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10 Coastal locations for sunset photography

ePHOTOzine members share 10 of the best coasts to shoot beautiful sunsets

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Hanging around the coastline after the tourists have started to head off home can be very rewarding for photographers, especially when it's been a sunny day, because sunsets on coastal locations can be absolutely gorgeous, as we're about to show you.

We invited 10 ePHOTOzine members to show us their sunset pictures and in no particular order here are ten stunning sunsets and where they were taken.

Nash point, South Wales

10 Coastal locations for sunset photography: Nash Point
Nash Point is in South Wales and part of of the heritage coast. The area is famous for both rugged rocky coastline and expanses of smooth sand interspersed with rocks that create small pools that can be used as foreground interest, especially when reflecting the colourful sky. Here we see some of the jagged rocks framing the bottom half of the photo while the long exposure motion blurred water continues our journey up to a classic golden sunset.

Photo by geoffrey baker - Click on the photo to leave a comment


Whitsand Bay, Cornwall

10 Coastal locations for sunset photography: Whitsand Bay sunset
Cornwall is known for its connection with King Arthur and here the coast at Whitsand Bay, has that magical feeling associated with the legend. The rocks can be framed so they have major impact in the overall image, and a long shutter speed has ensured the ocean is smooth in its path around the protruding shapes, bringing a collision of hard and soft for a spectacular end result.

Photo by pmorgan - Click on the photo to leave a comment


Caernarfon Castle, North Wales

10 Coastal locations for sunset photography: Caernarfon Castle at sunset
Caernarfon Castle is well worth a visit on any occasion but at sunset the beautifully illuminated walls and shapes are balanced by a dramatic looking sky that washes over the boats in the foreground. The best views are from over the foot bridge and turn to the left. Here you can get a panorama of the boats, the castle and the golden sky beyond.

Photo by sneazy - Click on the photo to leave a comment


Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset

10 Coastal locations for sunset photography: Kimmeridge Bay sunset
Kimmeridge Bay on the Dorset coast can be photographed at sunrise or sunset. At sunset the sun drops down over the left and side of the bay. The bay has a mix of sand and rocks, the rocks being sharp and smooth edged so you can take your pick of styles. Here a square format has put weight to the foreground which is particularly interesting, due to the mix of rocks and colourful seaweed.

Photo by Paintman - Click on the photo to leave a comment


Talacre, North East Wales

10 Coastal locations for sunset photography: Talacre Lighthouse at sunset

Talacre is a small village on the north east coast of Wales. Its lighthouse is a tourist attraction and can be photographed from various positions. Some viewpoints will include just the sandy beach as foreground, other angles can include dunes in shot or a line of rocks. At sunset it's very picturesque.
Photo by Jedro - Click on the photo to leave a comment 


Ogmore, near Porthcawl South Wales

10 Coastal locations for sunset photography: ogmore at sunset
The coastline of Ogmore near Porthcawl has a rugged appearance which is perfect for water swirling shots as the sun sets. Choose an area where there's jagged edges and let the tide flow too and fro as you shoot with slow shutter speeds. A vertical format can help add depth, especially if you use the rocks to naturally frame the photo.

Photo by Coleslaw - Click on the photo to leave a comment


Beadnell Harbour, Northumberland

10 Coastal locations for sunset photography: Beadnell Harbour at sunset
The Northumberland coastline is normally better suited for sunrise photography but Beadnall harbour makes a pleasant alternative sunset location. You're able to position the setting sun behind the harbour and, in this case, make use of the fishing pots to frame the shot. The still water in the harbour reflects the orange glow.

Photo by phil99 - Click on the photo to leave a comment


Crosby Beach, Merseyside

10 Coastal locations for sunset photography: Crosby Beach Sunset
Crosby Beach would not be very interesting from a photographic point of view if it hadn't have been for the placement of sculptures by Anthony Gormley. His work, Another Place, is a permanent installation of 100 six foot tall cast iron figures that face out to sea over a two mile stretch. Plan your visit when the tide's out as the sun sets for the most dramatic opportunities. Pools are left in the sand and certain positions can allow reflections of the sculptures as well as being silhouetted against the orange sky. Certain pieces can be framed so the wind turbines or the occasional cargo ship appear on the horizon.

Photo by shutter speed - Click on the photo to leave a comment


New Brighton Lighthouse, Merseyside

10 Coastal locations for sunset photography: New Brighton Lighthouse at sunset
New Brighton lighthouse is an interesting focal point and can be framed as the main part of the subject as it was here, or used as a smaller element by making use of foreground detail. Here the shot is harmonious balance of the deep orange of the setting sun and the yellow glow from the lighthouse illumination. Sadly the lights are no longer switched on so you will have to make do with a more silhouetted effect.

Photo by Anthony - Click on the photo to leave a comment


Durdle Door, Dorset

10 Coastal locations for sunset photography: Durdle Door Sunset

This natural limestone arch near Lulworth in Dorset is a regular visitor to the ePHOTOzine gallery. It's easy to see why. As the sun sets it adds a warm golden glow to the sand and the limestone, making the arch look even more dramatic than it normally is. And then when the sky changes to the familiar sunset colours you have a photo filled with magic. Try shooting from a low angle at higher tide to get the waves lapping up onto the beach.

Photo by Akif - Click on the photo to leave a comment

10 Coastal locations for sunset photography:
You've read the article, now go take some fantastic images. You can then upload the pictures, plus any advice and suggestions you have into the dedicated Photo Month forum for everyone at ePHOTOzine to enjoy.

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