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petebfrance's Gallery Comments

petebfrance > petebfrance Recent Activity > petebfrance's Gallery Comments
Red Admiral underwing colours and pattern by petebfrance

Red Admiral underwing colours and pattern

Quote: The budleia is a s nice as the flutterby.

the 'flutterby' was certainly very keen on it..

Quote: ...taken in harsh light, love the colours

The lighting does look a bit odd because the butterfly was not on top of the flower, but the colours stand out rather well in the sun and better I think than my earlier attempts with fill-in flash.

By: petebfrance

Brimstone Butterfly by petebfrance

Brimstone Butterfly

Thank-you - I'm not all that happy with the amount of noise on this one (ISO200 is the maximum for this camera and even then the OOF areas can be pretty bad), but until my RSI in the shoulder is sorted I'm avoiding any photo manipulation....

By: petebfrance

Brimstone Butterfly 3 by petebfrance

Brimstone Butterfly 3

I'm going to try. It's actually still out there feeding.....

By: petebfrance

Wall Brown by petebfrance

Wall Brown

Thank-you very much.
These butterflies have been rather good at alluding me, so I'm really pleased to have got the photos.

By: petebfrance

Baie des Trépassés by petebfrance

Baie des Trépassés

Thank-you for comments.
Tony - that's interesting. I pulled it back far enough when cropping to ensure that the figures were still in the frame - spectators watching the show with us. But yes, I see what you mean, and did consider going that way - I wonder now if I made the right choice! At the moment, though, anything other than absolutely basic & essential editing is out as I have a really persistent RSI in my right shoulder and for various reasons there is currently nothing that can be done to cure it except, hopefully, rest.

By: petebfrance

bird by petebfrance


Quote: It maybe a Dunnock. Sylvia

Thanks - I think it's possible too, but I'm used to them looking greyer and being much shyer. However, I guess plumage differs by gender / time of year / location....

By: petebfrance

Pale Tussock Moth by petebfrance

Pale Tussock Moth

Thanks Ade - it / she is certainly very restful, so I won't disturb..


By: petebfrance

First Swallowtail of the Summer - top view by petebfrance

First Swallowtail of the Summer - top view

Quote: A cracking detailed close up of this stunning butterfly, deserves far more votes imho

thank-you for your comment. I'd like more votes, too - but have just logged on to see it's lost 2VS mode challenges as well, so I guess it's back to the drawing-board againWink

By: petebfrance

Swallowtail - experiment by petebfrance

Swallowtail - experiment

Thank-you for comments. I think the filters on Photoscape were reasonably successful.....

By: petebfrance

White Ermine Moth by petebfrance

White Ermine Moth

Arty / Ade
many thanks. I was a bit concerned that it didn't seem to have white legs as per the picture in my book, so took another photo - added as variant.

By: petebfrance

Small Heath Butterfly by petebfrance

Small Heath Butterfly

Many thanks for comment. It was rather a nice little butterfly, but it seemed intent on staying in the most unphotogenic places. I did try various ways of cropping at the time but couldn't make anything of the picture, but yes, now that I look at it again, cropping some of the lower part out would make the picture less cluttered. Many thanks for the suggestion, if I get a chance I'll have another crack at it.

By: petebfrance

Holly Blue (Probably) by petebfrance

Holly Blue (Probably)

Thanks all.
Bri / Annette - thanks for the id. I was pretty confident this time, but, well, I've been wrong before.

By: petebfrance

Darter Dragonfly by petebfrance

Darter Dragonfly

Thank-you for comments. This was merely passing through the garden and stopped on an old daffodil stalk (flower long gone!) so I've no idea about it's habits.
Lawbert - thank-you. Confuses me a bit as I've just looked up Broad Bodied Chaser on the Internet and Wiki gives the same name as I've quoted (Libellula depressa) but in my book it's classified as a darter (well, not the most learned of tomes, I guess, the Collins Gem book of insects....

By: petebfrance

Young Seagull by petebfrance

Young Seagull

Thank-you. It's one of those days when the sun is slightly veiled and the water very limpid. The green can be a bit much sometimes, but today it was a sort of turquoise.

By: petebfrance

Pont Croix at low tide by petebfrance

Pont Croix at low tide

Thank-you both for your kind comments.

By: petebfrance

Derelict Cottage by petebfrance

Derelict Cottage

Quote: Seems fine for my old eyes!

maybe my being old is why it it looks OK to me Sad

By: petebfrance

Blue Butterfly on Aster by petebfrance

Blue Butterfly on Aster

thank-you. I thought the colours were rather striking Smile


By: petebfrance

Wall Brown by petebfrance

Wall Brown

thanks - I often have days like that too....


By: petebfrance

Hummingbird Hawkmoth Snoozing by petebfrance

Hummingbird Hawkmoth Snoozing


thanks - my efforts with other moths have not been exactly successful - will keep trying.


By: petebfrance

Hummingbird Hawkmoth by petebfrance

Hummingbird Hawkmoth

Thanks for comments. They are rather difficult - but kind of addictive. One day......

By: petebfrance

Silver Y Close-up by petebfrance

Silver Y Close-up

There must be a dozen or more of them flying round at the moment - I think it could be because my wife 'pruned' (i.e. decimated) a shrub. They're driving me bonkers as they just won't keep still. Had to use flash on this one, but I really prefer not to...

By: petebfrance

Kingfisher by the kite man


Excellent shot.

By: the kite man

Angle Shades moth by TonyDy

Angle Shades moth


By: TonyDy

Moth - front view by petebfrance

Moth - front view

Thanks - will check that out. Presumably you saw the other photo linked to as 'wings' under description which shows the closed wings? It's the best I can get from the photos, unfortunately. Quite a large moth, but it didn't really hang aroung for long enough - and no flashes of colour when it flew off. Ah well...


By: petebfrance

V2 Peacock by petebfrance

V2 Peacock

Thanks Ade


By: petebfrance

Male Adonis Blue by Glostopcat

Male Adonis Blue

Nice one,

By: Glostopcat

The Drinker by Ade_Osman

The Drinker

Very nice - I must keep checking here. You bring out the colours so well..


By: Ade_Osman

Silver Y by petebfrance

Silver Y

I'll do a few more, then!


By: petebfrance

Swallowtail - Underneath by petebfrance

Swallowtail - Underneath

Thank-you for the comments. At the risk of doing the wrong thing by drawing attention to other
photos in the pf, the thing that interests me about this specimen is that it is smaller then the ones photographed a few years ago:
whereas this specimen photographed, admittedly from a slightly different angle:
is less elongated, body is smaller etc.
Both types were around this year.
The only comment in my book on different types refers to the Corsican Swallowtail (we aren't exactly close to Corsica) which has a 'wavy black band' on the forewing - but the patterns on these two types look the same to me. Confused - perhaps the small ones are just sufering from the poor summer...


By: petebfrance

Privet Hawk-moth by nutmeg66

Privet Hawk-moth

Really good - nice colours.

By: nutmeg66