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Bodyshop with Paint Shop Pro - Job 8: Bodywork

Bodyshop with Paint Shop Pro - Job 8: Bodywork - In this article in our series using Paint Shop Pro we show you how to pimp up the bodywork of a Camper van. Try following our technique and then using it to max up your own car photos.

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Corel Paint Shop Pro & Painter

VW Camper bodywork modifications Every pimped car needs a body kit, otherwise it looks like you gave up half way through and have a car with a massive set of wheels and a tiny body as a result.

Body kits are a fantastic way to fully personalise a car since they give you the ability to change the shape of the entire vehicle if you want, and here I’m going to show you how to create a new front for your car as well as adding skirts to beef  it up a bit.


VW Camper bodywork modifications Step 1 Open your image and have a quick think about what we are going to do. Now, if your car is a similar affair to mine and has lots of clutter on the front of the car then it is going to be difficult to seamlessly integrate anything into it. However, if we clear all that away then we do what we want to the car and doctor it accordingly.

So first, make a duplicate of the Background layer by right-clicking it and selecting ‘Duplicate’. Then, use the Selection (‘S’) tool to select the front of the car and a small amount of the surrounding area before Inverting your selection with Control, Shift and ‘I’ then press the Delete key.

Now that the layer only contains what we need, rename the layer and we can proceed with removing all the stuff on the front of the car. If you hide all the other layers in the project you VW Camper bodywork modifications should be left with something like the screenshot.

Step 2 Use the Freehand Select tool set to ‘Point to Point’ mode to create a selection around the part of the car that you wish to recover. S

elect the Bucket Fill tool (‘F’), hold control and left click one of the mid-tones of the car’s colour, and then fill your selection with this colour. Keep your selection active for the next step.

VW Camper bodywork modifications

Step 3 Now, using the Brush tool (‘B’), select different tones of the car’s paint to add shade and shape to the area you have just painted. Once you have a few tones that roughly graduate and create some shape in your new piece of bodywork, add some slight Gaussian Blur then (if necessary) a couple of points of noise in the new paint so that it looks more a part of the image. Again, keep the selection active for the next step.

VW Camper bodywork modifications Step 4 Press Control, Shift and ‘I’ to invert your selection so that we can address any areas t hat stick out into the background and reshape the car partially. Now, areas such as my headlight that sticks out need to be removed, so equip the Clone Stamp tool, set a nearby area of the background as your source, and paint over the offending articles so that they no longer show around our new bodywork. You can now deselect by pressing Control and ‘D’.

VW Camper bodywork modifications Step 5 Now, find any edges that may be visible in your bodywork between the old and new and use the Scratch Removal tool (grouped with the Clone Brush) to blend them in better.


VW Camper bodywork modifications Step 6 Select the first bit of bodywork you wish to add to the front; in my case this is a bumper, and paste it in from its original image. Use the Mirror tool to flip it horizontally if required, and then use the Picker tool (‘K’) to translate the piece to the place you want it. Now, use the Scale and Shear tools to get the perspective right.


VW Camper bodywork modifications Step 7 Now open Adjust>Hue and Saturation> Hue/Saturation/Lightness. This will allow you to change the colour of the object you just pasted in, however make sure you check the ‘Colorize’ box before you start anything here. Match the colours as closely as possible and press OK to apply the alterations you just outlined.

VW Camper bodywork modifications







Step 8 Right-click the layer you just pasted in before, and select New Mask Layer>Show All. Using a brush with the hardness set to 0, paint black along any obvious edges  to create a more gradual transition from the original to the new body.

VW Camper bodywork modifications Step 9 Now that you can add bits of body kit, add whatever bits you want using this method; I added a side skirt to my bus too. When you have all the body kit sorted we can finish off the front of the car with some details.




VW Camper bodywork modifications Step 10 We want the dark areas within the new kit to contain a grill to prevent leaves etc. getting inside the engine cavity, so let’s put those in now. Find a texture or example that you want to use and paste it into the image then move it over the area you want it applying to.



VW Camper bodywork modifications Step 11 Change the layer mode and opacity so that you can see where the bodywork is and where the dark areas are.

Then create a layer mask for this layer and paint over the areas that cover the actual body. Exclusion tends to be a good mode for this step,  though most of them work fine anyway.

Step 12 Now alter the layer mode and the opacity so that the grill is visible but not extremely so; we want it to look like it’s in the recess after all.

VW Camper bodywork modifications Step 13 Add any other details you like; I’m recycling the old lights but there is nothing stopping you using the lights off another car. U

se layer masks to integrate them better and colourize any bits of bodywork that are not the right colour initially (remember to do this selectively if you are working on lights so as to avoid colouring the bulbs and reflectors too).


VW Camper bodywork modifications Step 14 Finally, take the Dodge tool (right clicking with this also allows you to use it to Burn areas) and draw along raised areas to add highlights.

You can also burn areas too to darken them if you think your image needs it, remember not to repeatedly go over an area with subsequent clicks however as this will have a cumulative effect with this tool unlike the Paintbrush.

Make sure you use a soft edged tip, and if the effect is too drastic try reducing the tool’s opacity to control its effect.

VW Camper bodywork modifications













VW Camper modifications before and afterIn this series of 10 in-depth image editing tutorials, ePHOTOzine's Michael Bates converts a VW Camper van using Corel Paint Shop Pro. He splits the job into specific elements that you can follow and recreate with your own photos using Paint Shop Pro or any similar image editing program. Click on any of the links below to take you to specific modifications. We hope you enjoy. Please leave comment under each individual section and share the link with as many people as you can, to help promote our tutorials.

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Job 4: Lower the suspension Job 5: Add vents Job 6: Super alloys
Job 7: Spray on decals Job 8: Bodywork Job 9: Body Respray
Job 10: Neon lights

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