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paulbroad's Gallery Comments

paulbroad > paulbroad Recent Activity > paulbroad's Gallery Comments
lost by philip007


This could be very good indeed but the flare ruins the effect totally for me, destroying contrast and impact. The whole tonal range has gone flat. I am a bit amazed at your settings, too. Why not f16? Would probably then get a lot less flare and more contrast without any problems with greater depth of field here.

I hope you took some more with a few changes.


By: philip007

B&W rose by unk001

B&W rose

Well, you have done that. Tight crisp grain as TRI-X.

But why? It really needs to be a nice soft pastel colour with the bright highlights behind removed. Not a mono subject for me. This treatment is for street scenes and news.

I would never shoot mono in camera. Just no need. You have so much more control in software. Why rely on a programmer in Japan for your mono tones?


By: unk001

Varnishing by Chandler


Not a success I fear. The lottery advert on the extreme right is sharp. Hence your focal point is way back beyond the rider and you have both motion AND focusing error blur. You will not correct that one.

You need the head as near sharp as possible, with legs and all the background blurred. Easier when they are travelling across you rather than partly towards, but this one just does not work.

Black bars top and bottom need removing.


By: Chandler

Bob the Dog by kermode111

Bob the Dog

Black and white and natural do not really go in the same sentence. You see in colour, and I would have stayed with colour. OK, but not really an ideal mono subject.

You are a touch under exposed with very dark shadows and minimal depth of field, so nose less sharp than eyes. It does,also, look rather grainy.

Was there a lot of colour noise, hence going for mono?


By: kermode111

Eilean Donan Castle, Kyle of Lochalsh by ladigit

Eilean Donan Castle, Kyle of Lochalsh

Good try, but a bit under exposed and a bit heavy to the left compositionally. I know you cant add lights, but it is a pity there were not some on the causeway to the right.

Better shot with a bit of light still in the sky. Then you get a deep blue and detail, even if some is silhouetted.

So, basically, needed taking earlier.


By: ladigit

#747 by cf73


I like the tight crop, but you do have quite a cyan cast, visible in the whites and giving everything that blue shade. You need to warm things up a bit - remove some cyan and/or add some red. You also need a few minutes to clone out the white and red circuit marker tape. I know it's there, but it is a huge distraction and is dead easy to clone out on this image.


By: cf73

Mountain in clouds by FloKl

Mountain in clouds

Not a bad effort. There is interest here, due to the cloud effect. Slight under exposure I suspect due to all that white. The snow is a touch gray. Just brighten things up a bit.


By: FloKl

winter in the painted desert by unk001

winter in the painted desert

A pictorial record, but just not very interesting. Very flat horizon and no focal point. You need something to give compositional impact at least, even if the lighting is rather normal.


By: unk001

First attempt by JonnyNI

First attempt

Technically spot on. Now go for something a bit more dramatic. He is looking off camera and looks bored. One light and a soft box is like that. Adequate for a soft flat female glamour shot - just - but you need strong impact based lighting for a striking male image.

You have the subject. Eye contact and strong directional lighting exposing for the highlights, but also deep shadows poresent.

Good exercise, now experiment.

Set the camera for the flash synch speed to avoid any ambient light.


By: JonnyNI

Out to sea by TOMMYBOY

Out to sea

As with the last one, you need something a bit more dramatic happening. Lighting! Speed! Something to lift the image. Ths is technically OK but has little to keep the viewers attention and certainly not their interest.

Watch out for active water sports and shoot those. Backlight, sun, dazzling spray and so on.



Black and White! by paulbroad

Black and White!

Mostly as I expected. It is fashion, I suppose, of a sort, and these strange crops often seem to appear in fashion magazines. I suspect cropped to fit a space available rather than for true compositional excellence.

I still think the image mages you look and think. Possibly negative thoughts, but a purpose is achieved in that respect.


By: paulbroad

te real deal by justahobby

te real deal

A perfectly good record of the Arrows, but very static. The great thing about the Red Arrows is action, and this is an exercise in precise squadron formation.


By: justahobby

Elgol, Isle of Skye by ladigit

Elgol, Isle of Skye

Very, very nice. Complete withmy desired subject, too. The house.

Well exposed and composed. I'm not a landscape person, but this is good.


By: ladigit

A man crossing  a bridge by xwang

A man crossing a bridge

Trying a CSC, Jaz. I wondered about the EOS-M but went Fuji.

Honesty is the best policy. Not for me, this one. Just looks wrong. Too far gone and strange angles.

A try at something different, and that must be applauded. Not succesful for me, though.


By: xwang

Back Home by dusfim

Back Home

Good one. The semi silhouette works well and you have handled to excessive tonal range very successfully.


By: dusfim

Freedom by cf73


And thats where you went wrong. You have over done the lightening of shadows and darkening of highlights to give a compression of tones resulting in flat colours. Looks like an HDR because that is basicially what HDR does.

You have over done the processing.

Otherwise a reasonable shot, but lacks impact. Closer, low viewpoint and wide angle to give it some clout.


By: cf73

Broadford, Isle of Skye by ladigit

Broadford, Isle of Skye

I would usually want a bit more, a specific subject, but this is pretty good. You have caught a lighting situation within the sensor capabilities, then exposed correctly. Well done.


By: ladigit

Ibiza Lighthouse by TOMMYBOY

Ibiza Lighthouse

A decent ffort. I would have stayed with colour, though. There are not enough interesting shades for mono to have much impact and such scenes should, in my opinion, be inn colour unless the lighting has great impact, when mono can work.

You use the word pro. if you wish to go that way, master the camera - totally. This is not quite sharp and is likely to be camera shake. You did not need f16 for an open scene, f8 would do. That would give you 1/500 sec and a much better chance of a sharp image.

Ideally, for landscape, a tripod, but you would probably not have one on holiday. But you could rest the camera on a rock or something.

Learn the technique. So many people buy a modern DSLR and think they are instant professionals. I'm not saying that is you, but the camera helps to get good results, but it is the photographers technical skill with that camera and knowing how it works and what the settings do that make a pro.

Learn to handle the camera so that you do it by second nature. The compositional skills come later.


Brick Lane by LouiseElizabeth

Brick Lane

The idea is good, but you are under exposed through the window and it shows. A bit of simple work with the dodge tool will lift the horse significantly and the burning in tool, reduce the human bit.

You are using manual, but multi segment metering. How are you arriving at the exposure. Using multi segment, what are you basing the exposure on?

The gear and your comments as well as that logo, (Eye catching, not needed here) suggest you are a semi pro or pro - or want to be. Lots of comments above, but before considering composition, which is good, by the way, you must crack the technical side totally.

If you are really serious, buy a hand meter. Used with the correct care, they will always beat even the best modern camera meters, if there is time to use one.

Spot metering here from the horse, which is close to 18% gray and would have been pretty close. OK, a grab shot often precludes that, but exposure, or probably, afterwork, because the wall is correct, is needed here.


By: LouiseElizabeth

Grace spitfire ML407 by Peter_West

Grace spitfire ML407

Your pan was not quite fast enough resulting in a less than sharp Spitfire body. The body needs to be sharp, the prop blurred and the background showing motion blur. With a full frame camera, I would have been at ISO400, may be 800 for this type of thing, getting a smaller aperture to use the lens to the best of it's ability - f8 or 11 - and possibly a touch more shutter speed.


By: Peter_West

There is water in the Karoo by mbotti

There is water in the Karoo

A bit under exposed I think. Looks a touch heavy. For me, it needs a subject. There is nothing to fix the eye on and no real compositional shapes. F20 not need, f8 would do.

I imagine such vistas look amazing to the eye, but do not necessarily record well without thought. You need some foreground interest as a focal point.


By: mbotti

petroglyphs of Navajo county by unk001

petroglyphs of Navajo county

Unfortunately, possibly due to size, I find it very difficult to see what I assume I should be seeing here? There also appears to be evidebce of flare in a purple haze, bottom centre?

Lens marks, light flare, not sure.

Nedds more included, a wider angle, something to set the scene. There also appears to be a lack of sharpness and you used a very wide aperture. Tripod, first rate definition needed. This is a record and thus needs to be sharp.


By: unk001

Red Star Ridge by IGreenGables

Red Star Ridge

I always seem to ask for a subject in such images, and I really get one here! I like it too. Very basic and simple but well composed, interesting and effective. Good one.


By: IGreenGables

the harbour at dask by k2

the harbour at dask

I was quite amused reading the comments here. Never seen the sun look like that, even when very under exposed!

Quite like this. A well exposed after dark pictorial record. Just enough light left in the sky to give that nice deep blue.


By: k2

Tower of London Poppies by martyjward

Tower of London Poppies

It's a good record which you had to take. Unfortunately for the best results the lighting is against you. The sky is very bright and the lighting coming from behind meaning the main interest, the ceramic poppies, are in shade. They needed the light.

As an aside, steer clear of the set exposure modes. They do not help. Not sure why you had creative slow speed set. To learn, stick with aperture or shutter priority, program with thought, or manual, with even more thought.


By: martyjward

Grey Squirrel by Philo

Grey Squirrel

There really is no need to modify this. Superb technical image with tight composition demanding attention.

I do hope other people that use this section look at all the images and read comments on other than their own images. If you fit that categiry, look at this and log what spot on exposure and sharpness really looks like, because I think some are not sure.


By: Philo

Red dragon by unk001

Red dragon

For what purpose do you require the image? If it's to show the dragonfly as a record, then the quality is terrible. The huge amount ofgrain ruins the definition. If it's for effect, then you have a different image, with some interest due the the image softness and break up.


By: unk001

Experimenting on a Saturday by ladigit

Experimenting on a Saturday

Inormally have little time for the abstract. Fail to see the point. However, this is an exception. Loads of instant impact, a composition, which is normally missing from abstracts, and technically first rate.

Changed my opinion.


By: ladigit

Ross Creek - Yeppoon Queensland by david1810

Ross Creek - Yeppoon Queensland

A nice image in many ways, but have younplayed with the colour. It looks a touch wrong. Not the warm orange that l would expext. A bit of a flat effect.


By: david1810

Jewelweed (Impatiens capensis), with morning dew by Xmplary

Jewelweed (Impatiens capensis), with morning dew

Quite a strong image as is but a greater depth of field would be even better. Not sure wha aperture range you have, and tiny apertures on none specialist macro lenses can result is soft images. Ideally about f11 or 16 if the lense quality will take it and a tripod to deal with the long exposure.

You are relying on a degree of back light here and that is important to the efrect. Given time and equipment, you could set up a flash out of shot slightly behind the subject onan extension lead to emulate that lighting and give the intensity to get the small aperture.

Whilst high ISO is one route, critical quality will suffer and a minimum ISO is always the best choice if possible.


By: Xmplary