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We take a look at 3 products which are available from My-Picture.co.uk - MixPix Photo Tiles, a Premium Photo Cushion and a Primus Photo Book.

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CurvesA spot of bother.Fairy PoolsAmelie isn't exactly squareColours and ShapesOn Top Of The PenninesAfter sunset "original"Ice QueenChemical BeachSled dogs racing 3UnbelievableGolden Eagle on Cow carcass
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Serif have announced version 1.8 software updates for their suite of apps, including Affinity photo.

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Nik Collection 2.5 adds 5 new types of classic colour films to Color Efex Pro 4 and brings compatibility with Affinity Photo 1.8.

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Sony has announced the wide-angle FE 20mm f/1.8 G full-frame lens for Sony E-Mount cameras.

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What's different, what's new and improved? What's remained the same? Find out in our comparison of the Fujifilm X-T4 and X-T3.

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We go hands-on with the new Fujifilm X-T4 - Fujifilm's flagship X-Mount camera, with built-in image stabilisation, and a vari-angle touch-screen.

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Fujifilm has officially announced the new Fujifilm X-T4, and we've got full details, including specifications, price, and availability.

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Say goodbye to forced grins and say hello to the fun and laughter found on an outdoor shoot.

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Avatar : deejay10


Cheers to all those who have been voting on my pics Iím also enjoying images on the website, really inspirational as well. I like to think outside the box a wee bit, but I think I may try to do a few more mainstream pics. Best picture to date ? Got...

  • Posted by deejay10
  •  2020-02-26 00:10:04
  • Views : 5
Avatar : SlowSong

First Time For Months

We finally got fed up with how long the grass was, so even though the lawn was soaking wet and full of wormcasts, hubs bit the bullet and got out the mower. It worked very well. I expect the neighbours thought we were bonkers, but we now have a nic...

  • Posted by SlowSong
  •  2020-02-26 00:10:04
  • Views : 151
Avatar : johnriley1uk

A Speedbag in 15 Years

I always thought one of the best designs of camera bag ever devised was the Pentax Speedbag. The original is from the Spotmatic era, the Speedbag M is from the M series era and the Speedbag 110, respeldent in brown leatherette finish, is needless to ...

Avatar : MentorRon

Interesting article on the future of photography.

Have been conflicted about the use of the photo-capable equipment I now own. My Sony SLT, several point'n'shoot cameras and my Asus dual-lens Zenfone cell. The Zenfone is getting more and more use as it is carried 24/7; the Sony the least due to it's...

  • Posted by MentorRon
  •  2020-02-26 00:10:04
  • Views : 748

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The Mobile World Congress might have been cancelled but that's not stopped the associated 'Global Mobile Awards' from taking place.

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We round-up the best photographic deals from Amazon, including deals on cameras, lenses, memory cards, smartphones, and other accessories. Updated regularly.

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COOPH photographers share some essential tips on studio portrait photography which include how you can get creative with a single light source.

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A sharp and detailed image of the moon, along with two incredible nightscapes of the sea have been chosen as Astronomy Photographer Of The Year 2020 'People's Choice' finalists.

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Huawei has introduced the latest version of its folding smartphone, the Mate Xs, with a better screen.

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It's time to announce the winner of a 32GB MicroSD card with SD adapter from Samsung in week 3 of February's Daily Competition.

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