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Lightning over Porthmeor II

Lightning over Porthmeor II by JordanJackson

Absolutely stunning ... I prefer this version over the previous one, to be honest. This one is so much more dramatic and stripped back to the bare raw forces of nature.

Saving Time

Saving Time by terryscott

Love this - it's beautifully ethereal and otherworldly. But, if she's in the water with a dress that's going to get soaked anyway ... why the bikini top? It's quite bright, and draws my eye a lot. It also introduces an element of 'modern', whereas without it the image would be (for me, at least) ageless.

Was it actually taken underwater? (The way her hair is floating and she appears to be holding her breath makes me think 'yes' ...?)

Smooth Transition..

Smooth Transition.. by chris-p

"Just" watching and soaking, eh?! Grin I wish I could 'just' watch and soak as well as you do it Smile
I'm amazed at the clarity and sharpness of this image - those wet rocks are so tangibly there, it's incredible.


Eggsecuted by clintnewsham

Brilliant - hope they were free range? Grin

shoreline 6

shoreline 6 by whatriveristhis

Life's not always fluffy and golden, and I think this image perfectly illustrates that. Yes, it's austere. Yes, it's a bit gloomy. But that's why I like it Grin
I do prefer V1 though ... it seems better balanced for some reason, even though there's more darkness in the bottom of the frame than V2.

So you may have been having a funny day, as you put it - but your instincts are good with this image.

She had everything, but without Him, her life was all but a shell ...

She had everything, but without Him, her life was all but a shell ... by cyman1964uk

I really like the way you've tied in the title with the way you've processed the image here. The soft focus of the shell of the building seems to indicate the past while the sharp details in both the girl and the field suggest the present.

The only slight jarring thing for me is the girl's pose - it's more a 'glamour' type pose (even though she's clothed) than one that fits with your tags of desolation, anguish and that kind of stuff.

The line between sharp details in the foreground and the blurring of the background is also a bit obvious and abrupt. This line could be softened slightly to allow for a more gradual transition between 'past' and 'present' ?

Overall though, I think it's a good image Smile

Abandoned by the Tide

Abandoned by the Tide by sherlob

Hah! Love the description Grin That's the trouble with several people photographing the same scene at the same time - there's always going to be an element of similarity. But the differences come in the post processing, if nothing else.

I like this - the mixture of warm and cool tones, and the fact that it works without the lighthouse and just the log, and also just the lighthouse and line of rocks, without the log.

SP of me in a Mosaic

SP of me in a Mosaic by pixeltrix

Hmm ... with the right set of images, carefully considered, this could be a very interesting little programme to use, judging by your example. It's quite clever, in fact. I wonder what it would do with a landscape image as the 'master' and faces for the other supplementary images ... ?? Grin

Safe Harbour

Safe Harbour by alancharlton

Although I think that your composition is great, there's two things that (for me) would make me pass this image by in the gallery.

The first is the strong magenta cast - was that a deliberate processing choice on your part? And if so, why (genuine interest, by the way!)?
The second is the frame itself - it's too gimmicky for my tastes, although I accept that some people will like it.

Like I say, I think the composition itself is lovely. You've got the foreground interest of the break in the wall, which leads nicely to the boat itself and the walkway alongside it, which in turn then leads to the lovely little cottage on the rise and the space above for the sky. Okay, there's a very small twig sticking into the image from the right hand edge, which is a little distracting, although it's easily removed if you wanted to with a bit of subtle cloning.

Beach Trees

Beach Trees by almiles

A visual treat indeed; absolutely love this sort of thing Smile

lonely day

lonely day by ivhenx

This is really appealing to me, for all sorts of odd reasons Grin

Toward the Nab

Toward the Nab by sherlob

A gorgeous image. For me, it sums up the term 'the beauty of silence' Grin

Horses in gallop

Horses in gallop by missmoon

I love the sense of movement and freedom in your image - okay, it's from behind so the main thing I see is horses' bums (Grin) but I still love it. The flying dust and dirt is amazing and my only regret is that I'd like to have seen it bigger.

Sad news

Sad news by HelenaJ

As Willie says, the lighting is inconsistent with the candle and could have been more subdued and subtle. I think the pose itself is fine - her hands have a good shape, and the clothing is dour enough to suit any era.

I'm not sure what the big lump of black (material?) is on her left hand side (our right as looking at the image) - it doesn't seem to relate to her top/dress at all, so wondered whether it's a wrap or something similar ... maybe make it more or less prominent, depending on whether you want it to be part of the image or not?

The other thing for me is that she's facing the viewer, with direct eye contact. While that in itself is good, as she has a suitably sad look in her eyes (and depending on what you wanted to convey) - I'm wondering whether her focus would be better on the letter that she's reading ... so that the viewer is more of an unseen observer of a moment, rather than a part of it because of that connected gaze?

Overall though, I really do like what you're trying to do here. The wall behind her is lovely - great texture and a feeling of age and minimalism.

the road home

the road home by whatriveristhis

*sigh* ... I just love these ... this one is beautifully delicate, and very soothing. I also like the way you present them - the dark grey background works really well, and takes nothing away from the colours themselves.

Still Life Constract 1

Still Life Constract 1 by bmckiss

Hi Bill - even though you use everyday 'found' objects for your abstract still life imagery, I think that the way they're put together needs to somehow tell a story ... otherwise they're just a random collection of things with nothing to link them together.

That may, of course, be what you want in which case no more thought needed Smile

But if not, then think about the way the individual objects might relate to each other - even if it's a tenuous relationship - either shape, or colour, or ... well, you hopefully know what I'm getting at.

Also, think about the lighting - if it's natural light, think about the time of day you take the image; sometimes the warmth of golden evening light streaming through the window is enough to lift an image from a flat, dull, lifeless collection to a wonderfully lit, warm, long shadowed collection and that in itself can add a mystery to the image.

Also, think about how the shadows from one object fall onto the others surrounding it, and try arranging your items to capitalise on that. Sometimes all it takes is one tweak, and suddenly the random collection takes on a life of its own.

But do keep going with these collections ... you've got some interesting stuff around your house by the looks of it Grin

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