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36 Essentials For Landscape Photography

Here's our landscape photography checklist so you don't leave home without the essentials.

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As summer is meant to be on the way, we thought we'd put a checklist of gear together to make your outdoor photography shoot planning a little easier. You might also want to check out our Ultimate Summer Holiday Guide For Photographers if you're jetting off on holiday soon. 


Wide-Angle Lenses

Wide-angle lenses are an essential part of a landscape photographer's kit bag. Look out for fast lenses if you're planning on shooting sunsets/rises when light can be in short supply.

Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 24mm f/1.8G ED Lens


Telephoto Lenses

Lenses with longer reach can pull background detail to you, filling the frame with interest rather than having an empty field stretching out in front of you. For more tips on using longer lenses in the landscape take a look at our article: Long Lens Landscapes.

Laowa 105mm f/2 STF Lens


Macro Lenses

Get close to flowers in the summer and fungi during the cooler months with a good macro lens

Tamron SP 90mm f/2.8 Di Macro 1:1



Standard Prime

Your standard prime lens can also be handy to have as it will give a more true-to-life perspective.

Samyang 50mm f/1.2 AS UMC CS Lens




A tripod is a must for all landscape photographers and you want something that will give you a sturdy base to set your camera on but you don't want it to be so heavy that you need a break every five minutes when you're walking. Carrying a tripod with you means you can blur water and capture sunrises and sunsets without the risk of camera shake ruining your shot. 

Benro Travel Angel FTA18CV0


Panoramic Head 

If you want to shoot panoramas you might want to consider buying a purpose-built tripod head. However, it's not an essential piece of kit and perfectly good panoramas can be captured without one.

Manfrotto MH057A5 Panorama Photography Head


Remote Release 

A remote release will stop you having to touch the camera which can cause shake but if you don't own one just use the camera's built-in self-timer.


Muku Labs Selfie Shuttr


Camera Bag

You need a camera bag that's not too heavy and bulky. Having somewhere to fasten your tripod to is handy too. Extra external pockets for bottles of water or a flask of tea/coffee wouldn't go a miss either.

Manfrotto Off Road 30L


Camera Strap

If you want to have your camera ready for anything but still keep your camera secure, a camera strap is a must. To help you decide what strap is right for you, we've put a guide together on choosing straps

Camera strap


Photo Vest

To get instant access to kit, a vest is an excellent choice. Some come with compatible components so belts etc. can be added to create even more storage room and the extra layer will keep you warm, too. 

Lowepro Large/X-Large S&F Technical Vest



Photo Jacket 

A jacket with deep pockets and storage for accessories as well as having waterproof or at least showerproof capabilities is vital for keeping you warm, dry and within easy reach of your gear.


 Emma by canal boat


Waterproof Jacket 

Jackets don't have to be specifically designed for photography. A light-weight, waterproof jacket that can be packed away into a bag will be fine for most walks, although, you may want something slightly thicker during winter. 

Trespass Qikpac Unisex Adult Packaway Jacket


Waterproof Trousers

Waterproof trousers are ideal for landscape photographers heading out to capture landscapes in unpredictable weather. Many pairs are fully water-resistant so your clothes underneath should stay warm and dry. 

Waterproof trousers


Walking Boots

Long hikes require a decent boot so it's well worth investing in a decent pair of walking boots that are waterproof, durable and warm. 

Walking boots


Thick Socks

A good pair of socks will keep your feet warm and comfortable on long walks and Don't forget to pack spare walking socks too, just in case as you don't want to be walking in soggy socks. 

Outdoor Trail Sock


You can now buy gloves that you can use touchscreens with without removing them which means your hands won't get cold. Alternatively, you can purchase specialist gloves that have fold-back finger tips so you can adjust buttons / dials on your camera more easily. 

Specialist Fold-Back Finger Tip Gloves



You shade your lens with a lens hood so do the same for your head with a brimmed hat



Golf Brolly Holder

Handy when it's raining, but only useful if it is not too windy. The brolly should be removed from the holder for the actual exposure.


Golfers Club Trolley Universal Umbrella Holder

Wimberley Plamp

If you are into macro photography, the Wimberley Plamp may be for you. It’s a highly flexible device to help photographers in the field. It's highly effective at preventing the movement of stems in a breeze and will permit flower or other macro photography in less than perfect conditions.

Wimberley The Plamp


Polarising filters are a very useful tool all photographers should have in their kit bags as they can be used to improve your shots in multiple ways, including reducing reflections and enhancing colours. 

Polarising Filter

UV Filter

A UV is a popular addition to someone's filter kit, often used to protect the front element of the lens from scratches, dirt, water and other foreign matter, and can also make it easier to keep your lens clean, as you can simply remove the filter and clean that instead of the lens. 

Hoya 58mm UV(C) Digital HMC Screw-in Filter



ND Filter

To capture long exposure landscapes you're going to need an ND filter in your photography kit. You can learn more about using NDs to capture blurry water shots over on Filterzone.


ND Filter


Spare Battery

If you're planning on heading out on a long shoot or fancy trying out some extremely long exposures then spare batteries will be a handy thing to have in your backpack as battery power will soon be consumed by your camera. 



Memory Cards

Memory cards are the main format used to store digital images on so it makes sense you take at least a couple with you on your trip. We've recently updated our 'guide to memory cards' that'll help you understand what memory cards are available and their benefits. 


Memory cards



We all have smartphones now but you should always pack a map as you can't guarantee you'll always have signal and you don't want to get lost on a mountain. 





No GPS or phone signal but unsure which way to go? You'll be glad you packed a compass. They're not expensive either and don't take up too much room so don't leave home without one. 


Solar Charger


solar charger can be a really useful piece of kit when heading off out where there are no power sockets. They charge under sunlight so no power's needed and they can give your smartphone just the boost it needs to keep it alive until you reach home again. 

Solar charger


Rain Cover

Hopefully, rain won't spoil your day out but just in case, it's well worth taking a cover that protects your gear from rain. Various sizes and styles are available so do check that the model you're looking at does fit your camera specifically. 

Rain cover


Mobile Phone

Even though you may not have signal all of the time a mobile phone handy to have with you for emergencies and there are loads of useful apps you can make use of, too. 

Samsung Galaxy S6



Monopods can be easier to carry than a tripod, plus some double-up as walking sticks as well. A recent model ePHOTOzine reviewed is the Benro Mach3 9X CF Series 2 which actually received a 'Highly Recommended' award. 




If you want to capture a sunrise you're going to be getting up and heading out while it's still dark so a torch will be a very handy accessory to have on you. 




Head Torch

To free your hands up, choose a head torch instead. Yes, it's not the most attractive thing you'll ever where but it is practical. 

Head torch



You'll need fuelling on your walk so don't forget to pack bananas, protein bars, sandwiches and anything else that you particularly like that'll keep you going all of the day. 


Water Bottle

Plenty of liquid is a must when out walking and taking photos, even more so in summer, so don't forget your water bottle




Lens Cleaning Kit 

If rain drops get on your lens or if you're at the coast and are contending with sand particles blowing in the wind then a cleaning kit is something you'll want to pack in your bag. Hurricane blowers, micro fibre cleaning cloths and brushes such as the Lenspen are all tools you'll be able to use to successfully clean your lens.  

Lens Cleaning Kit


This is an essential piece of kit you shouldn't leave home without. Even if you're going on a day trip, suncream is still something you should pack. 


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Niknut Plus
12 3.2k 82 United Kingdom
14 Jun 2016 5:25PM
GrinGrinGrinGrin !!!! reading that lot caused a few laughs !!!; & shaking my head
in disbelief !!!!.GrinGrin

If I were to load up that lot, & carry it around, I might make maybe 10 yards, & collapse
with fatigue !!!!!.GrinGrin

My Landscape kit ??.....small camera bag, containing camera with wide angle zoom (10-18mm),
plus one other general purpose zoom (18-125mm) a waterproof cover for the bag.!!!!!!

If the weather is unpredictable my rucksack carries the usual waterproofs, food & drink............

So....Tripod; Panorama Head; Remote release; Photo Vest; Photo Jacket; Golf-Brolly Holder (must
be a joke ??); Wimberly Plamp; Polariser; UV filter; ND filter; Compass; Solar Charger; Monopod;
Torch; Head Torch (?); ..........NEVER USE 'EM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The most useful accessories that I use are MY EYES !!!!....constantly looking for the next shot, &
achieving the best composition possible !!!..........I've got a tripod/monopod/filters etc.; but they stay
in the cupboard at home; tried them all, mainly in the old 35mm film days, when you couldn't do
anything with an image afterwards when shooting slides, or limited 'adjustments' in prints !!

Digital photography changed everything for me !!.....I can travel/move-around with the minimum
of kit, knowing that I can create the final image to my tastes digitally afterwards !!.....& I find the
business of processing my stuff as stimulating as taking the shot in the first place !!!

Sorry, but for me anyway, all this gear to carry around is an unnecessary burden....keep it light, keep
it simple, is my 'mantra' !!!! are of course entitled to disagree !!!......but you'll never
persuade me otherwise !!!.GrinGrin

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