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Girl and Wall

Girl and Wall by Dixxipix

Always interested to hear why other 'togs' choose settings that i can see no logic in - as always willing to learn.

Why shutter priority please?

Cheetah licking its lips

Cheetah licking its lips by markohawkins

Personally think that, unless proving some point or other, subjects should be shot at their eye-level. On occasion, shooting from our own can produce interesting viewpoints but i think that's an exception rather than the norm.

Here the viewpoint almost hides the Cheetah's eye and perhaps the more normal viewpoint would have been an improvement?

Don't really understand why Shutter priority is used rather than Aperture priority in any event but especially with a subject during it's near-static moments.


Shelter by Diggeo

Really like this on umpteen levels - did you take this at midnight or were you using a high value ND? What was your resultant shutter speed please?


Waiting by jester1812

hi Jester, not a terrible attempt but i feel it could have been improved with a little attention to the exposure, composition, and background.

If you are not already familiar with it, take a look at Exposure Compensation - this will allow you take control of the exposure from the camera without having to move to full manual.

More than willing to help if required.


Bluebells by TimMunsey

hi Tim, lovely capture but... for those interested i wonder if you could explain how your exif reads -2EC on a manual exposure??

The Swoop

The Swoop by awhyu

As above, very striking and of great quality. The pedants (or perhaps just me) would question the composition but hey-ho there's always one. Can you confirm that this is a wild subject and not Karn from Vince's Barn Owl Centre? (not that i think that detracts particularly, but IF wild then you have more patience and should be credited for that too)

Young Snow monkey having a scratch

Young Snow monkey having a scratch by hibbz

certainly gets the 'cute factor' but from a technicalities viewpoint i am surprised to see -EC when shooting in snow


Run by YoungGrandad

Following on from Rickie above, have to agree with using A priority to choose more appropriate d-o-f, then simply keeping an eye on shutter speed and managed it via ISO dependent upon whether shooting head-on (so fast shutter) or panning (so slower).

There are numerous ways to achieve similar but i find this is the best for repeated success, and once 'learnt' and practiced it becomes intuitive.

Being something of an anorak regards backgrounds, before i even picked up camera, i would have looked for better positioning to avoid safety fences, porta-cabins and similar background distraction.


Rachel by K4RL

personally, would have positioned the model in front of one of the background sheets (if possible) rather than across the seam or joining of 2, as although minor, the seam at the lower area detracts slightly. Then again i would also have brought her away from the wall to offer some differential focus - but that simply shows that folk have differing preferences, and that some of us are a tad anorak about backgrounds.

Standing out from the crowd

Standing out from the crowd by lush

In contrast to Nathan's opinon however, i would suggest that the cropping of the top of the main subject flower is unfortunate, the composition arguably on the 'wrong' third, and the background distracting due to the bright stalks cutting through.

I am not suggesting that there was a better shot available in that scenario by the way, but there is always an alternative.

If you are simply a 'happy snapper' then obviously Nathan's comment will delight and you can always ignore my own - no offence meant but personally feel it is always good to gain alternate opinions IF you wish to learn / improve.

Eagle Jr. Look Back

Eagle Jr. Look Back by tonyguitar

hmmmm, following Q regards flight image - same here please if possible.... why S priority, why 1/640? do you monitor the camera-calculated aperture?

Eagle Jr. lunch dive

Eagle Jr. lunch dive by tonyguitar

hi Tony, "interesting" exif there - i wonder if you would share your rationale as to choice of shutter and EC?

Plump Robin

Plump Robin by carsxyz2

I'm afraid i cannot argue with the above but if you are relatively new to either photography or the camera then perhaps this will help a little.

Your camera 'sees' the white background and 'thinks' "cor, that's bright". In then calculates what it "thinks" is a reasonable mid-tonal range for the image.
As such, any subject darker than the prevailing background will be a little dark.

In such an instance you simply have to be cleverer than the camera and be brave enough to tell it that it is wrong. Use of a little exposure compensation (see link) would allow the correct exposure of the subject, although the background will be brighter - but without post-processing, it's a simple compromise and surely the subject is more important in this instance.

Here is another link, this time to the EC instructions specific to your camera.

A simple and sometimes effective alternative is to switch to 'spot metering' so that the camera reads a specific area (generally centre) and not the whole image for exposure - not the method i personally use but it can work.



The choice to include the enclosure fence and the platform are, i guess, a personal choice. However, if perhaps for the education of "newbies" a comment from you regards why the choices of shooting at +2 EC and 1/10s?

Eagle owl at dawn

Eagle owl at dawn by TatraPhotography

I do a fair amount of 'this type of thing' but have to say that this is quite possibly one of the best i have ever seen.
Given we have the same kit and same preferences for settings, i guess you were just in the right place Wink

Sorry, as we do not know each other you may not be familiar with my 'sense of humour'. This is excellent and i would personally be very proud.

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