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tonyguitar's Gallery Comments

tonyguitar > tonyguitar Recent Activity > tonyguitar's Gallery Comments
The Old Bill by doverpic

The Old Bill

A true collector's classic. A pleasure to see this with sirens where headlights were. Good quality too. TG

By: doverpic

Last Picture of Masha by Aldo Panzieri

Last Picture of Masha

Masha is a raving.. beauty and so her mother can not control things. She,..[ Dr. K ], may be a very good shrink but totally unbalanced where Masha is concerned. That all works well for you though. Seems you and your camera will get your way with Masha. Odd thing about Masha to me is that she looks exactly like Natalie. If fact I suspect this is indeed Natalie. This image is perfectly cropped and composed and in the highest order of good taste. I doubt you need Dr. K but I understand your motives. This image of Natalie makes it all worthwhile. TG

By: Aldo Panzieri

Stonechat with grasshopper by Priestcove

Stonechat with grasshopper

I'm glad he caught that 'hopper before Monsanto did. Good to see this. TG

By: Priestcove

A narrow gauge bridge by 781969

A narrow gauge bridge

Narrow gauge is always interesting. We have one also. The B.C. & Yukon rail up north of us. Came into use during the gold rush days. Good clear image of something seldom seen. TG

By: 781969

Day gecko by Angi_Wallace

Day gecko

Marvellous Angie. A fine design lesson for all those who design jewellery. Your well chosen co-colours are perfect for this green beauty. TG

By: Angi_Wallace

Silly Sunday Meet by prabhusinha

Silly Sunday Meet

A good way to see several versions of a new [ to me ], bird. A good composition with the left side lower bird placed just right. TG

By: prabhusinha

shield bug and mites by CarolG

shield bug and mites

A preferred way to learn about these less savory things. Excellent macro. TG

By: CarolG

Photogs Method by tonyguitar

Photogs Method

We are having a heat wave for days on end and that makes people grumpy. Heaven forbid that an important photographer standing in one's line of sight could cause irritation. TG

By: tonyguitar

All shot today. by brandish

All shot today.

You have drive and determination to get these in the wild. All are fine and version one is a double hit and both in focus too. Nice one! TG

By: brandish

a Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus) at the TORONTO ZOO by TimothyDMorton

a Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus) at the TORONTO ZOO

His home starts in Churchill Manitoba. I feel sorry for any polar bear in captivity. the expanse they need to stay healthy can not be man made. Bad karma for Terranna zoo. Keep going though Tim. It's all uphill from here. TG

By: TimothyDMorton

Rest on a mango tree by 781969

Rest on a mango tree

Kitten seems happy in the Mango tree. Just like his big relatives the leopards and cheetahs. TG

By: 781969

Dance Dance...VI by Swarnadip

Dance Dance...VI

Just the right moment during this happy time. Rich colour and well composed too. TG

By: Swarnadip

It's your turn on the eggs! by MaryFaith

It's your turn on the eggs!

Well now, that is a lecture look if ever I saw one. He seems like a rascal though and probably deserves it. Good to see all that rich colour and an element of comedy. Perfect composition as well. TG

By: MaryFaith

Bearded Dragon by johnriley1uk

Bearded Dragon

These guys are always so detailed and absorbing to ponder. The eye and surrounding points are just perfect. The cross light is just right. It gives a lot of form to his many features. TG

By: johnriley1uk

Tom sings the Blues by CarolAnnLauderdale

Tom sings the Blues

Tom has seen some interesting times. Dreadlocks and a touch of Rasterfarian? Not sure what that means exactly but I did meet similar musical spirits here on wild warm B.C. coastal beaches with hair like that. Kind of a spiritual thing somehow. TG

By: CarolAnnLauderdale

Dance--Girls Love to by tonyguitar

Dance--Girls Love to

It would take a video clip to show the cool moves some of the girls knew. Way beyond my jitterbug and mashed potato. I only dance after dark with a Singapore Sling or three. TG

By: tonyguitar

Bobcat by john_w168


I hope he can find a rabbit once every second day. Seems they may lead a difficult life. A polarizer can help with these harsh light times of day. Not always but often. Mr. Bobcat seems very ' Canadian '. TG

By: john_w168

no title by mallal

no title

Nice Heron detail / portrait. The little jewel like silvered fish is a scene stealing beauty too. TG

By: mallal

3129-orange lilys by binder1

3129-orange lilys

Radio-active and very beautiful. Well done. TG

By: binder1

Mother Nature's Decorations by MaryFaith

Mother Nature's Decorations

Red stems, speckled blue berries can not be trusted yet they certainly look lush. Like mushrooms you don't know, never risk it. Great for photographs though and you have proven that here. TG

By: MaryFaith

Wardour Street, London at Night by simonbaker

Wardour Street, London at Night

This has crossed over into artwork of a high order. Pushing the envelope can do wonders. TG

By: simonbaker

A triumph! by ddolfelin

A triumph!

Your image has a Bentley flavour and is indeed a photographic triumph. TG

By: ddolfelin

Small Skipper by Chrissiebarrow

Small Skipper

Oooooh, the detail is delicious. Taking care to be steady, eh? You have pay dirt in this beauty! TG

By: Chrissiebarrow

Lucky Frog by jcolind

Lucky Frog

His eye looks well suited to the dark. Good thing you are a fast thinker. His ' hands' and reddish under sides look so interesting. Good to see this mosquito eater will live on. TG

By: jcolind

Red squirrel by POD

Red squirrel

Remarkable. Not too many squirrels who get their ear hair permed these days. A real beauty, and he knows it. Your fine image shows him at his best too. TG


white "red" kite by NEWMANP

white "red" kite

Beautiful and rare kite yet we humans must get involved for some reason. Is Heinz 57 a sponsor? Thank you for presenting this beauty so well. Hope his wing luggage doesn't cause to much drag. Seems to be high spirited here in your fine image. TG


White Tiger by Lillian

White Tiger

I wonder if they guard Narnia carefully day and night. If the leucistic white is rare, she must be worth a fortune. Guess she is her own best body guard. Crooks would be lunch meat. Looks so self confident and fearless. You convey the quiet strength and power well here. TG

By: Lillian

so lonely by larcx

so lonely

Alone? All the better to radiate that yellow beauty. There may be more buds later. Well done. TG

By: larcx

Bubbles by luap


Well this pushes the envelope all right and I like it. The best traditional features are above the bubble anyway. Nice work! Wait long for a bubble that size? TG

By: luap

Venture outside by stu8

Venture outside

Yes, I agree and now finally, I learn at this late date that they have a nose very similar to a dog. Well you could blow me over with a feather, or something. Excellent portrait. Well done! TG

By: stu8