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paulbroad's Gallery Comments

paulbroad > paulbroad Recent Activity > paulbroad's Gallery Comments
an ciad cluaran San t-samhraidh by mrgeod

an ciad cluaran San t-samhraidh

The EXIF would help others. The quality is excellent and the single thistle head makes an ideal focal point. It is a touch small and not compositionally in the right place.

For me, several times larger and on the top right third. That would increase impact considerably.


By: mrgeod

Salt transporter by mmz_khan

Salt transporter

A fine well seen image. I particularly like the lad going the other way. You do need to correct that horizon. Quite a slope and you should have spotted that one.


By: mmz_khan

Movement by markst33


Not easy for me. I fear I struggle with these a lot. I wonder for what purpose the image would be put?

Sorry, just me, but I do struggle with many abstract shots. I was trained in technical record photography .


By: markst33

My Love, My Wife, My life by kuipje

My Love, My Wife, My life

More a general gallery image than for critique.


By: kuipje

Books Knowledge world by Sandipan

Books Knowledge world

Good effort. Your exposure is about right, but I would be doing a bit of dodging to brighten the figure and burning in on the foreground books. Probably a slice off each side to remove the curved stonework.


By: Sandipan

The City Below by martinda46

The City Below

Yes, you have over done it a bit. The result looks a touch like an HDR with an inherent flatness. I would crop top and bottom to a more letterbox format.

Don't be too keen to try and alter fully sunlit scenes. there is often little need.


By: martinda46

City NightScape. by WimpyIskandar

City NightScape.

I assume you didn't use a tripod. It needs to be sharper and with less of the blurry light trails. The result is a bit of a confusing image. The WB is wrong. Why flourescent? You would have been better in mixed lighting using Auto WB and make any colour balance changes later.

Night shots need a rigid camera support or they will rarely work.


By: WimpyIskandar

I Rule by Lensup

I Rule

A strong immediate impact.

Slight burn out in the feathers on the right and you already have negative compensation. With your gear I would expect a very crisp result on on my 21 inch monitor it is just slightly soft? The shutter speed is low and IS only does so much. May be a tiny bit of movement if not on a tripod.


By: Lensup

cake by justahobby


A nice shot. I would remove that part cross too but I would darken everything a bit and increase contrast. Ideally a deep blue sky with polarisation would be nice. I am surprised at the exposure given bright sunlight. Would expect more liike 1/400 @f8.

Definately not mono.


By: justahobby

Hay Making 2015 by KymeWeb

Hay Making 2015

This is, simply, a pictorial record. Shows exactly what it needs if you want a record of such farm implements. Even then I would crop top and bottom to remove the wasted space.

You already know all of this. Put the EXIF in to help others understand your settings and technique.

For a stronger pictorial image you need a different angked viewpoint, long or short focal length lenses to give more interesting and/or dramatic viewpoints and possibly a dramatic sky behind and low viewpoint?

I suspect you are well aware of all of this, but others may be able to learn from it.

A first class record, and there is nothing wrong with record photography. Many libraries live from record.


By: KymeWeb

Cheek! by paulbroad


Might have a lot of general photomexperience, but I still have sonething to learn on the digital processing front! The square crop is a great improvement the the other tiny tweaks on Willies mod make quite a difference. I had noticed the eye reflections but, as they were in balance, I left them. I should not have done, and the slightly brighter skin tones lift things out of proportion.

I hope people using this section take note of comments on other than there own shots. It all helps the leaning curve.


By: paulbroad

Last Supper by KingBee

Last Supper

Probably total immersion in a bath of fixer would deal with the person!


By: KingBee

Mozzi, you gonna Die by johnke

Mozzi, you gonna Die

Very strong instant impact. Very limited depth of field works here. Which is the Mozzi?


By: johnke

Makahika Kereru 0547 by paulknight

Makahika Kereru 0547

Very nicely done.


By: paulknight

Cooling down by HelenaJ

Cooling down

Strong image with good composition, tight in the frame. Just a touch soft all over. A slow shutter speed with respect to focal length so I suspect a little camera shake.


By: HelenaJ

Look at me! by Paul_Iddon

Look at me!

Good macro. might just lift the brightness a bit. Not too keen on these clinical backgrounds. Prefer things more natural.


By: Paul_Iddon

Softly softly apricot.... by fotobee

Softly softly apricot....

Would prefer the bloom face rather more to the left to balance composition.


By: fotobee

Clew Bay Sunrise by jasonrwl

Clew Bay Sunrise

Very nicely handled. I usually like a figure or group placed as focal point, but not necessary here.


By: jasonrwl

Tulla The Pallas Cat by Lillian

Tulla The Pallas Cat

Nice stuff. even stronger cropped tight to the face.


By: Lillian

Vendor by Sandipan


Very well done. You have handled difficult lighting very well indeed. Might just crop a touch from the right and dodge the figure of the man seated a little. Care with that as contrast will soon go and that would spoil it.



By: Sandipan

At trails end by Relic01

At trails end

We have a subject and the composition is quite good. You have some technical issues again I fear. I would have stayed with color. shades of green do not take kindly to mono unless very carefully handled.

The range of contrast has caused some burn out towards the back but the main problem is that there are areas of mushey mid grey? Looks like very blurred grass, but scattered up the side of the path. Not sure what you have done. Might be ca camera shake problem.


By: Relic01

Cheers by markst33


Technically well done again. This one seems to lack impact and I think that is due to there being no strong color. That also results in the liquid being less visible. Would a toned neutral background add impact i wonder. I understand the use of pure white, but I think you should then use much stronger transparent complimentary colors as liquid.


By: markst33

Hold on by Nino812

Hold on

Impressive. The body and wings look critically sharp, the head and legs a touch soft. strange that.


By: Nino812

Greek Music by lifesnapper

Greek Music

Like the girl very much. Get your Dracma's out soon! Would prefer v2 in colour. The tonal range is a bit flat in mono due to lighting.

By: lifesnapper

Rainy day 2014 by UNKOWN_BOB

Rainy day 2014

This is pretty good. Catches the eye and your treatment, and you have used some, concentrates the eyes on the sharp vehicles. There is just a bit too much on the right with the focal point dead center. Cropping right gives a square format as you cannot remove top or bottom. possibly a slightly different viewpoint in the first place to fill the frame with a more diagonal composition.

Possible portrait format just of the main scene?

The logo is terrible. If you want one, tiny and in a corner. Not necessary in this section.



Seeing through my eyes by Sandipan

Seeing through my eyes

I rather like this. A slice of life. It suffers a little from an extreme range of contrast with a few areas burnt out. Ideally there should be detail there but you have contained the tonal range quite well.


By: Sandipan

f by Dismorfic


The quality is very good indeed. I find the flowers placed on her body rathercontrived? Would be better without them in my opinion.


By: Dismorfic

Along my way to there....... by Relic01

Along my way to there.......

That is so much better. Nice when we get someone in this section who is so obviously learning. Most compact cameras will actually focus very close indeed, but some bridge cameras have poor macro. My Canon SX40 for example.

The only real problem here is minimal and difficult to handle with a compact. The front of the blooms is slightly less sharp than the rear. Not easy for you to attack.


By: Relic01

The Shed by malcatch

The Shed

Your comments are interesting in a none photographic way. Could be something interesting underneath the shed?

For me, your image needs a lot of compositional modification. I go with Willies 16:9 for a letterbox effect with the shed on the left third. I realise that looses the effect of emptiness, but the building is far too central.

The other way is a severe top crop placing the shed near the frame top suggesting something beneath, then also crop left.


By: malcatch

Howth Harbour Lighthouse by ade123

Howth Harbour Lighthouse

Strange processing? The image is fine with good composition. A first class pictorial record. V2 is not bad at all. Just lift the contrast a touch abnd a slight sharpen.

V1 looks like a poor HDR. You have compressed the tonal range resulting in a flat pastel look which I find rather less than natural. I assume this was not intended. Back to an old chestnut on the site, RAW.

RAW is the best route if you master RAW processing. If you struggle with RAW, JPG is better. If I need backup quality, I shoot RAW + best JPG, then try and preocees the RAW to be better than the JPG. That way you learn how to RAW process.


By: ade123