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Fugitive #1

Fugitive #1 by Mamontoff

I really like this - superb movement, as mentioned above. I also like the fact that virtually the only bit that the eye can safely rest on is the side of the guy's face Smile I can see boxes in motion, so I could guess at how you set this up and captured it, but I'll probably be wrong Grin (And I prefer this one to #2 in your portfolio - there's far more going on in this one.)

Afternoon nap

Afternoon nap by Quoise

Yup, I love it too Smile Okay, got a crick in my neck trying to see the sleeper the right way up, but hey Wink

Outside influences project the 'wannabe MTV' edition pt1

Outside influences project the 'wannabe MTV' edition pt1 by Syren

I know the project is quite dark in its intention, but to be honest your daughter seems to be a very well balanced lass, and seems to have such a laugh doing this sort of stuff that she must be a joy to work with Smile

I also realise what this particular image is trying to portray, which is a serious subject, but to be fair I'm laughing my head off at the moment Grin (1) because it's taking the p*** out of ms cyrus, who's an air headed idiot in my opinion, and (2) well, just because your young model is brilliant at the faces Grin Grin Grin


~~~ by Quoise

Umm ... how about "Ice Queen" Grin It's a very icy look, and with the blond hair is kinda ice-queen-ish ... kind of ... Grin
(I was going to suggest "Naked Snow Queen" but thought that was a bit of a mouthful Wink)

My Thoughts Are Mine

My Thoughts Are Mine by abeeror2

Hi Kathryn - I've just uploaded a quick mod. I think the image is beautiful anyway, and what I've done in the mod is quite minor (as per comment under the mod). Just a bit of curves adjustment, a bit of a crop and selective sharpening on the eyes. For me, the eyes are the most arresting part of this image and in your image above they're a little soft. The tones overall are fine - there's a nice balance between darks and lights throughout. Hope you don't mind what I've done Smile

Evening Glow

Evening Glow by WintonPhotography

Hi Ewan - I'm not going to be brutal (even though you did ask for that Grin) because I don't think that's helpful. However, you did ask for honesty, so here's my take on thise one:

(1) I absolutely love the colour of the sand - it's like it's on fire Smile Glorious low lighting has given shape and form to the sand ridges, which adds interest.
(2) It looks as though you've gotten quite low to take the image, but I think you could have even gone lower - get some beautiful backlighting in that foreground plant more - at the moment, it's 'there', but it's not necessarily doing aught apart from just being a clump in the foreground. It's got a good shape, and some lovely little delicate flowers at the ends of the stalks, and I think you could have made more of that.
(3) The sea, sky and land bits are okay, but bland with not enough detail. There's nothing that stands out about them to make the viewer think "Wow!". Personally, I'd be tempted to crop them out altogether and go with an abstract type image of just that beautifully coloured sand and the foreground plant.

The image itself seems a little 'gritty' - particularly noticeable in the sky area. I don't know whether that's due to JPEG compression when resizing for the site or due to ISO (can't tell, as you've got no EXIF data recoreded), but again, cropping would eliminate that to a large degree.

Other than that, a bit of judicious sharpening would jazz things up a bit, but not so much that you end up with sharpening halos round that plant. I don't know what (if any) post processing software you use, but you could try selectively lightening the plant a touch, to bring out a bit more detail if it's there. And maybe a touch of noise reduction if you're able to?

The image as a whole has definitely got potential though. I don't know if it's a scene that's nearby you or not, but if it is it could be worth revisiting at some point.


A Girl Needs To Keep Cool Under That Hot Dryer

A Girl Needs To Keep Cool Under That Hot Dryer by Chris_L

I know it's a charity calendar and I'm definitely all for that (and fair play to her for doing it too Smile) but ... I don't know whether it's my screen today or my eyes, but the skin tones seem very orangey to me and not particularly natural ?? In all other images I've looked at, the tones seem okay so I'm wondering whether it's an optical illusion of the skin tones set against that (lovely) MDF-type wood beside her? (Or my eyes - always a possible option Tongue)

Other than that, I love the concept and the quirkyness of the image itself, the set up and the 'Go Ginge with Attitude' lead title on the mag she's holding - it makes a change from currant buns covering the obvious bits! Wink)

Toward Bifurcation

Toward Bifurcation by sherlob

I don't think that, as a viewer, I've ever felt so there in an image as this one - it's almost mind-boggling! The detail and clarity of the foreground structures is phenomenal and I feel as thought I could just step through the frame edges and into the image. And that in itself is a very, very weird feeling! Grin

Although it works superbly as it is, I think it would make a fascinating abstract if it was cropped to just below the horizon line (or to just into the end of the ... things ...) and do away with the light band of sky and the tiny lights in the distance.

It is a cracker, though, whichever way you look at it Smile

enginn tími fyrir svefn

enginn tími fyrir svefn by AlexandraSD

First off, good on you for doing this.

Secondly, there's a couple of things that I think would improve this image no end - (1) is to crop in from the left a bit, to remove that half a lampshade and half a picture, (2) clone out the base of the overhead light that's intruding in from the top, and maybe the edge of the table on the left and the power cord for the lamp and (3) crop up from the bottom to remove the bed base and the bit of tucked-in duvet on the right hand corner. That then puts the focus of the image firmly on you, rather than the bedroom furniture Smile

Oh, and smile a bit - at the moment it looks like you're about to shout at the viewer for looking, and your expression is a tad fierce !! Grin


Dance! by WintonPhotography

I really like the sense of movement here, even though the image feels a little underexposed (probably not surprising, given the lighting conditions you were working under!).

The dancer herself looks a little lost in all that material and her arm on the left is a touch cramped and awkward looking. Also - why is she wearing trousers under all that lovely diaphanous material?! I'd have preferred to see a bare leg, which would have added to the sensuous feeling of the swirling dance.

Having said that, there's loads of detail in the white material which could have ended up either blown out or so underexposed as to record nothing, so definitely well done there - and the shapes that the material is making are lovely ... almost like angelic wings Smile

By popular demand...

By popular demand... by NDODS

I know you say it's rather a 'naive' style, but it's definitely not Smile So I'm voting for your artwork, rather than your photo of your artwork, if you see what I mean!? Grin

Common Blue

Common Blue by NigelKiteley

I don't normally go for the insect and butterfly images, but I've got to admit this is a corker! Beautiful colouring and the position on that stick is just brilliant Smile

Fading Light

Fading Light by phillG

A superb image and light.
I know this may be a daft question, but ... that IS rock in the foreground, isn't it? Not ice? (Looking at the 'date taken' exif info, I'm hoping it's rock ... Grin) And if it IS rock ... why does it look like there's the wreck of a wooden boat sticking up out of the middle of it?

(Bear in mind I've never been to Saltwick Bay, so what may be very obvious to others is completely escaping me at the moment!) Smile



I actually really like this. Yes, it's predominently orange but that little meandering riverlet just ties it all together very nicely and provides the route through to the distant water Smile


Duet by NDODS

V1, definitely. A beautifully delicate range of limited colour really brings this version to life Smile

First attempt

First attempt by JonnyNI

As well as Paul's excellent advice above, can I also suggest getting in closer ... much closer. Your lad's got a great strong face for photography (even with the beard Grin) and sometimes getting in really up close and personal can produce very striking portraiture Smile

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