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Add a reflection in a window using Corel Paint Shop Pro X2

Add a reflection in a window using Corel Paint Shop Pro X2 - If youíve ever felt like adding a little something extra to an image, and havenít been sure what, then how about a seamlessly integrated reflection a photo in a window? Here's how this digital technique is achieved using Corel Paint Shop Pro X2.

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Corel Paint Shop Pro & Painter

Adding a reflection using Corel PSPWith the right tools adding a reflection in glass couldn’t be easier, and Paint Shop Pro possesses these tools straight out of the box. Not only does adding a reflection allow you to customise an image, but it also allows you to situate the scene anywhere you want; you could have the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower or even your own house reflected if you really wanted, as long as the job is done well enough you should be able to pull it off.

This means that you are able to set a new mood and flavour for your image easily, without having to go through extensive manipulation since you can keep the majority of your image as it was originally.

Step 1  First we want to duplicate the original image so that we can easily undo anything that may go horribly wrong; sometimes it is better to start from scratch again than trawl through innumerable Control and ‘Z’ pushes to try to work out where it went wrong.

So right-click the Background layer that opens and select ‘Duplicate’. Then, rename the new layer to something like ‘Window’ just to keep things nice and clear for you.

Adding a reflection using Corel PSPStep 2 To keep things simple later on we will select the areas we want to allow the reflection to show now, before we add the reflection. This means that, unlike a Layer mask or manual selection, we will be able to quickly try different reflections and integrate them quicker and easier than we would otherwise.

Zoom in and select the Freehand Selection Tool and set it to ‘Point to Point’ mode and select one pane of your window. Left-click to set points, and move your mouse to pull out a line that will become the side of your selection, then left-click to set the next point.

If you set any points in a position you consider wrong then press the ‘Delete’ key to remove the last point you placed and continue back along the line until you have remove it. Once you have made it all the way around, double-click to close off your selection.

Adding a reflection using Corel PSPStep 3 Now, hold shift and start selecting the next pane; holding shift as you start the next selection (you can let go after your initial left click) will add the selection to your previous one, so both panes will be treated as one selection.

Do the same for each pane in your image, and when you have them all selected you can proceed to the next step. If you accidentally get rid of your selections press Control and ‘Z’ to bring them back; Paint Shop Pro remembers your selections as previous steps in your history, so you can undo additions and subtractions from them as you wish.

Adding a reflection using Corel PSPStep 4 Press Control, Shift and ‘I’ to invert the selection, this means that everything except the windows is selected now and later one we can easily delete everything we do not want to show. N

ow we want to save our selection so that we are able to easily recall this selection later to remove the relevant areas of any reflections we try. Open Selections>Load/Save Selection>Save Selection to Disk.

A new window will open showing a black and white thumbnail of your selection, in this case you should have black windowpanes and nothing else, and a box you can type the name of you selections in. Name the selection and press save. If you ever want to remove the selection from your hard drive (it will eventually get very full of these saved selections) they are saved in User Name/Documents/PSP Files/Selections.

Of course, only remove the selection once you are certain you’ll never need it again, they’re a major timesaver and much easier than reselecting something time and again.

Adding a reflection using Corel PSPStep 5 Open the image you wish to be a reflection, press Control and ‘A’ to select all, then Control and ‘C’ to copy it to your clipboard. Then close that window, return to your window and press Control and ‘V’ to paste it in.

Step 6 Since directions and writing in reflections are always mirrored, we need to flip this image so that this is true here too; so first thing is to press Control and ‘D’ to deselect everything, then press Control and ‘M’ to mirror your pasted image (make sure you are in the right layer when you do this).

Adding a reflection using Corel PSPStep 7 Use the Picker tool (‘K’) to move the image into place, and shrink it to the right size to just cover your window. Just roughly size and position it for now, you can fine tune it in a moment.

Adding a reflection using Corel PSP
Adding a reflection using Corel PSPStep 8 Change the Layer mode to ‘Overlay’ so that you can see the window through it and begin to think more carefully about your reflection. I want the top half of the image reflected here, not the pavement, so scale the image and move it so that it is how you want.

Step 9 Now open Selections> Load/Save Selections >Load Selection from Disk. Press the arrow next to the thumbnail to open the drop-down  menu and choose the selection you saved earlier.

Step 10 Press the ‘Delete’ key to remove everything that is not to be reflected in the layer containing your reflection. Then change the layer opacity level so that it is much lower so the image looks more natural.

Adding a reflection using Corel PSPDepending on the effect you want and your image you may want to change the layer mode; multiply, overlay and burn will all make the reflection darker, dodge, soft light and screen will all make it lighter, it depends on the dynamic you want to create. I’ve used the dodge setting with an opacity setting of 42.


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