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10 Top Ways To Use Different Angles In Your Photography

Here's a rundown of ten top things you can do to put a different perspective on your photography. How many have you tried?

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1. Sit Down

Be it on the floor, or on a seat, sitting immediately gives you a lower perspective and therefore new photo opportunities. Trees and people, for example, can tower over you when sat down for that overbearing feel. Often photographing children look more natural from a seated position too, as you're at their level rather than shooting down on them.


10 Top Ways To Use Different Angles In Your Photography: Dog portrait


2. Go Out To Sea

While on your travels, if you have a waterproof camera try turning round to face the beach. If you don't fancy getting wet, just walk towards the water and stand at the edge, shooting up the beach rather than out to sea as most people do. You could also get on a boat of some sort and see what spectacular pictures of the coast you can get while out there. An organised boat trip will also give you a fantastic opportunity to capture some amazing wildlife photos while you're at it, too. If you do head out to sea, taking a weather-resistant camera will mean it's protected against sea spray but do remember to wipe your kit down once back home to remove any residue. Here are some more tutorials on photographing the sea.


3. Climb Up High

Head for the nearest tower or hill to get a stunning view of a town or landscape below you. Night vistas of cities work well as do misty mornings in the countryside where valleys are filled with fog and only the peaks above can be seen. To give your shot even more impact, capture a panorama, a topic discussed further down the page. If landscape photography takes your fancy, then here are 10 Quick Landscape Photograph Tips.


4. Take A Stepladder Out

It might sound silly but if you're trying to take photos at a busy event where there's a big crowd, you'll be able to shoot above them. It will help you avoid getting people's heads in shots and give you a great opportunity to get a general overview of the scene. A stepladder will also get you closer to items that are slightly too high for you to shoot from the ground and offer a slightly alternative angle to everyday objects that are shot straight-on most of the time.


5. Go Underwater

If you have the right equipment, shooting underwater is well worth a try. You don't even have to go diving, you could simply buy an underwater camera and have a go in a pool or at the beach in shallower water. This is a fun one for kids to have a go at, too. 


10 Top Ways To Use Different Angles In Your Photography: Fish


6. Hold Your Camera Up High

The easiest way to change your view is by simply holding the camera up above you to give you a different perspective of the scene. Cameras with a tiltable screen let you see everything comfortably when you shoot - even from very high angles. 

7. Go Wide

Why settle for a standard 4 x 6 shot when you can shoot a panorama? With built-in panorama modes, it's now easier than ever to take these wider shots. All you have to do is select the Panorama Mode and sweep your camera in the direction you want to create your panorama. The camera then stitches the images together so you have a sweeping shot of the scene you're shooting.

10 Top Ways To Use Different Angles In Your Photography: Panoramic Image


8. Lie Down

Again, this can get you some funny looks but it's worth it as you'll get an ant's eye view that can give surprisingly good photographic results. Use a small aperture to maximise depth of field and keep an eye on your exposure if you're including the sky in your shot. This position is also great for macro and close-up shots of insects and plants, and any other small items on the ground.


9. Shoot From Under/Below Things

This involves positioning your camera so it's low to the ground but facing up towards the sky. This can produce some great images of flowers, for example, as it makes it look like they're leaning over your lens and provides a unique opportunity to get a lot of sky in the picture too.


10. Use Reflections

Reflections can be great tools for changing perspective. As well as the obvious choices such as landscapes reflected in mirror-like lakes, look for puddles you can reflect people with umbrellas in, new buildings made of glass which can reflect slightly older structures and more abstract shots when the winds blowing so the water's surface isn't still.

10 Top Ways To Use Different Angles In Your Photography: Reflection in London
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