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7 Photo Projects To Start In The New Year: Take On A Challenge

Here are several fun photo projects you can start today to really kick-start your new photographic year off with lots of creativity.

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So, you've waved goodbye to your photo journeys of last year are raring to get the new photographic year off the starting line with a bang but you're not sure where to start... Well, how about getting stuck into a photo project that can take you right through from 1 January to New Year's Eve? A 365-project is an obvious choice but there are other options for those who don't want to commit as much time to a project or if you'd like more of a challenge, there's an even more time-intense task you can take on. Have a read of our suggestions below and see which creative project appeals the most. You could even use ePz's blog system to share your project with other members on site. 


1. 365 Day Project

7 Photo Projects To Start In The New Year: Take On A Challenge: Street photography

Photo Joshua Waller 


Even though this is something many will have done, it's still worth a mention but be warned; it's not as easy as it sounds! Basically, you need to take a photo every day for a year. Sounds straightforward but when you've done a few, inspiration could start to wear thin. The key is to not think too grand all of the time. Yes, it would be great to have 365 cracking landscape shots but it's just not feasible most of the time. Look at small details, get creative with apps, get out of your comfort zone and try something new...these are all ways you can keep your 365 project both creative and interesting. Another point to remember is to always carry a camera with you. This doesn't have to be a DSLR but do make sure you have your Smartphone, compact or even a film camera (if that's your thing) with you so you never miss an opportunity. If you do miss a day, don't beat yourself up too badly, just take two shots the following day (we won't tell anyone you bent the rules slightly). 


2. 52 Week Project

7 Photo Projects To Start In The New Year: Take On A Challenge: Jeannie

Photo Joshua Waller 


If taking a photo every day seems a little daunting how about one a week? This could be of anything and everything or how about giving it a theme? Take a portrait shot every week for a year or how about taking a photo of a dinner at least once a week? There's plenty of things to try, you just need to get those grey cells working and think of something that really gets you excited about the project so you see it through to completion. 


3. 12 Hour Photo Project 


7 Photo Projects To Start In The New Year: Take On A Challenge: Coast


Pick a day and take a photo every hour for 12 hours. A workday may prove to be difficult but a day out at the coast, a day while you're on your annual vacation or a weekend in the city should provide you plenty of opportunities to take a photo every hour. It'll give you the opportunity to expand your photographic skills, taking photos in various lighting situations, locations and from a variety of angles. 


4. Photograph 1 Item / Object

7 Photo Projects To Start In The New Year: Take On A Challenge: Flower


If you don't want to set yourself time limits you could focus your attention on one object/item for a year. This, for example, could be a particular tree in your garden or landscape that you take a shot of from the same spot for an X amount of times. You could also pick an item and take it to various locations throughout the year to photograph. Timelapse could also be an option, especially in spring when you can capture flowers blooming in your garden. For broader themes, think of items you'll be able to capture images of in one place such as shop signs in towns


5. Take On An A-Z Challenge

7 Photo Projects To Start In The New Year: Take On A Challenge: A - Z Photo Project


This is one that can be completed in an afternoon while you take a walk around your local town so won't be too time-consuming but it will still challenge you to look at the world through a more creative eye. This project is something we've actually discussed before so won't go into much detail but basically, you capture shots of items around you that are shaped like letters of the alphabet. For more tips, have a read of this: Kickstart Your Creativity With An A - Z Photo Project


6. Think In Colour

7 Photo Projects To Start In The New Year: Take On A Challenge: Rose


This is project that you can shoot over several days, weeks or even months and the key is to focus just on one colour which means you can capture photos of various subjects so long as the colour theme matches. It's also a great project to keep running alongside your other photography pursuits. 


7. Self Portrait Project

7 Photo Projects To Start In The New Year: Take On A Challenge: Selfie


'Selfies' are all the rage and can be captured with any camera and anywhere (they've even been captured in the International Space Station!). Take on the 'daily self-portrait' project for a week, month or even a year and you'll have an interesting collection of images that document your face, clothing choices etc. for a small pocket in time. 


You've read the technique now share your related photos for the chance to win prizes: Photo Month Forum Competition  

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Shivkanya Avatar
Shivkanya Junior Member 5
2 Jan 2018 12:11PM
Very good suggestions. A few of them are worth trying. I may go for A to Z.
Willpower Avatar
Willpower 12 534 United Kingdom
1 Jan 2019 4:17PM
We did a photographically themed A-Z competition at the club recently. Just a 6 letter photo based word. In this instance Tripod.
This was the winner


rhody Avatar
rhody 20 2.8k 2 United Kingdom
3 Jan 2019 5:18PM
I have signed up for a 52 week project with a different topic announced each week. I definitely enjoy the challenge and seeing how others interpret the different themes. It's all just for fun and very enjoyable to be part of.
I also like the idea of a parallel personal project theme so I've started a single colour theme for this week and next week - I'm only using a 30mm lens.
leftj Avatar
leftj 6
3 Jan 2021 2:08PM
Rather unimaginative projects. Have been suggested a million times.
plantagenet Avatar
6 Jan 2021 2:16PM
To leftj: Easy to criticise. Let's see your ideas!
Nigeyboy Avatar
Nigeyboy 15 1.1k United Kingdom
4 Jan 2022 11:00AM
I always start the year with photo plans!! Attempted the 52 week challenge last year, but failed after 4 weeks!! Sometimes work / life just gets in the way. I'm restarting it this year though - still got the list of subjects printed out!!

Good luck to anyone planning a project this year!
plantagenet Avatar
10 Feb 2022 10:31AM
We started the challenge in the Camera Club last year.

Managed to complete it with 7 others and it's on again this year.

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