakat

Peace on Christmas Morning

Decent shot and Willie has covered it all. The sun is a bit bright and there is a touch of over processing I think which reduces the natural look. You could have reduced shutter speed with a tripod, but you should still release the shutter with either a remote release or the delayed action. the very act of pressing the shutter button can cause vibration.


By: withakat

lennox lay down by Terry25

lennox lay down

In most ways, very good. The problem is the lack of real sharpness. The dogs eyes should be pin sharp and they are not. I suspect you are just inside the minimum focus range of your lens. i assume this is the kit lens and it will not focus terribly close. A bit more info, focal length used for example, would help.

The shutter speed may also be rather slow.


By: Terry25

BallHead by meuvoy


General comments as above and nice and sharp. Not a good angle for me. You had to shoot from here, but looking up it's posterior is not ideal for a bird image.


By: meuvoy

Santa's Been by GordonLack

Santa's Been

Quality is good. Just a bit formal? Would expect joy and lits of torn paper.


By: GordonLack

Play Time by Philpot

Play Time

Just a pity you didn't get a bit more depth of field. The ear is sharp, the eye is not.


By: Philpot

Girl in the Abbey by shishidog

Girl in the Abbey

Could be very nice but a touch over exposed and high contrast resulting in burnt out detail.


By: shishidog

empty chairs and deck of green by youmightlikethis

empty chairs and deck of green

Like these, Ian. Very effective indeed. Both work but the colour up is rather superior. Fine image.

Solitude? Would come over rather stronger with just a single figure leaning over the handrail looking into the distance. Solitude, to me, means one likely figure. No figures means empty.


By: youmightlikethis

Sunrise in Chester by kermode111

Sunrise in Chester

The problem with such images is that it loo is rather more impressive to the eye than the camera. You need a subject to base your composition on with the sky as a background.

Here, you have some tree branches, house rooves and phone cable with nothing actually acting as the focal point.

Look to a subject on which to base your composition.


By: kermode111

Shrewsbury Square at Christmas by Fogey

Shrewsbury Square at Christmas

There are too many colours here to mess about with white balance. WB looks at colour temoerature, measured in degrees Kelvin. Here, the nature of the lighting should not be considered tungsten or even fluorescent because that only applies to bare or frosted bulbs. These are coloured!

You might as well stop on auto or daylight. Then just shoot. Use a tripod and play with settings. You often find that, with scenes such as this, you can get a different, but equally successful image from a variety of settigs.



By: Fogey

Inlaws dog original before digital manipulation by Terry25

Inlaws dog original before digital manipulation

Decent shot of the pooch. Ideally rather closer and portrait format to fill the frame and remove the background distractions. It is just of sharp, and that is camera movement at such a low shutter speed.

Vibration reduction is what it says, it reduces vibration. It does not stop them! 0.3 sec will give a soft result hand held. High ISO will reduce quality too, so you had very low light here.

Do not think the camera flash will not produce good results. I would have used it here, but be careful of over exposure and the lens hood restricting light when close.


By: Terry25

fun with Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 by TimothyDMorton

fun with Adobe Photoshop Elements 7

And to you. All the best. Keep the shutter finger subtle.


By: TimothyDMorton

I want my mummy. by Coen

I want my mummy.

A nice shot, well composed.

Using the car window as a tripod. Engine switched off of course! No one moving about in the car? It is far better than hand holding, but not as good as a stout tripod hard on the ground.

Manual exposure is the best way providing you have metered correctly and have time. You use spot, and I think we have been here before, what do you meter from? Spot metering is also the most accurate providing you meter from an area that equates to an 18% grey cards. Probably the animals coat will be close here, and in the UK, grass is good, usually.

If the tone is outside this range, you must compensate. In this situation, given time, set manual, check the first frame is correct, and shoot away. Watch for light changes.

I use a hand meter with incident light attachment at motoring events and similar. It always gets the light falling on the subject correct.

So, with care, use manual. Otherwise aperture or shutter priority. I would be on shutter priority with a long lens to control camera shake.


By: Coen

Foggy Morning At Finnieston by flatfoot471

Foggy Morning At Finnieston

A good image. It is difficult, at this size, to gauge how sharp a shot is. I think, when a section is enlarged, I detract a little softness, but not much. There mat be a traffic vibration effect. You do use a remote release or delayed action to release the shutter?

Using the shutter button ditprectly instills a little vibration.


By: flatfoot471

merry xmas by justahobby

merry xmas

Yes, a seasonal image. Just a touch under exposed as the Meyer has been influenced by the white snow. The result is greyish snow.


By: justahobby

INNOCENCE by tjt4002


Nice image in general. Willie really says all there is to say, slight exposure issues, but easily corrected in software.


By: tjt4002

Soaring at Sunset ( 2014 RAW Digital Studios) by rwitherspoon608

Soaring at Sunset ( 2014 RAW Digital Studios)

I have to say that I'm a touch surprised at the quality here. You are a long way over exposed and the birds are very unsharp. As you seem to be on an auto setting with no over ride, I would have expected a lot of under exposure rather than over.

I suspect, too, that you are on autofocus and the birds are not on the focal plane. The blur shouldn't really be camera shake.

For me, a lot less exposure and the birds rather larger in the frame and as a sharp silhouette.


By: rwitherspoon608

A KIND OF EMPATHY by youmightlikethis


Very heavy, very dark. I understand your reasoning and it was a terrible event yesterday. However, as an image, the relationship is that I know where it was taken. Most would not.

On that basis, a bit too dark.


By: youmightlikethis

Ghosts by nineteen68


As you will know, it just doesn't work for me at all. If just the hand had been perfectly exposed and sharp, then a different story. Potentially superb.

I cannot see what you are trying to show at all. What purpose would the image serve? Sorry, you know me by now. Fantastic possibilities, but missed.


By: nineteen68

my street by justahobby

my street

A fine saturated image. It is a record. Pictorial in it's way, but still basivpcally a record. As you say, the sky and cars will change regularly, but little else will.


By: justahobby

Practising with my son by Terry25

Practising with my son

What a lot of feedback

A first rate family shot, nicely composed. It really only has one problem. It lacks a full tonal range using only mid grey.

This may be initial under exposure, or it may be conversion.

In the old darkroom days, we would call the result 'muddy'. Just brighten things up a bit and add a touch of conteprast and you have of. Just be careful not to go too far and loose detail.

Very simple.


By: Terry25

Lost my bearings by alanmcneish

Lost my bearings

A good sharp image. It does lean a tiny bit and, like Willie, I find it just a touch dull in tone. Just needs a l,little contrast boost to improve impact. I see the tree idea, but not sure about the star on tip? Looks like a fluffy feather. Maybe a soft, but more obvious star.

Interesting possible library shot. I've just sold a shot of gear wheels on a storage rack, a very simple but technically good image, for quite a lot of money through a library. Near 200 dollars.


By: alanmcneish

Mud bath in 35 degee by Coen

Mud bath in 35 degee

Very nice image. Possibly a tiny top crop and a stroke with the ridge tool across the eye. The wide aperture has done a good job here, but a stop less might be just as good, increasing depth that little bit.


By: Coen

Panorama of the jardin in San Miguel de Allende by frescofoto

Panorama of the jardin in San Miguel de Allende

A good strong image. It's not terribly sharp, but I think that will be the huge compression needed to get to this size. Difficult to be specific with sharpness issues on the net.

Possible would benefit from a little darker image.


By: frescofoto

SITTING BY THE BY by youmightlikethis


I actually quite like the mono only, but not the part colour. That doesn't work at all. There are potential compositional issues, but it is what it is. A very general street shot with a lot going on and, for once, I'm less bothered about a specific subject.

This one suites your technique.


By: youmightlikethis

Happy Days! by paulbroad

Happy Days!

I'll try and find the colour version for you to have a go at, Moira. I keep trying to put hots in worth discussion in the hope that people study other shots than just there own. That is the true way to learn.


By: paulbroad

Rule Brittania by Jayar31

Rule Brittania

I rather like this and applaud the attempt. The colour issue is correct. You should match that and I would brighten up the stamp a bit, but very good. Leave the rest as is for me.


By: Jayar31

Book Worm by mmz_khan

Book Worm

This could be really nice. To me, it's not terribly sharp and your EXIF suggests that might be the case. Slow shutter speed. No one seems to make much of this above, but when U blow the image up there is little detail?


By: mmz_khan