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peekay2001's Gallery Comments

peekay2001 > peekay2001 Recent Activity > peekay2001's Gallery Comments
No by carmenfuchs


oh well.. oh yeah..
i would try not to presume anything this time.. i would just say that this is a wonderful representation of No.. and what i write, though i am not sure it can do justice to this image, i believe these words may somehow relate to this..

Their No means not allowed
Their No means not wanted
Suffer everything
Look happy, Stay alive, Keep jumping
and then make this place clean of your ***

My No means stay clear
I can be dangerous too
Its fire in my eyes you see as ice
You can see I can suffer
I am because I want to be
And I dont compromise, I am what I am, what I was

Now I see they are tired too..
what has become of them?..
They are as skeptical as me..
They are as powerless as me..
Or do they still call it a strength?..
Like me..

But they dont give up..
Neither do i..
A clear No stands between us even now..
And they say again..
You are not wanted, you are not allowed..
and I say the same thing..
But our voices are so frail now..

Remember, I did not know this word till they let me know it.....
I have never been good in words anyway..
And i donít love such dangerous words as No..
Which if once enter inside a soul..
Are meant never to depart..

And Remember.. I did not know this word till they let me know it.....

I think this image too is going to stay with me forever.. and have no doubt it gives me strength..

By: carmenfuchs



you are very right deep.. success rides on a fragile ladder..
i dont presume that this relates to the problem of brain-drain our country faces.. at first the use of eiffel tower made me think so..
the image is nicely crafted.. but depicting success as the eiffel tower is somewhat confusing if your intention was not to depict the brain drain..

By: Deep_Bhatia

Second Blooming by barbarahirst

Second Blooming

very beautiful and tender..

By: barbarahirst

And THIS is what they're REALLY for! by dudler

And THIS is what they're REALLY for!

i like the play of instincts in it.. and the child's expressions bestows it with a saintly element..

what they are for? hmmm.. i should believe.. but what if i am reminded of the other utilities by the carrier herself..
i think what stands, stands.. and we can not go against it.. human beings are different after all.. Smile

By: dudler

Spring Beauty by Irishkate

Spring Beauty

a joyful image.. and she appears totally immersed in flowers..

By: Irishkate

desire by Source


i wonder if there is oneness is wisdom.. all these confused thoughts, crossing each other's way and never together meeting at one point..
that is my dream.. if all my thoughts could be weaved together in one.. if they could attain one form in the end.. i think whatever i have shed in the form of these birds should one day return to me.. and then i may know that i was indeed true when i started.. i had just let myself wander this much and in the end all one does is to return to where one started.. there is no oneness in wisdom, nor there is one truth..
brilliant image, as always..

By: Source

nemesis by Source


wow.. brilliant..

when i was him he didn't like me..
when i was me i dint like him..
just who the hell was i?
i was ever afraid to join the two..
me and my nemesis..
a gruesome battle was likely..

and it did happen in the end.
my soul and its antisoul..
when i tried to become my anti-soul..
and when i became after a thousand battles..
all i asked myself,
who the hell i was..
whether he was my nemesis..
or i was..

whether i was my friend or my nemesis..

brilliant image..

By: Source

Intervention by Source


intervention doesn't come without pain.. to look at it more rationally, it is an investment of spiritual energies.. a beautiful word, yet it does not come without a gamble.. you have to reach out, strain yourself, and still you don't know what is going to come to you, what your fingers may touch.. maybe a mine of pearls, maybe burning embers.. if seen apart from ourselves, if we believe that we are being watched and guided, we may still find a beauty, a justice in it.. Intervention into some kind of darkness, and yet it bestows a light into us and a light that glows out of us.. we may have burnt our fingers but then we have attained the satisfaction of 'intervention'..

By: Source



remarkable image and very beautifully portrayed...

a poem..

the days have no end, neither do nights...
each moment joins the other in this flight called time...
time slips but forgets it not..
coz each passing moment leaves a dot..
ye come and go and depart all the stars..
what doesnt is the imprint we cast..
tomorrow is today, today a yester time..
a countless stars, dot the time and shine..

that was a child in the cradle you see.. once..
now walks to the forbidden alleys many a ones..
silly he thought he had forgotten it all..
though one day he would stand tall..
and taking his stick walks him back..
to follow that long forgotten track..
memories were denied but they were not..
he forbade but they found him hot..


By: Deep_Bhatia

Black Parrot Tulip by Irishkate

Black Parrot Tulip

it is very compelling.. together with the flower and the bg..

By: Irishkate

Neidpath Castle by Irishkate

Neidpath Castle

an inspiring composition.. full of wisdom.. giving little to the castle and much to the surroundings.. which makes it so very 'heritage'.. the plants and the castles go very well together.. i love everything about it..

By: Irishkate

Daffodil Path by Irishkate

Daffodil Path

another joyful image..

By: Irishkate

The Sweetie Shop by Irishkate

The Sweetie Shop

a joyful image.. yeah.. crazy, crazy childhood and that's the most endearing thing about it..

By: Irishkate

Dahlia by taggart


this is the most beautiful floral seen in many days.. Surely..

By: taggart

Merrill :  a Magnolia by taggart

Merrill : a Magnolia

wow.. and certainly different..

By: taggart

The Sun Peeked In by taggart

The Sun Peeked In

very beautiful..

By: taggart

Silky by Potra


beautiful image which perfectly goes with the title..

By: Potra

Hooks by Potra


bizarre and enigmatic.. an embodiment of the mysteries that come with night..

By: Potra

Surrendered by Potra


a remarkable image which scoops complexity with the spoon of simplicity and silk.. full of passion and yet not blind and unrestrained.. takes everything with spirit and reserve..

By: Potra

Reuka lake 18 by 781969

Reuka lake 18

a place to be.. what a place to relax.

By: 781969

Reuka lake 17 by 781969

Reuka lake 17

this is absolutely creamy.. and a cracker of a sight.. i like the idea of change.. and this saves things from repetition..
nicely composed and dof well used to create the depth and dimension of the ambiance..

By: 781969

Reuka lake 15 by 781969

Reuka lake 15

delightful scape..

By: 781969

A Country Scene by whatriveristhis

A Country Scene

delightful.. absolutely and absolutely old ways.. and a world surely to die for once in a while.. you are invoking those desires.. of turning backwards and living off a year or two there again..

By: whatriveristhis

The road to Cow Green by whatriveristhis

The road to Cow Green

it appears you maybe forever lost inside this.. it itself is trapped between confinement and what i would like to call as 'oozing out', or better still 'reaching out'.. achieved with bold, bright colors in the bright time of the day is delight..

By: whatriveristhis

Til the End by Dowie

Til the End

a beautiful and telling image.. elephants in the center and everything else helps to enhance their significance and bonding.. signifies the danger to their existence and that the way of the nature, this strong force, visible strongly through these magnificent creatures will exist till the end.. in the end it conveys a beautiful meaning about the instinctive selection of nature towards life..
it is a very beautiful and heart warming image..

By: Dowie

Source by Potra


i have no doubt that source will like it..
if it is for 'source', the artist: an artist with a kind of abundance in talent that it could also be 'unmanageable' .. but he still remarkably finds a beautiful harmony in his work.. his images come out one after the other, crossing the sieve, crossing the boundaries, his beautiful inside can be seen from here as well.. thoughts sparkle like diamonds on the other side..

if it is about source, the abstract: remarkable.. there are two sources in it.. the light that comes from right, which falls on the planets.. and the source of the planets itself as they come out and spread one after the other.. the former is how we get from the world.. the latter is how we evolve inside and spread the beauty around..

very fine image, Marian.

By: Potra

Renuka lake 11 by 781969

Renuka lake 11

as capto says.. water is very inviting.. quite symbolic of those little, little lakes of the hills.. green water.. moss at the bottom.. very healthy, tranquil and revitalizing.. wish i could be there this moment..

By: 781969

A Greek Treasure by barbarahirst

A Greek Treasure

very charming and i am sure all will crave it.. this should be a part of every garden..
such a joy and life overflowing..

By: barbarahirst

Avocets by Dowie


brilliant image.. really special.. a tender moment.

By: Dowie

Alone in the woods 2 by Alda

Alone in the woods 2

taking back years in time.. this works so very well..

By: Alda