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Blue... by IGreenGables

Wow, Isabel - this is stunning!
What a place for morning contemplation ... a little cold, maybe, but well worth it Grin

Misty Trees

Misty Trees by JamesGrantPhotography

Abstract, minimalist beauty Smile


Forgotten by Quoise

Aaawwwwww! *sniff* ... poor ted! Grin
Great image, though.

- e c h o s -

- e c h o s - by cirrusminor

Those colours in the water are just gorgeous Smile Reminds me of that oil on water thing, where everything's irredescent and beautifully delicate.



Hello Timothy

It's a very pleasant portrait of this man. Like you say, getting a chance when he's not surrounded by people is probably not the easiest thing in the world to do, so I think you've done fine here Smile

As Paul says above, the image could be a little brighter so I've done a very quick mod where, using a Black & White adjustment layer, set to Soft Light blend mode and 75% Opacity, I've given the image a little more contrast. I've also reduced the red in the image a little too, using a Colour Balance adjustment layer and sliding the Cyan/Red slider towards the left a bit.

There were two elements that I found particularly distracting about this image - the man behind him who looks like he's got his finger up his nose, and the edge of the picture on the wall behind him, which has picked up the light from your flash too much. I've removed both of these elements in my mod as well. (The picture edge I just selected with the lasso tool, and painted within it with a black brush set to about 20% opacity.)


Llangasty - another Llangorse lake

Llangasty - another Llangorse lake by Meditator

Quote: A little overprocessed?

Um ... yes? Grin (Put it this way, if you're asking that question yourself, then I'd say you already know the answer!)

What was the scene like before the processing? It looks a combination of frosty and a little mist, which you've then tried to increase for atmosphere? There are some lovely delicate tones in both the foreground and the distant hills which, processed carefully, could be really very effective and subtle.


horse 8

horse 8 by whatriveristhis

This one is beautiful, Alan. There's a wonderfully calming tranquility about it Smile

The Planet Endor

The Planet Endor by Aldo Panzieri

Okaaaaay ... I probably know more about your digestive system now than I ever thought possible, but ... Grin
I do like the image that it's inspired, however inadvertently.

The Hound Awaits

The Hound Awaits by RLF

It is, but the style also reminds me of an artist whose name, for the life of me, I cannot think of at the moment!!
However, memory issues aside - I like it. In fact, I like it more and more as I'm looking at it Grin

Going up?

Going up? by RobinH

Who ever thought that an escalator could be so beautiful?! I really do like this Robin ... and can completely understand why you wanted it people-free, although that slight ghosting of a person on the right hand side certainly does add something to the image. I wonder what it would have looked with the person a little more present, though? As it is, it looks like a streak of reflection. Not a bad thing, by the way, but the shutter speed you've used has rendered something ... I'm wondering whether using ISO 100 instead, which would have given you a longer shutter speed, would have removed any trace of that person completely? (Mind you, then there's the possible problem of someone getting on at the top to come down just as you've done that, so never an easy call Smile)

Anyways ... I've done a quick mod where I've cropped to a square format, just to see how removing the sides alter the feel of the image. (I did clone out the remains of the poster stand on the left, too.) I also deepened the midtones a bit, so that the blues and purples are darker and richer.

I always think of escalators as being utilitarian, boring and not necessarily easy on the eye ... nice to be proved wrong, sometimes Grin


After the shoot

After the shoot by dudler

I do like V2 ... if you hadn't have said, I wouldn't have guessed rain sheets; more like soft morning mist as the sun rose Smile

After the  Rain.

After the Rain. by Desb

Beautiful colours here, like liquid gold running in rivulets Smile

Lumsdale, Matlock

Lumsdale, Matlock by LesWilcockson

I absolutely love the way you've processed this, it's very effective. Nothing there that takes the eye away from the water and the textures of the rocks ... exactly as it should be Smile

Horse and Rider

Horse and Rider by Overread

Reading through the comments above, and your own responses to those comments, I'm not entirely sure what else I can usefully add to be honest.

I do like John's extra space in the canvas as it provides much more of a context for the horse and rider. Although by doing that, it's leading me down the road of puzzlement of what the event actually was ... it looks like a GP saddle, not a dressage one and if it was a dressage event I'd expect to see the outer perimeter of the arena, with the markers around it. There would also be hoof tracks criss-crossing the arena from previous entrants.

The positioning of the rider's head is as though she's looking towards the first fence in a showjumping arena, and is just about to kick off her approach. The nicely smooth sand surface is so unmarked by the passage of other hooves that it makes me thing she's the first rider ... but then I think that if it was showjumping, the horse would be wearing some kind of boot - brushing boots or overreach boots at a minimum, even if the horse is the most straight jumper in the world.

So on that level if find the image interesting, even though I want some sort of context like the edge of a fence, or perhaps a marker letter to indicate what kind of event it was. Probably not things that would matter to everyone, but having been in that world myself maybe I look at this kind of image a little differently Smile


Later That Day

Later That Day by Andysnapper

Soft, dreamy, magical and has the ability to transport us to another realm ... my kind of image Smile

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