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29/01/2010 - 10:32 AM

- comfort zone 2

- comfort zone 2This one does have a more oil paint like finish heading in the direction of some of the old masters. The expression on the kids face is less "scarey" than last upload so will find a broader audience, at least on here where as know many viewers do not like to be faced with the darker side of life. As a personal work in progress your heading in the right direction Pat and with a few refinements here and there you will be rewarded with photos that you will be very satisfied with and individual. xx
28/01/2010 - 4:17 PM

- Comfort Zone 1

- Comfort Zone 1When it come to portraiture its a hard find your own style as its one of these areas that is open to so much personal input and stylistically wide open to interpretation.

Then you have child portraits notoriously one of the hardest areas. I am going to be a little blunt here but I am just going to say what comes into my mind on a first viewing. It looks harrowing and I could easily see this photo as a poster for child abuse. As it happens I will be uploading an image on this very subject next week but I did not have the honesty or courage to use a life child shot. Now I know that this was not your likely intention and minutes after I'm sure you got a big happy smile but photography is all about that moment and how the viewer perceives it.
The eyes have such an intensity it haunts you and the brows been down just adds to the overall effect of anguish... a child longing for love, or help.

The child in the bath is one one of these classic shots we have all taken at one time, but the fun and lightheartedness is missing altogether, the slight green cast and mottled flesh tones just add to the overall effect of gloom and despair.

Now Patricia I know this is not the effect you were after while in search of a style or a personal touch effect on portraiture. Children are such an emotive subject today and people do tend to read so much into photos of them that its unfortunate that in doing so a lot of the innocence is now gone and like you say we do not always want to fall back on the "cute tag". If I may add have a look at Annalises gallery of her kid, she has been photographed happy, grumpy, serious, sad but never cute. This to me is the best in child photography you can aim for.

Your portraiture should be an extension of you and your likes, don't go looking for a style as in due course the style will find you as it has done with so many of your other photographic wonders were your own stamp is seen all over them. Focus wise is another debatable side, many fashion and portrait photographers have lost the art of focusing in light of the Arty excuse, which may work sometimes but something not to make a career out off. So in my own opinion if its not in focus don't use it. This particular shot is borderline and due to the intensity of the eyes I would have plaid to its strength and knocked everything else out of focus even more except the eyes.

You really have jumped right in at the deep end Pat so do not take this to heart you are a true pro and capable of developing into any area you should choose to go to its just such an emotive take on a child and perhaps its this slight shock value that makes it stand out for better or worse, the viewer will have their own opinion but ultimately its you that you have to please first.
luv Victor x
08/09/2009 - 10:18 PM


spirithave to agree with BreadandShutter its stays as is if you had cropped the box it would have lost so much of the surreal factor that you have imparted on this excellent shot..and as you know I'm going through my cube period so I have a thing for them at the moment lol
Luv Victor x
21/03/2009 - 3:07 PM

Ashleigh Hewitt IV

Ashleigh Hewitt IVI always find interesting how the public perceive certain shots and how when modeling there seems to be a certain look that many models immediately adapt to as they know what works and what sells so to speak, that said its always fun trying out new poses and like yourself often look to other photos for inspiration. Sometime they work other times they dont and often its all down to the model themselves. Kate Moss (not one of my fav models) has a look all her own and in a pose like this would look just fine, Ash is just to dam glamourous to pull this pose of and the other shots in you fine PF are examples of how good she is.
More power to those how try something different once in a while.

17/12/2008 - 9:08 PM


WAT#2If the premise on this site was for 100% perfection no one would receive an award of any variety myself included. I'm sure many shots would benefit from slightly better lighting and angle etc but as we all know sometimes time and place does not permit such luxuries. Now I am totally unaware of the circumstances of this shot other than a storm was brewing so I do not assume the photographer would be settling in for the day to catch that elusive PERFECT shot. As it stands I judged it on my gut instinct first, "its and outstanding piece of architecture displaying some fine detail and beautiful caught in the moment so to speak. At this scale It is a bit harsh to denounce a little distortion and with so many stepped angles to contend with is all but pointless to condemn. Tight crop again perhaps there was distracting buildings etc which would have in due course have us questing "why was it not cropped tighter" its a no win situation, so as it stands we are all due the good and the bad critic on this site as that is why we all upload, but in this occasion I stand by decision and Roger is well deserving of the award as I see it here a fine example of what I would be glad to hang on my wall or see published in a travel magazine in every respect, both visually exiting and technically well beyond the advarage snapshot!!