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8 Things Couples Are Looking For In A Wedding Photographer

Picking a wedding photographer is a job right at the top of the 'wedding to-do list' so here are 8 tips to help ensure the couple choose you.

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Finding the perfect wedding photographer is an important part of the wedding planning process for most couples (on average, couples in the UK spend £1520 on photography). The photographer is there to capture and preserve memories so it's essential the couple finds a photographer that's 100% right for them. How they do this will, of course, differ from couple to couple but there are a few common patterns in the criteria people use when choosing a wedding photographer which are well-worth remembering and we've listed them below.


8 Things Couples Are Looking For In A Wedding Photographer : Bride and Groom



When it comes to the look / feel of their wedding photographs, the bride and groom are going to have a particular style in mind so it's important that your photos and portfolio clearly demonstrate the types of images you capture. It doesn't matter if you're a reportage shooter, give your images a contemporary feel or opt for more traditional style photographs, your styles got to shout out to the couples viewing your work as it'll make it easier for them to decide if you're the photographer for them. 


A Good Portfolio 

Most couples will want to see a printed portfolio, not just a gallery of images on a website. It's good to be able to show a whole wedding from start to finish as well so they know you can produce a full day's worth of quality material that's consistent in style. Even Uncle Bob can produce 1 amazing photograph of a wedding so having a wide variety of shots, from close-ups to groups, will really help sell what you have to offer. 


Fab Testimonials

Reviews, quotes and testimonials from past clients are always worth presenting on your website as they're something many look at when choosing a photographer for their big day. Don't be afraid to ask past clients to leave you feedback and perhaps even ask them if they'd mind if potential clients contacted them to get their opinion on how the day went and what they thought of the final images. 



As well as having testimonials, shout about yourself. If you've been capturing weddings for several years, say so as this will cement in the couple's heads that you know how a wedding day moves / flows and as a result, will know where to be and when to capture the best shots possible. 

On the 'about me page,' you need to really sell yourself, your business and what you can offer potential clients. Here's where you can also add a little personal flare to your story so those reading it can get a better feel for who you are but do remember a level of professionalism is also required otherwise you could put people off. 

You can also link to your social media sites and perhaps a team page with photographs of your team members on it. 


8 Things Couples Are Looking For In A Wedding Photographer : foliopic



Clients have to feel relaxed and at ease with you and the best way to do this is to meet face-to-face. They're going to ask lots of questions so be prepared and answer with confidence. If you don't know the answer to something, don't lie to them. Instead, be honest and ensure them you will get in touch with the answer. Take your portfolio with you so they can show you particular shots they like and most importantly, be friendly. When the big day arrives, if they're relaxed and at ease with you, it'll be easier to take photos that look more natural rather than static and posed. They're also going to ask you if you have a plan B, C and D should anything go wrong so make sure you have backup plans in mind. 


Venue Knowledge 

We know this isn't going to be a 'make or break' factor but if you've shot at the venue your potential clients are going to be using, they'll see it as a positive as they can see the specific images you've captured at the venue. Plus, it also shows that you'll already have locations  in mind at the venue that are perfect for portraits. A simple way to show where you've captured images is by simply listing venues with links through to the website for the venue (if there is one) and potentially, some of the wedding images you've captured there. 


Social Media Presence 

Online social platforms such as Facebook are hugely popular and even though they can eat a lot of your time up, they are a good place to create a presence and, potentially, grow your business. 

Facebook's a great place to engage with customers and it's also easy for happy customers to share your name with other potential clients who get in touch with you because of a word of mouth recommendation. You'll need a specific business one rather than using your own personal profile so the page can be public and you can use it to share photos, congratulate customers on their big day, promote offers etc. 

There's also TwitterYouTube, Pinterest and a tonne of other sites that are worth researching to see if they'd be a good fit for your business. 


8 Things Couples Are Looking For In A Wedding Photographer : Facebook


Clear Costing 

Be clear on your pricing structure so couples have an idea from the outset what they can expect to pay. By doing so, no one's time is wasted. Don't be afraid to ask potential clients what their budgets are either as perhaps you can tailor something specifically for them should one of the packages you offer not quite fit.

Remember to let them know about extras that are sometimes overlooked such as travel / food expenses and if the price for photo books, canvases, prints and editing time is included in the price you've quoted. 


For more tips related to photography business, have a read of our '10 Easy Ways to Boost Your Photography Business' feature. 

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4k78l Avatar
4k78l 7 278 1 New Caledonia
9 Aug 2016 7:10PM
There is no such thing as a perfect photographer as there is no such thing as a perfect human being. Just be honest, show emotion and try to work hard at being consistent. Keep it simple, forget about styles and what not, follow what your heart tell you to, or else you will follow someone else's choice but your own. So much easier to accept failure if it actually was your own choice, and failure is nothing but opportunity to learn and grow.
So let's say you stick with honesty and listening to your heart, and a couple want something else... Then it's their loss, not yours, because then they do not appreciate your values and they do not actually know what they want. If you start just pleasing others, you give in and you will be chasing the money, and feel unsatisfied. Truth is you can never have enough money, so what is value really... It's right inside you, so there's no need to chase anything, because you hold value naturally, and you can give value to whatever and who ever you seem fit. Kinda neat, isn't it Smile

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