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petebfrance's Gallery Comments

petebfrance > petebfrance Recent Activity > petebfrance's Gallery Comments
Clouded Yellow by petebfrance

Clouded Yellow

Thanks Nathan.
The upper wing surfaces are pretty good too but I've never managed to see one show them except when I didn't have a camera with me. Such is life.


By: petebfrance

Sandwich Tern by petebfrance

Sandwich Tern

Thanks, Nathan. They are spectacular to watch but rather frustrating to photograph.


By: petebfrance

Little Egret by petebfrance

Little Egret

Thanks Iain

By: petebfrance

Shield Bug Nymph by petebfrance

Shield Bug Nymph

Definite hand-painted look - not a bad design, thoughSmile

By: petebfrance

Catterpillar by petebfrance


Quote: Yes, an Elephant Hawk Moth caterpillar - aren't they wonderful (even if they do strip your garden plants!). Smile

Yes, they are - but I'm not the gardener!

By: petebfrance

Passion Flower by petebfrance

Passion Flower

Kim - thanks. I agree it is a bit busy - to me it looks like the stem is a stick of rhubarbWink and they somehow managed to get a melon ball in there too...

By: petebfrance

Common Blue Butterfly by petebfrance

Common Blue Butterfly

Thanks Tony - Common Blue is is then.


By: petebfrance

Blue Butterfly close-up by petebfrance

Blue Butterfly close-up

It was an unusually patient butterfly and I was able to get very close.

thank-you for commenting.


By: petebfrance

Pretty Chalk Carpet Moth by petebfrance

Pretty Chalk Carpet Moth

many thanks - I should have guessed from the markings that it was some sort of carpet moth. It isn't in my book - I think I'd better get another one!

By: petebfrance

Agapanthus and Skipper by petebfrance

Agapanthus and Skipper

Many thanks for your kind comment.

By: petebfrance

Blue Butterfly by petebfrance

Blue Butterfly

Thanks - this one did settle but not for very long. I think it's a question of having the right plants to attract them as they always seem to be passing through to somewhere else at this time of year.


By: petebfrance

Male Orange Tip by petebfrance

Male Orange Tip

Many thanks CarolAnne

By: petebfrance

Audierne Quai Anatole France - Brume by petebfrance

Audierne Quai Anatole France - Brume

Thank-you. I'm particularly pleased with the 'backdrop' provided by the houses in the background.

By: petebfrance

Graveyard2 by petebfrance


Many thanks, Paul.
The virtual variety of vampires (alit.) tend to be less dangerous than the real thing Wink

By: petebfrance

V2 Chapelle St. Laurent by petebfrance

V2 Chapelle St. Laurent

thank-you for your comment. Presumably the church was designed to impress the natives as they approach - and to demonstrate how puny the menhir / old religion was - so this time the obvious angle was, well, quite appropriate...


By: petebfrance

Textures - old house by petebfrance

Textures - old house

Anne thank-you for comment. I debated (with myself, of course, and not too loudly Wink) whether or not to put in the post on the left. My original crop did not include it, maybe I should have stuck with it!


By: petebfrance

Hello by taggart



By: taggart

let there be light by nac

let there be light

Excellent. I love the shot - it's true that the lighthouse is 'overexposed' and it would be nice if that could be rectified, but I do wonder if doing so would ruin the dream-like effect. Mods so far don't 'do it for me' whereas this does. All subjective?

By: nac

Lace by petebfrance


Thank-you for comments. It's actually bobbin lace, not needlework. I should have made that clear so I'll amend the description.

By: petebfrance

Green Woodpecker by Steppenwolf

Green Woodpecker

Very nice. They are quite common around here, but I've never managed to photograph one except in the distance. Here in Brittany it's said if the green woodpecker sings (well, it's a sort of croak, really) then it's going to rain. It's usually true, but it rains a lot here anywayWink They eat ants - very useful creatures.


By: Steppenwolf

Red Admiral underwing colours and pattern by petebfrance

Red Admiral underwing colours and pattern

Quote: The budleia is a s nice as the flutterby.

the 'flutterby' was certainly very keen on it..

Quote: ...taken in harsh light, love the colours

The lighting does look a bit odd because the butterfly was not on top of the flower, but the colours stand out rather well in the sun and better I think than my earlier attempts with fill-in flash.

By: petebfrance

Brimstone Butterfly by petebfrance

Brimstone Butterfly

Thank-you - I'm not all that happy with the amount of noise on this one (ISO200 is the maximum for this camera and even then the OOF areas can be pretty bad), but until my RSI in the shoulder is sorted I'm avoiding any photo manipulation....

By: petebfrance

Brimstone Butterfly 3 by petebfrance

Brimstone Butterfly 3

I'm going to try. It's actually still out there feeding.....

By: petebfrance

Wall Brown by petebfrance

Wall Brown

Thank-you very much.
These butterflies have been rather good at alluding me, so I'm really pleased to have got the photos.

By: petebfrance

Baie des Trépassés by petebfrance

Baie des Trépassés

Thank-you for comments.
Tony - that's interesting. I pulled it back far enough when cropping to ensure that the figures were still in the frame - spectators watching the show with us. But yes, I see what you mean, and did consider going that way - I wonder now if I made the right choice! At the moment, though, anything other than absolutely basic & essential editing is out as I have a really persistent RSI in my right shoulder and for various reasons there is currently nothing that can be done to cure it except, hopefully, rest.

By: petebfrance

bird by petebfrance


Quote: It maybe a Dunnock. Sylvia

Thanks - I think it's possible too, but I'm used to them looking greyer and being much shyer. However, I guess plumage differs by gender / time of year / location....

By: petebfrance

Pale Tussock Moth by petebfrance

Pale Tussock Moth

Thanks Ade - it / she is certainly very restful, so I won't disturb..


By: petebfrance

First Swallowtail of the Summer - top view by petebfrance

First Swallowtail of the Summer - top view

Quote: A cracking detailed close up of this stunning butterfly, deserves far more votes imho

thank-you for your comment. I'd like more votes, too - but have just logged on to see it's lost 2VS mode challenges as well, so I guess it's back to the drawing-board againWink

By: petebfrance

Swallowtail - experiment by petebfrance

Swallowtail - experiment

Thank-you for comments. I think the filters on Photoscape were reasonably successful.....

By: petebfrance