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10 Top Action, Movement & Motion Photography Tutorials For You To Peruse

Here are some of the top techniques we've featured on site that all focus on capturing action, movement and motion. From fast cars to blurring waterfalls - we've got you covered.

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Motion, movement and action are wide and varied photographic subjects and as a result, there are many ways a photographer can create a sense of action, motion or movement in their shots. ePHOTOzine has written many tutorials that cover motion/action in some shape or form and as a result, we've decided to group the most popular tutorials together so you can find all of the inspiration you need in one place. 


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Our 10 Top Action, Movement & Motion Photography Tutorials:


1. A - Z Of Light Trail Photography Tips

Light Trail Photography Tips

Night + city = the perfect opportunity to capture light trails. Plus, you get to practise your long exposure photography technique while shooting the colourful lines created by traffic weaving through the city streets. 


2. Tips To Help You Shoot Sharp Action Shots


When it comes to action and sports photography, one of the main problems you face is your subject moves quick and they don't tend to stay in the same place for very long. As a result, it can be a bit of a challenge to try and get a sharp photo where your subject is in focus, however, there are a few things you can do to capture your moving subject perfectly.


3. Tips On Shooting Water Sports Photography

Tips On Shooting Water Sports Photography


Head to the coast on a sunny day or even to your local reservoir and you'll probably find someone skimming along the water, holding onto a sail fasted to a windsurf board or getting pulled along by a boat on a board. The pros make it look easy and their jumps, turns and sheer speed make water sports a great photographic subject.


4. How To Capture The Action At Running Events

How To Capture The Action At Running Events


Many sports take place some way from the spectators which makes taking decent pictures without long lenses a challenge. However, accessible sports photography comes in the form of road running events. Something which can be captured right up and down the country. Plus, good action shots can be captured with modest gear at local events because you just stand by the roadside - often there are no barriers or anything to get in the way.  


5. 7 Top Tips On Using Blur To Create A Sense Of Action In Your Photos

Racing Car


Contradictory to what you're told when you first pick up a camera, it is OK to have blur, and quite a lot of it, in your shots when you're photographing the right subject and want to emphasise speed or create a sense of motion. When we say it's OK we don't just mean a shot you accidentally took out of focus will pass off as something creative, you have to deliberately adjust your camera's settings or know how a quick twist of your lens will give you the blur that's needed to add a sense of action to your shot.


6. Photographing Fairground Rides At Night

Photographing Fairground Rides At Night


If you want to shoot general wide shots of the fair then head out just as the lights are coming on when there's still a touch of colour in the sky. That way you'll be able to get the lights, stalls and other foreground interest of the fair set against a deep blue sky. Leave the flash at home though as it can kill the atmosphere you're trying to create. For more abstract images, wait until the sky's a little darker and turn the rides into streams of light patterns. Look for rides that spin quickly or are bursting with colour as these tend to produce the better results. 


7.  Top Long Exposure Subjects For You To Photograph



See how long exposures can turn what can be described as ordinary into something much more interesting. From atmospheric shots to northern lights and, of course, blurry water, plenty of topics are covered in this tutorial. 


8. Waterfall Photography Tips: 3 Ways To Photograph Waterfalls

Waterfall Photography Tips


When it comes to photographing waterfalls, you can either capture the power and intensity of every cascade or you can slow things down and make the movement the focus of your photo.


9. 10 Top Tips On Adding Blur To Water For A Creative Effect

Blurring water


Love it or loathe it, blurred water can look great in the right situation so it is always worth a try. For those who are new to the technique, here are 10 tips to get you started in turning even small cascades can look like raging torrents. 


10. 5 Top Ways You Can Add Creative Movement To Your Landscape Shots

Add Creative Movement To Your Landscape Shots


The idea of movement isn't usually a thought that first springs to mind when you try to describe what a landscape shot is. However, when you start to think of popular landscape topics such as waterfalls, rivers, trees, clouds and the sea, you suddenly realise movement, which makes shots more dynamic, crops up more often than you think.


Bonus Top List: Best Action And 360 VR Cameras

GoPro Hero7 Black

To help you capture all of the action, an Action or 360 camera might be useful and as there are so many action cameras available, we've put a handy guide together which talks you through action cam features as well as what's currently available on the market. 


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