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Best Everyday Camera Bags Roundup

Best Everyday Camera Bags Roundup - Here are a selection of the best DSLR camera bags around for everyday use that won't break the bank.

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Category : Bags, Cases and Straps
Product : Mt Pickett 20 Black
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If you're looking for a camera bag that won't break the bank but can carry all of your kit around without problem, then this article should help you find a solution. No matter if you want a shoulder bag, rucksack or messenger style, here are some of the best bags currently available. 

Here are the bags we'll be looking at: 

If you're looking for different sized bags, or more luxurious bags, take a look at our ultimate guide to camera bags and premium camera bags roundups. 

Manfrotto Befree Advanced Messenger Bag

Befree One Messenger Bag

This messenger is designed to be used with compact tripods, with the Manfrotto Befree One in mind. It has its own built-in tripod sleeve on the front which is handy to keep your tripod secure - there's no chance of it falling out. It's available for around £99.

There is a stationery pocket, and a well-padded main compartment where a DSLR with 3 extra lenses can be stored. There is also a zipped stationery pocket, 15 inch laptop compartment and 2 zipped mesh pockets in the main compartment for cables or smaller accessories. There are 2 side pockets for those things that need to be in easy reach and a back zipped pocket. 

On top, you'll find a zip giving easy access to your camera gear if you don't want to undo the 2 clips on the front. If you travel a lot, you'll find the strap on the back that allows you to slip the bag onto the handle of a wheely case useful. There's also a rain cover included for adverse weather conditions. 

There is a carry handle on the back and the shoulder strap is well padded and grippy. This bag is great for carrying a camera and a few additional items but if you want to carry multiple camera bodies then the padding and adjustments available aren't ideal. 


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Lowepro ProTactic 350AW

Lowepro ProTactic 350AW

The Lowepro ProTactic 350AW has a hard shell top and is accessed from the back, for improved security when on the move. The hard shell can be unzipped for quicker access to gear. The bag can hold up to 2 DSLR bodies with lenses attached and up to 3 extra lenses and a flash. It's available for around £150.

On the back, there is well-ventilated padding making the bag comfy to wear. There is also a waist belt featuring a small zipped pocket on each side. In the main compartment is a zipped laptop pocket on which there are 3 zippable mesh pockets. There are lots of possibilities for moving the velcro padded dividers around to suit your kit. Gear can also be accessed from both sides of the bag and above these gear access points there is a smaller zipper pocket for small accessories on each side. On top, there is a rubberised carry handle.

The bag is designed so that you can attach modules to it enabling you to carry more kit for example, a tripod leg support enabling you to attach a tripod to the front of the bag, an extra zipped pocket or an extra drawstring pocket. These slide through the dedicated straps on the front of the bag and are secured with velcro.   

If you only want to carry camera kit and aren't too fussed about having lots of personal accessories then this bag is a great choice. There's good access to cameras from lots of different angles and can easily be arranged to suit your gear. If you're travelling with the bag though, there's nowhere to easily access documents from other than the laptop compartment. 


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Vanguard Havana 41/ Havana 33

Vanguard Havana

The Vanguard Havana range is made from tan coloured 600D polyester with brown trim. Available in backpack and shoulder bag styles, here we have the smaller Havana 41 backpack and medium sized Havana 33 messenger bag. They are available for around £80 for the Havana 44 rucksack and around £77 for the Havana 33 shoulder bag. 

The bags will both hold a DSLR with lens attached, 1-2 lenses and other small accessories. Both feature a pull out zipped padded insert to keep your gear safe. The rucksack features a front pocket with velcro which attaches to your camera insert which pulls it out when the pocket is unzipped, enabling you to access kit easily. 

Both bags feature a rain cover and plenty of space for smaller accessories and a small laptop or tablet. There are also straps on the back of each which, when un-velcroed, let you slide them over suitcase handles for travelling. 

The rucksack can hold a tripod on one side by placing the legs in a side pocket and securing it with a strap. Both the rucksack and sling bag have well-padded backs and the brown leather effect trim really gives them a more classy look than some other everyday rucksacks. They are the perfect size for a day trip into town and leave plenty of room for personal effects too. The grippy, tough material on the bottom also ensures no unnecessary wear. 


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Lowepro Photo Hatchback BP250 AW II

Lowepro Photo Hatchback

With the Lowepro Photo Hatchback, you access your kit through the back panel which unzips. This is great for keeping your kit more secure on the go. It's available for around £99.

The bag has a fully removable camera insert allowing you to use the bag as a standard daypack. On the inside of the back flap are some small pockets and a dedicated space for your memory card.

On each side fo the bag there are elasticated mesh pockets and on the front is a large zipped pocket that's ideal for documents and also has a  padded tablet sleeve. The top zip gives access to a compartment for your personal effects. There is a removable velcro divider that can be taken out if you're using the mag for a day trip without photo kit. 

There is an all weather cover built into the bottom of the bag and the back is well-padded meaning it should stay comfortable for a day out with your gear. 

We like how there is plenty of space for personal items as well as being able to carry a good amount of gear. The addition of waist clips and chest clips will ensure weight is spread evenly when the bag is worn. 


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Cullmann Ultralight Sports DayPack 300

Cullmann Ultralight Sports

The Cullmann UltraLight Sports Daypack lives up to its name - it's really light, meaning that it'll be great for taking out on a day hiking or pursuing other sports without being a burden. It's available for £79.

It's a real hybrid bag, having space for a mirrorless or small DSLR camera with lens attached plus 3 extra lenses in the bottom whilst maintaining a top compartment for personal accessories. Access to the camera can be gained from the bottom left-hand side and lenses can be accessed from a zip on the back, giving extra security.

On the right-hand side, there is an elasticated mesh compartment and straps to enable a tripod to be held. On top of the bag, there is a soft lined pocket for sunglasses or a smartphone that the bag also has the ability to hold a water reservoir with straps to hold the tube in place on one of the padded straps. 

The back of the bag is well padded and it's also versatile - there is the ability to make the bag a sling type rather than the double type. The clipping flap on the front is useful for stowing extra layers and when the weather turns, there's a rain cover included. 

We love the lightness of this bag and the fact that it can also be used as a sports or everyday pack. 


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Paxis Mt Pickett 20 Backpack

Paxis Mt Pickett 20 Black Hands-On Photos of Equipment

The Paxis Mt Pickett backpack is a specialised photo backpack featuring a shuttle pod that is released when you pull a lever on the strap of the backpack. It's exclusively available through JP Distribution in the UK. It's also available for $249 from the Paxis website

It uses ARC swing technology on the shuttle pod. When the lever is pulled, the shutter pod is released and you can rotate it around to your front. It's mounted on a metal bracket. The top part of the rucksack can be used for your personal effects while the padded shuttle pod is used for your camera kit. One long and two shorter dividers are included, allowing you to section off the bag as you wish to accommodate your kit. The dividers are covered in soft fabric but are quite solid and not flexible. That being said, they stick in place sturdily with velcro and do a good job of stopping your kit from rolling about. You can fit a DSLR with lens attached and up to 2 extra lenses depending on size.

The bag is made from Nylar ballistic fabric technology that's highly water resistant. On the front there are 2 small zipped pockets and behind that there is the main compartment that has a padded laptop sleeve and a couple of internal zipped pockets.

On one side is an expandable pocket and strap to hold a tripod and on either side of the shuttle pod there are elasticated mesh pockets. The back is well padded and there is a well-padded waist strap as well as a chest fastener. 

When the shuttle pod is swung around to the front you can attach it via a clip which tightens to keep it from swinging around. Because of the metal bracket the bag is quite heavy at 2.5KG. It's a neat idea and the bracket feels sturdy and well made. It looks like there is a parachute built in from the lever, which is easy to pull and releases the pod. Care needs to be taken when rotating it around, especially in crowded areas!


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Canon BP100 backpack / SB100 shoulder bag

Canon backpack

If you own Canon kit then you could get one of these own - branded bags for your gear. The BP100 backpack is available for £59 and the SP100 shoulder bag is available for £29.99. 

The SB100 has room to hold a DSLR with lens attached and 2 extra lenses in the bottom compartment which zips around the backpack to open. There are 3 dividers to place how you like to support your kit. The bottom of the bag has a leather effect and the inside of the camera compartment has a soft lining. There is a divider between the kit section and personal effects section can be removed if you want to use the bag without kit. 

An all weather cover is included and the top section of the bag is also padded out. There is a small zipped pocket on the front ideal for travel documents, and a thinner zipper padded pocket behind the back padding that will hold a small tablet although the bag doesn't offer a laptop pocket. The straps and back are well padded but lack clips for extra support. On the bottom, there are straps enabling the bag to hold a tripod but this design could make it difficult to place the bag down with a tripod attached. 

The SB100 shoulder bag is smaller and has a magnetic popper outer flap which gives way to a top zipped main pocket. On top of the opening is a mesh pocket for your smaller accessories and a divider. The bag can hold a small DSLR with lens attached and another small lens. This is a simple bag and there are no other outer pockets or cubby holes. We like the style of the bags and the leather trim looks good.


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Lowepro Photo Sport BP 300 AW II


The Lowepro Photo Sport BP 300 AW is designed to be worn when undertaking sporting activities and has enough room to hold a DSLR with lens attached and an extra lens. There's also the ability to stow a compact tripod on the side and also plenty of room for your personal effects. It's available for £129.

Ultracinch technology allows you to get the bag as slim as possible when loaded up. On the back there is a large zipped pocket, ideal if you need to take documents with you or for a hydration reservoir, if using the bag for strenuous activities.

The camera compartment at the bottom of the bag is well padded and on to of this is a drawstring compartment that is secured by a clipped flap.

The back of the bag has 'ActivZone' padding that's designed to ventilate easily but is quite hard, meaning it can get a little uncomfortable if worn for a long period of time. 

It's a colourful and versatile bag that will serve you well if you want to travel with minimal kit. 


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Cullman Sydney Pro Maxima 425+ Black 

Cullmann Sydney Pro maxima

The Sydney Pro Maxima from Cullmann is a shoulder bag that features a removable camera insert with 2 handles for easy removal from the bag. As well as a well-padded shoulder strap there are 2 external carry handles, giving you a variety of carrying options. It's available for around £60. 

The front features a zipped side pocket and one side features an elasticated mesh pocket while the other has a zipped pocket. On the back you'll find a long zipped pocket ideal for travel documents and a padded slip, letting you attach the bag to the front of a case when travelling. 

Inside there is the removable camera insert which can hold a DSLR or mirrorless camera with 2-3 extra lenses depending on size. Also, in the main compartment, there is room to store a 13-inch laptop and there are also some pockets on the front wall for your smaller accessories. The bottom of the bag has a tough rubberised coating to protect it from water and there is also a built-in rain cover. 

The bag is really light, discreet and provides a great option for those who just want to carry their kit in a shoulder bag with no fuss. 


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Think Tank Retrospective 7 

Think Tank Retrospective 7

The Think Tank Retrospective 7 features a very well padded and grippy shoulder strap with high-quality materials and can hold a DSLR with 2-3 extra lenses. There is also room for an 11-inch laptop, and the top handle is adjustable. It's available for £140.

The main compartment is secured by velcro and the bag features a sound silencer option, letting you stick the velcro to itself and enabling you to open the bag without noise. 

There is a front expandable compartment also secured by velcro and this contains the rain cover. Inside the main compartment, there is a pocket with smaller compartments for other small accessories which is also secured by velcro and 3 removable dividers for your kit. 

At either side of the main compartment, there is a pocket that would fit a battery charger or similar and then on the back wall there is a zipper pocket. On the outside of the bag, there are slip pockets on either end.

The bag is made from a tightly woven canvas which looks really good in the sandy colour, although is also available in black and pinestone green. This bag is a great option if you need lots of smaller pockets to keep things organised but if you're not a fan of velcro then it might get on your nerves as a lot of the pockets are secured by it.


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Vanguard UP-RISE II 48 backpack

Vanguard UP-RISE II

The Vanguard UP-RISE II 48 is a large backpack that can carry 1-2 pro DSLRs, 3-5 lenses up to 24-70mm f/2.8, flash, accessories, 15-inch laptop and a tripod, while still leaving space for personal effects. It's available for £100.

Its unique feature is a quick open side flap with a specially designed clip which you press, undo the velcro and slide down the double zipper to give fast access to a primed DSLR and lens. 

The rest of your kit is accessed through the large zip on the front of the bag. It's well padded throughout and there is a mesh compartment for your smaller accessories. On the front of the bag is one vertical zip giving access to a spacious pocket ideal for documents. On the back, there is access to the laptop compartment by zip and on the opposite side to the quick access flap mentioned earlier, there is a neoprene pocket and strap designed to securely hold a tripod. 

Around the bottom of the front of the bag, there is a zip to expand the space and give more room in the bag if necessary. The bottom is made of sturdy PVC and the back straps are well padded and well contoured to the body to give a really good fit when worn. The back padding has an air flow system to keep you cool and a waist strap can be hidden away behind the padding when you're not using it. 

This is a well thought out Pro DSLR bag that should be a good choice for hauling lots of kit around. A built in rain cover gives peace of mind for your expensive kit if the weather turns nasty, too. 


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Nest Athena A70


The Nest Athena A70 can hold a DSLR with lens attached and up to 4 extra lenses. In the top section, there's space for your personal belongings and a couple of mesh pockets for smaller accessories. It's available for £70. 

Kit is accessed via the side of the bag and there is a memory card pocket on the flap. There is also the ability to attach a tripod to the side of the bag. The bag is designed to enable you to swing the bag around to your front on one shoulder and access your kit without taking it fully off.

It's a simple yet effectively designed rucksack and looks pretty inconspicuous when you're out and about in town. It can fit a lot in and is well padded for comfort. We recently reviewed the bag, if you'd like to find out more about it


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Tamrac Anvil 23 / Slim 15 


Aimed at those who need to carry lots of kit comfortably, Tamrac's Anvil range has a variety of sizes and widths. The Slim 15 is 4cm shallower than the Anvil 23, which is 25cm deep. The bags have a fully padded outer meaning they are rigid and keep their shape. The Anvil 23 is available for £179, while the Anvil Slim 15 is available for £129.

A well-padded back panel and shoulder straps keep you comfortable while carrying a mid-sized DSLR with long lens attached and up to 8 additional lenses or other accessories. 

Both bags are airline carry-on compliant (check with your carrier before travel just in case) and have a large front pocket ideal for documents followed by 2 butterfly pockets and a smaller pocket on the front. Inside the front flap there are a number of see-through plastic zipped pockets ideal for cables and smaller accessories. 

The bags are versatile, with a removable padded waist strap and also come with a seam-sealed rain cover for bad weather. Check out our review for further information.


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Caden Shoulder Bag 

Caden camera bag

The Caden shoulder bag is available from UKPhotodistro and costs £38. The outer is made from a relatively thin canvas material but inside is well-padded camera insert for your kit with movable dividers so you can fit your kit perfectly.

The bag can hold a DSLR with lens attached and 2 extra lenses or accessories. The padded camera holder can be removed completely from the bag if you'd like to use the bag for everyday things. 

There is a strong adjustable strap, and on the front there is a zipped pocket that can only be accessed by unbuckling 2 straps. This is great for added security. The main compartment is also accessed by a zip and apart from the padded camera insert, inside you'll find a zipped flap pocket on the back wall. On each side there are popper secured pockets for personal effects or things that you want easy access to. 

It's a simple, no fuss camera bag that looks inconspicuous. It might lack a couple of things like a padded camera strap and all weather cover but if these things don't bother you then the bag offers excellent value for money and serves its purpose well. 


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Vanguard Sydney II 22 Shoulder Bag

Vanguard Sydney

The Sydney 22 shoulder bag is a compact and colourful bag that can hold a DSLR and up to 2 additional lenses. The main compartment is secured by velcro and it can also be accessed from the top through a zip in the flap. For extra security, there is also a zip on the main compartment. It's available for £40. 

On the front flap, there is a padded zipped pocket for your smaller accessories. Underneath the flap is another zipped pocket which is padded. 

This is a simple bag but we love the design and colour, plus it's really well padded and has a shoulder strap with removable grippy pad. 


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If you're looking for different sized  bags,  or more luxurious bags, take a look at our ultimate guide to camera bags and premium camera bags roundups. 

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30 Sep 2016 2:15PM
One of the most important basic needs for any bag is that external side pocket for a water bottle, I still cannot believe so many have this missing.

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saltireblue Plus
7 7.0k 33 Norway
30 Sep 2016 3:29PM
Back packs and shoulder bags, but no slings?
30 Sep 2016 7:26PM
Had more backpacks and bags than I'd care to confess to...but my "keeper" now is the Thinktank retro 7. A shoulder strap that could double as a towing strap for the car...the outside, front pockets are actually just that....capable of tucking another camera body in probably, not just "patches" sewn on the outside for looks..

It swallows an amazing amount of gear inside...(or, obviously, as little as you need..).

...and no visible external label(s) that shout "possible valuable contents"... I mean, come on, everybody really knows what's likely to be inside something labelled Lowepro Tamrac or similar...!
JJGEE 12 7.0k 18 England
1 Oct 2016 7:18PM
There appears to be so many different types / manufacturers of bags these days.

It is all very well epz doing these reviews but where can you go to check them all out before deciding which is best for you ?

For example if you click on the link for the NEST ATHENA A70 bag it takes you to a website for a company named Amazon, but I do not think they actually have a shop anywhere !

4k78l 1 278 1 New Caledonia
3 Oct 2016 7:40AM
JJGEE you cannot expect others to do all the thinking for you. You obviously got internet, and you can google your answers like everybody else. Then you would find out where you can find it.
3 Oct 2016 8:58PM
Hi! Love your post, I think your missing some sling backpacks and give the user different variations for example organic backpacks. A great example is kawi although you make great reviews, keep up the good work.

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