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14/03/2014 - 1:33 PM


ElephantsHi matiyalust,

This is a an interesting image of the elephant family but unfortunately there appears to be something wrong with your camera - unless you have altered the image after taking it.
I have looked at the four images that you have uploaded and the problem is the same on the butterfly image.
Both of these images have a strong cyan colour cast to them.
The image data shows that you have used the auto white balance for all of your images but only the ones with the flash turned on have the right white balance.
I would suggest that you try to use the sunshine setting for normal outdoor images rather than the auto white balance to see if that is working properly.
Otherwise, use the auto white balance but leave the flash turned on.
It will not have much, if any, lighting effect beyond about 3m but it does appear to correct the problem.
I hope that you are able to get over this problem and take many good photos.

29/12/2010 - 9:26 AM


HareExcellent image! The lighting, tones, composition, focus, etc are all spot on. This is a very, very pleasing image. If you plan to use it for competitions or publication, and I think that you should, then you might want to consider two small cloning operations. The dark out-of-focus shape on the lower part of the left edge and the short sharp grass tip on the upper part of the right edge.
Stunning work, worth the effort.

26/01/2010 - 8:37 AM

Witch of the forest

Witch of the forestI like the way that you have achieved the halloween theme and think that the orange pumpkins work really well against the dark green of the forest. The hair and makeup work really well, on this beautiful model, for the witch look. The rim/backlighting from the sun is great and the fill lighting seems well balanced, but even that is struggling to reveal a lot of detail in the black dress. There is some and it would probably look better on a larger image. Visually, there are a few things that are drawing my eye away from the subject - the very light centre of the pumpkin in the botom right hand corner and the sharply-in-focus parts of the tree in the top of the frame. A slight crop of the right side would address the pumpkin. Whilst the leaves(?) of the tree with the specular highlights are attractive in their own right, they detract from the model in this fashion image - possibly darken down and blur the top in a sort of half-vignette? I am not sure what the model has on her right wrist and, as a result, don't know if it really works. A really good image that is well worth all of the work that must have gone into it. Good work.

29/12/2009 - 8:26 AM

Morning cartoons

Morning cartoonsThere are lots of interesting and intriguing aspects to this image. The outside "cold" snow scene has warmer light than the blue-toned interior lit by direct flash that then contrasts with the warm body tones of the model. It almost appears as though the rum bottle has been used as a vase for the small blue flower printed on the pillow, however the bottle's shadow shows the reality. The texture of the crumpled bedding is very interesting - this might be natural, but has probably been exagerated by the need to tone it down as the bottom right corner of the image would have been much closer to the flash and therefore over-exposed. The natural, even disinterested, expression and manner of the very beautiful model, looking out of the frame and holding the tv remote, give the image a voyeuristic aspect. I usually find that tatoos on models lessen the image but here they seem to add to the overall effect.
There is a lot in this image to keep the viewer's attention. I enjoy it.
Have fun with your new camera. You have a very high standard to keep up. Good work.
13/05/2009 - 12:59 PM


RingletThe image of the butterfly is just about faultless for me. You have captured it all in one plane giving excellent sharpness and detail across the whole subject. The dof is good giving a pleasing soft background. The colours look 'accurate' and natural.
I would suggest two changes, only to the background - so they should be perfectly acceptable for natural history.
I would darken the light patch in the bottom lh corner and then clone out the bright green stem in the top rh.
This is excellent work based on great technique.

14/09/2008 - 12:29 PM

Paula and Petals

Paula and PetalsA really, really beautiful model with terrific skin and hair and an interesting variation on the American Beauty image. The soft lighting does a really good job of achieving the same look.
A few things that seem odd. Why have you left her bra in the shot? I can see the point of the flower stem, but that might work better further into the image - say where the bra is placed.
The combination of positioning of the model going straight across the page and her right elbow touching the bottom edge of the image gives the impression that she is holding herself up on it. Perhaps a slightly diagonal arrangement with both arms clearing the frame could be tried?
I like the zip undone on her jeans, but not sure that her underwear adds to the composition.
The flower head on her neck keeps drawing my attention and distracts from her face.
Don't get me wrong, I really like a lot about this image and have only offered my comments for consideration.
This is not an area that I have worked, so please feel free to disregard them.

12/09/2008 - 10:19 PM

London Nights

London NightsI like the framing, choice of time of day (still life in the sky), positioning of the bench in the image, exposure, setting the light to match the clock face and the play of light and shadows on the paving. I am struggling to offer any suggestions for possible tweaks, maybe just tone down the other end of the Parliament building at the edge of the frame, to keep the eye in the image? Good work.