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paulbroad's Gallery Comments

paulbroad > paulbroad Recent Activity > paulbroad's Gallery Comments
Perth Skyline by s1000rr

Perth Skyline

A clean strong image that is largly sky and road. Possibly a little too much of each, especially the sky. There are some ekectricity or telephone cables going across the sky. They need cloning out.

The other white curves beung discussed are, I woukd have thougut, normal in the situation.


By: s1000rr

Jean Gabin from Santa Brigitta by jerryiron

Jean Gabin from Santa Brigitta

My jind of image. Very well done. A bit on the warm side with everything having that slight yelliw cast, but I don't really mind. I now use my fujifilm XE1 and XM1 far more than any other camera. Easily pirtable, I'm not getting younfer, and excellent quality.


By: jerryiron

Raven by peterjay78


Are you shooting for effect or as a record. As a record, there is rather too much grass and not enough bird. You needed the bird to largly fill the frame with just a little offset. The impact would be so much greater.

I would have been at f8 too to get the inoroved quality from the lens. Even L lenses work better at mid range values. The resolution here is good, but, I think, could be a touch better.


By: peterjay78

Touchdown by Dingus


A perfectly good image of it's type. I would assume your windows are a bit cleaner and more tansparent than those used by the punters in the back! For me, there is a slight contrast loss due to the persoex and atmospheric haze I guess.

Other than contrast. What else could you really do?


By: Dingus

fiver by stebesty


It is impossible to comment on composition in a case like this. What do you want to show?

You need to decide on the dominant feature that you must show as the focal point. You rhen compose to place that point to attract the eye, which will often be on a third. Then you need to focus very carefully on that point.

You then need to calculte a correct expisure, possibly by trial and error. You are under exposed here. You then need to select an aperture to get enough depth sharp, adjusting shutter speed to suite.

Shutter speed, or camera support needs to avoid movement blur, and an ISO chosen to do the job, but with maximum quality.

Macro is not easy and you ideally need the correct gear. Cintent and composition must deoend on wgat you want to show.


By: stebesty

Butterfly world - Teesside by dpr59

Butterfly world - Teesside

HDR is not the way to go for this kind of image. It was unecessary and the resulting tonal range is very warm and compressed. An ISO of 400 would be OK for this with a smaller aperture, but you have some movement blur due to the liw shutter speed. You will not correct movement blur fully.


By: dpr59

Shearwater. by biglog


I have little to add. You have instant impact, but not the longevity. The oriblems are covered. A bit too vibrant and mussing something in the bottom right corner. That's where a subject should have been.

Many current lenses sense a rigid camera and diable the IS, but cheaper and older models do not. The result can be blur caused by the stabilisation!


By: biglog

Saturday evening. The dweller of Santa Brigida. Gran Canaria. by jerryiron

Saturday evening. The dweller of Santa Brigida. Gran Canaria.

Generally, I like it because it makes me smile. Comment can only ever be based on what you see presented to you if you were not prwpesent at the location. Sometimes things look better to one person than another.

Ideally, a touch more space under his feet and a slightly tighter crop overall, for me.

But, I like it. My kind of photography.


By: jerryiron

sheffield train station at night time by mogobiker

sheffield train station at night time

Same comment here. The interest is all from centre to right and the fountains, left background, are actually a distraction. Best cropped at the taking stage with the zoom ring.

Think balance cimposition before shooting. Main subjects should rarely be in the middle.


By: mogobiker

Fur and Nuts by markst33

Fur and Nuts

Nice image. The large amount of out of focus branch is the only real problem. There is too much of it. Crwdibly sharp. I would burn in top and top left a touch.

Modern gear often performs well at high ISO, and I am shooting foxes at night at ISO25600 Iin the light from a 100 watt bulb. However, the lower the ISO the better. ALWAYS!

What modern gear does do is, by making such high ISO availabke from shot to shot, greatly increases the chances of a satisfactory image. However, as this section often shows, many people set high ISO for no good reason and it should be a considered move, not a general procedure.

That does not mean you were wrong here. Looks like you needed the facility.


By: markst33

The Moon by dpr59

The Moon

I think you have done very well in the circumstances. There must be a lot of light loss in the system though. The moon normally manages 1/60 at f8 and ISO400 or there abouts.

You need the camera attached to the telescope directly. Several firms make mounts in various price ranges. Just Google telescope to camera connection. I got a lot of return. Amazon do them from 15 up.

That is the way to go. If you are keen on a subject, get the right gear to tackle it.


By: dpr59

This is My Turf! by ctxuk

This is My Turf!

Very nice. Looks like a youngster. You could brighten the face a touch but you have done very well in pleasant but not ideal lighting. However, that does not detract from the wow factor. Unusual to get them about in such bright lighting.

I know Willies feelings on white bakance and I do see his point. I leave all my cameras set to auto for general use as I find the results are usually pretty close. I do reset when time allows and I am certain of the light colour, but that is often in doubt. I always reset to auto at the end of the session.

In my earlier work days we had a colour temoerature meter but, with film, had to use filters. I was talking, just yesterday, to a chap who lecturers Photoshop to students at a local college. We got on to WB and he used auto when not shooting RAW. Family stuff, often, but he agreed that many people forget to reset white balance from the last shot or shoot and can easilt ruin future images.


By: ctxuk

The Holy Family of the Galapagos Islands by jerryiron

The Holy Family of the Galapagos Islands

Yes, slightly wrong viewpoint. Back end of animals are rarely as good as side or front. The image is very sharp, but slightly over saturated I think. The result are very deep warm colours.


By: jerryiron

blubells flower by mogobiker

blubells flower

The bottom line is the lack of sharpness. If you are going to be this close at a wide aperture you must try and get the dominant features sharp. The strongest part of the image, clisest to the camera, is not sharp and should be.

Ideally, you need a tripod and smaller aperture for greater depth of field. Then manually focus on the closer flowers. The problem then becomes potentially slow shutter speeds and movement duecto wind.


By: mogobiker

Notre Dame Cathedral by TornadoTys

Notre Dame Cathedral

Is the statue grey or more white. As Willie says, this looks a bit ubder exposed with tones thus compressed. I think brightening thibgs up a bit would be a very good idea.

I'm actually not that bothered about the slight tilt but might have considered an even lower viewpoint to increase impact with a little more in at the bottom.


By: TornadoTys

Diagonals by davidburleson


There is a decent image in there. The cable must go but the lighting is against you. You ideally need strong directional lighting and a deep blue contrasting sky. It is a composition of simple shapes, but, as such, needs something to add drama and that is contrast and lighting?

I would not consider mono as the tones will not translate well into greys.


By: davidburleson

West Bank by biglog

West Bank

I would keep it as a pleasant pictorial record, but theres not really a terribly strong image there pictorially. My attention is drawn to that mooring boutpy and it should not be. I would clone it out.

Tones are a touch flat with a hint of magenta in places. Might be your processing. As said, pleasant enough but lacks that strength to make a really good image.


By: biglog

Under Tower Bridge by RobinH

Under Tower Bridge

Nice one. Well compised and a strong composition.


By: RobinH

Heptonstall Church ruin by yorki50

Heptonstall Church ruin

Willie corrects things. Mono conversion is a skill in itself. By balancing the three primary channels, you can get a whole range of different images. You must remember that a mono image has just 256 tones. A colour image has millions, so you are going to loose a lot of the subtle bits.

Not always, but often a touch more contrast than the colour versions will help boost a mono.


By: yorki50

Entering the world of Micro-Photography by rounakrocks36

Entering the world of Micro-Photography

This is a fixed focal length macro lens, so the sweet spot issue is rather different. These lenses are computed to be sharp at small apertures because you need depth of fiekd.

I tend to work at f16 or18 with my 105 or 150 Sigma macro and might go to f22. I would be reluctant to go any smaller.

One of the more difficult areas of photography. You need to balance aoerture, for sufficient depth of field, with exposure to avoid movement blur and ISO for quality. Often not possible, so many serious macro workers eequiring technical accuracy use flash. Dedicated units usually.

Scorpions are not insects, they are arthropods I think. Eight legs. You are very brave to get this close and the result is sharp enough to get the message across. As a detail shot, it works. For general interest, I would prefer the full beast.


By: rounakrocks36

Rain and wind. Lago Maggiore. Italy by jerryiron

Rain and wind. Lago Maggiore. Italy

Nicely done and technically first rate. Just wonder, compositionally, about the derrick central foreground, but not too much interference.


By: jerryiron

Pickasso was here by peterjay78

Pickasso was here

Struggling a bit. I assume we are looking at sky, ground mist with a tiny bit of hill and sun? It doesn't really come together as a composition with no subject or construction.

Technically, things semm fine but the content lacks for me.


By: peterjay78

Feeding Frenzy by Otinkyad

Feeding Frenzy

A good image of Herring gulls after food. Damn things! They can get on your nerves a bit and there are discussions with respect to culling on the east coast.

A well planned and thought out shot. I would set ISO400 to get a touch more depth of field. OK, railings would be a bit sharper and more obvious, but you cover the compositional basis for focus better. Then have the shutter set to full speed drive and fire bursts. That vastly increases the chance of a good shot where composition is chuck and chance at the best.


By: Otinkyad

Islands in the mist by peterjay78

Islands in the mist

It is the time of day. a very flat light. You can lift the contrast and increase brightness to some effect. I would have been at ISO400 too. The 7D will handle that, no problem.

Crop the sky right down to that bit of cloud, right edge. Nothing in there. A wide panoramic vista will have much more impact.

Potentially rather nice.


By: peterjay78

neice at wedding by patters

neice at wedding

A nice record of a person. The lighting could be better on her face, but is quite adequate. I, too, would crop. Retain the aspect ratio if you wish, but she is a little small in the frame and a quite severe crop still retains the location.


By: patters

Cuthers Kirk by mrgeod

Cuthers Kirk

You needed to be a bit wider in view. Things are rather too cramped. i would have zoomed out a bit then corrected verticals if they looked wrong. The lighting is heavily biased to the sky making that much more dominant than the building and that is a time of day or weather issue. That makes the stonework rather grey and flat.

I think I would have been at f8 for the sweet spot, but that lens is pretty good.


By: mrgeod

Millennium Bridge by Philo

Millennium Bridge

Very nice. a creamy water shot with interest and character. I like it. There may be tweaks, but they are just tweaks and personal.


By: Philo

The Farmer. by dusfim

The Farmer.

For me too, a touch under exposed. Otherwise first rate.


By: dusfim

Kaleidoscope by Barry286


A neat and tidy version of this technique, but what next? Do you use it as a stand alone, or part of a composite shot.


By: Barry286

Bridge to Giornico. Switzerland by jerryiron

Bridge to Giornico. Switzerland

Very nice composition but there is excessive green and blue in there. too much I think. Possibly the lighting but i would reduce green/blue.


By: jerryiron