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Just thinking

Just thinking by Madoldie

Well, that's different! I'm not sure about the stripes on the shoulders as they drag my eyes away from that weirdness with the head ... but it's certainly an effective, if slightly disturbing, image Smile

humble and grateful

humble and grateful by peekay2001

Pranav - I think I understand some of your more recent comments much better now!! Grin
It's a heart warming, precious image ... I wish you enrichment, fulfilment and joy.



Jumping by MikeNunn

Hi Mike, and welcome to both the ePhotoZine website and to the Critique Gallery in particular. I notice that you've only joined today, and that this is your first upload. I'm assuming that you meant to put this image in the Critique Gallery, rather than the main gallery? The CG is the place for detailed and specific feedback on people's images, and normally it really helps us out if you include with your description which aspects of the image you'd like that feedback on ... the other thing to bear in mind, which you may or may know, is that in the Critique Gallery you'll get feedback but not votes and/or awards - the main gallery is the place for that.

You haven't mentioned any specific critique aspects though and looking at your website, I'm wondering whether you intended this image for this particular gallery? (That's a compliment, by the way Smile)

So ... as it's here, I'll comment on what I see visually, rather than comment technically.

As an image it's fun, well thought out and skillfully put together as a composite. The fact that it's your little boy makes it all the more personal and special, and I really do like your idea for the ongoing project of one creative image per week.

The colours on my screen are a little oversaturated - particularly the greens and yellows (though, oddly, not the reds). (The image's ICC profile is sRGB so I should be looking at it as you intended?) I've done a very quick mod where I've reduced the overall saturation to -20, and also used a Levels adjustment layer to just tweak the blacks a bit (I brought the black point in a touch (to 7) on the Levels scale). My adjustments are really quite minor.

You'll find both my mod, and any others that people do, on the tab next to the 'Description' tab below your image. Just click on it, and it should show you any mods underneath. You may or may not agree with any mods that people may do, and that's fine because we all see things differently Smile

Anyway, I'd imagine others will be along shortly to give you some more feedback on this image.


A little bit of sparkle

A little bit of sparkle by Quoise

I always love these ones of yours ... they're magical microcosm at its best Grin

Grey Light III

Grey Light III by jasonrwl

I don't normally go for panos, but this is beautifully done Jason Smile

Game over

Game over by jamb

Very, very soulful.
And sad.


BARC HTIW /M .DNAH by woolybill1

Maybe the poor, unfortunate person who wrote this really DID have a crab hanging off their hand ... hence the rather crap syntax and sentence construction and backwardly nature of the words ...??

Dodgy things, crabs ... damned painful if they latch onto any sticky-out bits ... Sad

Still, if the person had taken a mirror with them, then they could have read their backwardly facing words the right way round, and corrected their obvious mistakes.

Maybe ... or maybe I'm just talking Pollocks ... Wink


Orange & Blue

Orange & Blue by PrunellaCara

I think the choice of subjects is good - the blue bottle is (a) a beautiful colour and (b) an interesting shape. The orange, although arse-end round (Grin) is interesting with the textures and again, the colour is good and bold and is a natural complement to the blue of the bottle.

Vignette wise ... I like the subtlety of V2, although the strength of the vignette in V1 is quite demanding (in a good way - it serves to really channel the viewer's eye onto the subjects). If I flick very quickly between V1 and V2, there's something I've just noticed that I think may be to do with the feathering you've used on your vignette - in V1, there a softness of detail in some parts (I'm looking specifically at the texture of the pitted skin around the highlighted area of the orange) that's not there in V2. In V2, that area is sharper with more detail. Hopefully you'll be able to see what I'm talking about? Any ideas?

The only other thing I'd say is that, with the kind of stark side lighting you've gone with for this image, be mindful of your background paper ... in this instance, that side lighting has shown up every lump, bump and crease! Smile Not a bad thing, mind you, as it certainly does provide texture and interest rather than a boring, plain expanse of nothingness ... but it's worth remembering when you place your paper background that the curve is very liable to creasing. Still - if you can't uncrease it, make a feature of it and really enhance that Smile

For me, V3 is actually the most successful of the three images - mainly because the texture in the paper extends down over the edge of whatever surface you did this on, and also there's a bit of a ripple on the left that allows the shadow from the bottle to undulate over it ... thus adding interest and different planes for the eyes to explore and savour Grin

Other than those points, great effort all round, I think!


Reflection by balintn3220

And yet another welcome for you, Bálint Smile

To be fair, there's nothing I feel I can add to the above advice and if I'd have worked on a mod, I probably would have gone for the same crop as Moira's done in her first one. As well as the colour combination of oranges/blues, one thing I really do like about this image is the reflection of the pylon-like structure in the carriage window. You've managed to capture two extremes of movement, possibly without realising it - one the train which, of course, has the benefit of movement and speed and the opposite in the stillness and fixed nature of the reflected structure itself. (I was going to say about the pylon carring electricity or similar at the speed of light, which would have been slightly ironic given its static nature juxtaposed against the obvious speed capabilities of the train ... but then thought that if it's not an electricity pylon, that would be a pretty daft comment!).

Still, as an image it works - very well indeed.


Man by the Sea

Man by the Sea by whatriveristhis

I totally get the whole tiny, puny man vs the might and majesty of Nature, and the image is good in that it displays that perfectly, don't get me wrong. But it doesn't smack me in the gut the way, say, your ICM ones do (especially Near Blea Tarn, above Langdale ... I'm still gobsmacked by that one!).

Apologies for the honesty, but I hope you appreciate where I'm coming from?


passing through

passing through by Pete

Architectural simplicity Smile

There's a part of me wants the white of the birch bark to be whiter, but I think that would then kill the mood of the whole. I love the muted hues of the background rock face - it's like Nature's rust.


Fading tears

Fading tears by IGreenGables

They normally say that threes are better than fours, but I like the four stalks in this case as it provides a nice stability to counteract the fragility and transient nature of the melting ice crystals Smile

Beautiful and delicate.


natural light..

natural light.. by Syren

As much as I admire your ability to address pertinent teenage issues with Mercy with humour (Children of the Corn-ish) and gritty reality (many of the Outside Influences project images) I'm finding this one odd, and I'm not sure why.

Maybe it's because there's no 'obvious' message to ponder? I understand the natural light side of things, and I don't question the quality of the photography itself. But the more I think about it, the more I feel that the pose is maybe too sultry and old for her?

Forgive my bluntness about this, particularly if this isn't the way you see it yourself and you couldn't give a hoot what others think. As much as kids in today's society have to deal with serious issues far earlier than ever before, there's a huge part of me that just wants them to be able to be kids for as long as possible, with all the innocence and wonder that brings. This image, for me, comes across as too knowing and I think that's why I'm finding it disturbing.


Musing by Diggeo

You've got a superb separation between the figure, the bit they're standing on and the surrounding water. Like layers of silence, just waiting to be heard.

Sand people at the oasis

Sand people at the oasis by puertouk

Super result for your efforts, though! I love the details in the foreground, but for me it's the background that's holding the attention - there's so much going on there, and such beautiful lighting, I've got a yen to go explore Grin

Empty rooms

Empty rooms by whipspeed

I think this place definitely says "a view with a room" rather than the other way round! Grin
I love the subtlety of the colours in V1, and the composition is great for me.

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