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Clever and inventive tips on how you can improve your food photography with your smartphone.

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Fanad Lighthouse, long exposureDancerLooking Into The Heart of GulfossLoch VoilWinter Squirrel.Obscure...Batocera rufomaculataHepaticaHorizontal LinesMale SparrowhawkMethane and MountainsShadows on my soul
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A captivating image of a lady dancing whilst holding a smoke grenade has been awarded the POTW accolade this week.

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It's time to reveal the second winner of a 32GB MicroSD card from Samsung in February's Daily Competition challenge.

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We round-up the best photographic deals from Amazon, including deals on cameras, lenses, memory cards, smartphones, and other accessories. Updated regularly.

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Find out why, when and how to use/create vignettes on your images. Plus, follow a step-by-step guide on how to do this in Lightroom, Photoshop and GIMP.

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Converging lines and verticals don't always have to be avoided. In fact, they can be a clever tool for guiding the eye when used right.

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Here are five reasons why, we think, you should give shooting a self-portrait a try. Plus, it's something everyone can have a go at as the easiest tool to capture a selfie with is probably your smartphone.

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Xiaomi has introduced its new flagship devices from the M10 Series which are the Mi 10 Pro and Mi 10 smartphones.

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Avatar : johnriley1uk

A Speedbag in 15 Years

I always thought one of the best designs of camera bag ever devised was the Pentax Speedbag. The original is from the Spotmatic era, the Speedbag M is from the M series era and the Speedbag 110, respeldent in brown leatherette finish, is needless to ...

Avatar : MentorRon

Interesting article on the future of photography.

Have been conflicted about the use of the photo-capable equipment I now own. My Sony SLT, several point'n'shoot cameras and my Asus dual-lens Zenfone cell. The Zenfone is getting more and more use as it is carried 24/7; the Sony the least due to it's...

  • Posted by MentorRon
  •  2020-02-14 11:36:08
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Avatar : pablophotographer

Suitably Sombre

Lament for Ignacio Sanchez Mejias by Federico Garcia Lorca. http://medicine-opera.com/2019/03/llanto-por-la-muerte-de-ignacio-sanchez-mejias/ In music https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OqpkQp95Sic

Avatar : pablophotographer


-"Boiled, scrambled, fried or raw?" -"Hey, put one and one together, this is not a cookery blog. " The theme today is eggs, photographed. I came across a picture in the gallery of an egg being held up high by two forks. Known subject. You may have i...

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Vazen, a new Chinese cinema lens brand, has announced further information on its latest 28mm T/2.2 lens.

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CP+2020 is the second technology show to be cancelled this week because of the coronavirus.

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Avatar : sjr

sjr has uploaded the photo Yo-yo in the Weekly Macro Challenge group.

Photo : Yo-yo

  •  16 Feb 2020
Avatar : cattyal

cattyal has uploaded the photo Removals in the Weekly Macro Challenge group.

Photo : Removals

  •  16 Feb 2020
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Two new focal lengths have been added to the XEEN CF Cine Prime lens family from Samyang, taking the total to 5 XEEN CF models now available.

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Learn what slow sync flash is and how you can use it to capture more creative shots of people.

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The world's biggest smartphone shows, Mobile World Congress, will not be taking place in 2020 due to on-going coronavirus concerns.

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We take a look at Peak Design's latest straps and carrying solutions. There are 2 straps, a belt carrying solution and the versatile Capture Clip. Find out how they perform here.

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